See What Deb Does!

Hey, Camp Folks!

Earlier this month, I introduced our readers to our year-round assistance in our Graphics Department, Mellina. Today, it’s my pleasure to tell you about our other helping hand whom we’re happy to have in our Graphics Department at the Everything Summer Camp print shop, Deb! Deb came onboard our team three summers ago and has continueDeb brings her high spirits and a smile to work every day! Thanks, Deb.d each year to prove her helpfulness in our printing production!

Always in good spirits with a smile on her face, Deb’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and help out with our production of personalized products such as Iron-On Clothing Name Labels or Clothing Stamps, her main area of expertise is in clothing itself! We stock an abundance of blank clothing which Deb transforms into camp clothing according to the orders we receive.

Deb’s days typically begin with pulling the blank clothes she’ll need to complete the day’s orders and then she executes the actual production, applying prints to clothing by all sorts of different methods. Much of her work can be accomplished on a heat press, but her second home is in the embroidery room where she operates and oversees the production of our machines.

Along with pillowcase and laundry bag printing—not to mention her assistance in our graphics production—Deb enjoys the variety of work that life in the print shop provides her. “I’m never strictly standing at the heat press for eight hours.” She smiled. Before working at Everything Summer Camp, she was employed at the fitness center chain, Curves. And before that, she stayed at home, raising her beautiful family of three children with her husband, Don.

While her kids, Rebecca, Sara, and Jared, have not had the experience of summer camp, Deb and Don go on family camping trips about once a year which the whole family enjoys throughout the years. They’re planning a trip to Montana to visit Don’s niece as they’re a rather adventurous couple. They get out to make fun trips as much as they can; in fact, Deb and her husband met while planting trees in Bemidji, Minnesota.

In her childhood years, Deb attended Bible school which always ended with a retreat. She loved it so much, she went eight years in a row! Deb touts an indomitably good attitude and brings it to work everyday. I can say with all sincerity that I’ve never seen her in a poor mood. “Everything makes me happy,” she told me, “Except for when I get mad.”

Enjoy the camp clothing and other personalized graphics products that may have very well come from Deb’s caring hands and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Ben Stiller: Born to Act

Hey, Summer Campers!

No matter if celebrities are singer/songwriters, famous athletes, or big Hollywood stars, so many of them seem to have once been summer campers back when they were younger. Ben Stiller has cemented his name in the comedy world, but did you know he attended camp before he became a household name? Look at this handsome mug!

It’s true. Born and raised in New York City, Ben and his parents Anne and Jerry decided on the East Coast camp, Camp Pinnacle—located at the center of the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina in Flat Rock. In operation since 1928, Ben went to camp a bit later (in the 70s), unlike his dad, Jerry Stiller who went to camp roughly a decade after Camp Pinnacle was founded. You can check out more on Jerry Stiller by clicking here.

With two actors for parents, Ben was given a front-row seat to the hectic lifestyle of show business. He would regularly join his mother and father on the sets of television shows and, looking back on his early years, said that “It was a show-business upbringing—a lot of traveling, a lot of late nights—not what you’d call traditional.”

His childhood was anchored with his sister, Amy, just a few years older than him. With a sensible interest in filmmaking, Ben and Amy would make Super 8 movies with friends as often as they could. After being inspired by the television show Second City Television while in high school, Stiller realized that he wanted to get involved with sketch comedy.

Ben scored his acting debut at just nine years old when his mother landed a short-lived television series from the 70s called ‘Kate McShane’. As Ben found a love for acting, he still had fun inviting his sister to appear in a number of his movies.

Despite his nontraditional childhood, Ben had his fun summer camp experience and he had a consistent school education, having attended the Cathedral School of St. John the Divine and he graduated from the Calhoun School in New York. During his high school years, Ben was inspired by ‘Second City Television’ TV show that sparked his interest in sketch comedy.

After high school, Ben enrolled at the University of California in Los Angeles to study film. During his time there, however, he couldn’t shake the idea he wasn’t making the right choice. After just nine months, he moved back home to take acting classes in particular. With talent and determination, he worked away doing auditioning and searching for an agent—which, as we all know, he was successful. You can check out Camp Pinnacle to see if it looks like a good fit for you by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

It’s a Valley. It’s a Ranch. It’s the Teton Valley Ranch Camp!

Hey, Summer Camp Folks!

