Camp Deerhorn for Summertime Fun

Hey, Camp Folks!

We’re always thrilled here at Everything Summer Camp to work closely with somewhere around 250 summer camps from all across the country. And for that reason, we like to express just what wonderful camps they all are! Get ready now as we swing our spotlight to the beautiful and woodsy Wisconsin to take a look at a camp with whom we’ve worked for a very long time. Camp Deerhorn is a camp to check out!

In fact, this camp was one of the earliest to work with yours truly. Carved out of the gorgeous wilderness of northern Wisconsin, Camp Deerhorn is situated on 100 acres of heavily wooded campground that provides its campers with a million opportunities to explore fun places and activities.

Get your fill of all the fun activities they offer like Archery, Basketball, Baseball , Soccer, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Football, Lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, Golf, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Riflery, Canoeing, Sailing, Swimming, Arts & Crafts, and Quidditch (be sure to bring your broom).

Check out the main lodge of the majestic Camp Deerhorn.Explore the attractive facilities around the campgrounds as well. The waterfront was the selling factor for the site they chose when Deerhorn was first born back in the 30’s. They built the Camp Deerhorn Lodge—built from the giant Norway pines that were chopped down and cut by hand. It gives off a woody and warm atmosphere with lofty rafters and a huge stone fireplace. Inside is the main recreational area, the camp’s kitchen, as well as two large dining rooms.

At Camp Deerhorn, they don’t call cabins ‘cabins’—they call them ‘koogees’. Facing North Pelican Lake, each and every one of them is surrounded by beautiful birch, oaThese cabins---err---koogees are the epitome of comfort.k, and pine trees. These sleeping quarters are designed to stay dry at all times with screened windows and awnings that operate from the outside. The bunk beds are all made from trees on Deerhorn grounds. They bring a great sense of charm and comfort to the campers and their cabin leaders.

Check out Camp Deerhorn’s website right here if it looks like a good match for your kid and get a taste of Deerhorn with their aerial tour below! As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

Awesome Deals on Cyber Monday…and Beyond

Hey, Cyber Shoppers!

I’m sure you’re excited about all the great deals you found on Black Friday. Keeping with our tradition for the past several years, we’ve stretched our Black Friday deals to last all week long—through Black Friday, through Small Business Saturday, and through the rest of the weekend. Today, our sales rage on for Cyber Monday and will last through tomorrow.

Our sales have been going since early last week with more than 200 products discounted anywhere from 10 to 50%! If you happened to miss your shopping chances this Black Friday, it’s not too late at Everything Summer Camp! Let me run down some of the AWESOME DEALS we’ve have going on this week.


MPOWERD Luci Aura Color Changing Inflatable Solar LanternThis awesome portable lantern is inflatable, waterproof, and pretty much indestructible!
You can get the awesome Luci Aura portable and inflatable lantern from MPOWERD for half of its original price! Safe to use in water and all conditions, the Luci Aura is, for all practical purposes, indestructible. Have light wherever you need it and pick it up today for just $12.50!

Stay comfy as a moose in this bag!Wenzel Bags
Excellent selections for your sleeping satisfaction in summer weather—and perfect for sleepovers when it’s too chilly outdoors—our quality Wenzel brand bags, the Wenzel Moose and the Lakeside 40°. Quite comfortable and filled with a performance insulation called Insul-Therm, Wenzel Bags are a must-buy—especially with discounts like these! We took $10 off the Moose and even more off the Lakeside!

Camp Trunk DiscountsOur footlocker trunks for summer camp are the best---hands down!
As the home of C&N Footlockers, of course you can find some deals in our Trunk Department! Get great deals for our Traditional Steel Camp Trunks in the Happy Camper, UnderGrad, and Graduate sizes. Our trunks are the best of the best and make for perfect presents as we enter the holiday season. Pick them up for $25 less than their regular price today!

Now hop on over to our main site and shop like it’s the day after Thanksgiving!

- John

Brush those chompers, Kids!

Hey, Camp Fans!

Do you ever find yourself wondering about the origin of some inventions? When it was invented. And why? We do here at Everything Summer Camp. We offer a number of items that have interesting back stories, which is why I like to take a day here and there on this Blog to investigate the origins of specific gear and other camp supplies.

Today: the toothbrush.

People have been doing the best to their abilities for about as long as history can tell us to make some attempt at dental hygiene. Artifacts that date back well over 5000 years agPeople chewed before they brushed.o have been found and recorded as ‘chew sticks’. People would use pretty much whatever was around. A twig or branch was typical to chew on and work around in the mouth.

