Dream a Little Summer Dream

Howdy, Loyal Readers!

By this time of year in the upper Midwest, the doldrums have a tendency of settling in; the short days bring a general lack of sunlight and the cold can lead to unnatural hibernation. But the light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter as we approach mid-February and, as everyone starts to stir from their winter sleep, we like to give our shoppers some excitement with random sales.

Today, I’m pleased to announce the Everything Summer Camp ‘Dreaming of Summer’ Get a load of our awesome Camp Trunk discounts!Trunk Sale. Our C&N brand camp trunks—our pride and joy, expertly manufactured in our factory here in Boyd, Wisconsin—are on sale right now! That’s right, the sale is currently in effect, so every minute you spend reading this post, time is tickin’ away on this sale.

I suggest you read fast and get shopping!

Trunk Sale
First and foremost, the price on our Steel Pattern Camp Trunks have taken a complete nose-dive. Regularly found at $189.99, you can get these trunks for just $99 while this sale is in effect.

Moving on, take a look at our C&N Traditional Steel Camp Trunks. We’re shaving $20 off from the regular price on these trunks. Get your pick of size; from our smallest, Companion Trunk to the biggest Graduate Camp Trunk for a great discount!

And lastly, save yourself $10 when you pick out the Designer Trunk that fits the bill of your favorite image or pattern, wrapping seamlessly around a sturdy C&N built Camp Trunk.

So hop on over to our Camp Trunks page by clicking here and figure out how you’d like to save your money today! This sale comes to a close on Monday, February 19 at 10:00pm Central/Standard time. Also, quantities are limited while supplies last, so don’t dally! And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Like What We’ve Done with the Place?

Hello, Loyal Readers!

Notice anything different about us? You know, back on our main site. Well, maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been on our site. We’ve got a brand new look that we think you’re going to like! Yes, we’re rather excited to announce our new web design. Check out all the great things about it, highlighted below!Welcome to our new website!

We’ve been using our previous web design for the last five years, making small changes all along the way. We think of it as having lived in the same house, but throughout the five years, giving the rooms a nice paint-job and replacing the carpet in the living room. Well, we’ve built a new home now, so welcome to our new abode!

The fun of summer camp was all the inspiration we needed for the new site. Whenever we visit camps we see all these signs of fun and life. But when we came back to our website, we didn’t think it reflected that excitement that we saw at camp. That’s when we knew it was time for a change.

The most apparent change now when you visit our site is all the photos of kids having fun at camp. It’s a nice change from products on white backgrounds.

The other biggest change is that the site is given an equal emphasis on finding your camp and your camp’s packing list as there is to shopping. There’s always a certain amount of anxiety as you’re getting ready for camp. But with your packing list found so simply, the new site should help alleviate some of that anxiety and speed along the shopping experience.

You’ll also find much more videos on our website now. Videos truly deliver a better sense for the product that you’re thinking about buying. We had videos on our site five years ago too, however, the videos were off to the side with a tiny play button and they were scarce. Now videos are a focal point of each product page—front and center!

But now that you’ve heard about it from me, go chEnjoy shopping our website with a whole new feel!eck it out for yourself by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

16 Winners of a 2018 Giveaway

Hey, Summer Camp Families!

Today concludes our ‘Top 16 Items of 2017’ Facebook Giveaway at Everything Summer Camp. We saw a great response in the form of likes and shares for our Facebook posts. After liking and sharing a post, our participants were entered into the Giveaway in wCongratulations to our Facebook Giveaway Winners!hich winners were notified that they’d been chosen to pick their preferred prize from our top 16 products of last year.

The first winner had all 16 products from which to choose while all subsequent winners could pick from the products that remained by the time they won. Congratulations to all our winners! We hope you love your prizes!

Here’s a look at who won what:

Facebook Giveaway Winners:
Happy Camper Trunk …………………………….. Leslie R. E.
Wheel Away System ………………………….…. Jennifer J. B.
LidMate Organizer …………………………….…. Rachel L. S.
Pop Up Soft Trunk ……………………………….. Emily M.U.
Undergrad Trunk …………………………………. Tammara G.
Quick Dry Shower Caddy ……………………….. Jennifer T.
Clothing Name Labels …………………………… Libby B. R.
Nylon Laundry Bag ………………………………. Whitner K.
Clothing Stamp …………………………………… Jordan B. T.
Digital Flashlight/Alarm Clock …………………… Jill S.
Slim Sonic Toothbrush …………………………… Erin L.
Crazy Creek Orginal Chair ………………………. Jeanie H.
Stick-On Name Labels ………………………..…. April A.
Camelbak Chute .75L Water Bottle ……………… Lauren R. H.
The Summer Camp Handbook ………………….. Mindy M. D.
Floor Mat – Hello Summer ……………………..… Laurie C. B.