Thanks for returning to check out yet another installment in our Summer Camp Spotlight Blog posts in which we feature one of the amazing summer camps who work closely with us, here at Everything Summer Camp. Proud to have formed a strong relationship the Teton Valley Ranch Camp, we’re happy to shine our spotlight on them today. Check it out to see how it might fit for your family’s summer camp experience. Peek into the world of Teton Valley Ranch!Welcome to the Ranch.This camp’s history goes back to 1939 when its founder, Wendell Wilson found the land to start up a summer camp in Kelly, Wyoming. Thriving well into the 1990s, the summer life was good until hard financial times hit the country in 2000 and the Wilson family decided they would have to sell the ranch.

The love for the camp, however, saw it reborn with the involvement of alumni and friends of all the camp families closely affiliated with Teton Valley. By 2002, the Teton Valley Ranch Riding is a lifestyle at Teton Valley Ranch.Camp was back in operation at its new home in Dubois Wyoming, less than 100 miles from the original site.

Fun things are happening all summer long at Teton Valley Ranch. Things like horseback riding, riflery, archery, lapidary, gymkhana roping, and nature discovery. Have fun creating things in the Craftshop or enjoy some time at the waterfront. You can learn fly fishing or go for a dip yourself. With many other activities and special events, there’s never a dull moment at camp! Teton Valley Ranch campers are also treated to a backpacking trip and horse ride through some of the country’s most beautiful national forests.
Beautiful, rustic buildings compliment the natural surroundings.
Campers are divided into Adventure Groups at Teton Valley Ranch starting with Yearlings, then Rough Riders, followed by Top Hands, followed by Wranglers, and, lastly, the Trailblazers. Your camper’s Group is decided by a combination of age as well as experience at the ranch. Each Adventure Group is made up of a few cabins, making up a small, supportive community for your camper.

Give your kid the opportunity to grow, make friends, and have a blast next summer! You can check out the Teton Valley Ranch Camp website for yourself by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!
Beautiful landscapes are all around you at Teton Valley Ranch Camp.

- John

Shop Back to School Right Here!

Hey, Back-to-School Shoppers!

We may be a summer camp shop, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of the The Superbreak. It's like a accessories you’ll need when your children return for the upcoming school year.

We have an excellent selection of school backpacks and daypacks from trusted brand names like JanSport, Columbia, and Under Armour. And, coming soon, we’ll be offering embroidery on our JanSport Superbreak Backpacks so your backpack can feature your own individuality. Pick your choice of style and color to make your Superbreak really feel like your own!

Lockers 101 makes your locker fun!We’ve also made some recent additions to our lovely Lockers 101 selection to make your school locker look fantastic! Dress up the drab metal locker at your school with Lockers 101 Wall Paper Set and the Bling it Up Decorating Set. And don’t forget the Magnetic Three-Pocket Locker Organizer for convenience on your way to class. Get a closer look at these products and click here.

It’s a wise move to label your school clothes so that there’s no confusion in the locker Label your school clothes---it's a good idea!room after gym class as well as jackets, footwear, and snow pants/other winter gear. A surefire way to ensure that your child’s school clothes return home at the end of the day (and don’t go home with the wrong kid), Clothing Name Labels can be personalized by clicking here.

Handy and effective rain gear keeps you dry when the weather gets wet.Also, take a look at our inclusive selection of Rain Gear for wet, rainy waits at the bus stop or outdoor for recess. Top quality rain gear from Columbia and other leading manufacturers like Frogg Toggs and Red Ledge is certain to keep your kid prepared against precipitation. Stay dry at school with our excellent Rain Gear Department.

The new school year is approaching fast, so don’t wait start shopping and find the fun and functional gear, supplies, and other accessories we offer here at Everything Summer Camp. As always, thanks for reading.

- John

What’d YOU DO at camp?

Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

Everything Summer Camp’s ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest is BACK!! Now that you’ve returned home and have had some time to reflect on your camp stay, we want to hear how you liked it. This contest has seen great participation in our previous years and we love reading all the submissions we get. We can’t wait to hear all your stories from this summer!We know you must have tons of stories to share from your camp experience. Tell us about it in the 'Share Your Camp Story' Contest!

Tell us about the single, most fun and exciting activity or talk about all the great people you met. No matter what you have to share, we’d love to hear about it! Include your first name and the initial of your last name, what camp you visited, and how long you’ve been going to camp. 150 words will qualify, however, we’d rather see submission’s that are closer to 250. Tell us about the camp you went to and why you think it’s the best! And, if you include a picture with your submission, we’ll post your camp story on Instagram!

What to Write
There are a million things you could talk about. But what will make the best submissions are the parts of camp that meant the most to you. Tell us about the things you learned at camp. Tell us about all the friends you made while you were there. Tell us how it felt to be away from home. Tell us about the beautiful landscapes and natural surroundings you saw at camp. Or submit a journal entry style to chronicle a day in the life!

