Why Don’t You Write Me?

Hey, Camp Fans!

Summer gets busy fast—especially near the end; we all want to fit in as much fun in the sun as we can before the season ends. But make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to share your camp stories with the widespread camp community, not to mention win a cool participatory prize from Everything Summer Camp!

With August in full swing, there’s no time to dally! Get your memories written up and send your submissions into us—our final call is just two and a half weeks away on August 23.
Have a blast, kids. And then tell us all about it!Don’t forget: Everyone who submits gets a $15 gift certificate to Everything Summer Camp! Once we have everyone’s submissions, we’ll select seven randomized winners–four $25 gift card winners, two $50 gift card winners, and then just one first-place winner who will get a $100 gift card for our website. And all participants will get a $15 gift card just for submitting!

Writing is an extremely useful means for campers to cement all the fun memories and valuable skill sets that they learned at camp. It’s great to jot down new experiences to help yourself process and reflect on what you learned. If you aren’t sure what you’d like to write about, you can check out some ideas on the previous Share Your Camp Story post I wrote last month. Click here to see it.

Please include your first name and your last name’s initial, what camp you visited, and how long you’ve been going to camp in your submissions. Parents are more than welcome to send us their submissions based on their camp experience as well.

We love hearing your summer camp stories and can’t wait to receive a fresh new collection of stories from this year! Share yoCamp is a blast. Tell us your favorite part.ur stories by clicking right here. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

Assistant Shipping Manager Mike

Hey, Summer Camp Folks!

Meet our Assistant Shipping Manager at Everything Summer Camp, Mike. The Shipping Department is an incredibly busy place (especially this time of year), but Mike helps keep the warehouse a fluid, well-orchestrated production that achieves its role daily with flying colors.

Rolling up his sleeves along with the Shipping crew, Mike passes his days printing orders, picking the products of those orders, packing the orders and boxing them up, tagging them with shipping labels, and seeing them off by loading all the boxes into the back of a FedEx truck. It’s a demanding job but, luckily—being a serious workhorse—Mike is able to keep up pretty well.

In fact, Mike’s job can get so hectic and so varied, that boxing has become his new favorite task in Shipping. “Nobody else likes it,” he told me. But he’s found a quiet trMike is an excellent worker who keeps our Shipping Dept. operating smoothly.anquility in the low-pressure routine of boxing. This sits well with the Shipping crew as well as Mike—more boxing for him!

Proud of his indomitable work ethic—as he should be—Mike is pleased to report that in the 3 years that he’s been working at Everything Summer Camp, he hasn’t missed a single day! Previously, before holding his current position in Shipping, Mike worked in our Camp Trunk Production Department where he cut steel, glued panels, and carried out general maintenance for the workspace and machinery.

Even before that, Mike worked in the shipping department for Strek-O-Doors. “I’ve been in shipping most my life,” he said. “I enjoy the work. I like running forklifts and stuff like that.” Coinciding with his interest in operating machinery at work, Mike has a real passion for ATVs. He couldn’t hide the joy on his face as he told about the brand new one he just acquired.

He and his three boys—Clint, Brent, and Harley-Daniel—have all had countless rides on Mike’s four-wheeler gems! While his wife doesn’t enjoy the rides nearly as much, she loves their family outings. When their boys were less grown up, Mike used to go camping every weekend back when “I had my boat and I’d catch massive bass!”

When you work hard, you gotta play hard! Thanks to Mike and his managerial assistance with the crew in our Shipping Department, you’re sure to get your quality camp gear from Everything Summer Camp on time! And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

The Safe People

Hey, Camp Folks!

We love surrounding ourselves with businesses similar to our family-like business here at Everything Summer Camp and that’s why you can find great selections of camping gear and other camp supplies from leading brand names such as Coghlan’s, TexSport, and Outdoor Products. Now available on our website is the SAFEGO brand of the SAFEGO Portable Safe which you can order for yourself by clicking here.
The SAFEGO Safe is a great take-along for summer camp!
Their Portable Travel Safe stores valuables off your person and absolutely secured. Lock your Safe around a permanent object whether you make a trip to the beach, the park, the gym, the poolside, or any other outing.

The founder of the SAFEGO family is Zach Perlman—fellow outdoors enthusiast—who decided to enjoy a visit to the beach one day just a few summers ago. When he arrived, he set up camp by laying out his beach towel and setting his valuables aside. Like so many of us at the beach, Zach stuffed his things inside his shoe, assuming that to be secure enough. He cooled off in the water and when he returned to his beach towel, he discovered somebody had stolen his wallet, keys, and phone!

Of course, Zach was bummed out over this unfortunate misdeed. It was this crummy moment, however, that led to the birth of SAFEGO and the Portable Travel Safe. Resolved to make lemonade from this sour life experience, Zach found inspiration to create a solution so this didn’t have to happen to him or anyone else ever again!

This safekeeping accessory is manufactured from lightweight, durable, and water/sand-resistant, high-impact plastic. And with rust-resistant, nickel plated zinc alloy lock hardware on the safe, the SAFEGO Safe is built to manage the wild conditions of the elements. It’s got a heavy-duty, plastic-coated steel cable made from material similar to a bike lock that easily attaches to a beach chair, table leg, park bench, or pretty much any fixed object.

Keep your keys, cash, wallet, camera, sunglasses, jewelry, or any other belongings safe with SAFEGO’s Portable Travel Safe. Check out our other Travel Accessories by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John