What Comes Around Goes Around

What’s up, Campers?!

At Everything Summer Camp, we’re the home of C&N Footlockers so, of course, we pride ourselves the most on our traditional (as well as our innovative Designer) trunks. And we’re also proud to offer our Wheel Away System—the easiest way to transport your camp trunk.
These are our 4"PVC Wheel Away System wheels.
These large, 4″ PVC wheels are a revolutionary solution for summer campers who have struggled with a fully-packed footlocker. But camp trunk transportation isn’t the first thing that the wheel has revolutionized! Let’s take a look at the origins of this round invention!

Contrary to popular opinion, the wheel was not invented with transportation in mind. It wasn’t invented by cavemen either. It was the ancient Sumerians, actually—one of the earliest civilizations in recorded history—and they invented it roughly 3500 BC.

The first wheels were flat disks mThe first wheels were actually used for pottery, not transportation.ade of either wood or clay that was left out to bake in the sun. If not for transportation, what were these wheels used for? They were potter’s wheels—rotated by hand and used for shaping clay into rounded pieces of cookware, vases, and other pieces of ceramic art.

The wheel was very useful in the world of pottery, but it would be another 300 years until people realized the full potential of this invention. Wheelbarrows were one of the first wheeled vessels which then gave way to a flood of coming inventions on wheels.

The plow followed soon after the wheelbarrow, but it wasn’t until the wheel found its home Wheelbarrows were one of the first inventions to travel by wheel and they're still used today!underneath a chariot that the transportation train started moving. Wheels have been used for purposes besides transportation since 3000 BC like converting energy in watermills and creating a delightful ride as a Ferris Wheel, but transportation is still its main thing.

Wheels started as objects made of clay and wood, but nowadays, they’re commonly made from rubber as we see on our motor vehicles and bicycles. Some other modern wheels are made of hard plastics like skateboard wheels as well as the removable beauties that pop on and off of our Wheel Away System. Let it roll! And, as always, thanks for reading!Get your wheels on when you head to summer camp!

- John

Sleep at Camp Kelty Style

Hey, Camp Folks!

Here come our latest Sleeping Bags from Kelty to expand our selection of this quality brand. The Tru.Comfort Kids 35° and the Tru.Comfort Kids 20°. Very affordable, grab these quality summer camp sleeping bags to help deliver the best rest for your camper. Both of these mummy bags are made to give you great comfort—it’s in the name—but they provide different temperature ratings for camps of different climates. The Kelty 35 Sleeping Bag is going to keep you comfy at night.

Kelty Tru.Comfort Kids 35° Sleeping Bag
The Tru. Comfort Kids 35° Sleeping Bag will give your camper a night of sleep like they’re own bed at home! It has a 35° temperature rating and it’s filled with 28 oz. of CloudLoft™ Insulation. Designed to keep your camper snug as a bug, the built-in, two layer, mummy-fit blanket provides perfect temperature control for a sound night of sleep—no tossing and turning at camp in this Sleeping Bag.
Stay even warmer in the 20 degree kelty bag.


Kelty Tru.Comfort Kids 20° Sleeping Bag
If your camper is staying in a location with a cooler climate, go for this sleeping bag with a 20° temperature rating. Tested to stand up to temperatures as low as 20° Fahrenheit, this bag is given a eight more ounces of CloudLoft™ Insulation than the 35° bag, coming in at 36 oz. On top of its basic construction, it boasts a built-in, two-layer, mummy fit blanket for easy temperature control. Tru. Comfort Kids makes for happy campers.

These sleeping bags are serious about sleep and they’re here to keep you as cozy as you can be during your summer camp and overnight trips into the wilderness! A good night of sleep makes for a happy camper, so once you know what kind of temperatures your camper will be seeing at night, get one of these bags for your kid’s comfort! Check out the Tru. Comfort Kids 35° Sleeping Bag right here and, to see the Tru.Comfort Kids 20° Sleeping Bag, click here. Enjoy your sleep at summer camp and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Keep Cozy with Kelty

Hey, Camp Lovers!

The days are sure to get hot at summer camp, but the nightly foot always falls and, with it, so falls the temperature. Chilly nights and rainy days are inevitable and comfort is essential to a good night’s sleep! Stay cozy and warm with our new bedtime products from Kelty—their Bestie Blanket along with the Camp Pillow.

