Our Favorite Vintage Candies

Hey, Candy Cravers!

After Halloween we’re always left with boatloads of candy (which is probably why we celebrate National Candy Day soon after). National Candy Day got all of us at Everything Summer Camp thinking about our favorite candies…Bit O Honey

To start things off we have the President of Everything Summer Camp, Ed. Ed’s favorite was the Bit O’ Honey candies. The long lasting honey flavor and cheap price did it for him.

Mark, oChucklesur Vice President, was allowed candy only as a very occasional treat when he was little. Since Chuckles were his first love, he always went with them. He was too scared to get something else that he might not like.Walnettos

Next up is Production Supervisor, Shirley. When she was a little girl, Shirley’s dad would come home from work every day and as long as his kids would tell him how much they loved him and that he was the best father in the world, they were rewarded with a piece of Walnettos candy.

The OperaPop Rockstions Manager, Brian, was hooked on Pop Rocks when he was a kid. The untrue controversy surrounding this candy made them that much more exciting for him. He’d have a blast with copious amounts of these candy rocks that would pop and fizz in his mouth.Atomic Fire Balls

Our Sales Director, Matt, was crazy for Atomic Fireballs back in the day and treated himself to these spicy-cinnamon candies every time he went to the movie theater. The theater was also the place to get Sugar Sugar BabiesBabies for Theresa, another Production Supervisor.Rock Candy

Lead Buyer, Kristy loved Rock Candy when she was a kid. “Whenever my Daddy took me to the fair he always got me Rock Candy,” she fondly reminisces.

Salt Water TaffyWhen she was a little girl, our Receptionist, Missy, would head to her hometown’s old grocery store (The Big B) if she had change in her pockets for Salt Water Taffy.O Henry

Oh Henry! was always our Maintenance guy’s favorite candy bar. To Art it doesn’t get any better than peanuts, caramel, and fudge, all contained in a chocolate coating.

Graphics Manager, Nate, fell in love with Root Beer Barrels when he was a kid. He spoke warmly of the transparent, orange-tinted wrapper and how his mouth watered at the thought of wRoot Beer Barrelshat was Wax Lipsinside!

Our Graphic Artist, Juliann laughed over her old favorite, Wax Lips, and the goofy faces her and her sister would make at each other while wearing their Lips.

DotsJessica, our Supervisor in the Call Center was always a fan of the Candy Buttons. You know…those little dots of multicolored sugar that came on sheets of paper. Always looking for the best bargain, Jessica always felt that Candy Buttons gave her the best bang for her buck.Pixie Sticks

Head of our Shipping Department, Ryan, went wild with Pixy Stix in school. “Two bucks got you a hundred!” Ryan said. He went on to speak of the sugar highs he’d have after eating these sugar sticks in school.

As for myself, I always thought Ribbon Candy was very interesting. All I really remember are the root beer flavored Ribbons and just wondering how in thRibbon candye world this stuff was made.

You’re probably not going to find any of this stuff door-to-door when you go out Trick or Treating, but you can still find old-school candy like the stuff in this post at old timey candy shops online.




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