Let’s Bee Friends…

Happy, Honey Bee Day!

Today we celebrate a day started by beekeepers FOR beekeepers and to develop awareness of the community about the facts and the benefits of honey. Observed on every third Saturday in August, this day is designated to honor honey bees and those noble beekeepers.
Happy Honey Bee Day, Y'all!
Honey Bee Day was started almost a decade ago by a little group of beekeepers. They made their dream come true by petitioning for a formal proclamation by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that honored honey bees and beekeeping alike.

The bee industry community has made great advancements thanks to Honey Bee Day which has opened up the opportunity for beekeepers across the nation to share methods, education, and further efforts to share the best in beekeeping techniques among one other.

Did you know that honey bees contribute a lot more to the world than just honey? A LOT more. I’m sure you know that bees pollinate our crops, but did you realize that an entire third of the food we eat hinges on this furry, little insect actually?

That’s right! We rely on honey bees for an incredible list of produce such as apples, avocados, blueberries, broccoli, cranberries, cherries, cucumbers, grapefruit, melons, onions…the list goes on and on. Certain foods, such as almonds, rely entirely on honey bee pollination.

There are some beekeepers that produce and sell honey while other beekeepers’ business is all about ensuring there are bees to pollinate our farmers’ crops. Without them, so many crops (like the ones listed above) would disappear completely from our grocery stores.

Send your appreciation out to honey bees and beekeepers far and wide! Support your bee love with Burt’s Bees products from Everything Summer Camp—check it out by clicking here. And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Feelin’ Hot! Hot!! Hot!!!

Hey, Campfire Kids!

Happy National Campfire Day to everyone! Of course, we all enjoy keeping warm around a fire on a cool night! But it’s even more fun when you can do it while sitting in a circle of friends, sharing stories and getting mesmerized by the flames. And don’t forget the cherry on top with some delicious hot chocolate or roasted s’mores! After all, they’re as much a part of the campfire experience as the firewood is.Enjoy a campfire with the folks you love today.

The campfire continues to be fed in order to keep on burning, but how did the flames first start growing and reaching upward? How does a fire get started?

Well, some people prefer to stand on the shoulders of society and bring a lighter when they go camping—or maybe they opt to ‘rough it’ with a book of matches. But there are other folks who really want the woodsy challenge and experience of making a fire from a more primitive fashion.

If you want to go all out with the bear necessities, all you really need in order to stoke a spark is a couple good pieces of wood along with some tinder and a good woodcutting knife. Creating heat through friction from rubbing wood against wood is a difficult, but eventually productive method.

Flint and steel with charcloth is a popular choice for people who want to cut the challenge back a little bit. They bring these items along so they can strike the flint against the steel.

This striking shoots sparks into your prepared pile of tinder with the charcloth on top. Hopefully the charcloth starts to burn enough from the sparks that it can pass the heat along to the tinder below and get that burning. From there, you can start burning your smaller twigs and sticks before moving onto your firewood.

So make the best of the today’s holiday and go enjoy the beautiful weather of the great outdoors. Stay safe and good luck, campin’ folks. And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

A Trip to the Moon

Hey, Moonbrains!

As much as that may sound like an insult, I say it with the dearest affection. For, if you’re a fan of the Moon, then I’m a fan of you! And how do you NOT fall into a lifelong love with the Moon?! It’s full of romance, mystery, and holes…okay, I mean craters. Well, actually, no—I mean holes! What am I saying here? Do I really think the Moon is full of holes? Well, kinda. Today is Moon Day. Let’s investigate:We all love the sight of an afternoon moon!

So what makes me think that the Moon is full of holes? Well, the fact that it’s hollow.

Sigh. That probably just dug me deeper. I can understand how crazy that sounds, but it’s true! At least, that seems to be the case. See, not a lot of people know that on our first mission to the Moon, when the landing device hit the surface prior to the astronauts touching down themselves, they reported back to the scientists at NASA that the impact caused the Moon to reverberate. They said it “rang like a bell”.

It wasn’t just Neil, Buzz, and Michael who observed this “ringing” either; it was the entire NASA team that sent those guys. Thousands of credible people saw the readouts of this heavenly body reverberating which leads us to only one real conclusion we can make: the Moon is hollow.

