Hey, Cuz!

Hey, Family Folks!

Time and time again, we’ll hear throughout our lives that family comes first. It’s a good rule by which to live. But who’s all included in your family? Mom, Dad, and your siblings, right? Mmm…better put Grandma and Grandpa on the list too. What about your aunts and uncles? And what about their kids—your cousins? Family reunions wouldn’t be the same without all of them!

Maybe you can put together a last-minute family reunion today to celebrate National Enjoy your cousins on National Cousins Day!Cousins Day. If hanging out is so feasible due to time or distance, you can always send your cousins a message to wish them a Happy Cousins Day and let them know you’re thinking of them.

How many cousins do you have? The answer is probably more than you think. When we use the word cousin, we tend to think of only the children of our aunts and uncles. However, the term cousin actually refers to a much broader sense of relation—it actually refers to any relative with whom you share a common ancestor.

And, because the list of who your ‘cousin’ may refer to becomes so long, cousins of your own generation are broken up into three different groups:

First Cousins
First cousins are simply the children of siblings—your aunt and uncle’s children.

Second Cousins
Second Cousins refers to the children of first cousins; so your own kids and the kids of your first cousin would be second cousins.

Third Cousins
When your children have children of their own and the kids of your first cousin have children of their own, those children will be third cousins to each other.

And what about when two people are not from the same generation? This is indicated by adding the term ‘removed’. For instance, my first cousin has two funny little boys. Those guys are my first cousins once removed. Twice removed indicates two generations between people, and so on.

It gets a tad confusing and a little hard to keep track of in your head. But truly, you have A LOT of cousins. In fact, there’s a chance that you’re cousins of some sort with someone you don’t even know if you share the same last name. The likelihood of your relation goes down depending on how common your last name is, if your family has ever changed their last name, the last name refers to someone’s son (i.e. Johnson or Jefferson), or a number of other factors.

Yes, you may even live next-door to a distant cousin and not even know it. When you start to dig into genealogy and your own ancestry you often find that it really is a small world. Be sure to wish a Happy Cousins Day to all your relatives and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Fourth Sale!!!

Happy Independence Day, Camp Fans!

If you’ve been able to hold off on your summer camp shopping until now—OR—if your kid’s already away from home for their summer camp stay, but you want to pick up gear for next year, then luck is with you today! And that luck is going to stay with you all week long—through Saturday, the 7th. You can save on select camp gear with the

Everything Summer Camp Fourth of July Sale!!!

Check it out:Save money while being patriotic!

Pop Up Soft Trunks
First and foremost, our Pop Up Soft Trunks will be on sale at 10% off which cuts $15 from the regular price! Soft Trunks are a great alternative for campers who are restricted from using a metal trunk. The wire frame inside Pop Up Trunks collapses to a conveniently compact size for storage outside of camp.

Camp. Ts
Next, check out our Camp. Ts which are marked down by 25%! What state is most home to you? Is it the one where you were born? Is it the one where your currently reside? Is it the one where your summer camp is? Pick up whichever state your heart belongs to and do it for only $13.50!

Avex FreeFlow Autoseal
And then there’s the Avex FreeFlow Autoseal Water Bottle with 25% shaved off its original price tag as well. The Fourth of July Sale leaves this superior water bottle at the price of just $13.50 too. Keep your camper hydrated at camp and do it at a discount!

Aside from our Pop Up Soft Trunks, our Camp Ts, and our Avex Autoseal, our Name Labels and Clothing Stamps are on sale at 20% off. We also have our Laundry Bags marked at 15%. And, yes, that goes for our Personalized Laundry Bags as well! And Floor Mats for your camp bunk (including personalized mats) are marked 10% off!

Other departments will have select items at 10% off, such as Insect Repellent, Sunscreen, Sleeping Bags, Speedo Swim Wear, and Flashlights. Enjoy finding great deals across our site and take advantage of our free shipping for orders over $49 as long as the sale lasts. Have fun shopping and, as always, thanks for reading! Happy Fourth!

- John

Back in Stock and on Sale!

Hey, Happy Shoppers!

We love happy customers, but we realize that that isn’t all on you—so we try our best to pitch in where we can and contribute to your happiness to help keep it going! That’s why it’s my sincere pleasure to inform you that we have a sale which went into effect today and will last through Friday, the 29th.

Catch the deal behind our Pop Up Soft Trunk Sale…Pop Up your Soft Trunk with this back in stock celebratory sale!

