Where did Bruce Beck do Camp?

Hey, Summer Campers!

So many of the famous celebrities we post about who were former campers like yourself get their fame in pop music or movies. But other summer camp alumni develop their name by means of entrepreneurship, sports, and broadcasting. Combine sports, broadcasting, and a history at summer camp and you have WNBC’s lead sports anchor Sports broadcasting gave Mr. Beck his name.Bruce Beck.

As a young man, Bruce enjoyed his summer escapes to Tyler Hill Camp, squared away in  Wayne County, Pennsylvania. About three hours northwest of Bruce’s home in Livingtson, New Jersey, Tyler Hill Camp showed him a gorgeous campus of 220 acres that features two large lakes, excellent athletic facilities, a nine-hole golf course, and 12 tennis courts!

After graduating grade school and high school, Bruce went on to attend Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. His studies mainly focused on science there and in just several years, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science.

Soon after his graduation, Bruce found himself employed as a staff broadcaster for the Madison Square Garden Network, hosting the coverage for the Knicks, Rangers, and Yankees and performing as the play-by-play announcer for college football as well as basketball. A few years down the road, he’d start calling professional boxing matches too—particularly the Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson II matchup from June 28, 1997.

By the time he turned 38, he started hosting ‘Sportstalk’ and ‘Sports Images’, while calling college basketball games for CBS Sports as well as play-by-play announcing for select sporting events including the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Highlights of Bruce’s career include five Superbowls, three NBA Finals, six Stanley Cup Finals, six World Series, The U.S. Open Tennis Championship, The U.S. Open Golf Championship, and The NCAA Final Four. He’s also covered seven Olympics—most recently the Rio games from last year.

Bruce shot high and never looked back. Look at the heights he hit. What heights will you reach? You can check out Tyler Hill Camp for yourself if it sounds like a good fit for your family. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Día de los Muertos

Hey, Halloween Lovers!

There’s an autumnal chill in the air with little spirits running around laughing as they haunt the streets for tricks or treats. And everyone’s porches are decorated with bright orange pumpkins and ghoulish gourds, carved with faces. Filling today with absurd aThe Halloween Scene is different from that of Dia de los Muertos.ctivities, dreadful decorations, and creepy costumes, no other holiday embraces the morbid and macabre like celebration of Halloween…or does there?

Over the years, I’ve written a number of posts to discuss the many means of celebration for one of the world’s most popular holidays: Halloween. Always coinciding in the harvest season, another holiday is celebrated in Mexico called Día de los Muertos or, the Day of the Dead—landing very close to Halloween on the calendar. The Day of the Dead begins at midnight tonight.

Often considered something of a Mexican Halloween by those who don’t observe it, the Day of the Dead may appear as a similar celebration on the surface, but Día de los Muertos is much more meaningful to the people of Mexico than Halloween is to the folks who observe it. Dia de los Muertos has interesting cultural art.You may love Halloween—I do too!—but Día de los Muertos is about loved ones gathering to remember friends and family who have passed on. Traditions of this holiday are to construct private altars and decorations to honor the dead.

A decorated altar for Dia de los Muertos.Día de los Muertos wasn’t always so widespread in Mexico as it is nowadays. As of a few years ago, it’s gained popularity and celebrations have expanded to include live music, dancing, and parades from residential neighborhoods to cemeteries where family members can visit the gravesites of their loved ones.

With its increasing popularity, we wanted to join in the celebration of life that once was with our Seasonal Day of the Dead Storage Trunk. Featuring the festive artwork of Mexican culture, this trunk is a surprisingly colorful explosion amidst the dark abyss of death that easily inserts itself into part of your family’s altar. Keep your altar decorations inside This surprisingly colorful camp trunk is great for Dia de los Muertos!this beautifully constructed storage trunk and make the most of your Día de los Muertos celebration! And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Act Quick on Back to School Shopping

Hey, all you procrastinating Back-to-School Shoppers!

If you’re looking for all the best deals on school supplies and other related accessories that you can send your scholar off into the coming school year, don’t put it off another minute! You’d better act fast to take advantage of all the great Back to School bargains you find right here at Everything Summer Camp—these discounts won’t last very much longer.

Last call to find these deals on pieces your son or daughter might need or desperately desire for the classroom. Check out our awesome selection of school backpacks and daypacks from trusted brand names like JanSport, Columbia, and Under Armour. Get your back to school items for the coming school year right here!Eye up our items from Lockers 101: the school locker accessory selection to make your locker look like a million bucks instead of some drab, metal box. Take a look at the Wall Paper Set and the Bling it Up Decorating Set. And don’t forget the Magnetic Three-Pocket Locker Organizer for convenience on your way to class. Get a closer look at these products and click here.