I think the reason this sounds so ridiculous is because when we think of something being hollow, we tend to consider something like an inflated beach ball or a blown egg. However, if the Moon is, indeed, hollow, it’s likely not totally empty on the inside, but more so full of cavernous tunnels. And that stands to reason since we cannot see the bottoms to some of the Moon’s deepest crater impacts.

Yep! It sounds pretty crazy—I agree. But there IS substantial reason to believe that the Moon might not be as solid as we figure it to be. It’s a crazy world we live in, indeed. Embrace it and, as always, thanks for reading, Moon Lovers!

- John

The Why of Fries…

Hey, Fry Fanatics!

It’s pretty obvious since this side is served at just about every fast food place around that French Fries are a favorite for a lot of folks! What beats that crispy, salty starch dipped in ketchup or whatever other condiment you prefer? And like it’s not enough that they’re served at every burger joint you go, we dedicate today to these fantastic fried potato strips. Happy French Fries Day.Picnic with some fries of your own on for celebration of French Fries Day!

Learn a thing or three about French Fries on today’s Blog post:

French, Spanish, and Belgian cultures all claim to be the home of the French Fry. Belgians hold that the snack got the word “French” in its name because the French steal all Belgian food. People of France say it was their street vendors who were first to sell them in 1789. And, even yet, the Spanish feel that, as the first European country to bring potatoes from the New World, they are the likeliest inventors of French Fries.

The Fries Have It
I know I already commented at the start of this post that French Fries are pretty much our favorite side here in the United States. Can you believe that roughly 70,000 acres of potatoes grown in the US are made to be French Fries sold from McDonald’s? And did you furthermore know that McDonald’s is responsible for more than 1/3 of all fries sold in restaurants? We reeaaally like Fries!

Presidential Potatoes
We may not know who to credit with the invention of French Fries, but we exactly who introduced them to the American people! It was Thomas Jefferson who was recorded to have served “potatoes, fried in the French manner” at dinner in the White House back in 1802!

We toast a French Fry to all of you today as we look back fondly on the last couple centuries of Fries in America and wish everyone Happy French Fries Day! Cheers. Go eat some French Fries today whether you get them from a restaurant or make some homemade Fries in the oven with some spices. And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John


Hello and Happy Fourth of July, Camp-Spirited Citizens!

Today in the United States, we celebrate our Independence Day. This annual holiday is referred to as Independence Day and each nation celebrates the specific date when it achieved its freedom. Every country the world over has its own independence day aside from Britain and Scotland since these countries were never under the rule of another government.
Liberty reigns the world over!

We’re pretty familiar with our own celebrations here in the states, but have you ever wondered how other nations across the world celebrate the days that their country achieved self-governing recognition after being under the rule of another colony or state?

Here are just a few examples of other countries independence days and how they celebrate:

Mexico – September 16, 1810
Not May 5th as so many people believe it to be, Mexico celebrates their freedom from Spain with their president ringing the historic liberty bell the previous night. Then the next day is brimming with traditional parades, dances, bullfights, and more.

India – August 15, 1947
Previously under rule from the British government, India gained its independence soon after World War II ended. Much like our American celebrations, India puts on parades and fireworks shows. They even participate in kite-flying contests.

Barbados – November 30, 1966
The island country of the West Indies, Barbados gained independence from the government of the United Kingdom. In observation of this day, Barbadians prepare their traditional seafood plates and hold art competitions throughout the entire month of their independence.

You can find lots more information about our own American independence from the rule of Britain and how we came to celebrate our Fourth of July customs on this Blog. Start your learning journey by clicking here. Have fun with your traditional celebrations today and, as always, thanks for reading! Happy Fourth, Camp Fans!

- John

They Come in Peace…and Flying Saucers too

Hey, Camp Fans and Aliens alike!

Since we started walking on two legs, our species has looked up to the sky in curiosity and wondered if we’re alone in the universe. And, all too often when we look up, we end up seeing seemingly impossible motion from mysterious objects that don’t seem to be of earthly invention. UFO’s are very real, people. So real that today we celebrate National UFO Day.

UFO, if you don’t know, stands for Unidentified Flying Object; and in that sense, UFO’s What are we seeing in our skies?truly are real since an object that simply isn’t identified qualifies (it doesn’t necessarily mean an alien spaceship as so many people associate with these three letters).

