Guess Where this Geek Attended Camp!

Hey, Summer Campers!

Such a plethora of folks have attended summer camp at some point or another in their lives that former summer campers aren’t at all hard to find. And it seems like everywhere you look, in Hollywood especially, you come across summer camp alumni naturally. I’ve written a good number of Blog posts about all the celebrities who have gone to camp and today I come with another—Mr. Samm Levine. Samm Levine is one funny guy and a great actor.

Camp Nah-Jee-Wah is found on 1250 beautiful acres just 90 minutes from New York City. With campgrounds that feature athletic facilities, a lake, a pool, ropes challenge courses, a skate park, and much more, Samm had a wonderful time for his summer camp stay. As early as his days at camp, Samm wasn’t necessarily interested in acting, but he definitely had his heart set on working in comedy.

He went straight to work too, performing standup routines at friends’ Bar Mitzvahs (a Jewish rite of passage) and his jokes were typically received well by the crowds. During one Bar Mitzvah performance in particular, the actress Lisa Kudrow happened to be present and saw his routine. She ended up giving him some advice that he had ought to audition in Manhattan.

By the time he had turned 15, Samm made his first appearance on an episode of the soap opera ‘One Life to Live’ and that was only the beginning. With a different Sam Levine already registered in the Screen Actors Guild, Samm decided he would hang an additional ‘M’ at the end of his name.

He continued with a television and film career, making appearances in shows such as ‘Ed’ and ‘The Drew Carey Show’. But the role that he remains best known for is Neal Schweiber in the short-lived cult classic of 1999, ‘Freaks and Geeks’ in which he played one of the geeks alongside later Golden Globe winner James Franco.

Samm Levine did a lot for his career in his young adolescence and he continues to be a well-received presence in television and film. Check out Camp Nah-Jee-Wah for yourself on their website by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Teresa on Winter Camping and Winter Creatures

Hey, Camp Fans!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we love being the provider of all your summer camp needs, but we’re so much more than that. Check out the ‘Camp 101’ feature on our main site for a treasure trove of excellent advice concerning how best to prepare for your camp experience. Much more than a business, we’re a family and we like to show the Meet Teresa, our Foreman Assistant at Everything Summer Camp.faces of our family so you can learn something about the people who work here.

Let me virtually introduce you to the Foreman’s Assistant of our Production crew, Teresa—she’s pretty much next-in-line after our Production Supervisor, Shirley (who you can read about right here). Having occupied every station in our production department, Teresa is well-versed with the factory and what goes into a well-constructed camp trunk. She’s had a hand in making them for 11 years now!

Having come from Mason Shoes in Chippewa—a company of more than 600 employees, Teresa loved the change of pace at Everything Summer Camp where we never have more than forty people under our employment. While she still loves how small we are, Teresa’s favorite part about her job is the ten-hour days she has which makes every weekend three days long!

Teresa comes from a warm family upbringing in which they braved the cold together for the sake of fun. The oldest of her two brothers and two sisters, Teresa and her parents and siblings would do what they called ‘makeshift camping’ which was essentially in their backyard—they would go year-round.

Winters didn’t stop them. They would cut firewood, cook dinners, and go for sleigh rides in their family’s legitimate sleigh (pulled by the snow blower). And when they were done playing in the snow, they would hang their mittens over the fire and huddle close to the flames to get warm. It wasn’t exactly summer camp, but it certainly gave her lasting memories!

Thanks to her mother and her grandmother, Teresa is a unique artist of two different The Snow Cookie Monster from Teresa's family!media. Since she was 10, her mother coached her on how to decorate a cake. Her grandmother shared a great project with her classroom students first and then her family: colorful snow creatures! Get a good look at these painted snow sculptures and see how to make them yourself right here! I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about Teresa at Everything Summer Camp and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Lounge a Little at Laity Lodge

Hey, Summer Camp Folks!

We’re back today to feature yet another one of the amazing summer camps with whom we’re delighted to have formed a strong relationship. Laity Lodge Youth Camp is an awesome place for your soon-to-be-camper. Check it out to see how it might fit for yEscape to Laity this summer!our family’s summer camp experience on today’s Blog post. Dive into the world of Laity Lodge!