Kelty Camp PillowRest your head on this perfect pillow for camp.
Take the Kelty Camp Pillow along wherever you go during your camping adventures so you always have a place to rest your head. The Kelty Camp Pillow is a great companion at summer camp because it’s so easy to pack—it’s easily compressible and lightweight so it causes absolutely no hassle to bring along everywhere you go. Remain comfortable at camp and the road trips to and from. With a sleeve to store cozy pajamas or a cuddly throw, the Kelty Camp Pillow thinks ahead and does it all. Lay your head down and order your Camp Pillow here!
Keep warm and curl up with the Kelty Bestie Blanket at camp.
Kelty Bestie Blanket
When you’re talking about a best friend who’s this warm and welcoming, it’s easy to fall in love. Matched by nothing else when it comes to comfort, Kelty’s Bestie Blanket is made of a polyester taffeta shell with a poly pongee liner and CloudLoft™ Insulation. Kelty’s Bestie Blanket is great for cuddling with at night or enjoying the evening around a roaring fire on a chilly night. Get this insulated best friend of a blanket for your camp visit right here!

People love pressure. That’s why, even on a warm summer night, we’ll want to cover up with sheets and blankets for the weight just as much as the comfort and warmth. Enjoy your sleep at camp and cover up with Kelty’s Bestie Blanket with your head resting on the Kelty Camp Pillow for awesome comfort. As always, thanks for reading.

- John

Columbia Mummies

Hey, Camp Preppers!

Introducing the first Sleeping Bags from the Columbia brand to be offered in our camping gear selection here at Everything Summer Camp—the Columbia Youth Mummy 30° and the Columbia Adult Mummy 20°. Get these quality bags for a great price and a great camp experience. Guaranteed to keep you comfy and cozy throughout the night, read on to learn all about these beautiful bags!
This Adult Sleepng Bag is perfect for the summer camper in you.
Youth Mummy 30°
Campers are certain to stay snug-as-a-bug in this warm Youth Mummy 30°F Sleeping Bag from Columbia! Lightweight, this sleeping bag is made of polyester that’s been given 4-hole hollow fiber polyester insulation so it’s sure to capture the warmth your kid needs at night. Featuring a full-length draft tube that does away with cold spots, this bag is like an impenetrable fortress where cold cannot enter. The heavy-duty locking position zippers help for easy and secure closing up at night. Sweet dreams.

Adult Mummy 20°This sleeping bag has all the comfort you need for a good night's sleep.
A sleeping bag ready for the most outgoing of owners, Columbia’s Adult Mummy 20°F Sleeping Bag was made for adventure. Tested in the most brutal of conditions, it stands strong with a lightweight, yet durable, 50D polyester taffeta shell as well as its 4-hole hollow fiber polyester fill. Complete with a warm-to-the-touch, polyester pongee liner, you can’t go wrong with this bag. And lastly, it can fit anyone up to 6’6” tall. Enjoy your sleep in the outdoors in this Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag from Columbia!

So as you can see, these sleeping bags aren’t messing around. They’re here to keep you cozy, safe, and warm. It’s clichéd, but it’s the truth! To see the Youth Mummy click here and check out the Adult Mummy right here. Secure a sleeping bag to enjoy your camp stay and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Don’t Whine—Line!

Hey, Camp Families!

As you likely already know, summer camp is a wild place. Sure, it’s a safe, supervised environment, but kids are encouraged at camp to expend their energy and with that energy comes a quick pace and reckless behavior. What I’m trying to say is that accidents happen at camp. Gear at Everything Summer Camp is reliable and steadfast against the summer camp lifestyle. But we have options available for added protection for certain products.

Our C&N brand camp trunks are as tough as they come, but no matter how tough we make them, the interior wood will stain from a thoughtless spill or smear as well as damaging scratches and nicks. Enter our new Footlocker Trunk Liner Bag. Dress the inside of your camp trunk for protective purposes when you bring it to camp.

Somewhat like the lining you’ll find in a suitcase, our Liner for C&N Trunks is actually thicker and more durable than your typical liner. It’s water-resistant too for protective reassurance. Made of nylon and very durable, this protective Trunk Liner attaches to the interior easily with ten simple screws.

We offer two different sizes of these Footlocker/Trunk Liner Bags—one for our Happy Camper and another which is given dual fastening locations so it’s equipped to line your UnderGrad Trunk as well as the Graduate Trunk. Just as easily as it attaches, you can remove this Liner Bag for a simple cleaning when required.

