How big do you make your S’mores?

Hey, Camp Fans!

Hiking, pitching a tent, sittin’ ‘round the campfire…there’s a whole slew of iconic, camp-themed activities, but none are quite as delicious as fire-roasting S’mores. One bite is never enough with these hot, chocolaty, and gooey dessert sandwiches. The perfect dessert sandwich treat for sitting around a campfire, S'mores come in all shapes and sizes!

The dessert’s true history is somewhat of a mystery as one Alec Barnum is typically credited as the inventor of the S’more, though the recipe appears in a book that was written by the Girl Scouts of 1927 called Trampling and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.

A simple sandwich of roasted marshmallows and a piece of chocolate melted between two Graham Crackers, S’mores are a classic summertime treat! Simple as they may be, they’re incredibly popular, especially when a campfire is going!

But where simplicity resides, people will always find a way to complicate it—which is a good thing because the only way to really complicate something as simple as a S’more is to make it a really, really BIG S’more! Some folks at the Beals Point Campground near Folsom Lake in Sacramento County figured they may as well shoot for the world’s largest S’more.

So they did. They made one gigantic S’more that was a little over a half-ton (that’s more than 1,000 lbs.)! They used 8,000 Hershey’s chocolate bars, 20,000 Campfire marshmallows, and 25,000 Graham Crackers! It measured 70’ x 100’ by the time the S’more was completed! That is one HUMONGOUS S’more!The world's largest S'more made at Folsom Lake in California.Could we safely say that this is would be the mother of all S’mores?” asked Roy Sterns who works with the California State Parks. Well, Roy, Guinness did! Congratulations!

Since it’s National S’more Day, what better day to celebrate the world’s largest S’more and S’mores in general?! Get a campfire going in your own backyard so you can roast these delicious dessert sandwiches for yourself!

Thanks for reading!

- John

Surely You’ll Want to Read Shirley’s Camp Lib!

Hey, Libbers!

Today I’m sharing a Camp Lib I wrote just for our Production Supervisor—Shirley. Shirley, production supervisor at Everything Summer CampShirley makes camp trunks and she’s probably one of the best in the country at doing it. After 27 years of building them, we pretty much consider her an expert! You can read about how our camp trunks get made in the Camp Lib that Shirley helped fill out below (but you probably won’t learn anything from it!).

If you want, you can write down your own words for the blanks too. Just use the following list of requested words and you can make your own version of Shirley’s Camp Lib below. And remember—a noun is a person, place, thing, or idea; a verb is an action word; and an adjective is a word that describes a noun while an adverb is a word that describes a verb. Enjoy!


  1. Verb
  2. Adjective
  3. Verb Ending in ‘ing’
  4. Noun
  5. Noun
  6. Verb
  7. Plural Noun
  8. Past Tense Verb
  9. Verb
  10. Noun
  11. Noun
  12. Verb
  13. Plural Noun
  14. Plural Noun
  15. Noun
  16. Noun
  17. Plural Noun
  18. Noun
  19. Noun
  20. Verb Ending in ‘ing’
  21. Adverb
  22. Noun
  23. Verb Ending in ‘ing’
  24. Noun


Here’s the Lib:


When you jump out into our factory here at Everything Summer Camp (the home of C&N Footlockers), you’ll find our production crew quick at work. They’re skipping all year round to make all of our C&N camp trunks. What started out in a small garage 27 years ago now operates in a 24,000 square foot fish.

All C&N camp trunks are made from boat; so the first step is to slice the wood in our saw room. Then we cut our steel sheets with the metal husbands.

After we’ve snored the wood as well as the steel the next step is to limp one side of the wood with Durawrap paper lining. It’s grandkid-resistant, cat-free, and virtually fight-proof!

After that, we take all of the wood hikes and make footballs out of them at our Assembly shrew. Some of the boxes are shallow as they are made to be the bear of the trunk while the other, deeper boxes become the leaves of our trunks.

The next step is to attach our nickel-plated rubber duck and hardware—all of it done with a Philips head staple gun. This all happens at the swimming station.

Slowly, once all the trim, the latches, the handles, and the shoe have been attached, you’re lookin’ at the final product. The trunk then gets passed on to our Crying Department where it gets shipped out to you.

We hope you treasure your employee trunk forever!


Thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

Brian’s Camp Lib

BrianHey, Camp Fans!

