Bulls Eye!

Hey, Gamers!

Games are always a surefire way to get some fun going between you a friend, a bunch of friends, or even a bunch of strangers—like all the new kids you meet at camp. In an attempt to pass the time, have fun, and relax, people have played games as far back as history can show us. Chess came around in the 500s and Backgammon was about 2000 One of the first games ever invented.years before that! Even older is a game called Senet that they played in Predynastic Egypt which makes it the oldest game as far as we know.

Games have taken on a number of different forms and even media—from board games to card games to sports games and video games. A number of games have positioned themselves on the fine line between game and sport with activities like Ping Pong and Billiards. Another ambiguous leisure activity is Darts.

Darts aren’t nearly as old as Senet or even Chess, but its history is an interesting one anyway. The game is rumored to have originated in medieval times (in the 1500s) when Henry VIII told his archers that he wanted them keeping their skills sharp year round. To avoid the cold weather, they maintained their aim by throwing their arrows indoors instead of shooting them. The arrows were eventually shortened for indoor use.

Darts was once played with your mouth.Since then, darts seem to have been a common game found in pubs across the European continent, yet, we only need to travel back less than 200 years for what we know to be the official start for the game of Darts. Records have been found as early as 1837 in which an adaptation of Darts was developed called “Puff and Dart”. The game involved a hollow cylinder and much lighter darts that were blown at a target instead of thrown.

Any Dart games prior to “Puff and Dart” are assumed to have had the same style point system as indicated by an archery target. The scoring system of “Puff and Dart” was based on the number of “puffs” a player took to hit a certain number (along the lines of strokes in a golf game). But things changed drastically after “Puff and Dart”.

The “Puff and Dart” game did not have a lasting stay as accidental sucking instead of blowing brought about a number of deaths. But that didn’t mean the end of Darts! People reverted back to throwing heavier darts. And, in 1896, an Englishman named Brian Gamlin designed the modern dartboard with the numbering layout that’s now well known today.
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- John

The Blackfire Brand

Hey, Camp Folks!

Unless they’re going to a day camp, flashlights are essential to every camper’s packing list as you prepare for the summer camp experience. We always want to offer the most innovative, most child-friendly products in our camping gear shop, so we keep our eyes open when it comes to new products on the market. Our eyes bulged when we saw Blackfire’s Clamplights—the smartest flashlights available—and we knew we had to carry this brand.This brand makes the best in flashlights.Blackfire was founded in 2008 by an inventor named Bruce Ancona. Prior to Blackfire, Bruce had spent the previous 25 years as a consultant for the relevant products being developed by clients from all over the country and all over the world. Together, Bruce and his team are the inventors of more than 200 patents! But Bruce had the light bulb go on in his head with the bright idea of making his own clever products.

Clever products, indeed, Blackfire’s Clamplights are simple, yet genius. How do they conceive of such revolutionary modifications? They ask themselves questions to help them to understand what kind of tasks people are doing when they need a flashlight. And how can its design help to better serve the user? The Clamplight makes mobile lighting a whole new ball game.

Blackfire brings a high-end design to the traditional flashlight which essentially reinvents the 1899 invention so that it can stand upright on a flat surface, clamp onto whatever’s nearby, or be handheld as usual. It swivels in every which direction to provide you with light wherever you need it.

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Happy Third of July!

Hey, Patriots!

Tomorrow is our nation’s Independence Day! Our country is chock-full of national monuments. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and Mount Rushmore, you can look to many different things that carry symbolism for our country. We’ve been ramping up for this holiday at Everything Summer Camp with our patriotic Seasonal Trunks dressed up in red, white, and blue.

And with the Fourth of July now just one day away, I’ve selected four well-recognized symbols of our nation to dissect and explain the reasoning behind them in celebration today.

The American Bald Eagle
In order to express a sense of identification and reputation, nations select their own national tree, flower, bird, etc. The bald eagle is the national bird of the United StaThis bird of prey was selected for America's national bird.tes. It was chosen to represent the freedom, strength, and independence of American life. At the time, the Bald Eagle was thought to inhabit exclusively the North American continent and—despite Benjamin Franklin’s lobbying for the turkey–the strength and majesty of the Bald Eagle won this bird its place to represent our nation.

The Liberty Bell
When the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, 1776, our forefathers were obliged to read the document to the puRing my country's bell. Ring my bell.blic. In order to gather the colonials in the town center, they rang the Liberty Bell. Still in existence more than 240 years later, The Liberty Bell still exists to this day and can be seen on display at the Liberty Bell Center in Pennsylvania. It was cracked some time in the 1800s (with vague record) but continued to travel the country for town gatherings on the Fourth of July until 1915.

Statue of Liberty
Like a guardian angel, The Statue of Liberty towers over the New York islands as oneThis lady Libertas is the goddess of freedom. of our nation’s most recognizable monuments. Lady Liberty was constructed in France as a gift to the U.S. Built of a steel frame and covered in sheets of copper the statue took about a decade to be completed. It was then disassembled and shipped to the New York Harbor where it was then put back together again over the course of several months. Designed after the Roman goddess, Libertas, she continues to be a strong symbol of our country’s freedom.

The American Flag
Featuring 13 red and white stripes and 50 stars to symbolize the 50 states and 13 original colonies, the American Flag is an incredibly iconic image, but it hasn’t always looked the same. Modernly known as the Betsy-Originally only 13, the flag has undergone many different changes to accommodate the other 37 states that would eventually join the nation.Ross Flag or Colonial Flag, the American Flag was changed more than 25 times as stars continued to be added as territories were annexed into states. We finally designed our modern flag in 1960 after Hawaii, our 50th state, was granted its statehood.

The more you know, the more you can appreciate the historic significance behind our nation’s most iconic symbols. You can also look into previous posts about the history of our Independence Day by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John