Encounters with UFO’s past, however, certainly do lend themselves to the idea of visitors from another planet, but I’ll let you be the judge. Let’s take a look at several different, well-documented sightings:

Roswell, New Mexico
After the reports of a crashed ‘flying disc’ in the New Mexico desert made their way into the hands of the people on newspaper headlines, the US Military followed up with a statement that it was simply a weather balloon—a drastically different story from what was initially sighted. Since then, interest in conspiracy cover-ups have been on the rise with Area 51 and eyewitness interviews that raise skepticism.

Phoenix Lights
‘Aliens on parade’ is pretty much the best way to describe this bizarre incident. In 1997 a mass sighting occurred in which hundreds of thousands of people watched a mile-wide V formation of strange lights as they silently glided over 300 miles of Arizona and surrounding areas. Phoenix got the best show as these lights slowly dragged along the night sky for about three hours.

Declassified Navy Video
A three-year-old video from the U.S. Navy that captures a mysterious unidentified flying object was recently declassified earlier this year. The camera stays on this flying object until it zips off at an incredible speed in a fashion that no earthly aircraft can travel. One of the pilots who encountered this object said it was “Not of this world.”

Almost all scientists are in agreement that the universe is too vast a place for life NOT to exist outside our home planet. Aliens…almost undoubtedly are out there. We are not alone. However, whether or not they’ve visited our planet is still in question despite the wealth of mysterious incidents that people have reported and strange discoveries on our planet from long ago.

Have we been visited in the past? Will they visit us in the future? What will we discover should we meet? There’s no way to know if we’ll get these answers in our lifetime, but it certainly is an entertaining topic on which to meditate, especially today on UFO Day. Enjoy aliens on your brain and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

So and So on Shades Info

Hey, Cool Kids.

It’s plain to see that all your futures are so bright since you need shades! Sunglasses offer us a wealth of benefits protecting us from issues of the eye including Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, and Skin Cancer (10% of skin cancers are located on eyelids) among other things. They also make you look cool. Join me in discovering more about everyone’s favorite eyewear to honor today—National Sunglasses Day.Keep your eyes protected and your face looking cool!

Here are three random facts about shades:

To Brow or Not to Brow
Style is a big deal when it comes to sunglasses. But did you know that the visibility of your eyebrows can make or break it for people? For some folks, it’s preferable. For others, it should never be done. And yet, others believe whether your eyebrows stay hidden or they stand proud above your shades depends on variables such as face shape and brow thickness.

P-p-p-poker Face
For at least a few hundred years, Chinese judges in the Middle Ages wore sunglasses not so much for their protective properties but more so their masking abilities. These judges wore their shades to hide any expression that their eyes may reveal—the same purpose for which hardcore Poker players employ their sunglasses.

Just One Co.
It’s surprisingly 70% of the world’s designer sunglasses that all come from the same single company. Brand names like Burberry, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and others all actually come from a company in Italy called Luxottica. Luxottica also owns the Ray-ban and Oakley brands.

Enjoy those brilliant days at summer camp with your own pair of sunglasses! You can find your own pair of sunglasses from the Real Kids Shades brand on the Everything Summer Camp main site! Check it out by clicking here. Make sure you’ve got your sunglasses for those bright, sun-shiny camp days and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Can You Canoe?

Hey, all you Water Fanatics!

If you simply live for time on the water, then you’re going to love today and its accompanying Blog post from yours truly. Today is National Canoe Day! If Canoeing is your thing and if you can make it happen today it sure would be nice to celebrate your love for this hobby today!

In celebration, I thought we could take a close look at the history of the Canoe and how it came to be.Enjoy your time on the water!This innovative vessel has been proven to be more than 10,000 years old in the case of the Pesse Canoe, found in the Netherlands—the world’s oldest known canoe. Way back when, people made Canoes out of materials that they had around. A natural abundance of trees offered bark and tree trunks.

Dugout Canoe
‘Canoe’ originates from the Carib word ‘kenu’ which translates to ‘dugout’. And that’s how this vessel received its name as these ancient craftsmen and craftswomen dug out trunks of trees in order to construct these hollowed-out, single units.

Birch-Bark Canoe
But Native Americans quickly developed a second design which utilized birch bark. This Canoe style was constructed right-side up. It was essentially a skeleton of wood covered in bark, lashed together with roots and then planked, ribbed, and sealed.

For thousands of years both of these Canoe styles were the kings of water transportation until very early on in the 19th Century when steam-powered engines took the reigns for bulk transit by both boat and train.

