Bright Thinkers

Hey, Light Lovers!

Flashlights are essential to every camper’s packing list as you prepare for the overnight summer camp experience. We always want to offer the best of the best in child-friendly camping gear products and so we’re proud to offer flashlight and lantern options from one of the leading brands in quality lighting gear that’s incredibly effective and easy to use!

Brighten the night with Hybrid Light.Always fans of ‘Bright Thinking’, we knew Hybrid Light was an obvious fit for our collection of flashlights and other lighting sources in our camping gear selection. Hybrid Light masterfully combines brilliant quality with a design that’s easy for kids to use. And, on top of that, they’re conscious of the impact they have on the lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllenvironment!

Lighting the way since 2003, Hybrid Light’s products are made to generate power from sunlight. And, truly mastering their craft, the engineers at Hybrid Light have developed flashlights that store solar energy for years!

Products like these are exceptionally valuable to the avid camper. That’s why you can find a flashlight like the Entrada 80 Lumen Solar Powered Flashlight here at Everything Summer Camp. Never find yourself stranded in the dark with this flashlight by your side. It’s self-charging when left in the light, it’s durable, waterproof, and it even floats! Have a closer look at it for yourself right here.

In the market for a lantern? We have the Hybrid Light’s PUC Expandable Lantern available as well. This lightweight lantern cranks out 150 lumens to light up an area and it doubles as a flashlight when it’s collapsed too! Water-resistant, you don’t need to worry about keeping this around the pool or out in the rain. It generates 40 hours of light from just one full charge and the 4000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery will hold its charge for 7 years!

Get a better look at these incredibly practical products by clicking right here and order the lighting sources you’ll want along for your nightly navigation throughout your camping experience! Stay bright and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

‘Allo, Aloe!

Hey, Camp Families!

Just like you, Everything Summer Camp is invested in getting your camper fully prepared for camp and ready to get the most out of the experience. And just for that reason, we’re sure to carry some of the best names in the camping gear market. These popular brand names instill confidence in our shoppers while browsing our online shop, ensuring a certain level of quality and craftsmanship for your camper’s comfort and convenience.

Keep your skin feeling good and protected in the summer sun!Moms and Dads, you’ll want to be sure you acquire the proper skin care when you send your camper off for his or her summer stay! One of the biggest summertime risks to your child’s health is overexposure to the sun and the undesirable risk only goes up at camp where every day is made up of hours spent in the great outdoors.

When shopping for your child’s sunscreen, be sure to invest in a product that provides that sufficient UV protection that provides the protection required from your kid’s skin. Aloe Gator and Lil Gator sunscreen products boast powerful UV-blocking capabilities with gentle, no-sting ingredients.

Since 1970, the AGS company (Aloe Gator Suncare) has led the sun protection industry in creating waterproof lotions, spray bottles, SPF lip balms, and more products specially-designed for children and infants. We pride ourselves, here at Everything Summer Camp, in the wide selection of the latest sun-protection products that we carry from Aloe Gator and Lil Gator.

Ensure your child’s protection from sun burns and dangerous UV damage. It’s important to invest in quality sunscreen your camper’s trip away from home; shop our Aloe Gator inventory by clicking here to get the sun care products that suit your child’s needs. Stay protected during your fun in the sun this summer! And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Repel to Reduce Insect Irritation!

Hey, Camp Fans!

It’s our mission here at Everything Summer Camp to help you in every way we can in sending your kids off to summer camp. Just like you, we want to ensure that they are fully prepared and ready to get the most out of the summer camp experience that lies before them. That’s why we’re proud to carry some of the best names in camping gear to give you confidence while you shop and quality while at camp. Repel those pesky bugs with Repel!

Not just a pesky reality of summer camp, but the great outdoors in general—insects have a tendency to ruin a party. Don’t let it happen. One of the best ways to protect against insects is by wearing insect repellent when venturing into the summer wilderness. For uncompromised protection and safety where it counts, there are few better brands of insect repellent than Repel.

