Give Anita a Call!

Hey, Camp Preppers!

As we end the month of May and embark on what’s obviously our busiest season here at Everything Summer Camp, it’s imperative that we keep our Call Center packed with The best picture available of Anita Semankocompetent and helpful representatives who we like to think of as our gear counselors. With the proper management, our Call Center operates like a well-oiled machine: taking calls, placing orders, answering questions, and handling the occasional ‘problem order’.

This department requires a knowledgeable, dedicated head that can keep things running smoothly on a day-to-day basis and that’s where our Call Center Supervisor Anita comes in. Hired on for our seasonal help last year in the Call Center, Anita showed exceptional skills in customer service and it wasn’t long until we could see her in the supervisor position for our Call Center.

With technology taking over, the Call Center has seen a considerable decrease of in-bound calls. While they still receive a decent amount throughout the day, Anita estimates that 75% of customers contact us by either email or LiveChat as opposed to talking to us on the phone. But no matter what mode of communication our customers choose, “Nobody treats their customers as well as we do here,” comments Anita.

A mother herself as well as her own in-home daycare previous to her employment at Everything Summer Camp, it’s nothing short of fitting that she should have found a place for herself here at Everything Summer Camp where she continues to play a role of encouraging children as they grow up.

Bailing hay in the summers on the farm, Anita had no time for summer camp, but she and her husband of 24 years, John, have given their children a different upbringing, sending their younger daughter, Rachel to the Girl Scouts for a number of different summers in the Chippewa Valley and going for family camping trips with Rachel and their older son Robert.

Their children are older now, but back in the day Anita and John had a nice camper that the family and their yellow lab, Tubby Jo Semanko, would stay in during weekend camping trips where they would enjoy campfire pizzas and scrambled eggs in the morning with orange peel muffins.

Everything Summer Camp is more than happy to have such a diligent, warm employee as Anita. I love talking to Anita. Give us a call and maybe you can talk to her too! Enjoy your summer experience and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John


Hey, Camp Folks!

We work with more than 270 summer camps here at Everything Summer Camp and Camp Hayo-Went-Ha is one of them. Happy to feature them on the Blog today, we’re fixing our summer camp spotlight a rough 400 miles to the east of our own hometown in Boyd, Wisconsin, over to the state next to us across the beautiful Great Lake Michigan.Awesome times at Hayo-Went-Ha.

The YMCA Camp Hayo-Went-Ha hosts a girls camp and a boys camp that are located in two different, but nearby locations. The boys camp sits on 600 acres 35 miles northeast of Traverse City while their sister camp, Camp Arbutus, boasts 80 acres 10 miles southeast of Traverse City. Both locations offer a breathtaking landscapes and the feeling of isolation from the rest of the hustle-bustle world.
Climb high at Hayo-Went-Ha.
The boys camp site at Hayo-Went-Ha is the oldest camp to stay on the same site as it’s done so for 110 years! In that time, boys have had fun participating in such activities as all sorts of sports canoeing, hiking, and biking. They have a 50’ climbing tower as well as a two-story 36’ ropes course and zipline. SCUBA lessons are offered as well as fun of all sorts in the water, plus many other fun things!

The girls at Camp Arbutus Hayo-Went-Ha have lots of similar activities like sports such as basketball, socceHappy trails on horseback at Hayo-Went-Ha!r, and tennis. They offer a 38’ ropes course and a 38’ climbing tower. They offer a prided Equestrian program in which campers can ride the lengthy trails of the campgrounds. With a plethora of water activities such as sailing, canoeing, and kayaking along with indoor activities like drama, dance, arts and crafts, and much, much more.

Both brother and sister camps offer accommodating cabins for a good night’s sleep where cabin leaders sleep at night as well so that, even at night, campers have some kind of supervision. You can look into Camp Hayo-Went-Ha for your son or daughter right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!

- John

Sit Still—I’m Trying to Take Your Picture..

Hey, can you take my picture?