Bring convenience to keeping the interior of your camp trunk tidy and clean with our Footlocker/Trunk Liner Bag—a new addition to our Trunk Accessories. Keep the beautiful interior birch plywood out of harm’s way and treat your trunk to this protective TProtective for your trunk on the inside, get a Footlocker/Trunk Liner Bag.runk Liner! To order one for yourself, click here. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Nothing Can Break This Camel’s Bak.

Hey, Flask Fans!

The superior selection in our Water Bottles Department is so good that we impress ourselves with it. All-encompassing and perfect for summer camp, we are constantly seeking out the coolest, most innovative, and newest products arriving on the market. As you browse our water bottles, I’d like to guide your attention specifically to the CamelBak Chute Vacuum 20oz Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle. This is no ordinary water bottle.

The temperature of the outdoors has nothing on your beverage within the Vacuum Stainless Steel Insulated CamelBak Water Bottle! Thanks to the double-wall, vacuum-insulated steel design, this container will keep hot drinks hot for up to six hours. And it’ll keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours! Cold is the key to a refreshing and hydrating reward throughout your journeys in the unforgiving summer wilderness.

Given a high-flow spout, the Chute Vacuum is constructed to deliver a satisfying stream that will provide you with the quenching slug you’re looking for when you’re trekking through an unforgiving terrain. Also, as you’re hiking along on your nature excursion, you can take a convenient swig, uninterrupted by some pesky cap that keeps getting in your face—this bottle’s cap fits snugly into the handle.

Unlike most water bottles you’ll find on the market today, the CamelBak Chute Vacuum 20oz is impervious to condensation and maintains its clean and classy look at all times. After all, CamelBak knows that a stylish Stainless Steel Water Bottle such as their Chute Vacuum had always ought to look its best.

A hydrated camper is a happy camper. Truly perfect for summer camp, the CamelBak Chute Vacuum is great for long trips into the wilderness. Get the 20 oz CamelBak Chute Vacuum Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle to keep your camper hydrated on their exhaustive camp excursions. Make your camper happy and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

The Undeniable Duffel from Under Armour

Hey, Camp Folks!

At Everything Summer Camp, we want to make sure we’re offering the best there is to offer when it comes to quality camping gear. That’s why we carry popular and trusted brand names such as Columbia, Hanes, and Smartwool on our diverse online store. And this one-stop shop just made an exciting addition to the excellent brands we offer! Now you can find awesome products from Under Armour like the Storm Undeniable Duffel.
This duffel bag is great for the avid adventurer and perfect at camp!This Backpack/Duffel hybrid is designed to hold 39 Liters! Its shoulders straps are adjustable and they’re also padded too. They own up to an awesome built-in cooling technology that allows for comfortable carrying in the fashion of a Duffel OR a Backpack. The option in carrying methods makes this Duffel the perfect accessory for multi-day hiking trips out into the wilderness.

With shoulder straps for backpack style transportation, the perfect duffel for camp is undeniable.It’s okay if the rain catches you off-guard. It is for the Storm Undeniable, anyway. Always ready to stand up to the elements, this daypack’s exterior is treated with an extremely water-resistant finish so it dries fast and has a long-lasting life.

Spacious doesn’t begin to describe it. It features a roomy main compartment and a large vented pocket on either side (one of which is expandable for storing shoes and clothing). It also has a water-resistant pocket for storing valuables and another large pocket for organizational purposes. One last pocket for your water bottle sits at a 45° angle to keep your water riding securely and ready to grab.

The right Duffel for your camp stay this summer is Undeniable. This Storm Backpack Duffel from Under Armour is choice for the avid camper. Bring it along this summer for all your camp adventures. You can take an even closer look right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!A spacious bag, you can pack all you need for an overnight wilderness trek!

- John

The Choice is Yours…

Hey, Summer Campers!

We’re sure to offer Choose Your Own Adventure Books for the simple fact that kids—whether they’re bookworms or not—devour these books like candy! The fourth-bestselling series for kids ever published, Choose Your Own Adventure books give kids interactivity with choices that lead to different outcomes. But how did this great concept for books come to be? The Choose Your Own Adventure Brand puts out amazing books and adventures!Well, it all started at summer camp!

Ray Montgomery worked with his wife, Shannon Gilligan. Knowing the importance of experiential learning, they introduced their boys, Anson and Ramsey, to the world of summer camp on Lake Champlain! Though Ray never did attend summer camp as a camper, he became a camp counselor at the famous summer camp of Pine Island in Maine.  Behold!--Adventure #1 in the CYOA series!