Roughly 1400 years ago, the first bristle brush came around. Invented in China, Tiny holes were bored into a hard-handled object—likely bone or bamboo—and then coarse horse tail or hog hair was inserted into the holes. Yep. You read that right. People actually brushed their teeth with animal hair! Hogs in Northern China grew very coarse hair to protect themselves against the cold climate which made for sturdy brushing material.  Toothbrush were as simple as this after the chewing sticks.

This may seem pretty primitive compared to our modern methods, but, if you ask me, I’d rather brush my teeth with animal hair than do what they were doing in Europe at the time!

These guys rolled rags in salt or soot and then proceeded to rub their teeth with these rags! In the year 1780, an Englishman by the name of William Addis is credited as the inventor of the modern toothbrush. Jailed over a dispute that grew out of hand, Mr. Addis found himself in a dim-lit and dirty jail cell where he sat with horrible breath. Inspiration struck him along with the recognition of his breath problem.

He pried up a bone that was embedded in his jail cell floor, somehow managed to drill holes into it and was able to get bristles from one of his jailers that recognized Addis’ invention as something to benefit mankind. The material of the bristles is unknown, but it certainly wasn’t animal hair. Eventually nylon became the choice material to use and this allowed for cheap, mass-production.
A French advocate of the toothbrush
Even so, daily dental hygiene wasn’t practiced as a popular habit until after World War II when soldiers brought the required dental regimen back home with them. Can you imagine the breath they had before then? Remember to brush your teeth, kids! It brightens your smile, cleans up your mouth’s odor, and you don’t have to do it with animal hair anymore!

Everything Summer Camp is proud to promote the habit by providing the very awesome and very first portable, battery-operated toothbrush from VIOlife. Vibrating at more than three times the speed of the fastest electric toothbrush, the Slim Sonic brush is fun to use and habit-forming! Check it out right here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- JohnIntroducing the first ever portable, battery-operated toothbrush! Go nuts with your dental hygiene!

Traditions to Celebrate Today

Happy Thanksgiving!

We love holidays here at Everything Summer Camp! You won’t catch any of us without a full plate of food at our Thanksgiving celebrations for this holiday. How could we go without the traditional turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, and other delicious assorted dishes? And, of course, we stick to these warm, fun traditions because they bring us together.One reason turkey is so popular for Thanksgiving is because of its size

Always thankful for our families, we take time out of our busy, bustling lives to get together with those who are closest to us. So I thought it would be nice to go around the office and see what people are up to for their Thanksgiving plans. Let’s hear from Art, Missy, and Mellina on what fun festivities they have planned for their Thanksgiving celebrations!

General Maintenance
Art and his wife, Pat, ventured out for the day-long trip to Texas yesterday so they could be with their son, also named Art, today. This family of three keeps it a tradition to spend Thanksgiving together in Texas.

When I asked about how he handled the long drive from northern Wisconsin, Art didn’t even bat an eye—“My son’s culinary skills are worth every mile,” he told me. They’re feasting well today!How did it come to be that we dine on these funny birds for Thanksgiving

Missy, our receptionist, isn’t actually doing Thanksgiving today. She’s holding off for the weekend so she can do it up right. Life on the farm is demanding for Missy, her husband Mike, and their three kids, Chelsea, Morgan, and Luke. “It’ll make life a lot easier to hold off till Saturday when the farm schedule isn’t as hectic,” Missy said.

The rest of the family then has the option on Saturday to either help in the kitchen or pitch in with the weekend chores. “They always pick the chores,” Missy offered. They’re sure to take care of the dishes afterward, though.

Printshop Production
Mellina’s Thanksgiving celebration is being delayed as well. “I wouldn’t dream of skipping our traditions, though!” she followed up quickly. Her family is waiting till Saturday when Mellina’s mother-in-law returns home. She and her husband Jeremy are very eager to have her around for the holidays.

Coming back on her third deployment from the marines, she is no doubt ecstatic to be heading home soon to celebrate and feast with her family. This family is thankful simply to be together this year.

We hope your Thanksgiving brings happiness, togetherness, and—of course—a big, fat feast for the whole family to enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers and, as always, I’m thankful for all of you. Thanks for reading!Be sure to enjoy your Thanksgiving Day celebration!
- John

Black Friday Come Early

Hey, Excited Shoppers!

The shopping event of the year that has crept into hours so early they don’t even wait for Friday to start, Black Friday is waiting for you right after your Thanksgiving feast! But, despite how Black Friday hours start earlier and earlier every year, we’re just too excited to wait until the end of the week here at Everything Summer Camp!