In addition to being a general annoyance, many insect pests can also spread disease, turning them from pesky nuisance to an invasive danger. It’s important to take the necessary protective measures when you head into buggy areas whether you’re hanging out in your backyard or hiking through the deep woods.

Repel brand’s complete line of insect repellents are designed specifically for sportsmen and their families to fit any activity or terrain. Offering a variety of all-natural products as well as chemical-employed alternatives, Repel has you covered with kid-safe and high-performing products to keep the bugs away.

You can also find different sizes and levels of effectiveness, like the portable pen-size spray bottle, right here on Repel’s Brand Page on our Main Site.

Repel products are manufactured by United Industries Corporation—a leading manufacturer of value brand consumer products for the lawn & garden care and insect control.

Outdoor enthusiasts have made Repel the number one brand of insect protection in the sporting goods market. Repel is an excellent choice for any summer camper looking to stay protected from insects this summer. Order your Repel Insect Repellent by clicking here at Everything Summer Camp today and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Check Out Real Kids Shades

Hey, Camp Fans!

We work with so many great people here at Everything Summer Camp, which is why we like to use this Blog as a platform every now and again to express our gratitude toward the awesome companies with whom we’ve formed excellent relationships! Today, we’re swinging our Vendor Spotlight over to shine on the stylish Real Kids Shades.

Slip on a pair of Real Kids Shades Glide when the summer sun is shining bright! Around since 2002, Real Kids Shades has quickly developed and strengthened their reputation with their durable and protective products. These sunglasses, available in both, boys’ and girls’ styles, keep your eyes safe behind 100% UV lenses.Helping protect kids' eyes since 2002!Starting out with a simple mission, Real Kids Shades promised affordable, high-quality, 100% UV protective sunglasses designed for kids. And in their 16 years of business, they’ve grown to offer multiple sizes to provide a proper fit and protect kids from infancy to 12 years old.

All their shades are manufactured from top-of-the-line, durable materials so they’re sure to provide a long-lasting product—after all, kids and the summer camp lifestyle have a tendency to be a little rough on camp gear and other supplies.

We’re delighted to offer Real Kids Shades’ products on our one-stop camping gear shop. We offer the Girl’s Breeze Sunglasses, available in an assortment of cool colors to complement your clothing. And we also offer Boy’s Bolt Sunglasses with two-tone coloring for a super-cool look!

Enjoy those brilliant days at camp with a pair of Real Kids Shades, found on the Everything Summer Camp main site! You can get a closer look at the girls shades by clicking here and check out the cool-looking shades for boys by clicking here. Make sure you’ve got your sunglasses for those bright, sun-shiny camp days and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

I’m No O2 Fool!

Hey, Camp Fans!

We work with so many great people here at Everything Summer Camp, it’s important to us to use this Blog as a platform from time to time so we can share our gratitude toward the awesome companies with whom we’ve formed excellent relationships! And today, we’re fixing our Vendor Spotlight on the Chicago, Illinois area to shine our gratitude on O2 Cool, the cooling products company!

Keep yourself cool with this O2 Cool tool!O2 Cool was started over 25 years ago in 1992 by a woman named Linda M. Usher. She set out to launch this company with the mission to develop and market portable, battery-operated fans. And now, the ultimate leaders in the personal cooling industry, O2 Cool has established themselves as the trusted brand name when it comes to staying cool on those summer scorchers when they get to be too much!

Our selection of O2 Cool Fans gives you three desktop fans to choose from as well as the Water-Misting Fan—the finest portable fan around. We see how cool these fans are and so do a lot of camps all across the country! You can be sure that many of O2 Cool’s customer accounts are made up of camps! You can check out the fans available on our website by clicking here.

Fans make your camp memories perfect with a cool breeze in the summer heat to provide relief on those bright, sunny days. Get the Deluxe Water Misting Fan for the most efficient way of cooling off. They’re great for a kid on a hot day! We knew we had to offer fans as cool as these on our store online. Have a blast at camp and stay cool with O2 Cool cooling products! And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John


Hey, Avid Readers!

