Shot put Shelby

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About a year ago, I told you about Shelby. She’s one of our great Call Center Shelby is one of our returning seasonal employees in the Call Center here at Everything Summer CampRepresentatives at Everything Summer Camp. She helps our customers (like you) place their orders over the phone. If you called us to place an order in the last three years then it’s possible that you’ve talked to Shelby!

I told you about her role in the Call Center calling customers back with questions about personalized products, handling returned items, and emailing customers for further contact. But today, I’d like to give you a better idea of what Shelby’s life is like outside of work.

She grew up just a little ways away from Everything Summer Camp, on her family’s farm. She fondly recalls taking turns with her younger brother over who would get up early to milk the cows.

While she grew up here, in Boyd, WI, she’s currently attending her senior year at UW Whitewater where she majors in Special Education and minors in Human Services. She’s also into Track at her college but not nearly as much as Shot put. Having thrown a shot 49’ and 7”, Shelby’s goal is to, at least once, become a national champ. She’s got quite an arm on her!

Shelby doesn’t like to toot her own horn, so I will for her. She’s AWESOME! She’s been doing it since the seventh grade, so she’s had nearly a decade to hone her skill. As for what inspired Shelby to try Shot put, she says, “My mom forced me into it,” but follows up quickly to say, “I’m glad she did!”

Very good for a place like Whitewater (a D-3 college), Shelby seems to think that, while she may stand a chance against a D-1 college (like Madison), she definitely wouldn’t be the champ. I’ll let you be the judge. Check out these great throws from Shelby under the post and thanks for reading!

- John


Learn a little more about Derek

Hey there, Everything Summer Camp Aficionados!

For today’s Blog post we’re going back to our guy in the Shipping Department. Taking on the chief role in Receiving and other assistive duties, Derek has brought his great attitude and excellent work ethic to Everything Summer Camp for the last five years.Our guy in Shipping and Receiving, learn all about Derek today on his Blog post.

Last year I posted about Derek’s job. I told you about how he picks, packs, and prints orders along with handling most of Everything Summer Camp’s incoming freight. Whether the shipments be camping gear, equipment for all of our personalized products, or simply supplies for our office, it goes through Derek’s hands first.

Today, however, I want to give you a better idea of what life looks like for Derek when he isn’t at work. A close-knit little family, Derek lives with his sister and brother-in-law (which happens to be Ryan, the Manager of our Shipping Department).

Originally from Boyceville, Wisconsin, Derek moved here, to Boyd, when he heard about a job at Everything Summer Camp. Since then, he’s really grown to love the job as well as the town. And, only 60 miles from home, Derek returns home often enough to see his family and his parents’ dogs, a Yellow Lab and a Springer Spaniel.

As for fun, Derek’s family has a cabin up north in Bessemer—just past the Wisconsin border in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Derek and his family typically makes it up once a year, but the best vacation he’s ever been on was the one he made to Europe about eight years ago.

Through a Student Ambassador Program, he smiles to say it. “I went to France, Italy, and Malta.” Malta is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, directly below Italy. “It was the time of my life,” he says without hesitation. “It was beautiful!”

In closing, Camp Fans, keep it in mind–the next time you get an order from Everything Summer Camp, it very well could have been Derek who packed it for you!

Until next time, Campers!

- John

Get To Know Ryan A Little Bit Better

Hey, Fans of Everything Summer Camp!

Almost exactly one year ago I posted about the manager of our Shipping Department and longtime employee of 11 years, Ryan. I told you all about what his job entails and how proud he is of the work environment that he’s established with the crew in Shipping—the camaraderie that they’ve formed.

Ryan works as hard as or even harder than what he expects out of his shipping crew and ryanhe’ll even sacrifice his sports radio to give his crew the morale boost of their varied musical choice. From Country to Kansas to Michael Jackson, the Shipping Department is always a hoppin’ place in the summer.

But today, we’ll delve a little deeper to get a picture of what Ryan’s life looks like outside of work. We won’t have to look too far since he lives just a mile away from the workplace here at Everything Summer Camp. A local resident of Boyd, Ryan lives with his lovely family: his wife, Stephanie, and their beautiful three-year-old daughter, Kaylee.