This is a question that wasn’t always thrown around so casually; after all, there used to be a lot more involved in capturing an image than just the simple push of a button that it is nowadays. For a very long time, the request to immortalize your imageJust a wooden box with a hole in it, these were the original cameras. demanded the skill of an oil painter and carefully still patience from you. And even after the birth of photographic technology, the task still demanded that the subject of a picture remain quite still for quite a long time.

It may be a surprise to find out that the history of the camera goes back all the way to the days of the ancient Greeks (or possibly even further back than that!) with the Camera Obscura. It was Aristotle who first recorded a natural phenomenon he noticed in which images appear inverted when cast through a tiny hole into darkened enclosures. This natural phenomenon, the Camera Obscura, has been a point of interest for many years.
This naturally occuring phenomenon is responsible for the camera.Announcements of photographic technology weren’t made public until 1839, however, a French inventor named Joseph Nicéphore Niépce began experimenting with photography out of his own personal interests in 1816.

It was an entire decade later that he was able to produce the first semi-successful photograph. He coated a piece of paper with sliver chloride to use for the photograph. In the chemistry world, silver chloride is known for its crafty conversion to silver when illuminated or exposed to heat. It darkens when exposed to light. He placed the papeHere is the first photograph ever created.r in his darkened enclosure and…voila…. As you can see in this shot outside his window, the results needed some improvements.

Before Mr. Niépce, could produce crisper results from his photographic experiments, a new process came along called daguerreotypy that took just as much effort and time to produce an image, but it did so with much more clarity and the subjects of photographs only had to sit still for a maximum of five minutes but as little as half a minute. This method only lasted about 15 years, however, until it was outdated by newer, cheaper processes that produced even clearer and more readily-viewable pictures.

Starting as a low-tech wooden box with a hole in it, what have come to be known as cameras transformed into ‘handheld’ picture-taking computers! From disposable to digital, This waterproof Fujifilm camera is perfect at can find great cameras for your summer adventures right here at Everything Summer Camp. Treasure your camp memories forever in our fantastic Three Cheers Photo Book or the appropriate Summer Camp Photo Frame. Check it all out right here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Memorial Day Sale! ALL WEEK LONG!!!

Hey, Summer Shoppers!

Popularly perceived as an unofficial first day of summer, Memorial Day is a nice, little reminder for folks to kick their camp prep into full gear! Camp is directly around the corner and it’s time to finish all the loose ends that have been put off until now. Enjoy your Memorial Day by relieving yourself of your remaining camp prep and breathe a breath of relaxation!
Happy Memorial Day...week..In our own excitement, we’re starting our Memorial Day sale today at 5pm CST and extending it through next week WednesWe aren't trunking around. day—an entire week of sales for our shoppers!

For our main feature, our Memorial Day Sale slashes the price of our C&N Camp Trunks which we manufacture right here in our own facility. Purchase a camp trunk during the sale and you’ll get an instant $20 off! This discount is extended to all of our camp trunks aside from the Companion and Create-Your-Own-Footlockers.

We’ve also discounted our Crazy Creek Camping Chairs for $5 off as well as our personalizable Name Plax which are vinyl decal decorations featuring your name for your camp trunk or bedroom wall, window, door—pretty much anywhere.

By now I’m sure everyone knows the cardinal rule of summer camp packing: Label. Label your school clothes---it's a good idea!Everything. In the following week, you can find all of our labeling products available for 20% of their regular prices! And our ‘camp. Tees’ are another exciting collection marked 20% off.

Keep warm in the chilly nights of summer.Shop our entire Bedding Category with items marked 15% off. From mattress pads to Woolrich Throws, get your essential bedding products for summer camp at a discount in the coming week. Make sure your child has the bedding they’ll need for comfy, restful camp nights.

We’re cutting a bunch of prices on our camping gear by 10%. Shop all products Take this classy pack back to school!in our Travel Accessories Department as well as our entire selection of Backpacks. And select brands of Duffel Bags like Piton, Columbia Summit Trail, and Cloz! That being said, you can find a plethora of other discounted products that I didn’t get around to mentioning all over our site, so browse around to find your own good deals and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Save the Earth with MaskIT Pouches!