Since it’s so smart to label your school clothes so your child can avoid any confusion in the locker room after gym class as well as coats, boots, and snow pants as well as other warm winter gear. Make sure your child’s school clothes come back home when the school bell rings! Personalize Clothing Name Labels for your school-bound son or daughter by clicking here.

Learn to love those rainy school days too with our eclectic selection of Rain Gear whether you need to stay dry during wet, rainy waits at the bus stop or outdoor for recess. High-quality rain gear from Columbia and other leading manufacturers such as Frogg Toggs and Red Ledge are sure to keep your kid prepared against precipitation! Our excellent Rain Gear Department is sure to keep you dry at school.

The new school year is almost upon us! Don’t dally a moment longer and get to shopping our site for all the fun and functional gear, supplies, and other accessories you can find here at Everything Summer Camp. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Memorial Day Sale! ALL WEEK LONG!!!

Hey, Summer Shoppers!

Popularly perceived as an unofficial first day of summer, Memorial Day is a nice, little reminder for folks to kick their camp prep into full gear! Camp is directly around the corner and it’s time to finish all the loose ends that have been put off until now. Enjoy your Memorial Day by relieving yourself of your remaining camp prep and breathe a breath of relaxation!
Happy Memorial Day...week..In our own excitement, we’re starting our Memorial Day sale today at 5pm CST and extending it through next week WednesWe aren't trunking around. day—an entire week of sales for our shoppers!

For our main feature, our Memorial Day Sale slashes the price of our C&N Camp Trunks which we manufacture right here in our own facility. Purchase a camp trunk during the sale and you’ll get an instant $20 off! This discount is extended to all of our camp trunks aside from the Companion and Create-Your-Own-Footlockers.

We’ve also discounted our Crazy Creek Camping Chairs for $5 off as well as our personalizable Name Plax which are vinyl decal decorations featuring your name for your camp trunk or bedroom wall, window, door—pretty much anywhere.

By now I’m sure everyone knows the cardinal rule of summer camp packing: Label. Label your school clothes---it's a good idea!Everything. In the following week, you can find all of our labeling products available for 20% of their regular prices! And our ‘camp. Tees’ are another exciting collection marked 20% off.

Keep warm in the chilly nights of summer.Shop our entire Bedding Category with items marked 15% off. From mattress pads to Woolrich Throws, get your essential bedding products for summer camp at a discount in the coming week. Make sure your child has the bedding they’ll need for comfy, restful camp nights.

We’re cutting a bunch of prices on our camping gear by 10%. Shop all products Take this classy pack back to school!in our Travel Accessories Department as well as our entire selection of Backpacks. And select brands of Duffel Bags like Piton, Columbia Summit Trail, and Cloz! That being said, you can find a plethora of other discounted products that I didn’t get around to mentioning all over our site, so browse around to find your own good deals and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

If “The Shoe” Fits…

Hey, Camp People!

Everything Summer Camp is proud to work closely with 250-some summer camps from all over the country. These excellent summer camps show kids the time of their lives! We love spreading the word about how great these camps really are. That’s why we like to shine our camp spotlight all around, featuring these wonderful camps.

Today, we shine our spotlight not too far from our home here in Wisconsin at Camp Horseshoe!When it comes to summer camp, Camp Horseshoe is the place.Camp Horseshoe’s sits on 140 acres of gorgeous Wisconsin Northwoods. Despite its recent resurrection by Fran and Jordan Shiner almost 15 years ago in 2003, ‘The Shoe’ sits on land that’s seen camping traditions for 75 years prior. It’s a place rich with memories and one of the finest campgrounds in the country.

Campers at Horseshoe find an awesome experience at this all-new, modern campground that offers every athletic, adventure, and waterfront activity you can think of! There’s league sports with floor hockey, tramp ball, football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. The Get into the spirit of "The Shoe".Sandy Beachfront on Lake Snowden offers Sailing, Skiing, Wakeboarding, Canoeing, and Kayaking.

In the evenings, campers might go on an intriguing Treasure Hunt, play an intense game of Capture-the-Flag, try their chances on Casino Night, enjoy socials with local girl’s camps, and so much more!

And have all the fun you wan with their 55 Ft. Climbing Tower, their 300 Ft. Zipline, Golf Facilities with Driving Range, Hitting Cage, and Putting Green, Archery Range, Riflery Range, Mountain Biking Trails, and more. Other facilities include their Fitness Center, Round-Table Dining Hall, and Health Center.

Horseshoe Campers live with eight or nine other campers in each cabin along with two or three cabin leaders. These cabin houses are comfortable and accommodating. They feature smoke detectors, electric outlets, new beds with comfortable mattresses, and a full dresser along with extra shelves for each camper. Each cabin has an pleasant view of the lake.