Ryan is originally from the nearby town of Cadott and even admits that, due to its closeness, he still commonly thinks of it as his hometown, despite the fact that he and Steph found their place and moved to Boyd a whole seven years ago.

Ryan’s little family enjoys annual visits between his parents as well as his parents-in-law. They often have get-togethers with Ryan’s extended family for holidays like Christmas and the Fourth of July. And, of course, Ryan enjoys his everyday life at home.

An avid (and rather skilled) golfer, Ryan is big into sports, closely following any of the major ones. He’s also hired on each season to be the coach of The Hornets, Cadott’s high school basketball team which he thoroughly enjoys.

As for Steph, “she doesn’t have any hobbies besides spending my money,” Ryan laughs, quickly following his statement with an eager, “No, no, no! Don’t put that. It’s just a sick joke!” Between being a devoted mother and loving wife, Steph squeezes in her commute to her job in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at Sacred Heart Hospital.

When Ryan’s not busy at work, coaching, or spending quality time with his family at home, he somehow finds time to play roles in such films as Remember the Titans and The Notebook.

Thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

Read What Brian Does On His Time Away From The Office

Hey, Fans of Everything Summer Camp!

It’ll have been a year ago tomorrow since I posted the first part of our employee biography series on Brian, the Operations Manager here at Everything Summer Camp. In that post I told you all about his job.

I told you about how he oversees our Camp Trunk Production, our Graphics Department, the Call Center, and the Shipping Department, not to mention a daily stack of paperwork that involves payroll, paying bills, an assortment of other matters. What I didn’t tell you is Brianthat Brian works at the same place as his two brothers…or that I’m one of them.

That’s right, while Everything Summer Camp isn’t really a family-run business, Mark (our Vice President), Brian, and myself all work at the same place. Needless to say we see each other regularly.

An avid football fan (and fantasy football prodigy), Brian typically has Mark and me over to his place for our traditional viewing of the Sunday games.

He lives in Lake Hallie, Wisconsin—nearby Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls. Having journeyed from Milwaukee to Eau Claire, Brian embraced the quieter living style and settled in the very small Lake Hallie. “It’s a nice little town situated between two larger towns,” he says. “While I have all the benefits of living in a small town, I have very easy access to…say a movie theater.”

Besides his 8” Lego R2-D2, Brian doesn’t own any pets. He does however keep a vast collection of tech devices like incredibly optimized computers, tablets, e-readers, and impressive TVs. As I mentioned in last year’s post, Brian is our IT guy at Everything Summer Camp by default simply because he has such a great understanding of the electronic world.

As for vacationing, Brian doesn’t do a whole lot of travel. He’s made a number of trips to Vegas for business trips. “Then you always have to fit in the obligatory nonbusiness side of it.” He laughs.

He’s a big fan of the virtual trips he makes, however, using his virtual reality headset called the Oculus Rift. I’ve virtually walked across the Pantheon in Rome wearing his headset. He’s strolled through a fish market in Japan. He thinks technology like this will eventually replace schoolbooks.

As of late, Brian donated $25 toward LeVar Burton’s Kickstarter project to re-launch an online version of ‘Reading Rainbow’ for today’s youth. Brian absolutely LOVES to read and is happy to support something that will teach kids that same love for reading that he has.

That’s all for today, Camp Fans! Thanks for reading.


- John

Get To Know Juliann A Little Better

Hey, Blog Readers!

Continuing to delve deeper into the lives of the members in our Everything Summer Camp family, today I thought we’d check back in with Juliann, our Graphic Artist. Last time I told you about Juliann’s job. How it demanded a great deal of know-how, creativity, speed, and determination. And I also talked about her assortment of responsibilities.

But today I want to give you a better picture of Juliann—not just a look at what she does Juliannaround the workplace, but rather, who she is OUTSIDE of work.

To start out, Juliann grew up on a farm in the small, small town of Independence, Wisconsin. She and her three sisters all had an enjoyable childhood on the farm, taking the occasional vacation to the Wisconsin Dells and family get-togethers at her Grandma’s house.

Now that they’ve all grown up, Juliann is more than just daughter and sister; she’s become the loving aunt of two nieces as well as the wife of her adoring husband, Brent.

These two have been together for the last five years and married for half of the time. They live in Chippewa Falls (a good middle ground between their initial homes) with their two dogs: Tanner, a chocolate lab and Winter, a Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix.