Found in Hill Country’s most fantastic canyon with the Frio River, Laity Lodge is known for its excellent hospitality on their exceptional 1900-acre ranch, 13 miles north of Leakey, Texas. Beauty surrounds in this natural environment that’s ripe for adventure, games, activities, and the kind of serenity that you can only experience at this level of remote seclusion.

The Blue Hole on the Frio River is a gorgeous summer hangout!Have fun in the Frio River kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, and more at Laity Lodge’s awesome waterfront. Go mountain biking, try the zip line, rock climb, and sharpen your arts and crafts skills. Laity Lodge offers tons of other activities like shooting sports, field sports, sword-fighting for the boys, nail-painting for the girls, and so much more than just that.

On top of these traditional activities, campers have lots of wild times with their cabin mates or “home groups”. They engage in friendly fights as in organized food fights, shaving cream fights, water balloon fights, and a number of other crazy battles. Quality time together brings cabin mates close together and helps create unbreakable bonds between campers.

Laity Lodge has been showing summer campers the time of their lives for 56 years and they continue to do an amazing job every summer season. You can look into this amazing camp even closer on their website by clicking here. Good luck on your summer camp search for the right camp for your camper and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Families!
Laity Lodge boasts a lovely landscape.

- John

Who Screams?

Hey, Summer Camp People!

We consider ourselves fun people here at Everything Summer Camp. We stay hip to the fun times by surrounding ourselves with equally fun companies and develop strong ties with them. We love singing the praises of the wonderful folks whose amazing products are offered on our online camping gear store. I scream, you scream, we all scream for iScream2010 was a big year. There was a general excitement everywhere you were. There was a change in the air. Things were electrically charged! Fun was growing in the world—a world that was already a great deal of fun exploded in colorful jubilation. iScream was born. Made up of an extremely creative team, iScream is the best in bedside and road trip entertainment!

These awesome activity books and stationery are the best things for occupying your time in the car on the way to camp or while you get sleepy before ‘lights out’. With an intLive life the way you choose to and have a blast with it!riguing discovery in photography method called ‘lenticular’ photography along with a desire to create hours of fun for kids during the times that might otherwise be the dullest.

With images that accentuate color and stress depth, iScream Activity Books and their Seal & Send Stationery offer explosively detailed treats for your eyes and provide interesting, absorbing material that will keep you amused for as long you desire!

We’re thrilled to offer the insane amount of fun that comes along with our excellent selection from this excellent brand. Have a good gander at all the fun in these activities by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

How’s My Hair?

Hey, Camp Fans!

The history of things is interesting. Learning the origin and purpose of our own inventions typically says a great deal about who we are as a collective people. The history of the hairbrush tells us that we’re a crafty people with a universal desire to always be lookin’ good! And we’ve pretty much always been this way.
Combs are the predecessor to hairbrushes and they've been around much longer.
In fact, archeological digs for ancient artifacts in Egypt have revealed that combs—not to be confused with hairbrushes—have existed in primitive form as early back as 5500 B.C. Our Egyptian ancestors knew that the design of a comb would work best for untangling and straightening hair.

If a comb is like shampoo, then the hairbrush is like conditioner. Hairbrushes aren’t any help when it comes to tangled hair. You need to run a comb through it first. The comb makes your hair manageable. Now it’s ready for brushing—designed to massage your scalp, enhance circulation, and induce your scalp to release its natural oils.This thing is from the early 1800s.

While combs go back over 7000 years and maybe longer, hairbrushes have only been around for 240. A man named William Kent began making them by hand in England, 1777. He crafted them in the same fashion as the original toothbrushes (which you can read about by clicking here). He made his brushes with the hair of boars—which is still what they’re typically made of today.

Hairbrushes were initially only for the upper class that could afford products of such luxury. Of course, nowadays, most households are entitled to the luxury of hairbrushes. Pack one along for your summer camp stay and grab the Folding Brush with Mirror here at Everything Summer Camp. Keep your head feeling clean and looking good!
The hairbrush for your camp stay is right here at Everything Summer Camp.
You can get a closer look at the Folding Hairbrush on our website by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Happy Father’s Day, Daddies!

Hey, Proud Papas!

Happy Father’s Day! Dads all around the world are honored on this day for the unconditional loving support they give to their children every day. Last month, Happy Father's Day, Fathers, from Everything Summer Camp.I posted gift ideas for mothers on Mother’s Day. Never mind that it’s already Father’s Day—doesn’t mean it’s too late to create a heartfelt gift to present to your dad.