Escape to Camp Horseshoe this upcoming summer! If ‘The Shoe’ indeed sounds like the camp for you, check it out for your own camp experience right here. Good luck on finding the right summer camp for your family and, as always, thanks for reading!
Kids inevitably have a blast at Camp Horseshoe!

- John

Movin’ on Up

Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

We’ve got big things happening over here in Boyd, Wisconsin—the small town where Everything Summer Camp is based. When we first got our start nearly 30 yeaCraig & Nancyrs ago, things were pretty different. We didn’t even go by Everything Summer Camp. We were C&N Footlockers, named after the owners, Craig and Nancy who started this company right out of their home-garage.

With unmatched construction and excellent customer service, C&N built itself for certain success from the start. Naturally, when business increased, we also increased the colors and sizes of our camp trunks. We also ended up relocating for an increase in manufacturing and storage space.

It was around this time that we changed our name. And when business kept increasing, we relocated yet again to an even bigger building—the same building that we’re still in today! The initial 12,000 square feet building is now undergoing its second expansion to bring it to 31,000     The first part of our addition.square feet.

The biggest change that our expansion has made possible is bringing our whole team together under one roof. Our printshop is the home of our Graphics Department where we make all of our personalized products like Nameplates, Name Labels, Lid Skinz, Pillowcases, along with all of our camp clothing.The beams went up pretty quickly, though.

With our Graphics Department moving to our main building as well as doubling in size, packaging orders and getting them out the door will be able to happen even faster. You can expect this change to bring about more fun, new, and personalized products in 2017!

While this expansion will make so much possible, the expansion itself would not have been possible without all of you. You have truly fueled this awesome change for us! Thank you to all our summer camp families for helping us to grow! And, as always, thanks for reading!

- JohnWe're happy to have been able to expand our main building with this great addition.

Last Call for On-Time Delivery

Hey, Openhanded Holidayers!

Lots of effort goes into giving gifts this time of year—with so many holidays right around the corner and so many people eager to celebrate, the energy is charged in the winter air and everyone is out and about. People spend lots of time, thought, effort, (and typically money) on the things that they gift to one another. After all, when the time comes for gift opening, we want that moment to be just right.

Things don’t always go the way we had planned, though. Late deliveries are crummy but they happen—even when you’ve done everything in your power to make sure it arrives on time. We appreciate the importance of gift-giving here at Everything Summer Camp and we want to help make sure that your gifting goes off without a hitch this holiday season.
The holiday map clears up all confusion of when you need to order.When you order from Everything Summer Camp, you can rest assured that your delivery will be on time; we want your gift-giving to go just the way you have it planned out. That’s why I’m calling your attention to our handy holiday map.

This helpful, color-coded map eliminates any confusion about how early you need to place your order on our website so it ships to you on time. Of course, delivery times differ throughout the country. But, personally, I don’t like procrastinating, so I like to urge people to order as early as they can—better safe than sorry!

That’s why I’m sharing the magic numbers of 1:00pm on December 17. That’s the time and date for everyone in the contiguous United States to go off of for guaranteed delivery by December 24.

December 17 may be early for some of you; Everything Summer Camp is based in northwestern Wisconsin, so if you live in Wisconsin, most parts of Minnesota, or another nearby area, you have the luxury of placing your order as late as 1:00pm on December 21.

Happy holidays, Everybody! As always, thanks for reading!

- John

Holiday Deals and Gift-Aways!

Hey, Holiday Shoppers!

Finding the right gift for the people you love is what this time of year is all about—no matter which holiday you celebrate generosity and gift-giving is an age-old tradition.Get into the holiday spirit! We are! Giving gifts is such a big part of our history when this time of year rolls round—it’s impossible to overlook. It’s always a treat to receive a gift from friends or family, but giving gifts is just as rewarding.

Times may change, but the traditions don’t stop—they just go with the flow. Shoppers are getting smarter and trending store sales are abundant in the holiday season. In fact, it seems to have made gift shopping even more fun. Hunting down the best deals in town and comparison shopping has applied not just creativity, but also strategy, to the venture.

Many store sales start offering in-Holiday shopping strategies are on the rise!sanely low discounts right about now. We’re not hesitant in the least to jump on the trending wagon and offer some pretty great deals ourselves here at Everything Summer Camp. Browse our site and be on the lookout for gear and other camping supplies marked 10% to 20% off.

Some highlights among all our sales are our Traditional Steel C&N Camp Trunks (our Happy Camper, UnderGrad, and Graduate footlocker trunks) on sale for 20% off. You can also find our Name Labeling products at 20% off as well as our ‘camp. T’s’. Coming in at 10% off you can find practical products like a dozen of our Duffel Bags and the warm Bunkhouse Plaid Wool Blanket discounted too.