Juliann and Brent love finding time for vacations. They make annual trips to Mexico and try to get out on the water at Lake Wissota from time to time.

Lately, the two have been dedicating the majority of their free time working on home improvement projects that range from home remodeling to landscaping. Their current project has been building retaining walls for their lawn.

Always making improvements, we’re glad to have Juliann with us here at Everything Summer Camp.

Thanks for reading, Blog Fans. Till next time.


- John

Do You Remember Nate?

Hey, Camp Fans!

While we here at Everything Summer Camp make all of our personalized products right here in our own, local facility, it does not happen at our Main Building. We have two facilities which are very close to each other. Just a few blocks away and over the railroad tracks is our second building—the print shop.

You may recall me introducing you to Nate, the manager of our print shop, in one of our posts past. About a year ago I talked a little bit about him and a lot of what he does around the workplace. Today, however, I want to scratch a little more off the surface to give you a better picture of what makes Nate tick.

Well, Nate was born and raised in Chippewa Falls where he continues to live currently. A NateChippewian(?) his entire life, Nate’s only recently come close to ‘living’ in another town as he stayed in Bloomer while undertaking the construction of his new house himself!

Nate’s wife Katie and their two boys Eli and Alex (two and six) as well as Ella, their chocolate Lab/Doberman, patiently resided in Bloomer for the time being while Nate would spend some nights with them in Bloomer and the rest of his nights in a camper that he purchased for sleeping at the construction site.

His family was extremely excited to enter their new castle this year around the end of January.

And now that Nate can actually sleep inside his house, he plans on putting the camper to good use for camping trips with his family. He has fond memories from when he was younger of his family’s annual fishing trips that they’d take at Whitefish Lake in Canada. He’d like to recreate a camping tradition with his family now.

Thanks for reading, Camp Fans!




A Little About Missy’s Life Outside Of Work

Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

Last year I introduced you, our fellow Blog readers, to Missy, our Receptionist at Everything Summer Camp. I told you about how she’s the first face you’ll see when you walk into our Main Building and how she’s a very warm and friendly presence in our office. Missy is always there to help.

But today, we’ll delve a little deeper to get a picture of what Missy’s life is like outside of work. We won’t have to look too far outside of work, however, since Missy lives just past missyBoyd, the home of Everything Summer Camp.

She’s quite familiar with the town as it’s the place where she was born and raised. “Yep, I grew up in the bar down the road and I married my high school sweetheart,” says Missy. They spent some time living around the state in Rice Lake as well as Wausau. It wasn’t until the two got married that they moved back to Boyd and into the family farm where Mike grew up.

They have three children—Chelsea, who is now attending UW Oshkosh; Morgan, a junior in high school; and Luke who’s in the eighth grade. Between Morgan, who plays basketball and softball and Luke, who’s interested in football, baseball, basketball, and trying out for track this year, they spend a lot of time at sporting events.

Altogether, they have 78 pets: that’s two dogs, six cats, and 70 cows. Fortunately for the family it’s only the dogs, Zoe (a black lab) and Braun (a Great Pyrenees, named after the Brewer) that are ever inside.

While they don’t travel very often, they usually find some time at least once out of the year to go find a hotel somewhere and just get away for a weekend or so. Her kids are big fans of waterparks. “I just think that any time you can get out of winter in Wisconsin and see some sun, it’s a good time.”

That’s all for today, Folks! Hope you enjoyed getting to know Missy a little better.




A Little More About Matt-Our Sales Director

Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

It was very nearly one year ago to the date that I virtually introduced you all to Mr. Matthew DeMuth, the Sales Director of Everything Summer Camp. I told you all about his crazy sense of humor, solid determination, and wild eccentricities. But today, we’re going to scratch a little deeper past his surface—prepare yourself to get up-close and personal with Matt.Our sales person Matt

While he grew up in Dodgeville (not too far away from Madison), Matt currently lives in Chippewa Falls with his wife, Chris, and his three kids, Quinn, Reagan, and Reece. So how did he get there? Well, he moved to Eau Claire where he attended college at the University of Eau Claire.