We’re sure to offer a satisfying book selection for all the summer camp kids who just can’t stop turning the page. We have our ‘Great Titles’ section which includes a couple books under the ‘Vampire Academy’ series. And it also has a couple children’s books about camp by Elliot Sloyer. We also offer the ‘Camp Confidential’ collection in its current entirety. And—who could forget—we have a great selection of the childhood favorite, the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ series.Read a book and choose how it goes!

The only books where the plot relies on the reader’s choices, Choose Your Own Adventure Books have been an ongoing classic book series since 1979! They got their start back then by a man named Ray Montgomery who got the seed of the idea for his book series during his time as a summer camp counselor at Pine Island in Maine. It was there that he first realized how essential interaction was for kids in the learning process.

After his days as a counselor, he established his own summer school to introduce kids to similar activities that he imparted at Pine Island. And with time came his idea for an interactive book series as well! After Ray passed away, the family thought of licensing the series to a new publisher, but eventually decided to reissue the series themselves. In 2006, they founded Chooseco to re-publish the series.

Through these books, children’s imaginations enter worlds of intriguingly interactive tales in science fiction, fantasy, and adventure where the ending depends on your decisions throughout. Choose Your Own Adventure books make a great ‘reread’ too since the story can end up entirely different! Perfect for a rainy day or reading in bed before ‘lights out’, have your pick from our excellent array of adventures in this book series which can be found by clicking here. And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Excellent Camp Equipment from Lewis N. Clark

Hey, Camp Fans!

We here at Everything Summer Camp do everything we can to help you send your camper off fully prepared and ready to get the most out of the summer camp experience. While we pride ourselves greatly on the footlocker trunks that are expertly manufactured right here in our factory, we’re also proud of our awesome camping gear selection. Consisting of great brand names like Wenzel, Outdoor Products, and Coghlan’s, you can find the best quality camping gear right here.

Lewis N. Clark makes amazing camping equipment!Another company whose products we are pleased to have available on our website is Lewis N. Clark. Their story begins all the way back in 1803 when a group of voyagers journeyed off into the uncharted wilderness on an expedition to explore the new land acquired after the Louisiana Purchase.

The inspiration of these great pioneering spirits have reached out through the echoes of time and influenced the construction of the gear and accessories crafted by this 30-year-old outfit. Boasting an excellent assortment of duffels along with other great travel accessories, Lewis N. Clark has been all about making inventive gear to bring their consumers comfort, security, and organizational aid ever since their start in 1990.

Look for Lewis N. Clark when it’s your time to embark on adventures big and small and discover the expansive world around you. Have your pick from a range of their Uncharted Duffel Bag sizes along with useful accessories like a Flashlight Clock, Silicone Travel Cup, and more. Be prepared for your summer camp outings with awesome gear and other camping supplies you can depend on from Lewis N. Clark!

Make the best memories possible when you head off on your expeditions and check out our excellent Lewis N. Clark selection at Everything Summer Camp by clicking here. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

What We Think of Candy Pink

Hey, Camp Aficionados!

We believe we run a pretty cool camp supplies store here at Everything Summer Camp. It’s not that we’ve got big heads about the matter or anything like that, but we ARE a one-stop online shop for everything you might want or need throughout your summer camp stay. Without tooting our own horn too loudly, we think that’s pretty cool. But to be fair, we can’t take all the credit.Here's what we think of Candy Pink here at Everything Summer Camp.

After all, our own success relies somewhat on the cool companies whose awesome products are available at Everything Summer Camp. Some of them have rich histories and interesting stories. Setting out to provide girls with some glitzy premium pajamas and more, Candy Pink focuses on fashionably cute, sugar-spice-and-everything-nice sort of prints on their cozy clothes and other loungewear or accessories.

What Candy Pink has done is develop a truly top-of-the-line, plush fleece fabric that’s perfect to wrap up in whether you’re putting on pajamas, wearing a robe, or curled up in a blanket. Add the cutest designs you’ve ever seen and it’s a magical combination! How does Candy Pink get such beautiful and colorful prints? They work with designers and other artists who are looking to shoFind your favorite Candy Pink products right here!wcase their wonderfully girlish work.

