Of Sea Gulls and Seafarers

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We’re always looking to sing the praises of the businesses and camps with whom we’ve formed tight bonds here at Everything Summer Camp. Today we’re pointing our spotlight to the coast of North Carolina. Read on to get a glimpse into the summer getaway of Camp Sea Gull for boys as well as Camp Seafarer for girls.
Are you a Sea Gull or a Seafarer? Now in full preparation for their 70th season next year, Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer have been providing their campers with the safety and the kind of fun kids need to develop and grow since the summer of 1948. Situated in Arapahoe, North Carolina, each campsite sits on over 150 acres of beautiful land with abundant access to the waterfront.

Thanks to the exceptional location of Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer, the campers are Practice your boating skills at Camp Sea Gull and Seafarer.treated to very wide parts of the Neuse River. On this awesome body of water, the campers can learn great skills required for the art of sailing, powerboating, skiing, fishing, and more. Characteristically calm, the Neuse River provides a safe and magical place to have these great experiences.

Both of these camps offer a variety of sports and other land activities including Archery, Riflery, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf, Horseback Riding, and more. Other indoor activities in the Creative Arts include Printmaking, Ceramics, Sculpture, Wheel-Thrown Pottery, Batiking, and more.

The cabins at both Camp Sea Gull and Seafarer houses roughly 10 to 13 campers along with two to three cabin leaders to stay with the campers. Each cabin is well lit with excellent ventilation and features fully furnished interiors with twin bunk beds. All cabins have restrooms, sinks with mirrors and individual shower stalls to offer total privacy for every camper.Have a blast during your summer camp experience!

You can get even more details on the website for either Camp Sea Gull or Camp Seafarer for your son or daughter’s next summer camp experience. Click here. And, as always, thanks for reading!

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Check Camp Olympia in Texas!

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Today we’re swinging the summer camp spotlight at Everything Summer Camp way down south to the largest of the contiguous United States of America, Texas. With many options of camps to focus on in Texas, we’re zeroing in on the eastern half, located in the Texas Pines. Allow me to give you the virtual tour of Camp Olympia—one of the many (273, to be specific) summer camps with whom we’ve created strong ties. Check things out at Camp Olympia!The beautiful Camp Olympia is located on Lake Livingston in Trinity, Texas where excited boys and girls find themselves in the perfect atmosphere for fun and adventure among the East Texas pines. Inviting summer campers from ages six to 16 every summer since it first opened its doors in 1968, Camp OlymCamp Olympia campers are real into their summer stays!pia is a kid’s paradise!

There are tons of traditional sports available like Softball, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Gymnastics, Golf, Lacrosse, Tennis, Volleyball, and more. Have fun on the land with Archery, Riflery, Rock Climbing, Fishing Biking, Horseback Riding or have fun in the water whether you’re Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, Snorkeling, SCUBA Diving, Swimming, and much more. And learn fun Arts and Crafts, Drama, Dance, Photo Journalism, and other fun artistic options!

Fun times abound at Camp Olympia that boasts the proper camp facilities to provide such Camp Olympia cabins are spacious and accommodating.fun experiences. At Camp Olympia, you can also find a Dining Hall that away smells like delicious home cooking. Camp Olympia also has comfortable cabins that typically house one cabin leader for every four campers.

You can look into a summer stay at Camp Olympia with much more detail on the camp’s website by clicking here. Maybe it’s the right camp for your family’s camp experience next summer! See what summer camp has to offer your soon-to-be-camper and, as always, thanks for reading!

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Bye, Olympians.

Knock Knock Nock-a-Mixon

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As you may have gathered from our name, summer camp is kind of our thing! And that’s why we’re proud to boast a great relationship with over 270 summer camps across the country. The camps with whom we’ve developed these close ties show kidGet into the Nock-a-Mixon Spirit!s the time of their lives and we love to spread the word of how great these camps really are. That’s why we like to shine our camp spotlight all around, featuring these wonderful camps.

Today, we’ll aim our camp spotlight over to eastern Pennsylvania and near the border with New Jersey to Camp Nock-a-Mixon. This traditional, co-ed, overnight summer camp is found in Bucks County where boys and girls have had the time of their lives for nearly 80 years ever since the camp first opened its doors in the summer of 1939.

Camp Nock-a-Mixon girls will be Camp Nock-a-Mixon girls.Fun times never end at Nock-a-Mixon. This camp offers all kinds of traditional sports like Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Gymnastics, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Hockey. They have a Climbing Tower, High and Low Ropes Course, Zip Line, Archery, Riflery, Wrestling. Have fun in the water Canoeing, Fishing, Swimming. You can try your skills at Ceramics, Camp Nock-a-Mixon Gentlemen.Crafts, Glass Fusion, Jewelry Making, Pottery, Cooking, Dance, Music, Photography, Rocketry, Theater, and a plethora of other fun activities!