Since our Operations Manager, Brian had a little scare during his summer camp stay way back when, I thought I’d write him an appropriate Camp Lib in which these campers have a little incident.

If you want, you can write down your own words for the blanks too. Just use the following list of requested words and enjoy your own version of Brian’s Camp Lib below. And remember—a noun is a person, place, thing, or idea; a verb is an action word; and an adjective is a word that describes a noun while an adverb is a word that describes a verb.


Have Fun!


  1. Nonsense Word
  2. Past Tense Verb
  3. Adjective
  4. Boy’s Name
  5. A Musical Instrument
  6. Plural Food Item
  7. Plural Noun
  8. Girl’s Name
  9. Plural Noun
  10. Verb Ending in ‘ing’
  11. Noun
  12. Adjective
  13. Adverb
  14. Same Boy’s Name from #4.
  15. Adjective
  16. Verb
  17. Noun
  18. Verb Ending in ‘ing’
  19. Adjective
  20. Body Part
  21. Adjective
  22. Same Noun from #11.
  23. Same Girl’s Name from #8
  24. Same Body Part from #20
  25. Same Boy’s Name from #4
  26. Same Noun from #17
  27. Same Girl’s Name from #8
  28. Same Noun from #11
  29. Dog Breed
  30. Noun
  31. Same Body Part from #20


Here’s the Lib:

On the last day at Camp ­­­­­­­­­Flibberty Jibbit, after the sun farted and it got real rotund outside, we had a camp fire. Our Cabin Leader, Ryan, played his trombone while we all sat around the fire roasting Twinkies.

Everyone was having a fine time until we heard strange monkeys coming from the woods.

“What was that?!” said Kristy. “It sounded like rustling basketballs and heavy dancing! I think it’s a telephone!”

A squishy downpour put the fire out almost quickly, stranding us in the darkness. A panic fell over us all as Cabin Leader Ryan­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  reminded everyone to “keep shiny and to bite.”

I’ve got a chair here in my backpack,” he said. But as he was searching for it, we heard the leaves­­­­­­­­­­ partying­­­­ and itchy­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  breathing again.

Before I knew it, there was this warmth on my buttocks­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  and stinky­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  smell hitting my nose. I grew very nervous that this was the telephone­­­­­­­­­­­­­  that Kristy­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  had spoken of.

The hot air grew until its slobbering tongue licked my buttocks­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  and I shrieked in terror.

Cabin Leader Ryan­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  had found his chair­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  at this point, promptly revealing that Kristy’s­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  telephone­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  was actually a happy Schnauzer­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­, wagging its jellyfish­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  and continuing to slobber all over my buttocks­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­.

Ummm… What Goes Here Again?

forgot-dayHey, Forgetful Friends!

Today is…umm…oh shoot! What day is it again? I forgot. Wait a minute—that’s it. Today is I Forgot Day. We all have rough days where everything seems to slip our mind. These are the days where you walk into the other room for something and once you’re there…you…can’t quite…remember what it was you…meant to grab.

These days can range from frustrating, to devastating, to unbelievable. For instance, I’d much rather forget my purpose in walking into another room than forget my mother’s birthday (February 15). But I’d gladly forget either of those things as opposed to forgetting my pants when I go into the office at work.

Though my memory is stupendous, I am one of the most forgetful people I know. That sounds like a paradox, but it’s not. See, I can recall things that impress and sometimes baffle other people; yet, I swear, I hold the record for trips to the grocery store made WITHOUT bringing my wallet along…

But I digress. Anyway, what was I talking about again?

Ah, yes! Forgetting things! It’s easy to do which is why there’s an entire day dedicated to us forgetful folks. Today is meant for those poor saps out there who forgot their mother’s birthday or something even worse (if there is anything worse).

I don’t know if it’s worse than your mom’s b-day, but forgetting camp clothes and other essential items at summer camp can be a real nuisance. That’s why, as most camps already suggest, you should label EVERYTHING.

Our Clothing Name Labels and Stick-On Name Labels from Everything Summer Camp are sure to help you remember your belongings. After all, It’s a lot harder to forget about something when it’s got your name on it! Our full color iron-on name labels will take care of your clothes and you can tag your toothbrush, water bottle, shoes, and other camp gear with our colorful and durable Stick-Ons.

Thanks for reading, Camp Fans. And don’t forget to…uh…uhh…hmm. What was I about to say?
- John

We Hope You Enjoy Matt’s Mad Lib

Hey, Camp Libbers!