As I prefaced in my Mother’s Day post, if a low budget (or lack of one) is what’s kept you from getting a gift for your dad, then this is the Blog post for you! These ideas are basic and require only materials that you likely already have in your house. And don’t feel bad about not buying your present; your dad will probably appreciate a homemade project more!

Greet Him with a Greeting CardMake your dad a card for Father's Day.
Make a card on your own for Father’s Day! It’s a thoughtful gift that gives you creativity so you can express to your dad exactly how you feel and not how a greeting card company assumes you do. You can go simple with an 8½” x 11” sheet of paper folded in half or get a little fancier if you’re feeling your “origami” skills and try to make this Tie and T-shirt greeting card.
Fingerpaint is a fun way to say Happy Father's Day.
Finger Paint is Handy
Sometimes creativity can be a little messy, but it’s all worth it for Father’s Day (as long as you don’t make him clean up). Have fun and get creative with your gift and see what you can do with your hands. And remember—the more fun you have, the more your father is sure to appreciate it!

Make a PictureSketch something nice for your dad today.
Maybe your dad loves to take you fishing. Maybe you two are always going golfing or playing a simple game of catch in the backyard. Whatever fun times you share with your father, show him what it means to you with a picture that makes him think of all your great times together.

Do-It-Yourself Decorations
Dads are notorious for having what’s come to be Does your dad rock with the puns too?known as ‘Dad Humor’. Their jokes are typically dripping with puns that make us cringe and moan. Give him a little bit back for Father’s Day with this punny ‘You Rock’ rock for display on a dresser top or office desk.

These are just some ideas that you’re more-than-likely able to make for your Father’s Day gift today. Or maybe these ideas have inspired a gift idea of your own. In any case, enjoy the fun in the artistic and creative process and make your father proud! Happy Father’s Day to fathers everywhere and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

You Can Get Anything That You Want at Arlo’s Restaurant

Hey, Summer Campers!

You know who else was a summer camper? LOTS of people! So many, in fact, that a sizable percentage of them went on to become famous celebrities. I’ve written about nearly 100 of them! And today I’m talking about another. His name is Arlo Guthrie. This name may not be as famous as it once was, and even yet, not as famous as his father’s name once was: Woody Guthrie—the man that brought us ‘This Land is Your Land’.Arlo goes to summer camp.

With his dad being born in 1912 and him being born in 1947, it’s understandable that kids of your generation aren’t very familiar with these names. But back then, these guys were as big as Justin Vernon is today. These were the celebrities that Bob Dylan idolized.

Summer camp probably wasn’t quite prominent enough to assume that Woody Guthrie ever attended, but he sent his son Arlo to Raquette Lake in the Adirondacks of New York—one of the oldest traditional overnight camps in the country, operating since 1916.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Arlo attended and graduated grade school as well as high school in his home town. But he moved to Massachusetts in 1965 when he attended college at Stockbridge School. After that, he had an adventure overseas, spending the summer in London. There, he met with a man named Karl Dallas who was able to connect Arlo to the folk rock scene in London and he eventually continued in his father’s footsteps, singing folk songs.

Throughout his life, however, he’s continued his education in Montana to attend the Rocky Mountain College in Billings. Next, he moved back home to attend Siena College and after that Westfield College in 2008 (when he was over 60 years old!).

He loves being a student and he loves being a singer/songwriter. He was awarded the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience award on September 26, 1992, though he’s probably best known for his song ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ which you can listen to below if you think you’re up to it (the song is roughly 20 minutes long and goes off the rails a number of times).

Nurture your love for the interests you develop in life like Arlo did and enjoy your visits to summer camp! You can check out Raquette Lake Camp right here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Meet our Printing Technician at Everything Summer Camp!

Hey, Fans of Everything Summer Camp!

Meet our Printing Technician at Everything Summer Camp, Ed Jr. (or EJ). An excellent part of our team, EJ is in charge of the printing part of our Designer Trunk production. He keeps tabs on orders so he knows how many printouts of which designs to mGet a load of this guy, he's our Printing Technician.ake! He also networks and finds artists to supply us with more of our awesome designs for our Designer Trunks.

If you don’t know what our Designer Trunks are, they’re our traditional C&N footlockers, only turned on its ear. These trunks are dressed up in a design that covers them completely (aside from the bottom). To get a better sense of what EJ does, take a look at our Designer Trunks right here.