Submit your written story about your summer camp experience by clicking here. There’s no entry fee. If you’re under 18 years old, you’ll need permission from your parent or guardian to enter this Contest.

Speaking of parents—we love hearing from you too! Don’t hesitate to give us your own submission if you have a story to share. How was the experience? Has your kid exhibited a change in behavior? How did you cope with your kid being gone? Did you learn any lessons from this year? Tell us whatever you want. We’re all ears!

Everybody gets a $15 gift certificate to Everything Summer Camp with their submission!
Seven random winners will be chosen. Our first randomized winner will receive a $100 gift card for our website. We’ll then randomly pick two more winners to receive $50 gift cards to our site. After that, four random winners will get our $25 gift cards. Everyone else who submits will get the $15 gift cards.

Tell us how camp went and share your stories right here on the Blog! Check out further details on the entry form by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

A look at Avex

Hey, Water Lovers!

Activities and the summer sun make us sweaty and thirsty; a trusty water bottle is essential to your summer stay at camp. That’s why we like to offer only the best bottles for camp here at Everything Summer Camp. Names like CamelBak, Light My Fire, Outdoor Products, and more can all be found right here on our website. But today, we’re spotlighting the Avex brand in particular.

Featuring their own Autoseal and Autospout technologies, Avex has designed kid-friendly Go Avex when you go to camp.bottles that lend themselves perfectly to the adventuresome summer camp lifestyle. Offering the Brazos Autoseal as well as the Wells Autospout right here on our website, we want you to have the best throughout your time at camp.

Made up of a team of adventurers, the folks at Avex understand how important it is to camp with gear that you love. By learning through their own experiences out in the wilderness, they’ve been able to capture the things we want from our water bottles in their water bottles and deliver gear that you will grow to love!

They’re the company that cares and strives to make a difference. Compelled to do their part to protect the valuable water resources of our planet, the Avex brand policy states that “For every purchase of an Avex product, you give back to your planet and help preserve our water.” When you support Avex, you support our planet.

Avex water bottles stop any chance of leaks, spills, or contamination and they allow for convenient one-handed use. Thanks to the double-walled, vacuum insulated design, these bottles can keep liquids hot for about 7 hours and cold for 20 hours. Stay hydrated with our small selection of Avex bottles and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

A History Piece on the Poncho

Hey, Curious Campers!

If you get curious about the history of some of your camping gear as we do, then check out the history of the poncho! We carry a handful of ponchos from an assortment of brand names such as Outdoor Products, Red Ledge, and Coghlan’s. But how long hPonchos pre-date Hispanic Central America belonging to the ancient Paracas tribe of South/Central American natives.ave these effective pieces of rain gear been in existence and how did they come to be?

These outer garments were developed for protection from wind, sandstorms, and keeping you warm. We’ve traced the history of the poncho back to 500 B.C. along the Andes Mountains. The natives known as the Paracas were from South America from lands such as modern day Bolivia and Peru. Over hundreds of years, they slowly made their way into Mexican land.

Just a simple large sheet of fabric with a hole in its center for your head, ponchos have developed a few more features over the years. By the 1800s, ponchos were made with fasteners so that the sides could close around your body to provide better effectiveness. They also grew hoods that were added to the top of the center hole for further protection. By the 1800s everyone was wearing a poncho!And just 50 years after that, ponchos were adopted by the U.S. military. They started making their ponchos out of a latex-coated cloth that was waterproof and it became part of popular attire The military has become big fans of the poncho too.for soldiers in the Civil War. Not only would they use it for clothing, but they proved handy as a ground sheet to sleep on as well.

While ponchos are nowadays still strongly associated with the Americas and the natives who first created them, they have made a comeback in modern fashion as well. Designed as articles of Ponchos are a point of fashion, the simple sheet shape hasn’t changed, but the material of these fashionable ponchos are typically knit from wool or yarn.

Take a look at the ponchos in our Rain Gear Department which you can look at by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Find Out What Texas Camp Ethan Hawke Attended!

Hey, Summer Campers!

The same as so many Hollywood stars, professional athletes, musical artists, and other celebrities, among so many of our favorite Hollywood actors who attended summer camp when they were young, movie star Ethan Hawke is yet another former camper in thRead about Ethan Hawke's time away at summer camp!e biz! Frequently found in film features all throughout the 90’s, he started making a name for himself even before that when he was only 15.

And it wasn’t much before then that Ethan attended summer camp at the YMCA Camp Carter in Texas. Located just minutes from downtown Fort Worth, Camp Carter covers more than 300 acres of heavily wooded land as well as its own lake and waterfront access to the Trinity river, showing kids—like Ethan Hawke back in the early 80s—the time of their lives.