Camp Nock-a-Mixon provides its campers with modern cabins that offer bathroom and shower stalls for the privacy you need. They have cubby space and shelving for your camper’s excess belongings. Fans and screened windows keep the cabin cool and campers sleep comfortably in their bunks. Cabins house somewhere between 10 and 14 campers along with three to four cabin leaders.

Experience the community at Camp Nock-a-Mixon with campfires, dances, karaoke, leagues, masquerade, movie nights, scavenger hunts, talent shows, and more. This camp community values each person’s individuality and provides an atmosphere where children gain independence and self confidence as they have the experience of a lifetime! Explore the Nock-a-Mixon grounds from above.Check out Camp Nock-a-Mixon for yourself by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading.

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Hey, Summer Campers!

Everything Summer Camp loves everything about summer camp! That’s why we’re good friends with about 270 camps from all across the country! And I’m happy to tell you all about what excellent camps they are. We’re sliding our swinging our spotlight over to New Hampshire for a good look at this great girls camp who’s worked with us for a quite a while now. Welcome to Nellie Huckins!

YMCA Camp Nellie Huckins Girls Camp has shown girls the time of their lives with enriching and fulfilling activities that guide them onto a path of subtle but effective maturation. Located on the shores of the lovely Lake Ossipee in the town of Freedom, New Hampshire, these beautiful, remote campgrounds has been the home away from home for girls since 1928!

From third grade to first-year high schoolers, Nellie Huckins campers experience either two or four weeks of absolute fun and serious personal growth simply by being away from parents as well as the reputation that we all carry at home.
Friends abound at Nellie Huckins.Huckins currently welcomes 1300 campers each year for awesome opportunities involving sports like Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Softball, Archery, Mountain Biking, Dance and Drama, Environmental Education, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Ropes Course, Swimming, Tennis, Waterskiing, Boating, as well as indoor fun like arts and crafts time, but indoor sports too, like basketball and street hockey or even air hockey, foosball, and ping-pong!

Ten campers are accompanied by two counselors in each of over 20 accommodating and comfortable cabins. With an excellent Dining Hall, Craftshop, Health Center, Program Office, Chapel, and more, Huckins is an attractive space to spend a portion of your summer, but even more than that—it’s a place to find yourself as well as some lifelong friends.

Enjoy checking out everything that’s so amazing about Camp Huckins for yourself. You can visit their website right here and get a good look at their map below. As always, thanks for reading!Nellie Huckins map

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Deep in the Hilly Texan Heart

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We’ve got the itch, here at Everything Summer Camp, to spread the word about the awesome camps with whom we’ve formed tight bonds and relationships. It should come as no surprise to our readers of the camp community that we love these camps so much—we work with over 270 of them! And today we’re spotlighting a beautiful Texas camp—Heart O’ the Hills All Girls Camp!Heart O' the Hills is in the Heart of Texas Hill Country!Founded in 1953, Heart O’ the Hills sits on the Guadalupe River’s South Fork in Hunt, Texas, at the heart the beautiful Texan Hill Country. Each summer, for well over 50 years, Heart O’ the Hills has shown more than 150 young women the time of their lives.
Go horseriding at Heart O' the Hills!
Girls who find themselves at Heart O’ the Hills are treated to two to four weeks of engaging and exciting activities such as Western Horseback Riding, Red Cross Swimming Instruction, Archery, Riflery, Tennis, Cooking, Fencing, Climbing, Video, Wilderness Survival, as well as a great range of individual and team sports.

Through the power of friendship and teamwork, Kitty Magee—the previous director of the neighboring Camp Mystic—reluctantly took the job as Heart O’ the Hills Camp Director. Despite her experience, Kitty was reluctant because now she had a five-year-old daughter and a family life to maintain. Have a blast at Heart O' the Hill!But she couldn’t let her community down and rose to the challenge anyway.

Heart O’ the Hills campers are assigned to cabins or ‘tepees’—as they’re called at the camp. The youngest campers stay in smaller tepees that typically house five campers and a cabin leader while the older campers live in groups of 12 with four cabin leaders as well. Heart O’ the Hills tepees all have a bathroom and a sizable closet. Each tepee is named after a flower or tree that’s a Texas native.

If Heart O’ the Hills sounds like a great camp choice for you, give it a closer look and visit their weGet acquainted with the camp layout with this map.bsite by clicking here. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

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It’s a Valley. It’s a Ranch. It’s the Teton Valley Ranch Camp!