Candy Pink’s whole philosophy is that when girls dress in their pretty, cheerful, and super-soft bedtime apparel, they’re bound to have as good of a time as they feel! Imagine framing your camp days living in luxury. Every time you sink into a Candy Pink Robe or their Fleece pajama bottoms and you’re sure to bring you sweet dreams and beauty sleep throughout summer camp or afterward, at home.

We’re proud to have formed such a tight relationship with people who deal in such high-quality, comfortable clothing as the folks at Candy Pink. Wrap yourself in complete comfort and fall in love with your own cozy, fleecy sleepwear that you can find right here! Get a look at the products available from Candy Pink on our website by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Summer Camp Inspired ‘Camp Confidential’

Hey, Bookworms!

We’re sure to offer a wonderful selection of books for all the summer camp kids who absolutely love to read. We have our ‘Great Titles’ section which includes a couple books under the ‘Vampire Academy’ series. And it also has a couple children’s boDive into the world of summer camp with the Camp Confidential series!oks about camp by Elliot Sloyer. We also offer a slew of titles from the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ collection. And—who could forget—we have the essential summer camp collection, the ‘Camp Confidential’ series.

We have every one of the 26 installments in Ms. Melissa J. Morgan’s campy series! These books tell of the misadventures and secrets that the lovable girls attending Camp Lakeview and, eventually, Camp Walla Walla. How is it that Ms. Morgan has been able to capture such a charming and accurate depiction of summer camp life?

Well, it all started at summer camp!

Melissa J. Morgan had her first year at overnight camp when she was eight years old. She loved summer camp so much that she didn’t stop attending until she got her first job after grad school and they refused her request for eight weeks off in the summer. She decided to use her years of treasured experience at summer camp to launch her career as a full-time author. Melissa lives in New York with her husband and Bugle, their Chocolate Lab.

You’ll struggle to put these books down as you learn more about these lovable characters and turn page after page of plot twists, setbacks, and hilarious moments. Discover who your favorite character is, which camp you’d rather go to, and if Natalie can make things work with Simon.

Get yourself into the summer camp spirit and stay entertained for days as you delve into these great summer camp paperbacks! Peruse the series by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Do These Decals Make My Head Look Fat?

Hey, Summer Camp People!

We like fun just as much as the next online summer camp retailer and we surround ourselves with equally fun product suppliers, summer camps, and other business contacts. And we love singing the praises of the wonderful folks with whom we’ve developed excellent relationships. Trunk accessories are important products to help personalize your camp trunk and the people at Fathead are the great folks that supply us with decals that really put the finishing touch on your trunk.
Fathead is a leader of the decal industry with the best quality and innovative products.When you’re looking to spruce up your camp trunk, peruse our selection of sport-themed Fathead decals. In any case, these Fathead Decals of Team logos from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the NCAA are a surefire way to spark up your living quarters at summer camp or afterward at home. Put the Patriots on your trunk if they're your team.

Maybe you want to advertise your favorite sports team elsewhere. They’ll stick on your bedroom door, windows, walls, school desk, locker—pretty much anywhere because Fathead materials are movable, reusable, and virtually indestructible. They also peel off surfaces cleanly—risking no tearing and leaving no sticky residue behind. Whether you use them at Get the Mets on your camp trunk if that's your hometeam.summer camp or afterward in your bedroom at home, they’re sure to be a blast!

Starting out small more than a decade ago in 2006, a limited band of innovative and passionate people got their hands on a number of sports licenses and set off to create graphics material to cover all kinds of spaces—large and small. Using authentic and officially licensed sports/entertainment graphics,Into the Texas Longhorns? Put this sporty decal on your trunk. Fathead quickly rose in popularity and became a leader in the industry.

Happy to have a selection of Fathead’s awesome Teammates Decals, we here at Everything Summer Camp encourage all campers to advertise their favorite sports teams and represent for your team right on your camp trunk or bedroom or wherever else you’re able. Check out our selection of Fathead Camp Trunk Decals by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John