Celebrate Earth Day By Cleaning It Up

Hey, Earthlings!

Unless some intelligent alien civilization has developed interest for the Everything Summer Camp Blog posts, by “earthlings” I mean EVERYBODY! We’re all earthlings, aren’t we? Yes, this beautiful third planet from the sun certainly is our home, and boy has our home gotten dirty!

This happens to homes from time to time, that’s why we have spring cleaning! But it’s a good idea to give the earth a good day of spring cleaning too. Once all the snow melts Earth dayeverything that has been buried underneath all winter is finally exposed again. Catch it before it blows away!

Today is a great day to go pick up litter around your neighborhood, walk or bike ride instead of driving, and use less energy around the house because it’s Earth Day! And since EVERYBODY reading this Blog post and everyone that all you readers know are more-than-likely earthlings, that means that we should all do our part on earth day.

Even if your cleanup is as simple as picking up any litter that’s blown into your yard, it’s doing your part. And if everyone did the same, that would be enough! Can you imagine the impact it would make if everyone took care of the trash in their yards and the streets outside their houses?

With all of our technological advancements that we’ve made on this planet, people can talk a big game about being able to colonize another planet like Mars after what’s called “terraforming” it (or making it appropriate for earthling life). This theoretical process isn’t possible today, so for now, we must clean and preserve our home planet as much as we can.

It truly is the only one we’ve got (at least for now). So get out there and celebrate earth day by pitching in and helping to clean up the home you share with EVERYBODY else.




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