Who’s your favorite superhero?

Hey there, Comic Bookers!

If you love comic books, then you’re certain to find today right up your alley! It’s National Comic Book Day! Celebrate by pulling out your favorite issue and delve into the adventure and crusading. Spider-man, Superman, Batman, or The Hulk—no matter which superhero is your favorite, you’ll have a blast losing yourself in a world of good and villainy. Superman was the original caped crusader and sent the comic book industry soaring like a bird, a plane, a...

Before superheroes ever hit the big screen, they were born in the panels of comic books. While the first comic book was printed as far back as 1842, it wasn’t until 1938 that comic books became a booming industry when Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster introduced the world to the one, the only, Superman.

This caped crusader from the planet Krypton would become the big bang to the universe of comic book superheroes. After the original Siegel and Shuster comic, other caped crusaders started making their way into the spotlight. From Captain America to the Green Lantern, Iron Man, and X-Men, the comic book world spread into explosive expansion.

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So go through your stack of comic books today and give your old favorites a read over. Have a blast today and thanks for reading.

- John

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