The Bryce is Right

Hey, Summer Campers!

There are plenty of celebrities who, like you, attended summer camp in their youth. After posting about more than one hundred former summer campers turned celebrities, I come to post about yet another celebrity who attended summer camp. Ms. Bryce Dallas Howard joins our list of summer camp experienced celebrities today as she is a Stage Door Manor alum. The life of the Lady in the Water.

Found in the Catskills Borscht Belt in Loch Sheldrake, New York, Stagedoor Manor provides awesome setting for its campers to get the experience of being on the stage and in the spotlight. Spending three weeks of her summer among Stagedoor Manor’s awesome theatre spaces like the Carousel, the Cabaret, the Forum, the Merman, and the outdoor Garden Theatre, Bryce attended the same camp as Natalie Portman, Mandy Moore, and Zach Braff.

Born to a writer and an actor-turned-director (Ron Howard), Bryce was raised the oldest of her siblings with two younger twin sisters and the youngest of the family, their brother Reed. Bryce’s uncle is in the acting business too—Clint Howard. Her godfather is the Fonz himself, Henry Winkler who co-starred alongside Bryce’s father on the television show ‘Happy Days’.

Bryce went to Greenwich Country Day School and then graduated from Byram Hills High School in 1999. After that, she intensified her education, burning the candle at both ends! She studied at New York University’s (NYU) Tisch School of the Arts while simultaneously attending the Stella Adler Conservatory, The Experimental Wing, and International Theatre Wing in Amsterdam.

Acting in New York plays, Bryce appeared in a number productions at the Theatre Club. When she performed as Rosalind in Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like it’ at the Public Theater, Bryce got her break, having caught the attention of the up-and-coming director M. Night Shyamalan.

She was cast as the lead alongside Joaquin Phoenix in the horror director’s film ‘The Village’ only a couple weeks later without auditioning. She returned to another Shyamalan production, ‘Lady in the Water’ to play the role of Story, a water nymph by the name of narf. Heading onward and upward, Bryce recently starred alongside Chris Pratt in Jurassic World, the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park series.

Bryce has made a name for herself just doing what she’s always loved and had fun doing. What do you love to do? Find your own sense of fun at Stagedoor Manor! You can check out this camp for yourself by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Gwendolyn M. Does Camp Again

Hey, Camp Aficionados!

It was great to read all the camper submissions we received this year for our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything summer Camp. We’re happy to share them with our online community and post each submission right here on the Blog! Besides our seven lucky winners of larger prizes, all other entrants received a $15 gift certificate to our online store! Today’s post is from Gwendolyn M., who wrote in to tell us about her first year at Camp Cayuga. Here’s her submission:
Gwendolyn M. went to Camp Cayuga this summer.
“This year was my first year at sleep away camp which is called Camp Cayuga, however, I have attended numerous day camps within the past 8 years. Camp was so much fun because I became really close with everyone including my counselors within only a few days.
          lI loved camp because you got to sign up for what activity you wanted to do such as trapeze, horseback riding, lake, archery, and many other fun activities. At camp it was my first time doing archery, however, the counselors that were also instructors made it easy and fun to learn and by the second or third time I did it I was able to shoot a bulls-eye.
          lEven though it rained a lot while we were at camp, no matter what the weather was, we always had fun. Before I left for two weeks at camp I was nervous that I was going to become homesick, however, camp was so much fun that I would go back for 6 weeks next year because there was so much to do and we had so much fun that I didn’t miss not being at home since I had so many friends that comforted me.
          lThe counselors were also really nice and it was interesting because two of the counselors were from the U.K., 3 of my bunk mates were from Italy, and one was from France. There were also many other people from different places around the world at camp. It was nice to meet people from places outside of the United States because you get to see how people of different cultures live.
          lNobody was allowed to bring their phones and it was probably a good thing because if we had our phones we would have been glued to the but instead we played cards, made friendship bracelets, and talked to each other face-to-face instead of through the phone. There was also plenty to do at camp so not having phones was not an issue. Overall Camp Cayuga was so much fun and I would definitely go back for long than 2 weeks next time!”

Congratulations on your first year at sleep-away camp, Gwendolyn. You clearly had a blast making friends and enjoying the fun at camp. Gwendolyn obviously loved Camp Cayuga. You may love it yourself if it’s a good match for you. Look into Camp Cayuga on their website by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Of Sea Gulls and Seafarers

Ahoy there!

We’re always looking to sing the praises of the businesses and camps with whom we’ve formed tight bonds here at Everything Summer Camp. Today we’re pointing our spotlight to the coast of North Carolina. Read on to get a glimpse into the summer getaway of Camp Sea Gull for boys as well as Camp Seafarer for girls.
Are you a Sea Gull or a Seafarer? Now in full preparation for their 70th season next year, Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer have been providing their campers with the safety and the kind of fun kids need to develop and grow since the summer of 1948. Situated in Arapahoe, North Carolina, each campsite sits on over 150 acres of beautiful land with abundant access to the waterfront.

Thanks to the exceptional location of Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer, the campers are Practice your boating skills at Camp Sea Gull and Seafarer.treated to very wide parts of the Neuse River. On this awesome body of water, the campers can learn great skills required for the art of sailing, powerboating, skiing, fishing, and more. Characteristically calm, the Neuse River provides a safe and magical place to have these great experiences.

Both of these camps offer a variety of sports and other land activities including Archery, Riflery, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf, Horseback Riding, and more. Other indoor activities in the Creative Arts include Printmaking, Ceramics, Sculpture, Wheel-Thrown Pottery, Batiking, and more.

The cabins at both Camp Sea Gull and Seafarer houses roughly 10 to 13 campers along with two to three cabin leaders to stay with the campers. Each cabin is well lit with excellent ventilation and features fully furnished interiors with twin bunk beds. All cabins have restrooms, sinks with mirrors and individual shower stalls to offer total privacy for every camper.Have a blast during your summer camp experience!

You can get even more details on the website for either Camp Sea Gull or Camp Seafarer for your son or daughter’s next summer camp experience. Click here. And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John