Hey, Happy Campers!

Standing alongside such trusted brands like GoGirl, Burt’s Bees, and Clean Trek, we’re proud to now offer the brand in today’s Everything Summer Camp spotlight—MaskIT LLC. This addition to our Toiletries Department not only brings convenience to camp, but brings a less-wasteful, earth-friendly alternative to toilet paper when it comes to disposing pads or tampons. MaskIT!!Environmentally-conscious and responsible for their ecological footprint, MaskIT creates products made from a compostable Biofilm that aims to reduce the amount of toilet paper that accompanies the 20 billion pads and tampons that wind up in American landfills each year.

Being the environmentally-minded person that she is, Shallan Ramsey—mother of three girls and founder of MaskIT LLC—hated the wastefulness of using toilet paper to dispose of her pads and tampons. Once she started thinking that there must be a better way, she set out to devise her own method.

MaskIT Pouches eliminate the need for toilet paper, as you can use the ‘puppet method’ with your hand inside the Pouch which starts out already “inside-out”. The pouches seal This is how we do it...shut with an  adhesive closure that guarantees no leaking. These Pouches are super practical with their soft-to-the-touch material, easy-use, and sanitation. They block all odor and are watertight. They’re completely opaque too, so the contents in the pouch remain unseen.

All packaging from MaskIT is produced by Imperial Box Company from Gardena, California who creates paper using the most environmentally-conscious methods and prints using soy-based ink with water-based aqueous coatings. MaskIT packaging is 100% recyclable.

As much good as MaskIT does for the planet, they try to do just as much for the people of the community as well by giving back to them and spreading good. You can check out more about these fine folks on their own website right here or send a message directly to Buy these products!them by clicking here. Get MaskIT for your camper’s convenience at summer camp and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Mister Wolf Blitzer

Hey, Summer Campers!

We all get our news from one source if not another. Some people still do the old school method of reading a newspaper while lots of other folks have turned to reading their news online in the last 10 to 20 years. Still, televised news remains America’s most popular means of catching the news around the world along with the local weather report. To anyone who regularly tunes into the prominent news network CNN, you’ll likely recognize today’s summer camp celebrity—Wolf Blitzer.Get your Blitz on with who else but the Wolf!

Wolf attended summer camp at Camp Ramah in the Poconos. The same camp that Marta Kauffman attended—the co-creator of the hit 90’s sitcom ‘Friends’—Camp Ramah is just south of the eastern New York and Pennsylvania border. It’s sat on 90 acres of northeastern Pennsylvania for nearly 70 years. This mountainous and woodsy setting provided Wolf with a space to expand his experiences that develop personal growth.

Born to Holocaust survivors, Cesia and David Blitzer, Wolf’s parents were Auschwitz refugees.  Though he was born in Augsburg, Germany, Wolf was raised in Buffalo, New York. Having graduated from Kenmore West Senior High School and then attended and graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Arts in history.

Wolf’s education didn’t end there, however. He went on to attend the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies where he received a Master of Arts in international relations. During his time there, he studied abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and learned the Hebrew language.

Now with his Masters degree, Wolf began his journalism career immediately after completing his education, working for a news agency where his talents did not go unnoticed. He eventually continued on to other places of employment, but his writing focused on a Middle East affairs from a United States foreign policy perspective. Bringing great changes throughout his career, Wolf actually inspired the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty in 1979.

While many assume that Wolf’s name is a pseudonym for television, the truth is that his last name dates back for generations and he actually shares his first name with his grandfather from his mother’s side. Find the same kind of experiences that led to Wolf Blitzer’s personal growth in his youth when you head off to summer camp and check out Camp Ramah for yourself right here. As always, thanks for reading, Everybody!

- John

High Rocks Camp for Boys

Hey, Happy Summer Camp Hunters!