There could only be 16 winners for this Giveaway, but we hate to disappoint here at Everything Summer Camp. So, starting tomorrow, we’re having a sale that takes 15% OFF every one of the 16 most-popular products from 2017 (listed above).

That means you can pick up a Happy Camper Trunk for a little over $150 or the Undergrad Trunk for about $160. Come back tomorrow and check out the rest of the awesome discounts we’ll have on all these popular products from Everything Summer Camp. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Brianna B. Feels Campy!

Hey, Camp Fans!

We were delighted to see such a great response to our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest here at Everything Summer Camp and now we’re eager to publish each one right here on the Blog! After our seven lucky winners, everyone else who submitted received a $15 gift certificate to our online store! Today’s post is from Brianna B., who wrote in to tell us about her time away at Pinecove Camp and the fun summer stay she had…


Hi. My name is Brianna B. and I have been going to Pinecove camp in Palestine, TX for two years now! I love Pinecove because it allows me to learn about GOD and how he made each one of us different. I think Pinecove is the best because there is a week of fun activities, but they are all related back to GOD and that is what Pinecove is all about! I was so organized at camp all thanks to my trunk from EVERYTHING SUMMER CAMP, I also a had an awesome organizer (FROM EVERYTHING SUMMER CAMP) at the top of my trunk in which I could have my Bible in, my note pad and pens, and much more, and all my bunk mates said next year they wanted one too! I learned at camp that we should be focused on GOD more than anything else, and that GOD made you the way he wanted you to be. One of my favorite activities was the ZIPLINE, at first, I was really scared to do it because it was super high, but all my bunk mates cheered me on and I had the courage to do it. The thrill of the zipline was amazing, you could feel the wind in your hair and the scenery was beautiful! It felt like a once in a lifetime experience, and was a remarkable adventure in the sky! In the morning, we would always have 20-30 minutes where the whole camp had to be quiet and everyone would take out their bible and focus on GOD only (FUN FACT-THAT WAS THE ONLY TIME THE CAMP WAS EVER QUIET, THE REST OF THE DAY SOUNDED LIKE CHAOS!!) At the end of every day we would go to Worship at the “C.L.U.B”, where we would sing for 30 minutes and then pray after. Then we would do our Bible study and talk about what our pastor was saying that night. Then we would go outside get a bedPretty nice people at the Pine Covetime snack and head back to our cabins for a shower and then bed. My favorite thing at camp was the camp store, there was so much stuff. I bought 4 shirts, a wrist band, and many more things!! I think the overall thing I enjoyed most was meeting new friends and knowing GOD wanted me to meet them!!

Thanks for the shout-out, Brianna! Glad we could make you so happy with your C&N Camp Trunk and other camp accessories. And, more importantly, we’re glad to hear that you got so much out of your camp experience! It feels great to expand your network of friendships as well as your own spirituality! If you’re interested in this kind of a camping experience, check out Pinecove Camp for yourself by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


Like and Share…and WIN!

Hey, Summer Camp Families!

We’re very excited to announce that we are holding the Everything Summer Camp ‘Top 16 Items of 2017’ Facebook Giveaway. Starting next week on Monday (January 8th), this contest invites our summer camp families to visit us on Facebook to like and share our post. Lasting more than two full weeks, this contest ends on Tuesday, January 23.Get on board our Facebook Giveaway and see what you might win!

Here’s how it works: When you like a post and share it, you are then entered into our Facebook Giveaway. If you are a winner, you will receive a notification. If you’re the first person who gets notified, you get to pick your prize from the list of products below; all subsequent winners will get to pick their prize from the remaining products.

Here’s the list of our TOP 16 of 2017 items:

  • Happy Camper Trunk
  • Wheel Away System
  • LidMate Organizer
  • Pop Up Soft Trunk
  • Undergrad Trunk
  • Quick Dry Shower Caddy
  • Clothing Name Labels
  • Nylon Laundry Bag
  • Clothing Stamp
  • Digital Flashlight/Alarm Clock
  • Slim Sonic Toothbrush
  • Crazy Creek Orginal Chair
  • Stick-On Name Labels
  • Camelbak Chute .75L Water Bottle
  • The Summer Camp Handbook
  • Floor Mat – Hello Summer

As you can see, we’re not messing around! The Happy Camper has always been our #1 product and, typically found for $179.99, you can get it for free if you’re a winner and it’s still available! Of course, the Wheel Away System is on the list because they’re the easiest accessory and work wonders in transportation. And wheels work on every trunk! The Pop Up Soft Trunk is the best alternative to a metal trunk if you’ve got your eyes set on a container that’s a little more collapsible. If you win, it could be yours!