This sale takes one of our most popular products—the Pop Up Soft Trunk—and cuts its price down from its regular price at $129.99 to $98.99. The sale is as simple as that, but I wanted to take a moment to explain just how popular this product has become over the years—the last two years in particular.

This product has become so popular that we’ve had trouble keeping it in stock. In fact, despite our desire to keep our customers happy and satisfied, we haven’t been able to keep our Pop Up Soft Trunks in stock for you. They simply fly off our shelves. We’ve gone out of stock for the last two years in a row.

Allow me to apologize on behalf of the Everything Summer Camp brand: We’re sorry that we haven’t had these in stock for you. We underestimated their demand and popularity and are first now wrapping our heads around how much we need in stock to see us through the summer season.

We hope to avoid being out of stock for the following camp season and appreciate your patience with us for any inconvenience or dissatisfaction we may have caused you. Enjoy this sale as a celebration of our Pop Up Stock up. Pick up your own by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

BeCOB we Love Corn

Hey, Corny Kids!

Today is Corn on the Cob Day. Did you know that all corn grows on the cob? It may seem like an obvious statement, but I had to look it up to be sure. And did you also know that corn is the only thing that grows on a cob? That one should be pretty obvious too; I didn’t look it up. But I wanted to go over some lesser obvious points about corn for today’s Blog post in celebration the day.This interesting and popular vegetable is a treat across the nation.

Here are some facts on the cob comin’ your way:

Corncobs are Edible
The cob is the part of the ear on which the kernels grow. Did you know you can actually eat the cob that corn grows on? It needs to be baby corn, but it can be consumed. You’ll find whole cobs of baby corn most commonly in delicious stir fries! As the corn plant matures, however, the cob transforms into a tough inedible hunk of organic material.

Cobs Enabled a Dirty Habit
Once a corncob reaches maturity it may no longer be edible, but that doesn’t mean it goes to waste. It can be used for industrial use as organic compound or livestock bedding—even fuel. But probably most-widely known, corncobs were used to make tobacco smoking pipes some decades ago.

Pop Corncob
Though you always see the loose kernels bagged in plastic or tucked away in microwave-ready packages, popcorn kernels—like all corn kernels (as mentioned in the third sentence)—grow on the cob. It’s pretty cool! You can actually order popcorn cobs in microwave bags and the kernels pop right off the cob. It’s fun to see.

This isn’t the first time I’ve discussed popcorn on this Blog. Check out a previous Blog post that breaks down the popping process of popcorn by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

A Liking for Hiking

Hey, Happy Hikers!

Summer’s just arriving. Time to get out and hit your local nature trails! Nothing hits the spot like a vigorous walk on a lush, woodsy adventure or the sights along a rocky terrain. And nobody knows this better than summer camps. So strap on your trail shoes when you head off for your summer stay this year! And in the meantime, learn a little about this great hobby and fun camp activity right now.

Hit a local trail today and enjoy the outdoors!The history of Hiking is as old as humans, really. Since our days of hunting and gathering as nomadic cultures we wandered the planet in search of ever-moving food sources giving us a natural means of cardio maintenance. And the incentive of survival forced us to traverse rough terrain despite the efforts required.

Hiking gets your blood pumping and makes you feel good. Here’s a quick look at the benefits that Hiking offers us.

Hiking Makes You Happy
Delivering an aspect of physical exertion that treadmills and exercise bikes cannot, trails incorporate beautiful winding turns that feature new landscapes and provide a treat for your eyes. Trails provide an abundance of mental health benefits as well; the air you breathe in is much crisper and brings a fresh supply of oxygen to your brain, resulting in a happier you.

Magic Healer
The physical exertion you put out works wonders for your body. Not only does it reduce your risk of heart disease, it also lowers your blood pressure—a pair of unwanted issues among some leading health problems in our modern world.

Hiking: The Jogging Equivalent
Hiking—especially hiking uphill—is similarly efficient exercise for burning calories as jogging is and helps you lose weight. The pressure that hiking puts on your bones helps to strengthen your bone structure and helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis. It tones your muscles and does good things for your cardiovascular system too. Really, it just increases your overall fitness.

There are lots of things you can do to make a hike a really good time. We have a slew of hiking gear here at Everything Summer Camp to help you enjoy your outing to its max. From hiking boots to water bottles, backpacks, and Hydration packs, we’ve got everything you need. Have fun Hiking at camp and, as always, thanks for reading, Hikers.