That’s why you can find discounts on our website starting tomorrow! From November 22 through to the 29—Tuesday of next week—our Black Friday sales will be in effect! We’ll have over 200 items on sale between 10% and 50% off throughout this monstrous sale. Let’s run down what that means:

First of all…
It means you’ll find sales all throughout our website. For instance, prices on katie plaxour trunk accessories are dropping—our exciting Trunk Name Plax have dropped more than seven bucks!  We also have discounts in our sleeping bags department for our quality Wenzel brand bags, the Wenzel Moose and the Lakeside 40°. We have lowered prices on a JanSport backpack and activity books, as well as plushy pillows and wool blankets.

Nothing like a good ol' camp trunk for your camper's summer camp stay!Second…
You can also find of our Traditional Steel C&N Camp Trunks on sale—$25 off throughout the week and, of course, offering free shipping on each one that you order. This sale applies to our Happy Camper, our UnderGrad, and our Graduate footlocker trunks.

Third (and definitely most exciting)…Place an order with us for a chance to win a free Sony Playstation VR Launch Bundle!
For each order that gets placed during this sales week, our customers will have a chance to win a Sony Playstation VR! Are you a virtual fan? We’re offering the launch bundle which comes with everything you’ll need to escape to a virtual reality (aside from the PS4 console).

Enjoy the savings and keep your fingers crossed that the Playstation VR is yours! As always, thanks for reading.

- John

Guess where this Mama went to camp

Hey, Summer Campers!

In this chilling autumn season, it’s not uncommon for northerners and folks on the upper east coast to do some California Dreamin’. Ever wish you could Go Where You Wanna Go and not just for the weekend, but Monday Monday and any other day of the week? An east coaster herself, Ellen Naomi Cohen dreamt of warm California too, or should I say Cass Elliot, as she changed her name to? Dream of little dream of Cass Elliott

Well, you probably know her best as Mama Cass of the Mamas and the Papas anyway. She didn’t have California, but she had Camp Louise of Airy & Louise. Earlier this month, I posted about another former Louise camper, Shari Lewis—the voice of Lamb Chop (you can check out that post right here).

These brother/sister camps are located just a few miles away from each other in the Catoctin Mountains of western Maryland, Airy and Louise, each camp stretches out about 400 acres to display natural beauty along with the camps’ prided rustic facilities.

Some time after her camp experience, Cass’ family moved to a town called Alexandria in Virginia. She enrolled in George Washington High School, where she attended classes alongside rock legend Jim Morrison of The Doors. It was here, in her high school days that she adopted the name ‘Cass’. It wasn’t until later, however, that she would assume the surname ‘Elliot’ in memory of a friend of hers who died.

It was also in high school that she took interest in the art of acting. She was cast in a school play and really got into it. She moved to New York City after her high school days to further a career in acting (as mentioned in the biographical Mamas and Papas song ‘Creeque Alley’).

Cass searched the inflating folk music scene, watchful for where she might fit in until she stumbled upon two fellows, John Phillips and Denny Doherty, who had formed a group called the The New Journeymen. They knew they needed a new name with two females joining their group. A call to women as ‘mamas’ on television inspired Cass and Michele (the other lady in the band) to shout goofily, ‘We’re the mamas, we’re the mamas.’ John looked at Denny who was quietly saying, ‘The Papas?’

Incredibly famous in their day, The Mamas and the Papas went on to exceed greatness, but Cass in particular was always the star vocal in the group. After The Mamas and the Papas, she continued an impressive solo career with so much to offer the world. Check out the video of her beautiful serenading below and, as always, thanks for reading!

-    John

What We’re Cookin’ Up

Hey, Pilgrims!

We’re getting ourselves prepared for the Thanksgiving Feast in advance this year. And we thought, while we’re at it, we may as well help all of you get prepared as well. After all, there’s always so much to do come early Spatchcock for your turkey this year!Thanksgiving morning: there’s the turkey—the star of the show, you have stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and so much more.

I went around the office today, asking people to share their personal recipes for all the basic food groups that are presented in the typical Thanksgiving dinner (pretty much everything I listed above).

Mark’s Turkey
Mark, vice president of Everything Summer Camp, takes a different approach to his turkey preparation with a cooking method called spatchcocking. Check out what he does for Thanksgiving right here.

Matt’s StuffingMake yourself some delicous stuffing this holiday!
Matt, our Sales Director, makes a mean stuffing dish. Take a look at the recipe he uses every year.