So check back in with us on Monday when I’ll provide a quick link for our Facebook post. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Get Your Order On Time!

Hey, Holidayers Shoppers!

We put in so much effort over the gifts that we give to one another this time of year; with so many holidays right around the corner and so many people eager to celebrate, the energy is charged in the winter air and everyone weathers the cold to fulfill their thoughtful deeds. We spend lots of time, thought, effort, (and typically money) on the things that Get your Christmas gifts on time! we gift to one another and we want the moment to be just right when the recipient of our gift opens it up!

But, unfortunately, things don’t always go the way we had planned. As crummy as late deliveries are, they happen—despite your efforts to ensure an on-time arrival. At Everything Summer Camp, we understand the importance of gift-giving and we want to help make sure that your gifting goes off without a hitch this holiday season.

Order from Everything Summer Camp and rest assured that your delivery will arrive on time; we want your gift-giving to go just the way you hoped. SO, please allow me to call your attention to our handy holiday map.Refer to this holiday map for on-time shipping this season!

This is a helpful, color-coded map to eliminate any misunderstanding about how early you need to place your order on our website to have it ship to you on time. Of course, delivery times vary throughout the country, but, personally, I don’t like procrastinating, so I like to urge people to order as early as they can—better safe than sorry!

And that’s why I’m sharing the magic numbers with you of 1:00pm on December 17. That’s the time and date for everyone in the contiguous United States to go off of for guaranteed delivery by December 24.

December 17 may be early for some of you; Everything Summer Camp is based in northwestern Wisconsin, so if you live in Wisconsin, most parts of Minnesota, or another nearby area, you have the luxury of placing your order as late as 1:00pm on December 21. Happy holidays, Everybody! Get your orders placed with us on time and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Get Your Stockings Stuffed in ESC Style!

Hey, Stocking Stuffers!

What’s filling your kid’s stocking this year? You may not think to find your stocking stuffers shopping our website—as the home of C&N Footlockers, EverytDo you know what's going inside your stockings this year?hing Summer Camp has the reputation of the case place, where you can find big steel trunks and bulky duffel bags. While, that certainly is what we’re all about, these items barely even scratch the surface of all the camping gear and other fun supplies we offer.

Yes, we may not be the first place you think to do your stocking shopping, but you’re in for  a surprise! We definitely have what you need to really load up that traditional piece of footwear that gets hung by the chimney with care. And you shouldn’t have to spend too much money either! See what awesome deals you can find for stocking stuffers which will remain in effect until the 24th!

Let me tell you all about it in a rapid fire round for each of our four stuffer categories:

For starters, get products like the Camp Daze Mad Libs  and our Personal Organizer
for under $5!

You can spend under $10 and still get Blackfire’s revolutionary LED Clamplight Mini as well as the fun, ice-breaking game Camp Talk.

Spend under $15 on the Slim Sonic Toothbrush as well as certain selections from our Smartwool Socks.
Get your stockings ready stuffed!
And lastly, for less than $20, you can score yourself a Mint Laundry Bag along with the wise water shoe, Showaflops.

Stuff those stockings this year with fun finds from Everything Summer Camp—putting the camp back into Christmas with fun, functional, a very cool products. Enjoy browsing our site for all these easy stuffers and let us help make Christmas a little easier! As always, thanks for reading and happy holidays!

- John

Holi-DEALS This Holiday Season

Hey, Gift Givers!

The age-old tradition in which we exchange thoughtful tokens of goodwill, gift-giving abounds this time of year as we all take part in our altruistic and charitable nature. No matter what doctrine or belief set you belong to, gift-giving has been an awesome part of our history—impossible to overlook. Just as rewarding as receiving a gift, gift-giving is a wonderful deed that produces selflessness, connection, and joy. Get into the holiday spirit! We are!Times change but the tradition doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! Every year, shoppers get smarter and store sales compete for biggest price cuts of the year. And adding this other dimension to the adventure of gift-shopping, this creative endeavor is paired with strategy for sniffing out the best deals around and comparison shopping.

After a short break from Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday sales, lots of stores start offering friendly price cuts. And we don’t think twice, here at Everything Summer Camp, when it comes time to jump on the trending wagon. We’re happy to join in the holiday buzz and offer some Get solid color trunks for $15 off!extraordinary deals ourselves. Check ‘em out!