Fast-forward to his senior year in college and that’s when Matt met Chris who got him to stick around the area. He found a job right away and decided Eau Claire was the place for him for the time. After Chris finished school, the two of them got married and decided to move to Chippewa Falls (a good middle ground between his family and hers).

They’ve become the proud parents of their twin children, Quinn and Reagan. This brother and sister duo are an adorable handful who bring so much joy to their tired, loving parents. And as of this last December, Matt and Chris welcomed their third child, Reece, into the world.

Matt and Chris also have Ally and Baylor—two gentle, canine beasts. The both of them (and Baylor especially) are the biggest dogs I’ve ever met. They’re also incredibly mild-mannered!

Together, Matt’s family enjoys hosting campfires in their backyard or game nights in the house. They enjoy sporting events and spending time outside. “We don’t go on too many vacations, but we visit family pretty often and just enjoy quality time together,” says Matt. He always has a bright outlook on his family’s future and looks forward to watching his kids grow up.

That’s all for today, Campers. Till next time.




Support The Mom & Pop Business Owner Today

Hello, Muddah. Hello, Faddah!

A good partner can certainly be difficult to come by which is why sometimes the people who work best together are mom and dad. It’s no surprise that parents often times make a good team together. In turn, it should come as no surprise to find that small businesses like mom and pop shops are responsible for creating 70% of all new jobs in America.

Achieving a day of recognition, mom and pop shops all across the country are saluted and supported today; it’s National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. As revealed by a man named Rick Segal, the day was created to honor his parent’s business, a hat shop in the Nobo (North of Boston) region. Ruth’s—the hat shop—would later become a store for women’s specialty clothing, operating from 1939 to 1997!

We, here at Everything Summer Camp are reminded today of our business’ humble beginning back in 1987 when it wasn’t called Everything Summer Camp just yet. It was called C&N Footlockers, named after its owners Craig and Nancy Cornell, the owners of the business.Craig & Nancy

C&N Footlockers started out with just Craig and Nancy making their classic trunks right out of their home-garage in Boyd, Wisconsin. In their first year, they made 380 black footlockers—all the same size—with unmatched, rugged construction. Along with excellent customer service, C&N Footlockers was sure to be a success.

As business picked up, they started offering more colors and different sizes. They relocated in need of more space for the manufacturing and storage of their trunks.

Eventually, as business kept on increasing, they relocated once again to a bigger building which is the same building that we still reside in today! In the building’s factory is where every single C&N Footlocker is manufactured. It’s great to work for a business that was started out as a simple mom and pop shop!

Happy National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!




Get To Know Kristy A Little Better

Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

As a few faithful readers may recall, a little over a year ago, Everything Summer Camp posted its first Employee Spotlight post about our Lead Buyer, Kristy. As Lead Buyer, Kristy goes to tradeshows and finds other ways to stay hip to the current trends. Once we have our new products in stock, she puts them on the Web site so you can browse around and shop online.


She lives in Thorp with her better half, Ryan and her adorable daughter, Kaelyn. They found Thorp was a great middle ground between their two hometowns and offered great schools and a great community. “It’s a very small town, but we love it!” Kristy says.

Their daughter, Kaelyn Mae just turned three which brings a wave of both excitement and sadness for Kristy. “They grow up WAY too fast,” she comments.

But for now, Kaelyn remains a very funny, smart, and spunky little girl. “She’s what makes our world go round,” says Kristy. And Lucky is the six-year-old, chow and yellow lab mix around which Kaelyn’s world revolves. Always fascinated by the family dog, Kaelyn loves having her around. “She’s absolutely sweet as pie and Kaelyn’s best bud.” Kristy smiles.

“Family is the most important thing in my life and I’m very blessed to have so many people in mine,” says Kristy. Aside from her small family with Ryan, Kristy is the youngest of four. She’s got two nieces and two nephews. She’s got quite a lot of family on her dad’s side and everyone is very close. They all go on an annual camping trip to see each other and catch up.

The annual camping trip has been a tradition since before Kristy’s time even! Her favorite part about the camp trips is watching Kaelyn who’s experiencing so many things for the first time. It reminds Kristy of what the world was like back then! “I love watching her grandparents teach her the same things that their parents taught me,” Kristy says. She loves the outdoors so they do lots of fishing. And, of course, Kaelyn always catches the most.

Come back again to hear more about us at Everything Summer Camp.