Between his camp stay and his first movie, Ethan starred for the first time on the stage for his high school production of ‘Saint Joan’ When he first started high school, Ethan wanted to be a writer, but it didn’t take long for the acting bug to settle in and he knew this was what he wanted to do.

So eager to get into the business, the 15-year-old Ethan landed a lead role in the sci-fi movie as mentioned above. While the movie ‘Explorers’ went on to develop a cult following, it did not do well in the theaters. Though he’s not proud to admit it, ‘Explorers’ poor immediate reception took a toll on Ethan and he unofficially gave up acting for the time being. In retrospect, he feels that he rushed things along too quickly. “I would never recommend that a kid act,” he has said.

He returned to acting five years later after completing his education and saw better success than he did on his initial run. In just a few years, he found his role alongside Robin Williams in ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ which was a great launching point that brought him the work of 18 films throughout the 90s.

Ethan’s acting career also included some television appearances such as an episode of ‘Alias’ as well as ‘Moby Dick’ the made-for-TV miniseries. You can check out Camp Carter for yourself by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Timberlake and Merri-Mac (bro and sis camps)

Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

We work with so many camps—over 270 to give you an idea—that it’s nice to devote some time for singing their praises. That’s why we like to spotlight these camps on our Blog to try and get the word out to families who might yet be looking for the right summer camp for their son or daughter. Today, we’re shining our spotlight on the boys camp in North Carolina, Timberlake Camp and their sister camp, Camp Merri-Mac.A fun place for a summer, check out Timbrerlake Camp for yourself.

Located on the same property in Black Mountain, North Carolina, the boys and girls camp are high up in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains where summer stays create lifelong memories. 15 miles east of Asheville, Timberlake and Merri-Mac are encircled by the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains and much of the bordering land lies within the Pisgah National Forest.

Lots of fun activities are offered at Timberlake Camp . Boys can soak in the fun on their waterfronts with Canoeing, Fly-Fishing, Kayaking, Swimming, or Waterskiing. And they have fun on the land with Archery, Backpacking, Climbing, Fencing, Mountain Biking, Paintball, Pottery, Riding, Riflery, Rocketry, Ropes Course, Soccer, Tennis, Trips, Wrestling, and more. There are also Tribes into which all campers are initiated and participate for in the Tribal Events.

Lots of fun is waiting to be had at Timberlake Camp.Timberlake campers are placed in cabins based on their grade in school. Boasting seven rustic cabins, they are all different at Timberlake—from big to small, accompanied by two to five cabin leaders. Each cabin observes its own traditions, providing its own attitude and environment to the campers.

You’d be lucky if you get the opportunity to attend Timberlake Camp . You can take a closer look at it by clicking here and read about Camp Merri-Mac in our previous Blog post right here. Look into these camps to see if they may be right for your budding camper and, as always, thanks for reading!This camp has a crazy amount of fun each and every summer!

- John

Meet Mellina!

Hey, Camp Folks!

Say hello to Mellina—our year-round help and organizational guru in our Graphic Department production. We make all of our personalized products right here in our own, local facility factory. Mellina runs production on a daily basis which involves designing and printing our Clothing Name Labels, Clothing Stamps, Stick-On Labels, Lid Skinz, Autograph Pillowcases, Embroidered Laundry Bags, Camp Clothing, and pretty much every other personalized product we offer.Mellina works in our Graphics Department Production for the vast majority of our personalized products.

Needless to say, her job keeps her busy, busy, busy—especially so in the summertime.

Before the busy days of adulthood, Mellina would frequently go on family hiking trips through the woodsy wilderness of northwestern Wisconsin. Her folks would often take her and her siblings on camping trips too. “I attended summer camp through the YMCA at Manitou one year and loved it,” she said. “We’ve taken the kids camping a few times and plan to more often since they’re getting older now!”

Nowadays, she’s an early bird—up with her two young kids, she typically chooses to start her workday earlier than anyone else at Everything Summer Camp. And after an often-times exhausting shift, Mellina goes home to her lovely family. She and her husband Jeremy cherish every moment with their adorable children Henry, 7, and Nora, 5.

With these two little ones of her own, Mellina takes great pride in her work, knowing how much young campers will appreciate a job well done. “My favorite part is making the personalized items for kids, especially the embroidery,” she told me. “Having an unusual name, as a kid I could never find trinkets with my name on them. Finally my parents had a barrette made for me and it really made me feel special. I hope these kids feel special when they see the items we make with their names on them.”

We hope you treasure all the fun personalized products we create for you in our Graphics Department and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John