For today’s Blog post I wrote another Camp Lib and had Mr. Matthew DeMuth fill in the blanks. As the Sales Director of Everything Summer Camp, Matt, perOur sales person Mattsonally, does a lot of business with the camps that work with us. Therefore, I thought it’d be appropriate to give him a Camp Lib about a kid’s camp.

If you want, you can write down your own words for the blanks too. Just use the following list of requested words and enjoy Matt’s Camp Lib below. And remember—a noun is a person, place, thing, or idea; a verb is an action word; and an adjective is a word that describes something.



1. Nonsense Word

2. A Number

3. An Adjective

4. A Geographical Location

5. An Adjective

6. A Landmark/Monument

7. An Adjective

8. Noun

9. ‘Ing’ Verb

10. A Number

11. An Adjective

12. Plural Noun

13. A Verb

14. Plural Noun

15. An Adjective

16. A Sport

17. Another Sport

18. Plural Noun

19. Same Nonsense Word from the Top

20. The Name of a Room in a House

21. A Body Part

22. ‘Ing’ Verb

23. Noun

24. Plural Noun

25. Noun


Ready? Here’s the Lib:


This summer I’m going to Camp Skibbidy-Bap. I can’t wait! It’s located on 21 slippery acres just outside of Yuma and offers a quick view of the Hoover Dam.

The cabins are lovely and completely wired, with garbage and working water. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t use a toilet or take a shower for seven weeks!

All the cabin leaders at my camp are really clear and the other staff ducks really care that their campers talk their camp stay.

Separate pickles at the camp are set up for darling activities like their curling diamond, the fencing courts, and the Volleyball elbows.

You could never go hungry at Camp Skibbidy-Bap! One whiff in the mancave will have your earlobe watering and stomach driving for delicious ear wax.

With all these great tacos and fun activities, my summer is sure to be a desk at camp!


Thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


Meet the First Camp’s On Us Winner

Hey Campers!

Everything Summer Camp’s ‘Camp’s on Us’ Giveaway has been claimed by our first The First Winner of the Camp's On Us Giveawaywinner—meet 10-year-old Anne T.! As our winner for the month of April, $1000 of Anne’s summer camp tuition is on us this summer!

We were quite pleased to hear that Anne’s mother, Laura “was completely caught off guard and wonderfully surprised” to find that her daughter was the first among three winners of the ‘Camp’s on Us’ Giveaway. We hope Anne has a very special summer experience this year as she enjoys her days on horseback at Camp Rockbrook.

The drawing for our second $1000 winner was held last week. Be sure to check our blog next week to see who the lucky winner was. Our last $1000 giveaway for your camp tuition will take place in June so be sure to sign up now!  Every order placed with automatically receives ten entries!


Happy camping!

- John

We Hope You Enjoy Kristy’s Mad Libs Today

Hey, Blog Buddies!

I went to Kristy for our next ‘Camp Libbing’ endeavor. Being our Lead Buyer, I thought it’d be appropriate to write a Camp Lib about packing for summer camp. I had her fill in the blanks with the appropriate parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) and now I’ll share the result with you. If you want, write down your own words for the blanks too. Just use the mad libsfollowing list of requested words and enjoy Kristy’s Camp Lib below. Enjoy!

And remember—a noun is a person, place, thing, or idea; a verb is an action word; and an adjective is a word that describes something.


1. Nonsense Word

2. Noun

3. Adjective

4. Plural Noun

5. A Number

6. Plural Noun

7. Verb

8. A Number

9. Verb ending in ‘ing’

10. Noun

11. Noun

12. Adjective

13. Noun

14. Adjective

15. Name of a Store

16. Adjective

17. Adjective

18. Noun

19. Noun

20. Noun

21. Adjective

22. Plural Noun

23. Noun

24. Exclamation

This summer I’ll be attending Camp Awesome Sauce. I just finished checking over the camp’s Ireland that they posted online. In my camp trunk I have all my beautiful clothing as well as all the mailmen I’ll want to bring along.

I’m bringing thirteen guinea pigs though I doubt I’ll have enough time to run all of them. After all, my camp stay is only five weeks long and I don’t plan on shuffling the entire time.

Of course, I’ve packed my pig, sandal, and other frilly products. And I take my stuffed Channing Tatum with me everywhere I go.

