You’re So Fam…ous. That’s Why You Know this Post is About You.

Hey, Summer Campers!

She teased the musical world with her song ‘You’re So Vain’ that had everyone begging to know just who it was she thought was so vain. Like so many other famous names we’vThe one and only Carly Simon.e discussed on the Everything Summer Camp Blog, Carly Simon is yet another celebrity singer who spent some time at summer camp in her youth!

Her story starts before camp, though—back to when she was eight years old and she developed a severe stutter. She found it hard to get any thought out and, despite psychiatric attempts to cure her stutter, Carly found that her only graceful outlet of her thoughts and feelings was through song. Naturally, she began to write songs from a very early age.

While she didn’t attend summer camp in her childhood, she did end up working at one as a cabin leader. Back in the 60’s, Carly’s career was slow to take off and she found a job at Indian Hill Summer Arts Camp in Littleton, Massachusetts—the home of Indian Hill Music, a nonprofit music education center that, among lots of other events, hosts summer activities for youth.

After summer jobs didn’t suffice, she found a position as a secretary for a TV variety show. Having attended Riverdale Country School, Carly went on to briefly attend Sarah Lawrence College, but ended up launching her music career before seeing her education through.

As a fantastic songwriter and lyricist, Carly discovered another talent and creative outlet in the form of children’s books. She’s published five kids books along with a more recent autobiographical work which you can check out by clicking here. We can all learn a lesson from Carly by turning in a new direction when life seems to be closing a door on you. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

Holi-DEALS This Holiday Season

Hey, Gift Givers!

The age-old tradition in which we exchange thoughtful tokens of goodwill, gift-giving abounds this time of year as we all take part in our altruistic and charitable nature. No matter what doctrine or belief set you belong to, gift-giving has been an awesome part of our history—impossible to overlook. Just as rewarding as receiving a gift, gift-giving is a wonderful deed that produces selflessness, connection, and joy. Get into the holiday spirit! We are!Times change but the tradition doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! Every year, shoppers get smarter and store sales compete for biggest price cuts of the year. And adding this other dimension to the adventure of gift-shopping, this creative endeavor is paired with strategy for sniffing out the best deals around and comparison shopping.

After a short break from Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday sales, lots of stores start offering friendly price cuts. And we don’t think twice, here at Everything Summer Camp, when it comes time to jump on the trending wagon. We’re happy to join in the holiday buzz and offer some Get solid color trunks for $15 off!extraordinary deals ourselves. Check ‘em out!

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Check out NO SCHTICK Cyber Sales!

Hey, Cyber Shoppers!

We hope the deals you found on Black Friday have eliminated any holiday stress you may have had over the fun (but sometimes challenging) task of gift-giving. If not, however, don’t fear! Keeping with our tradition for the past several years, we’ve stretched our Black Friday deals through the entire week—through yesterday (Small Business Saturday), through the rest of the weekend, and all the way through Tues. Nov. 28.Get awesome deals here on all the best campoing gear!

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Thankful for Good Deals

Hey, Thankful Folks!

Our Thanksgiving celebration has come a long way since the Pilgrims first made their arrival to the New World in 1620. They celebrated a day of thanksgiving (a much more common day of celebration before the official holiday came alThe menu was pretty different from the one we know and love with a menu consisting of deer, various types of fowl (like turkey and duck), fish (like cod and bass), and flint corn. Also, there was no Macy’s Day Parade or Detroit Lions matchup.

Days of thanksgiving were once held rather frequently throughout the year as a European custom that the Pilgrims brought along with them when they came to the New World. What were they so thankful for all the time? Anything! It might have been a crop that came in really well that year, the end of a drought, or simply making it through a harsh winter.

These eats are pretty different from the first celebration!But it was Ms. Sarah Josepha Hale who eventually proposed our current feast. She also campaigned for this holiday for 20 years—she was 75 by the time she finally succeeded! She convinced Lincoln by mail that this would be a good holiday to help unify the country after the Civil War (sort of the ultimate Thanksgiving Day).

And on top of our revamped feast as well as our traditional parade and football game, Thanksgiving has been taking on a new tradition as Black Friday continues to push stores’ opening hours earlier and earlier. The shopping experience now overlaps with the Thanksgiving evening, creating what some refer to as ‘Grey Thursday’.

Lazy Thanksgiving evenings areCheck out deals going all week long at Everything Summer Camp! now designated time to prepare yourself: peruse those ads and map out your route so you’ll be ready to embark on a carefully strategized night of shopping. We know you probably have lots of plotting and planning for this night, so we like to make things easy on our customers by giving them the entire week of Black Friday sales. Check out the most amazing of our deals this year by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading.

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Times are Swell at Robindel!

Hey, Camp Fans!