It was there that Ray first realized that interaction in education was essential to helping kids learn and read. After his days as a counselor, he established his own summer school to introduce kids to similar activities that he imparted at Pine Island.

Devoting a great deal of time and effort to studying the benefits of experiential learning and game theory, Ray eventually came across the idea for books that, in his words, put kids “in the driver’s seat.” Choose Your Own Adventure Books are the only books where the plotline depends on choices that the reader makes. Growing since their start in 1979 check out titles from this series for yourself!

Escape to worlds of intriguing and interactive tales in science fiction, fantasy, and adventure where the ending of the story depends on decisions that YOU make! Then, ‘reread’ the story making different decisions and the story’s outcome will turn out entirely different! Perfect for rainy days and reading before bed, have a look through our excellent selection of the adventures in this book series. And, as always, thanks for reading.
Find your favorites at Everything Summer Camp.

- John

Play Some Games Freestyle

Hey, Campers!

As we inch our way toward warmer weather here in the northwestern area of Wisconsin—the place where Everything Summer Camp is based—we get more and more excited about all of our outdoor items. While we sell a few toys, games, or activity books that make for entertaining indoor use, most of what we sell has to deal with camping gear in the great outdoors.

This time of year, the weather tends to be a little shaky—60° one week and snow in the next. Well, you can take the fun outside or keep it in with the Freestyle Bocce and Freestyle Horseshoe Set.

Freestyle BocceIndoor Bocce is a blast! Play it outside too!
This game set includes six, nylon throwing balls and one target ball filled with pellets. There’s also a cinch-shut mesh nylon pouch. The Target Ball is randomly thrown and players then take turns to toss their Throwing Balls and aiming as close to the Target Ball as they can get. The scoring system is simple: one point for each bocce ball that’s closer to the Target Ball than your opponent’s closest ball. If you’re talented enough to toss a Throwing Ball with enough accuracy that it creeps up and rolls to a stop and touches the Target Ball, that counts for two points.

Freestyle HorseshoePlay it inside, play it outside---it's all good.
A longstanding classic, this set of Freestyle Horseshoes includes four full-size rubber horseshoes, two rubber mats, two indoor stakes, two outdoor stakes, and a carrying bag with instructions. Game play is simple: players take turns tossing their horseshoes, trying to ring one around a stake. If a horseshoe lands within six inches of a stake, it counts as one point, if both of your horseshoes are closer than your opponents’ you get two points, and if you ring a stake with your horseshoe, it counts as three points.

Get your games for affordable prices right here at Everything Summer Camp to get some fun whether your stuck indoors or the sun is shining! They’re easy-to-use, easy-to-pack, and fun for all! Bring the games with you when you head off to summer camp where the fun never stops and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

O2 Cool’s AC Adapter 10″ Camping Fan

Hey, all of you oh-too-cool Camp People!

Summertime means time for shorts and tee shirts, time for fun in the water, and time for summer camp! Inevitably, summertime also means getting HOT! Look for fun and easy ways to stay cool throughout this roaster of a season. You can always find some easy and breezy fans at Everything Summer Camp—check out one of our latest additions: the 10” Camping Fan with AC Adapter from O2 Cool.

The ultimate leaders in the personal cooling industry, O2 Cool has established themselves The fan for electricity and battery-operated power.as the trusted brand name when summer scorchers get to be too much to handle. Their compact design for the 10” Camping Fan with AC Adapter makes it easy to pack, and store away in seasons with cooler temperatures. And its convenient built-in handle makes it easy to take with you wherever you go!

This Camping Fan runs on 6 D Batteries which tends to give you about 20 hours of use on the high speed or 50 hours on the low speed. Plug into a wall and use electricity whenever it’s available with the AC adapter. It’s reliance on two different power sources will really stretch out the lifespan of your batteries.

Run your 10” Camping Fan with its AC Adapter in the comforts of available electricity or run it off batteries in the farthest reaches away from civilization—it works like a charm no matter where you are.  It boasts a powerful breeze ranging from low to high speeds that give you full blast or a quieter cooling session.

Its compact folding design makes it great for travel and gives you easy-carrying and allows for easy storage. It also makes for a stands up securely as the fan pops up from its stable base in the shape of a horseshoe. You can also tilt it at any angle you need so the airflow gets directed where you want it.

Pick yours up right here and be sure to stay cool with the O2 Cool 10” Camping Fan with AC Adapter or check out their selection of other awesome portable cooling devices! And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John