Our customers love our ‘The More You Spend, The More You Save’ holiday deal, so we bring it back every year. It’s works like this: spend over $100 on an order, you’ll receive a $10 Gift Certificate, shipped along with your order. If you purchase over $200, you’ll get a Gift Certificate for $20. $300 will get you $30, $400 will get you $40, and so on. As always, orders over $99 are shipped for free.

And, on top of all our great deals, we’re doing our Facebook Daily Gift-Aways. Going on now until December 15, we’re posting a gift on Facebook. Just ‘like’ us and share our post and you’ll be automatically entered into the drawing for that gift. Check out more details about our Daily Gift-Away right here.

Camp trunks, accessories, as well as an endless list of camping supplies and other gear make great Christmas gifts. This Holiday Sale lasts until December 15, so act now! You don’t want to let deals like these pass you by! Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!Gifts and presents...presents and gifts!

- John

Awesome Deals on Cyber Monday…and Beyond

Hey, Cyber Shoppers!

I’m sure you’re excited about all the great deals you found on Black Friday. Keeping with our tradition for the past several years, we’ve stretched our Black Friday deals to last all week long—through Black Friday, through Small Business Saturday, and through the rest of the weekend. Today, our sales rage on for Cyber Monday and will last through tomorrow.

Our sales have been going since early last week with more than 200 products discounted anywhere from 10 to 50%! If you happened to miss your shopping chances this Black Friday, it’s not too late at Everything Summer Camp! Let me run down some of the AWESOME DEALS we’ve have going on this week.


MPOWERD Luci Aura Color Changing Inflatable Solar LanternThis awesome portable lantern is inflatable, waterproof, and pretty much indestructible!
You can get the awesome Luci Aura portable and inflatable lantern from MPOWERD for half of its original price! Safe to use in water and all conditions, the Luci Aura is, for all practical purposes, indestructible. Have light wherever you need it and pick it up today for just $12.50!

Stay comfy as a moose in this bag!Wenzel Bags
Excellent selections for your sleeping satisfaction in summer weather—and perfect for sleepovers when it’s too chilly outdoors—our quality Wenzel brand bags, the Wenzel Moose and the Lakeside 40°. Quite comfortable and filled with a performance insulation called Insul-Therm, Wenzel Bags are a must-buy—especially with discounts like these! We took $10 off the Moose and even more off the Lakeside!

Camp Trunk DiscountsOur footlocker trunks for summer camp are the best---hands down!
As the home of C&N Footlockers, of course you can find some deals in our Trunk Department! Get great deals for our Traditional Steel Camp Trunks in the Happy Camper, UnderGrad, and Graduate sizes. Our trunks are the best of the best and make for perfect presents as we enter the holiday season. Pick them up for $25 less than their regular price today!

Now hop on over to our main site and shop like it’s the day after Thanksgiving!

- John

Black Friday Come Early

Hey, Excited Shoppers!

The shopping event of the year that has crept into hours so early they don’t even wait for Friday to start, Black Friday is waiting for you right after your Thanksgiving feast! But, despite how Black Friday hours start earlier and earlier every year, we’re just too excited to wait until the end of the week here at Everything Summer Camp!

That’s why you can find discounts on our website starting tomorrow! From November 22 through to the 29—Tuesday of next week—our Black Friday sales will be in effect! We’ll have over 200 items on sale between 10% and 50% off throughout this monstrous sale. Let’s run down what that means:

First of all…
It means you’ll find sales all throughout our website. For instance, prices on katie plaxour trunk accessories are dropping—our exciting Trunk Name Plax have dropped more than seven bucks!  We also have discounts in our sleeping bags department for our quality Wenzel brand bags, the Wenzel Moose and the Lakeside 40°. We have lowered prices on a JanSport backpack and activity books, as well as plushy pillows and wool blankets.

Nothing like a good ol' camp trunk for your camper's summer camp stay!Second…
You can also find of our Traditional Steel C&N Camp Trunks on sale—$25 off throughout the week and, of course, offering free shipping on each one that you order. This sale applies to our Happy Camper, our UnderGrad, and our Graduate footlocker trunks.

Third (and definitely most exciting)…Place an order with us for a chance to win a free Sony Playstation VR Launch Bundle!
For each order that gets placed during this sales week, our customers will have a chance to win a Sony Playstation VR! Are you a virtual fan? We’re offering the launch bundle which comes with everything you’ll need to escape to a virtual reality (aside from the PS4 console).

Enjoy the savings and keep your fingers crossed that the Playstation VR is yours! As always, thanks for reading.

- John