Today we’re shining our summer camp spotlight over to the east coast in New Hampshire where we’ll find Lake Winnipesaukee. Here at Everything Summer Camp, we work with more than 270 camps and we’re eager to share what excellent camps each and every one of them are. Have you heard of Camp Robindel for girls? Let me tell give you the virtual tour right now!Find yourself home away from home at Camp Robindel Girls Camp.

Nested along the Langley Cove in the northern area of Lake Winnipesaukee, Camp Robindel provides 75 acres of paradise where girls can escape the everyday and explore the world with a feeling of independence matched well with the support from a caring community of peers and awesome role models.

They say girls just want to have fun and that’s what Camp Robindel provides with awesome activities on their beautiful waterfront such as Swimming, Kayaking, Sailing, Paddle Boarding, and more. There’s also fun on the land with activities like Archery, Gymnastics, Fitness, Tennis, Basketball, Field Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, and more.

They also offer fun Outdoor Adventures, Horseback Riding, and Ropes Courses as well as quieter (but equally fun) activities like the Here's a bird's eye view of the campgrounds.Creative and Performing Arts. These creative activities take place in the “Art Barn”—the Arts and Crafts building—while the Rec Hall is typical for theatre and gymnastics and campers have three fully-mirrored Fitness/Dance facilities.

They also have a large Dining Hall with AC, the Nature Cabin, the Health Hut, and an impressive Lodge from before the summer camp existed that features a 40-foot stone fireplace, a grand piano, a great library, and more! Robindel campers are treated to comfy living quarters who sleep in separate areas from the staff. Each of the cabins provide access to electricity, Make best friends at Camp Robindel!bathrooms with hot water showers, and screened windows.

If Camp Robindel sounds like it might be a nice fit for your camp experience, give it a closer look on their website by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John


The NO SCHTICK Black Friday Sale

Alright, Excited Shoppers!

No need to wait until after you finish that delicious Thanksgiving feast later this week—you can start your discounted shopping right now; our Black Friday Sale is upon us here at Everything Summer Camp! Take advantage of our AMAZING DEALS that we have in effect on our website starting at 5:00pm tomorrow. Build up your anticipation and read on to check out our sales details!Get a load of these amazing deals at Everything Summer Camp for Black Friday

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Schlemiel! Schlimazel!

Hey, Summer Campers!

Get ready to learn about another celebrity who attended summer camp when she was your age! Learning the meaning of ‘doin’ it her way’, Penny Marshall (TV’s Laverne from the 1976 ‘Happy Days’ spinoff, ‘Laverne and Shirley’) enjoyed her summer stays at a number of different summer camps.
Hassenpfeffer incorporated.
Working the northeast coast, she attended Camp Odetah in Connecticut, Camp Geneva in Lake Como, Pennsylvania, and Camp Edgement in Deposit, New York. She also worked as a cabin leader at Camp Diana-Dalmaqua, located in New York’s infamous Catskill Mountains.

Growing up with her father and sisters in show business, Penny was naturally interested in entering the show business. She started out in a commercial for a beautifying shampoo alongside the renowned Farrah Fawcett. Hired on to play the ‘homely’ girl with stringy, unattractive hair, Penny was saved from the ‘homely’ label by the actress who was hired to play the ‘pretty’ girl (Farrah).

It may not have been the most flattering introduction but, even so, Penny persevered and continued auditioning for acting roles wherever she could find. She got the attention she was after when she landed the recurring guest role of Myrna Turner on ‘The Odd Couple’.

After her talent in comedic timing had been revealed, she was eagerly cast one of the dates (alongside Cindy Williams—Shirley) for Fonzie and Richie in ‘Happy Days’. Thrilled with Penny and Cindy’s performance, the pair reprised their roles in the hit spinoff that was created just for them, ‘Laverne and Shirley’. Audiences fell in love with Penny and she was nominated three times for a Golden Globe award.

Over time she developed a skill for directing as well as acting and she went on to direct such features as ‘Big’ starring Tom Hanks and ‘Bewitched’ with Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. She was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture in 1992 for ‘A League of Their Own’.

So, like Penny Marshall, go ahead and make all your dreams come true. And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Sky Ranch Glee for Audrey C.

Hey, Camp Aficionados!

It was great to read all the camper submissions we received this year for our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything summer Camp. We’re happy to share them with our online community and post each submission right here on the Blog! Besides our seven lucky winners of larger prizes, all other entrants received a $15 gift certificate to our online store! Today’s post is from Audrey C., who wrote in to tell us about the best week of her entire life at Sky Ranch Camp. Here’s her submission:

“Starting out the week I was nervous that I was going to miss home but as the week went on and I grew deeper in Christ! I learned so many things about myself, and had the time of Check out Sky Ranch Camp for your fun summer stay at life doing amazing activities and learning things about myself that I would have ever learned about if I wouldn’t have gone to Sky Ranch! On Wednesday night at camp we had worship after the girls night activity and this one lady came out and started singing about Christ. And once she started singing I started to break down crying because I thought about Christ and how he died on the cross for us. Then I asked myself will Christ accept me? After worship one of my counselors came up to me and we started to talk and while we were talking Allie the sky three and four director came up and Allie and my counselor Sarah Lee and I started talking. At the end of our 45 minute conversation Allie told me that I had just accepted Christ into my life! I had given my trust to God and God had given his trust to me! As the week went on Allie and I had more one-on-ones going deeper into Bible study, and I will never forget this week of camp because this was truly the best week of my entire life!”

