Your child’s first sleeping bag?

Hey there, Camp Preppers!

As we move down the line of new products that we’ve recently started carrying, it’s our hope that these posts are helping you to make a more educated decision on the gear that you’re purchasing as you move down your camper’s packing list.

You’ll find this post especially helpful if you’ve got a rookie camper in need of a fun sleeping bag in a youth size. Today, we’ll be discussing the Wenzel Moose Sleeping Bag and how it just might be right for your first-timer this camp season.

I remember my first sleeping bag; I probably always will—because those are the kinds of things from our childhoods that stick with us in life.

Make the Wenzel Moose your child’s first sleeping bag. This bag will certainly be memorable for your kids and prove to keep them warm and comfortable during their camp stay as well. When it packs 2.5 lbs. of Insulated thermal fill, how could it not?

Youth sized at 26” x 66” this bag will be a big enough cocoon for your little camper to curl up within and catch all the sleep necessary for the following, adventurous day.  And the Wenzel Moose is warm enough for temperatures as low as 40°, so you know it will be sufficient for your kid this summer.

The bag weighs a total of 3 lbs. and 4 oz. so your little first-timer won’t have any problems moving the bag from the bunk to a tent or anywhere else.

Made with quality, Quilt-through construction, this kid’s sleeping bag is sure to last well-through camp and can be useful after summer camp is over whether it be on a family trip or in a friend’s backyard.

This bag can be completely unzipped to be used as a blanket and comes with a multi-use stuff sack. The bag displays a cute, simple moose print that your kid will fall in love with and remember fondly long after camp is over.




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