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Thanks for returning to check out yet another installment in our Summer Camp Spotlight Blog posts in which we feature one of the amazing summer camps who work closely with us, here at Everything Summer Camp. Proud to have formed a strong relationship the Teton Valley Ranch Camp, we’re happy to shine our spotlight on them today. Check it out to see how it might fit for your family’s summer camp experience. Peek into the world of Teton Valley Ranch!Welcome to the Ranch.This camp’s history goes back to 1939 when its founder, Wendell Wilson found the land to start up a summer camp in Kelly, Wyoming. Thriving well into the 1990s, the summer life was good until hard financial times hit the country in 2000 and the Wilson family decided they would have to sell the ranch.

The love for the camp, however, saw it reborn with the involvement of alumni and friends of all the camp families closely affiliated with Teton Valley. By 2002, the Teton Valley Ranch Riding is a lifestyle at Teton Valley Ranch.Camp was back in operation at its new home in Dubois Wyoming, less than 100 miles from the original site.

Fun things are happening all summer long at Teton Valley Ranch. Things like horseback riding, riflery, archery, lapidary, gymkhana roping, and nature discovery. Have fun creating things in the Craftshop or enjoy some time at the waterfront. You can learn fly fishing or go for a dip yourself. With many other activities and special events, there’s never a dull moment at camp! Teton Valley Ranch campers are also treated to a backpacking trip and horse ride through some of the country’s most beautiful national forests.
Beautiful, rustic buildings compliment the natural surroundings.
Campers are divided into Adventure Groups at Teton Valley Ranch starting with Yearlings, then Rough Riders, followed by Top Hands, followed by Wranglers, and, lastly, the Trailblazers. Your camper’s Group is decided by a combination of age as well as experience at the ranch. Each Adventure Group is made up of a few cabins, making up a small, supportive community for your camper.

Give your kid the opportunity to grow, make friends, and have a blast next summer! You can check out the Teton Valley Ranch Camp website for yourself by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!
Beautiful landscapes are all around you at Teton Valley Ranch Camp.

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Timberlake and Merri-Mac (bro and sis camps)

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We work with so many camps—over 270 to give you an idea—that it’s nice to devote some time for singing their praises. That’s why we like to spotlight these camps on our Blog to try and get the word out to families who might yet be looking for the right summer camp for their son or daughter. Today, we’re shining our spotlight on the boys camp in North Carolina, Timberlake Camp and their sister camp, Camp Merri-Mac.A fun place for a summer, check out Timbrerlake Camp for yourself.

Located on the same property in Black Mountain, North Carolina, the boys and girls camp are high up in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains where summer stays create lifelong memories. 15 miles east of Asheville, Timberlake and Merri-Mac are encircled by the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains and much of the bordering land lies within the Pisgah National Forest.

Lots of fun activities are offered at Timberlake Camp . Boys can soak in the fun on their waterfronts with Canoeing, Fly-Fishing, Kayaking, Swimming, or Waterskiing. And they have fun on the land with Archery, Backpacking, Climbing, Fencing, Mountain Biking, Paintball, Pottery, Riding, Riflery, Rocketry, Ropes Course, Soccer, Tennis, Trips, Wrestling, and more. There are also Tribes into which all campers are initiated and participate for in the Tribal Events.

Lots of fun is waiting to be had at Timberlake Camp.Timberlake campers are placed in cabins based on their grade in school. Boasting seven rustic cabins, they are all different at Timberlake—from big to small, accompanied by two to five cabin leaders. Each cabin observes its own traditions, providing its own attitude and environment to the campers.

You’d be lucky if you get the opportunity to attend Timberlake Camp . You can take a closer look at it by clicking here and read about Camp Merri-Mac in our previous Blog post right here. Look into these camps to see if they may be right for your budding camper and, as always, thanks for reading!This camp has a crazy amount of fun each and every summer!

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Lounge a Little at Laity Lodge

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We’re back today to feature yet another one of the amazing summer camps with whom we’re delighted to have formed a strong relationship. Laity Lodge Youth Camp is an awesome place for your soon-to-be-camper. Check it out to see how it might fit for yEscape to Laity this summer!our family’s summer camp experience on today’s Blog post. Dive into the world of Laity Lodge!

Found in Hill Country’s most fantastic canyon with the Frio River, Laity Lodge is known for its excellent hospitality on their exceptional 1900-acre ranch, 13 miles north of Leakey, Texas. Beauty surrounds in this natural environment that’s ripe for adventure, games, activities, and the kind of serenity that you can only experience at this level of remote seclusion.

