Teresa’s Creatures!

Teresa and her family would make an animal or other figure by shaping the snow similar Look at all these beasts from Teresa's family's innovation!Turkey Timeto  building a snowman. The turkey neck and bunny ears are made with sticks with snow packed around them. You make your paint with water and water paint powder. You can use glass jars to make the paint in. Add the powder—2 Tbsp (or more, depending on how dark you want the color) to about 1 cup of water (exact measurements aren’t necessary). Mix the water and powder together till the powder has dissolved. Now you’re ready to paint your snow creature; a paintbrush works just fine for painting snow. Clean your brush in the snow on the ground before switching to another color. Like Teresa’s family, you can use buttons, ostrich feathers, pine cones, sticks, clothing, anything that you have around to help add detail. Teresa’s grandmother, a first-grade schoolteacher in Boyd, first started making these creatures with her students.  Cornucopia Easter Bunn

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