To achieve such a cool look, EJ employs an interesting printing technique that embeds our high-definition designs directly into the metal exterior of our trunks. “I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been here,” he says.

When EJ isn’t at work, he’s home with his beautiful family—his wife Justine, their daughter Arya, and baby #2 on the way! He and Justine are very excited to bring another little baby into the world. In the meantime, they’re just enjoying the summer. “I love to go camping,” he told me. “And Justine’s family is really into that too—it’s an every weekend kind of thing for them,” he clarified.

“Camping is a big part of our family life.” EJ anticipates the camping trips he’ll be making this summer and the new member of his family that will be here by the end of summer! We can’t wait to meet her! EJ asks that all our customers enjoy your Designer Trunks or get one if you don’t already have one—they’re the coolest! And of course, as always, thanks for reading!

- John


Camp Tockwogh is Where it’s At in the Summer!

Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

At Everything Summer Camp, since we work with more than 270 camps, we love to pick one regularly to spotlight and sing their praises here on our Blog. So far, we’ve featureCamp Tockwogh is a fun filled summer experience.d more than 50 of those great camps and we aren’t stopping any time soon. Take this virtual tour of Camp Tockwogh in Maryland so you can learn all about this fantastic YMCA Camp!

Tockwogh opened its doors to summer campers in 1946 and—now, throughout the years—the Tockwogh summer camp staffers have loved every minute of the experience. This remote, east coast summer camp is situated on 309 well-maintained acres that stretch across one-and-a-half miles of the shoreline on Chesapeake Bay.

The Chesapeake Bay offers the best waterfront for fun activities like sailing, waterskiing, canoeing, kayaking, and more. ALife on the water is a big part of summer fun at Camp Tockwogh.nd they also have a pool for water sports and swimming. On land, Tockwogh offers cool activities like archery, mountain biking, horseback riding, and outdoor education. Find a plethora of sports like soccer, softball, volleyball, flag football, lacrosse, basketball, dogdeball, and so much more.

And Camp Tockwogh operates under the philosophy that “A good camp should have something for every kid.” And so they do. On top of all their active activities, they also offer lots of options in the fine arts such as learning guitar, drawing, creative writing, photography, or painting. There are also performing arts offered like dance, drama, and cooking.
Tockwogh campers are like family.Campers are broken down into smaller villages by grade for housing and activities during their stay. The rustic cabins are complimentary of the natural surroundings of the campgrounds as well as more than accommodating for each camper who lives there and the cabin leader who lives there too.

You can get even more info on Camp Tockwogh by clicking here and checking out their website for yourself. Maybe you’ll find the camp for your kid when next summer rolls around. Good luck and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Need Some Light? Use Your Head!

Hey, Shining Summer Campers!

You’re sure to find flashlights as essential items on everybody’s packing list for summer camp. The world has no shortage of flashlights—from the kinds you’ll find in any given household to tactical flashlights made for military use—so shop the Everything Summer Camp Flashlights Department where we offer the best flashlights specifically for summer campers.

Rising to steep popularity, headlamps are an excellent means of hands-free alternative light sources. Our latest headlamp added to our Flashlights Department is the Black Diamond Astro Headlamp. The Black Diamond family is made up of adventuresome folks who see climbing and skiing as a way of life. And along with the lifestyles they live, they need proper lighting.Get this headlamp for your summer camp can handle it!Hip to the quality that Black Diamond has been producing since 1957, we here at Everything Summer Camp knew we needed to offer their headlamps. In addition to the Wiz, we now have the Black Diamond Astro Headlamp.

The hands-free alternative to a traditional flashlight is mandatory for climbing or skiing in dim evening (or early morning) light. And while it may not necessarily be mandatory for a myriad of other fun activities, it’s certainly more convenient than the handheld option.

Head into the night with 150 powerful lumens to light up your path. Featuring a smooth, contemporary housing, this LED headlamp is highly weather-resistant and made to survive even the roughest of camp stays. Lasting you as long as 40 hours on its highest setting, this Headlamp illuminates up to 40 meters down a dark trail. Light the way with the Black Diamond Astro.

Get a good look at the Astro Headlamp by clicking here. Or, have a gander at all the kid-friendly options available in our Flashlight Department right here. And remember—when you need some light, use your head! As always, thanks for reading!

- John