If you’re looking for a summer camp in the western North Carolina region, check out High Rocks Camp for Boys. Located among a thousand acres of camp-owned mountain woodland and boasting an 11 acre lake, this camp has been introducing young men to a clear understanding of community, adventure, leadership, and independence for nearly 60 years—since 1958.
You can bike aas long as you like at High Rocks Camp for Boys.
Featuring a number of streams, awe-inspiring rocky outcrops, granite balds, and jaw-dropping views from an elevation of three thousand feet. High Rocks Camp borders the DuPont North Carolina State Forest which is a 10,000 acre playground of forest, waterfalls, and some of the most beautiful biking trails this country has.

The private, eleven-acre High Rock Lake offers a perfect waterfront for swimming, canoeing, kayaking—they even offer sailing. Find endless trails of beautiful nature to hike or ride horseback or mountain bike through. High Rocks has constructed 5 Appalachian Trail-style shelters that make for perfect overnight pit stops or short backpacking trips for young campers.

Get ready for awesome activities like a three-day hike, a canoe trip, or going rock climbing. Outdoor courts are ready for tenniYou'll make tons of fiends in little time at summer camp.s matches as well as basketball and volleyball games and the athletic fields are begging you to play soccer. Get skilled in other fun activities like Disc Golf, Ping Pong, Foosball, Ultimate Frisbee, Rope Swing, Ga-Ga Ball, and much, much more!

There are five to six campers accompanied by a cabin leader in each cabin. A camper and his cabin mates form an essential bond that create a happy camp experience and cabin leaders at High Rocks direct a great amount of effort toward developing their cabin group into an effective unit whose members offer each other support and understanding.

If High Rocks Camp for Boys sounds like a great fit for your summer camper, get an even better look into camp life on their website by clicking here. And, as always, thanks for reading!Get ready for hikes on High Rocks days at camp!

- John

Packs for your Backs

Hey, Backpackers!

Backpacks are important to us at Everything Summer Camp. We carry a diverse selection because we know how the things that you need from your backpack will vary by the longevity and intensity of your camp stay and we want to make sure we can supply a backpack to a camper of every kind of need! We’ve recently brought on several new backpacks from the quality brand name of Under Armour. Take a look at what we have:

HustleThe Under Armour Hustle Backpack.
With lots of space inside, the Hustle is lined with soft fabric for all-purpose carrying—secure for laptops, photography equipment, etc. And, while its interior is protective, the exterior is an impenetrable fortress! Storm technology is Under Armour’s signature performance fabric—water and snow-resistant so its safe in all conditions. Gifted with a strong bottom, its tough panel is a shock absorber to eliminate damage to contents from being thrown down or dropped. Provided you with Under Armour’s Adjustable HeatGear® shoulder straps to give added carrying comfort, this pack is complete with a gusseted front laundry pocket, another front pocket that’s water-repellent, and two mesh side pockets for water bottles. The Under Armour Scrimmage Backpack for summer camp.

Featuring a soft-lined laptop sleeve in one of the two zip-shut main compartments, a quick-stash pocket in the front, and mesh pockets for water bottles on either side, this backpack offers excellent space for packing. Receive full comfort with its padded back panel and adjustable straps—also given Under Armour’s HeatGear® technology! You can always grab it by the top grip handle as well.

Undeniable SackpackThe Under Armour Sackpack is a great option for a lighter summer camp experience.
A compact cinch sack such as this belongs at summer camp. Get the Undeniable Sackpack from Under Armour. Complete with cording that’s easy to adjust and cinch shut, pockets in the front to give you organizational storage room, and a sternum clip. The perfect thing for all the wilderness adventures and beach trips you’ll go on at camp.