- John

Get Your Gear While Sales are Still Here!

Hey, Smart Shoppers!

We hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend and that you found your observance and/or celebration of this holiday therapeutic. We’ve had quite a week seeing that you’ve all been taking advantage of our week-long Memorial Day Sale! Get your gear while the gettin’s good!

Yes; unfortunately all good things must pass and this MGet your gear while sales are still here!emorial Day Week Sale is winding down to its close in just a couple days. Now that our summer is off to its unofficial start, we’ll be finishing out the month before putting an end to this sale.

Check out the following details if you need a refresher on the highlights of this great sale—otherwise nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnlljust get saving starting Wednesday, May 23rd!

Crazy Creek Chairs
We’ve also had our Crazy Creek Camping Chairs discounted at $5 off so you can get the best seat in the house for a great price when you order Crazy Creek Chairs right here and now.

camp. T’s
Along with those deals, we’ve had our ‘camp. T’s’ discounted for this sale. Order any Tee we offer for $4 off while this sale is still going!

New Summer Camp Greeting Cards
And, last but not least of our main features, get your Set of 5 Cards for communication with your camper at $2 off the regular price!

And, of course, you can find other sales cuts all over our site, so be sure to shop around! You can get 10% off SELECT Duffle Bags, Floor Mats, Toiletry Bags, Rain Gear, and Stationery . Get 15% off all Bedding and 20% off of all Name Labels! Knock out your camp preparations while this sale still lasts and breathe a sigh of relaxation for the summer season! As always, thanks for reading, Shoppers!

- John

Memorial Day Sale ALL WEEK LONG!

Hey, Summer Shoppers!

Memorial Day is right around the corner and as we inch closer and closer to this federal holiday,  the summer season ramps up for its unofficial first day of summer. Memorial Day is a day to remember the soldiers who have fallen while in service to their country but you can also use it to remind yourself to kick your camp prep into full gear!

Enjoy your Memorial Day by relieving yourself of your remaining camp prep and take advantage of our awesome Memorial Day Week Sale here at Everything Summer Camp. In our own excitement, we’re starting our Memorial Day sale tomorrow and extending it through next week Thursday! That’s over a week of sales for our shoppers!Get your camp prep wrapped up with this weeklong Memorial Day sale!

Check out the sale:
Crazy Creek Chairs
We’ve also discounted our Crazy Creek Camping Chairs for $5 off. You got the best seat in the house when you have Crazy Creek Chairs to make any area good for a sit-down.

camp. T’s
Our ‘camp. T’s’ are another exciting collection that we’ve discounted for this sale. Get any Tee we offer for $4 off the regular price.

New Summer Camp Greeting Cards
Camper correspondence is imperative for your kids to know that you’re thinking of them while they’re away. Pick the Set of 5 Cards best from our Summer Camp Greeting Cards for your camper and save $2 while this sale lasts!

The sales don’t end there! We’re cutting a bunch of prices on our camping gear by 10%. Shop SELECT Duffle Bags, Floor Mats, Toiletry Bags, Rain Gear, and Stationery for discounted prices. You can also get 15% off all Bedding and 20% off of all Name Labels! Knock your camp preparations out of the park with these awesome deals and breathe a sigh of relaxation for the summer season! As always, thanks for reading and Happy Memorial Day!

- John

Love the Feel-a at Lanakila!

Hey, Camp People!

We love all the 270 summer camps across the country with whom we’ve formed fantastic relationships! I’ve written about a lot of these camps but, still, I’ve only scratched the surface! Today we’re swinging our summer camp spotlight over to Fairlee, Vermont to check out the majestic grounds at Lanakila Boys Camp.

Enjoy being part of the camp family at Lanakila Camp for Boys.

Located at the northern tip of Lake Morey, on nearly 350 acres, Lanakila campgrounds extend up the hillside to the west. Since the camp was first founded in 1922 on the grounds of a 19th-century farm property, Lanakila has been showing boys fantastic summer stays for the last 95 years!

If you love sports, art, adventure, crafts, and plenty more summer fun, then you’re sure to have a blast at Lanakila Camp. It’s hard not to have a good time with all the activities Lanakila offers like Archery, Baseball, Biking, Tennis, Riflery, Street Hockey, Kayaking, Canoeing, Sailing, Swimming, Performing Arts, Drama, Arts Department, Woodshop, Photography, Music, and more!