The Blue Hole on the Frio River is a gorgeous summer hangout!Have fun in the Frio River kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, and more at Laity Lodge’s awesome waterfront. Go mountain biking, try the zip line, rock climb, and sharpen your arts and crafts skills. Laity Lodge offers tons of other activities like shooting sports, field sports, sword-fighting for the boys, nail-painting for the girls, and so much more than just that.

On top of these traditional activities, campers have lots of wild times with their cabin mates or “home groups”. They engage in friendly fights as in organized food fights, shaving cream fights, water balloon fights, and a number of other crazy battles. Quality time together brings cabin mates close together and helps create unbreakable bonds between campers.

Laity Lodge has been showing summer campers the time of their lives for 56 years and they continue to do an amazing job every summer season. You can look into this amazing camp even closer on their website by clicking here. Good luck on your summer camp search for the right camp for your camper and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Families!
Laity Lodge boasts a lovely landscape.

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Camp Tockwogh is Where it’s At in the Summer!

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At Everything Summer Camp, since we work with more than 270 camps, we love to pick one regularly to spotlight and sing their praises here on our Blog. So far, we’ve featureCamp Tockwogh is a fun filled summer experience.d more than 50 of those great camps and we aren’t stopping any time soon. Take this virtual tour of Camp Tockwogh in Maryland so you can learn all about this fantastic YMCA Camp!

Tockwogh opened its doors to summer campers in 1946 and—now, throughout the years—the Tockwogh summer camp staffers have loved every minute of the experience. This remote, east coast summer camp is situated on 309 well-maintained acres that stretch across one-and-a-half miles of the shoreline on Chesapeake Bay.

The Chesapeake Bay offers the best waterfront for fun activities like sailing, waterskiing, canoeing, kayaking, and more. ALife on the water is a big part of summer fun at Camp Tockwogh.nd they also have a pool for water sports and swimming. On land, Tockwogh offers cool activities like archery, mountain biking, horseback riding, and outdoor education. Find a plethora of sports like soccer, softball, volleyball, flag football, lacrosse, basketball, dogdeball, and so much more.

And Camp Tockwogh operates under the philosophy that “A good camp should have something for every kid.” And so they do. On top of all their active activities, they also offer lots of options in the fine arts such as learning guitar, drawing, creative writing, photography, or painting. There are also performing arts offered like dance, drama, and cooking.
Tockwogh campers are like family.Campers are broken down into smaller villages by grade for housing and activities during their stay. The rustic cabins are complimentary of the natural surroundings of the campgrounds as well as more than accommodating for each camper who lives there and the cabin leader who lives there too.

You can get even more info on Camp Tockwogh by clicking here and checking out their website for yourself. Maybe you’ll find the camp for your kid when next summer rolls around. Good luck and, as always, thanks for reading!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

We work with more than 270 summer camps here at Everything Summer Camp and Camp Hayo-Went-Ha is one of them. Happy to feature them on the Blog today, we’re fixing our summer camp spotlight a rough 400 miles to the east of our own hometown in Boyd, Wisconsin, over to the state next to us across the beautiful Great Lake Michigan.Awesome times at Hayo-Went-Ha.

The YMCA Camp Hayo-Went-Ha hosts a girls camp and a boys camp that are located in two different, but nearby locations. The boys camp sits on 600 acres 35 miles northeast of Traverse City while their sister camp, Camp Arbutus, boasts 80 acres 10 miles southeast of Traverse City. Both locations offer a breathtaking landscapes and the feeling of isolation from the rest of the hustle-bustle world.
Climb high at Hayo-Went-Ha.
The boys camp site at Hayo-Went-Ha is the oldest camp to stay on the same site as it’s done so for 110 years! In that time, boys have had fun participating in such activities as all sorts of sports canoeing, hiking, and biking. They have a 50’ climbing tower as well as a two-story 36’ ropes course and zipline. SCUBA lessons are offered as well as fun of all sorts in the water, plus many other fun things!

The girls at Camp Arbutus Hayo-Went-Ha have lots of similar activities like sports such as basketball, socceHappy trails on horseback at Hayo-Went-Ha!r, and tennis. They offer a 38’ ropes course and a 38’ climbing tower. They offer a prided Equestrian program in which campers can ride the lengthy trails of the campgrounds. With a plethora of water activities such as sailing, canoeing, and kayaking along with indoor activities like drama, dance, arts and crafts, and much, much more.

Both brother and sister camps offer accommodating cabins for a good night’s sleep where cabin leaders sleep at night as well so that, even at night, campers have some kind of supervision. You can look into Camp Hayo-Went-Ha for your son or daughter right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!

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