You can order any one of these backpacks by clicking the links above. Be prepared for whatever summer camp has in store for you and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Make your Mother Proud!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers are honored the world over on this day for the unconditional faith, hope, and love that they exhibit for their children every day. In a past Blog post, I discussed the history of this holiday. In another post, I disclosed what some of us at Everything Summer Camp had planned for our Mother’s Day celebrations. This year, I want to focus on gift ideas. It may already be Mother’s Day, but it’s not too late to create a heartfelt gift to present to your mother.Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere!If a low budget (or lack of one) has kept you from preparing a Mother’s Day gift for your mom, then this is the Blog post for you! The following ideas are simple and require materials that you can likely find around-the-house. And you shouldn’t feel bad about not purchasing your Mother’s Day present; nothing says ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ quite like a homemade project!Greeting cards are a nice, simple way to say the things you want to say.

Make Your Mom a Card
Making your own card for Mother’s Day is a simple gesture that gives you the space to let your mother know exactly how you feel (not how a greeting card company supposes you do). An 8½” x 11” sheet of paper folded in half by its length transforms into a greeting card with a cover, an inside, and a back.

Get creative (and maybe a little messy too) with a message to your mother in visual art.Mother’s Day Message in Finger Paint
Creativity has the tendency to get a little messy from time to time. But, make no mistake about it, the more fun you have creating your Mother’s Day gift, the more your mother is sure to appreciate it (as long as you don’t leave a mess behind for her to clean up!). See what message you can send your mother through your own artistic expression!

Create a Picture
Tap into the visual artist inside yourself and create an image to express how your mother Do something like mixed-media artwork to show your mother your appreciation!makes you feel. You don’t have to be Michelangelo in order to create a work of art. The artist of the pictured example created a work of mixed-media art which uses a blend of techniques—in this case, a two-dimensional colored pencil sketch along with These pretty splashes of color trick the eye easily from a distance.the placement of actual flower heads.

Make Decorations
And last, you can make three-dimensional art for your mother to use as home décor. Plastic foam, straws, glue/double sided tape, ribbon, and buttons are a great means to mock flowers—an art project that’s growing in popularity. Arrange them so they ‘stand’ in a cloth within a vase and, if you’re good, your decorations might actual fool people from a distance. And your mother won’t have to worry about llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllwatering them!

These are just a few ideas that you’re more than likely to put to use for your own Mother’s Day gift. Otherwise, maybe they’ve inspired you to come up with a gift idea of your own. In any case, have fun in the creative process and make your mothers proud! Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Put your Lumbar into it..

Hey, Adventurers!

Backpacks are essential to any fun expedition into the wilderness; after all, the fun will come to a stop pretty quickly once you find yourself in a situation that you aren’t prepared for. That’s why every camper needs a reliable backpack that will be able to fit everything they’ll need for those fun woodsy adventures.

Of course, you could always go with an alternative option like the Tokopah 3 Liter Lumbar Pack from High Sierra. It’s more than sufficient for a simple day hike or it can be used as excellent accessory to a backpack to add a little extra packing space for an extended outdoors excursion.
Get a load of this convenient Pack!Just one look and you know that High Sierra designed the Tokopah Pack to stand its ground against the elements you’re likely to encounter when you’re roughin’ it ing the great outdoors. And, with a large main compartment and secondary zippered accessoTwo of these handy water bottles come with this convenient lumbar pack.ry pocket, this Lumbar Pack offers the packing space you need when you hit the trail.

The Tokopah Pack shows up prepared with preloaded dual side pockets that carry two 500 ml, soft-touch, BPA-free water bottles because High Sierra knows that the most important part of being prepared means being hydrated. Water is absolutely the most important thing that you’ll pack for your hiking adventures.

This convenient Lumbar Pack wears comfortably as it’s made of high quality Ripstop polyester material. And it also promotes safety with reflective accent piping to give yourself easy visibility in the dark. It’s got a top web grab handle so you can snatch it up quickly when you’re excited to get on with the hike. And its waist belt is adjustable for hands-free carrying.

Check out the Tokopah 3 Liter Lumbar Pack right here at Everything Summer Camp and order one for your hiking preparedness. Check out our excellent selection of backpacks while you’re at it and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John