When those long, busy days come to a close, Lanakila campers retreat either to their spacious tents set up on wooden platforms or rustic cabins with three to five carefully grouped campers and one or two cabin leaders to each group. Units of ten tents or cabins share a washhouse with hot water showers and flush toilets.

Other complementary facilities pepper the gorgeous grounds like the Main Office, the Boat Shed, Craft Building, Infirmary, Chapel, and a handful of buildings and structures that were built by past campers who have left their footprint on the land of Lanakila!

If you like the sound of Lanakila, check it out further by clicking here and take your chance to disconnect from the distractions of the media-saturated of 21st-century lifestyle and discover the best ‘you’ you can be when you’re away from it all. You’re sure to fall in love with Lanakila Camp. Enjoy your summer and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Of Superheroes and Supervillains

Hey, Comic Book Fans!

Today is National Comic Book Day! Love comic books? Then you ought to love today’s Blog post! In celebration of a time LONG before there was a Marvel Cinematic Universe and before superheroes ever hit the big screen at all, today’s Blog post goes into the nitty-gritty of origin tales involving our favorite characters whether they prescribe to good or villainy.

I went digging into the deep past to see how these guys got their start, looking to uncover some things you might not have known. Appropriately, we’ll start with the guy who began it all, Superman:Relax and grab a comic book today!

Superman was Bald
A telepathic individual, obsessed with his own powers and bent on world domination, Superman underwent a six-year process from his first designs to his first publication. By the time the comic came to print, the drafts had been so heavily altered which resulted in the role of ‘Superman’ being a handsome hero with a full head of hair and left the role of the bald-headed man to the main villain, Lex Luthor.

Don’t make me Grey; You wouldn’t like me when I’m Grey
Did you know that in The Hulk’s very first appearance in 1962, he was grey? It wasn’t a coloring mistake either. Stan Lee intended it to be this way. It wasn’t long before the consistency of grey printing left the creator frustrated and dissatisfied. One of the most consistent printing colors in the early 60’s was green, so green it was for The Hulk (though he’s returned in grey a few different times, not to mention it was brainstormed that he maybe appear red in the cinematic world!).

Wolverine was almost ‘The Badger’
Created to oppose The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine made his debut in 1974. Early conception art depicted the claws, the yellow and blue getup, as well as the pointy-eared mask that we all know and love. But creator Len Wein was undecided on the name. Trying to popularize the character in Canada, Wein wanted to base him off a Canadian animal: a wolverine or a badger. Luckily, his editor steered him away from ‘The Badger’.

The Joker Dodges Death
Plotted to die in the same issue as his introduction, Bob Kane, creator of Batman, had most of the Dark Knight’s early villains meet their demise by means of some fatal accident. The Joker was no different. In an attempt to stab that darn ol’ Batsy, Mr. J proves to be no match and accidentally stabs himself. Once again, it was the editor who saw too much potential in this villain and forced Kane to include an additional panel that revealed the evil jester was still alive.

Happy Comic Book Day to all you Comic Book lovers out there! I hope you found today’s Blog post interesting and educational for the stories on how some of those classic Comic Book figures got there beginning. And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Get All Your Gear from Us and Save!

Hey, Camp Families!

As you can probably tell from our name, we pride ourselves here at Everything Summer Camp by providing campers with not only the best quality camping gear around but also providing everything under the sun that kids are going to need or want in order to get the most out of their camp experience.

And we’re celebrating that fact straight through Wednesday with our “Get All Your Gear from Us and Save” sale.

We certainly recommend that you use this sale to take advantage of our sale by grabbing yourself a C&N brand Camp Trunk or one of the many duffel bags we offer. But, being the stellar one-stop shop that we are, don’t stop there! Get everything you want at camp while this awesome sale is still going!Shop for trunks, duffles, and everything else you'll need for camp.

So how’s this sale work? Here’s how:

Save as you Spend
First of all, the more you spend, the more you save. Spend $200 and get an instant savings of $15; spend $300 and you’ll instantly save $25; if you spend $400, you’ll save $35, and so on.

Reduced Free Shipping
We’re happy to offer free shipping on orders that hit or exceed $99 on an ordinary day. Through the duration of this sale, however, we’re covering shipping when your order hits $49!

Sale AND Code
The More You Spend, the More You Save aspect of this sale works in addition to a Camp Code, so can save on top of your savings!

So hop on over to our main site by clicking here so you can shop for all the summer camp gear and other camping supplies you’ll want along for your stay. Enjoy shopping our one-stop camping gear shop and let your savings make you smile! As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John