I got myself a spunky bag from Justice so it’s sure to hold up in dear weather conditions and messy nights. Then there’s my bling, grill, and princess just in case we get repulsive on a cool summer night.

I’m bringing a couple colors and a/n Olaf along too, but those are going in my duffel. Wha–what! I can’t WAIT to be at camp!



Send Us Your Scary Story

Hey, Scary Story Lovers!

You probably recall near the beginning of the month when I told you about how today is Tell a Story Day. Telling stories has been a treasured pastime ever since we developed the sufficient communication skills to perform such a feat. Just about everybody enjoys hearing a good story which is why there’s a whole day dedicated to the art of oral story telling.

Tell a Story Day is typically celebrated by libraries and grade schools. Every culture has their own traditions of oral storytelling for educational purposes as well as entertainment, cultural preservation, and for teaching morals.

And since telling stories around a campfire is such an essential part of summer camp, it seemed like it was only right that we here at Everything Summer Camp create a contest shaped after this national day.

camp fire storiesRequesting not just any kind of story, but for spooky summer camp stories that you’d likely share with everyone around a campfire. We asked for the kind that send shivers down spines and put goose bumps on skin. We asked that they were invented inside our contestants’ own warped imaginations, video recorded, and then uploaded to YouTube.

Today was the final day for submissions. Entries needed to be submitted and videos uploaded by 1:00p.m. CST. Unfortunately we not have much interest in this contest.  Maybe we were just asking for a little too much work in order to participate.  We only received two entries for the contest.  Since we planned to award two winners there really is no need to go through the process of voting.  Both of our contestants have been awarded with One-Hundred Dollar Gift Certificates for Everything Summer Camp.  You can check out their videos below:

The above video was submitted by Jesus C.

The above video was submitted by Hayden W.


Now for the conclusion of the scary story that started tell you back on April 4th. To read the beginning of the story visit the old blog post here.  To finish the story read on:

The crisp crackling of the burning logs inside the brick fire pit filled the silence for a moment until Craig broke it saying, “Well, OKAY, then. If you insist…” He drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. He closed his eyes, slowly opened them back up, and then he began.

“Did you guys know that Camp O-Phaz-Ma is one of the earliest summer camps to ever be founded? Its history dates back all the way to 1887.  You probably didn’t know that this camp’s first year of operation kicked things off with a pretty dark start.

Unfortunately, there was an accident that happened here that year. One of the campers shot an arrow from her bow without intending to let it go. The arrow went flying and hit another camper who was sitting on this very ledge of this very fire pit. He was sitting here, reading when the arrow got him directly in his heart and killed him instantaneously.”

“That’s where we read,” Angie said quietly to Sid, but mostly to herself.

“Apparently the blow of the arrow sent the boy’s body falling back into the fire pit where his blood stained the floor inside there,” Craig said pointing into the pit. “The boy’s blood permanently stained the floor of the pit.

Some say that on the nights that this pit gets used, the soul of that boy rises from the fire and walks the earth again in search of the girl that shot the arrow. They say he wants to forgive her. They call him Sid.”

“Hey,” Angie laughed. “Like you,” she said, craning her head to look at her friend Sid, but he was no longer there. He didn’t show up for the rest of the night either. In fact, she never saw Sid again.





Egg Counting Contest

Hey Egg Counters!

There’s lots of fun things you can do with colorful, plastic eggs. Fill them with treats, hide them for others to find. Just last week, everyone here at Everything Summer Camp held a rather intense Egg Hunt.

So much fun was had that we just couldn’t stop there so we thought we’d play another game with eggs, but this time we wanted to involve all of you!

And so the Everything Summer Camp ‘Egg Count Contest’ was born. Reminiscent of the trunk with eggs‘Candy Corn Contest’ we held nearly six months ago in which we asked our readers to guess how many pieces of Candy Corn were in our glass jar, this year we want you to guess at how many eggs are filling one of our camp trunks.

The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate for Everything Summer Camp. You definitely want to take your time in answering—give a good, educated guess; but don’t take too long, the contest will close at noon on April 22. The winner of our Egg Count Contest will be announced on the following day. Click here to enter.

As any proud owner of a C&N Footlocker will tell you, there’s a lot that can fit inside one of our camp trunks! I wonder just how many eggs one of our trunks will hold! I can’t wait to find out! Till next time, Camp Fans!