•    $15 off Happy Camper
•    $20 off UnderGrads and Grads
•    $20 off PUSTS
•    $10 off Designers

Camp trunks, accessories, as well as an endless list of camping supplies make for awesome and exciting Christmas gifts! This Holiday Sale lasts through Monday, December 11, however, starting this weekend, you can browse our Stocking Stuffers category for gift ideas $20 and under! Check out lots of other great deals across the whole site! And be sure to act now; you don’t want these deals passing you by! Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Check out NO SCHTICK Cyber Sales!

Hey, Cyber Shoppers!

We hope the deals you found on Black Friday have eliminated any holiday stress you may have had over the fun (but sometimes challenging) task of gift-giving. If not, however, don’t fear! Keeping with our tradition for the past several years, we’ve stretched our Black Friday deals through the entire week—through yesterday (Small Business Saturday), through the rest of the weekend, and all the way through Tues. Nov. 28.Get awesome deals here on all the best campoing gear!

These deals have been going since early last week with our site-wide sale marking items down from 10 to nearly 50% off on certain products! You’re not too late for great deals on quality camping gear at Everything Summer Camp!

This year, we didn’t even bother with a main feature giveaway or a certificate for money back on your order. This year we’re just relying on the mind-blowing discounts to pique your shopping interest. It’s our NO SCHTICK SALE—just a straightforward, save a lot of money-type deal. No codes, no gift certificates, no giveaways—no hoops to jump through! It’s just a straight sale with some eye-popping discounts. Check ‘em out!

EYE-POPPING DISCOUNTS:Get your Pop Up for an eye-popping price!

Pop Up Soft Trunks
We knocked down the price of our Pop Up Soft Trunk from $129.99 to $99.99. Are your eyes popping yet?

Solid Color Trunks
We’re offering our Solid Color Trunks like the ever-popular Happy Camper and Undergrad for $30 off too!

Designer Trunks
Our Designer Trunks are made with a printing technology that embeds the image directly into the exterior metal of the trunk and we’re slashing $20 off the original price!

Steel Pattern Trunksnew botanical explosion trunk
You’ll have to wait for our biggest discount of the year but, come midnight on Black Friday, we’re bringing them back! Get Tie-dye, Botanical Explosion, and Zebra Pattern Trunks for $99.99—that’s $90 off!


These products and more will be on sale while supplies last. What do you have to do to get these great deals? Simply, visit our site! Have fun shopping and act fast to enjoy your savings! Supplies are limited! As always, thanks for reading. Now hop on over to our main site and take advantage of our Cyber Monday sales!

- John

The NO SCHTICK Black Friday Sale

Alright, Excited Shoppers!

No need to wait until after you finish that delicious Thanksgiving feast later this week—you can start your discounted shopping right now; our Black Friday Sale is upon us here at Everything Summer Camp! Take advantage of our AMAZING DEALS that we have in effect on our website starting at 5:00pm tomorrow. Build up your anticipation and read on to check out our sales details!Get a load of these amazing deals at Everything Summer Camp for Black Friday

Unlike previous years, there’s no main theme to our Black Friday Sale this time around. In the past, we’ve presented this yearly sale with “The more you spend, the more you save” in which we included a gift certificate with your order based on how much you spent. Or, last year, we gave away a Sony Playstation VR launch bundle to one lucky customer. This year, however, we’re offering the…


The discounts of this sale are so good, we don’t even need to grab your attention with some main theme giveaway or a deal where you get money back with your order. This year’s sale is just a straightforward, save a lot of money-type deal. No codes, no gift certificates, no giveaways, and no hoops to jump through! It’s just a straight sGet your Pop Up for an eye-popping price!ale with some eye-popping discounts. Check ‘em out!

Pop Up Soft Trunks
We’re knocking down our Pop Up Soft Trunk price from $129.99 to $99.99. Amazed yet?

Open your C&N Footlocker to minty freshness with this camp trunk.Solid Color Trunks
Get Solid Color Trunks like the ever-popular Happy Camper and Undergrad (but not including Create-Your-Own Trunks) for $30 off as well!

                                                             l Designer TrunksWild horses couldn't keep you away from this camp trunk.
Our Designer Trunks—made with printing technology that embeds the image directly into the exterior metal of the trunk—are $20 off.

Steel Pattern Trunks
You’ll have to wait for our biggest discount of the year but, come midnight on Black Friday, we’re bringing them back! Get Tie-dye, Botanical Explosion, and Zebra Pattern Don't allow yourself to become a vicitm of a Crime of Opportunity. Get yourself a C&N trunk to lock up your valuablesTrunks for $99.99—that’s $90 off!

This sale’s reach is site-wide while supplies last and offers tons of other great deals of at least 10% off on lots of great items and as much as 20% off on certain products in select departments. And all you have to do to get these deals is simply, visit our site! Have fun shopping and act fast to enjoy your savings! Supplies are limited! As always, thanks for reading.

- John