Demoted to ritual and leisure activity, transportation by means of the Canoe took a giant plunge in popularity, but has stayed *ahem* AFLOAT through fandom of the human culture that has made its imprint in the body of Canoes everywhere. The Dugout and Birch-Bark styles were replaced twice over now—first with wood and canvas for its materials and eventually (about 50 years ago), the aluminum Canoe.

No matter what materials your Canoe is made of, enjoy moving on the water in it and appreciate how long our species has used this craft as a means of transportation! Happy National Canoe Day and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

Father’s Day the Proper Way

Hey, Proud Dads!

Happy Father’s Day! Today is a day set aside to honor the unconditional, loving support that fathers give to their children every day. On Father’s Days past, I’ve given out gift ideas for dear ol’ dad—things that you could either purchase or things that you could make on your own for free with items found around the house. Today, however, I’m talking about some things you can do WITH your father to make his Father’s Day feel a little more special!Spend some quality time with your father today!

Play catch
Your dad will be sure to appreciate the gesture if you ask him to go play a simple game of catch in the backyard. Dads love ‘Catch’! Whether they want to throw a baseball, a football…SCOOPball—it doesn’t matter. You’ll both enjoy the activity in the fresh air and sunshine—not to mention the quality time you get to spend together.

Catch a Movie
My dad was a movie buff for sure! See if your dad wants to throw something in from your home collection or maybe make some time to head out and catch a show at the theater! You can’t beat the big screen (or the popcorn…or the pretzels)!

Get Musical
Does your dad love music? Maybe he plays an instrument! See if he has time to show off his talents and maybe you can even join in for background accompaniment. Whether you are musically gifted or not, it can be a great bonding experience to let the harmonies and vibrations boost your spirits together!

Play a Game
I don’t know about all of your dads, but my dad and I played a zillion games back in the day. He was a Chess junkie and enjoyed a mean game of Trivial Pursuit. We played video games, card games, and dice games—whatever sort of game is up your dad’s alley, see if he’s interested in playing that tonight!

These are just some ideas that will more-than-likely make your father’s Father’s Day today. Or maybe these ideas have inspired you to go spend some quality time with your dad in some other way that the two of you can enjoy. In any case, enjoy the fun with your dad and give him the best Father’s Day you can! Happy Father’s Day to fathers everywhere and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Water, Water Everywhere

Hey, Water-Lovers!

Many of us feel a sense of liberation and affinity when we’re in the water! It’s no surprise that waterfront activities are some of the most popular at summer camps across the country. Water is certainly a major part of our world. For starters, it’s essential to life on this planet. Our bodies are made of roughly 60% water. And 71% of our planet surface itself is covered in water.Enjoy the ocean today if you can.

It’s kind of a big deal…

And because it’s such a big deal, we dedicate a day—this day—to the oceans of the world; today is Ocean Day. Featuring more water than it does dry land, the earth presents to us a handful of oceans. An ocean is the term we hold for the largest body of water.

There are four to seven oceans on our planet (depending on who you ask). The numbers aren’t changing so much as our classifications. When I attended grade school, I was taught that there were four oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic.

The Pacific and Atlantic are the biggest oceans and have both been unofficially split up by northern and southern hemispheres which, to some perspectives, adds two more oceans to the count; so the list looks like this: North Pacific, South Pacific, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic (coming in at six).

It was 18 years ago in 2000 when the Southern Ocean was officially recognized as the world’s latest ocean. Constituted of the all the earth’s water below the 60° latitude line, the Southern Ocean brings the count to either five or seven depending on how you feel about splitting up the Pacific and Atlantic.

I myself don’t understand why we want to adjust our count of the oceans—after all, even the count of four that I’m familiar with is really just one. All of these gigantic bodies connect to one another. None of them are actually divided by anything aside from human designation. There’s nothing stopping Atlantic Ocean water from flowing into the Pacific territory.

And at certain points throughout the earth’s history, the ocean waters were even less obviously divided than they are today due to supercontinent formations such as Pangea and Gondwana.

Enjoy looking into this subject matter for yourself and put in your own two cents. Do you think we should have kept it to four oceans? Does the Southern Ocean make a sensical fifth ocean for earth? Maybe you agree with splitting them up into seven OR maybe you’re with me and think we should call it all one. Just…The Ocean. Let us know what you think. Happy Ocean Day and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John