Audrey clearly loved her time away at Sky Ranch Camp. We’re happy to hear that your nerves calmed down early on enough that you could enjoy your time away. Readers may love it too if it’s a good match for you. Look into Sky Ranch Camp on their website by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Angela D.—Camp Employee

Hey Camp Fans!

We’ve been having a blast sharing all your great responses to our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest right here on the Everything Summer Camp Blog. After our seven lucky winners, everyone else who submitted received a $15 gift certificate to our online store! Today’s post is from Angela D. (or should I say Wisp), who wrote in to tell us about her summer as a staff member at Camp Cahinnio. Here’s her submission:

“I recently worked as a staff member at a Girl Scout camp here in Arkansas. Located in Booneville, Camp Cahinnio is a snug little camp nestled into the woods. This was my first year working as a staff member there and it was an amazing experience. We had a week or so of pre-camp training where all the employees worked together to clean up the camp for campers and learn the essentials to caring for campers needs. Pre-camp also gave us a lot of time to bond before campers came. Each staff member whether a cook orCheck out these diamonds in the rough. a counselor had their own camp name. My camp name was Wisp. My favorite part of training week was getting to stay in the platform tents that we call Tipi. This area had wooden platforms with an open tent set on each platform. It was the first time I had really slept out in the open like that because I have only ever camped in tents before. The best part was getting to walk a few people that I worked with who had never used a latrine to the latrines. Every time they would make me giggle because of the funny things they would comment about.
         lI was a unit counselor for our BA unit, which stands for Broken Arrow. This unit housed the youngest of the girls that attended camp. The girls were usually aged six to eight years of age and they were cute to work with. Our BA girls stayed in air conditioned cabins, but they were not allowed to let the A/C go down past 70 because that would make them sick.
         lMy largest challenge came the first week we had girls at camp. Some of our girls came to us saying their was a giant spider in their cabin. Another counselor and I walked into their cabin to find this really enormous spider crawling up their wall. I was terrified because I do NOT like spiders. I took the little child sized broom and let the big spider crawl on it and then put it outside. I think it helps me to be brave when there is someone there who needs more comforting than me.
         lOverall, I had a lot of fun. I spent about five or so weeks there and it was a really great experience. Depending on what all is going on in my life next year I might sign up to be a unit counselor again. It was a growing experience and I hope that I helped to better the futures of the young girls I camped with.”

Glad to hear your camp experience as a staff member was such a great time for you—everything except the part about the spider. If any readers out there are interested in joining the Girl Scouts in Camp Cahinnio or becoming a staff member there, check it out by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!

- John

Whaddya Hear ’bout Pinemere?

Hey, Camp Fans!

Today we’re moving the summer camp spotlight at Everything Summer Camp over to the east coast in the Poconos to the very eastern border of Pennsylvania where you’ll find the beautiful campgrounds of Pinemere Camp. We’re delighted to sing the praises of such a great camp—when you work with more than 270 camps that are all great, it’s kind of hard not to share it with everyone. So allow me to give you the virtual tour of this beautiful Pinemere Camp is a fun factory for sure!summer camp right now!

Settled in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains on 180 Pennsylvanian acres, Pinemere Camp has been Nature’s home away from home for kids for the past 75 years. The 100 staff members and 75 cabin leaders are dedicated year after year to giving their campers an awesome camp experience that teaches them growth and independence.

Pinemere campers are given the opportunities for Overnight Trips as well as traditional sports such as Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Climbing Walls, Football, Street Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Zip Line, and more! They make a splash on the Waterfront every summer! And they have studios where sessions are held for Creative and Performing Arts such as Music Lessons, Dance, Graffiti Art, Woodworking, Ceramics, and more.

Offering comfy and inviting accommodations, Pinemere Camp’s cabins provide cots and bunk beds, shelves, screened windows, bathrooms with showers, and full electricity to make the campers feel right at home when they finally retreat back to their beds at the end of a long day at camp.

If I’ve made Pinemere Camp sound tempting enough for you, give them a closer look on their website by clicking right here—I hope it can provide your family with the perfect summer camp experience and be a great guiding path for your campers’ entry into maturation. Have fun with your search for the right camp and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John