Nate’s Gravy
What’s a Thanksgiving meal without any gravy on your turkey, potatoes, or stuffing?! When you make it this good, you’ll want it on everything. See what the manager of our graphics department, Nate, does for his Thanksgiving dinners.

Anita’s Mashed Potatoes
Our Call Center Supervisor, Anita has her Creamy Mashed Potatoes down to a science. Here’s how she gets them perfect every year!

Missy’s Cranberry Sauce
Cranberries? Apples? Marshmallows? This sauce didn’t come from any can. Make cranberry sauce like our Missy does for a delicious Thanksgiving treat! Get her recipe right here.

Mellina’s Pumpkin PieThis traditional pie belongs on your table this upcoming holiday!
Leave room for pie! This traditional pie is a favorite for most families at Thanksgiving. Get Mellina’s recipe for her delectable pumpkin pie recipe right here.

Tim’s Layered Jell-o
Crazy about the Jell-o his mom makes every year, Tim wanted to share this recipe for Layered Jell-o, made using cream cheese. See the recipe right here.

Art’s Stuffed Dried Fruit
This last recipe sounds like a refreshing, light, bite-sized treat after a fantastic feast! Get the recipe from our Maintenance guy, Art, right here. This one has been in his family for over 80 years!

Stick with these tried and true recipes and your Thanksgiving feast is bound to be a smash-hit among your friends and family. Enjoy the holiday and, as always, thanks for reading!Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone.

- John

Camp Cheerio, my Good Sir!

Hey, Camp People!

It brings us great joy here at Everything Summer Camp to work so closely with about 250 summer camps across the nation. That’s why we’re happy to tell you about what fantastic camps they are! So this week, we’re fixing our spotlight on the beautiful campgroundsCamp Cheerio is a great place to celebrate the summer season! of Camp Cheerio, an hour out from Winston-Salem in North Carolina.

Sitting on 135 acres at great altitudes on the eastern side of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this YMCA camp offers a great place where campers can have a great time whether they’re relaxing or getting all riled up. A quiet, peaceful setting away from home allows Cheerio campers to be themselves as they have the summer of their lives.

Days at Camp Cheerio stay pretty busy when camp is in session. After all, campers have a lot of activities to choose from! There’s Aquatics, Challenge Sports, Field Games, Creative Arts, Nature Study in the daytime and crazy fun to be had in the evenings like Counselor Hunts, Carnival Night, Spy Hunter, Capture the Flag, and Skit/Talent Night.
Nighttime is just as much fun as the day at Camp Cheerio!Cheerio campers also take advantage of the awesome Blue Ridge Mountains and other jaw-dropping landscapes nearby to the campgrounds. Kids will get a chance to set off on daylong adventures like canoe trips, caving, climbing, and woodsy excursions.

Complete with accommodating cabins, a first-class Dining Hall, Health Center, Gym, Athletic Fields, Tennis Courts, Lake Kiwanis, Swimming Pool, Climbing Towers, Riding Stables, High Ropes Course, and Rifle Range, the Cheerio campground is a fully functional playground that’s not only fun, but also developmental for youth.

Set your sights on Camp Cheerio next summer! It’s a safe, supportive place for your kids to take their first few subtle steps toward self-discovery all while enjoying the summer of their lives. Does Camp Cheerio sound like it just may be the camp for your kid? Check it out right here and, as always, thanks for reading!

Pip, pip, cheerio!

- John

In recognition of Veterans Day

Hey, Readers!

Today, we observe Veterans Day—a day to show our appreciation of those who served their country in the armed services. We call those people veterans and we, here at Everything Summer Camp, extend our immense gratitude to those who have fought fearlessly for our freedom. Thank you.
Veterans Day means a lot to a lot of people. How can you help honor veterans?
In a show of our appreciation—and to help you show YOUR appreciation—I’m continuing a list of great ways you can observe Veterans Day that I posted last year. You can check out the suggestions I gave last year right here, but today’s post is chock full of more ideas on how you can show your veteran appreciation!

Simply Show Up
It’s easy to find a Veterans Day event in your area that you can attend. Parades and services for veterans are being held all over the place today. Cowboy actor Roy Rogers once said, “We can’t all be heroes; someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.” Veterans Day gives you the opportunity to wave to and cheer on the heroes in our world. All you have to do is show up!

Fly the Flag
A grand showing of respect, fly your American flag today if you have one. It’s a great way to honor Veterans in your neighborhood and (given the proper equipment), it’s a pretty easy thing to do. Be sure that you’re following the proper rules for display—you can look into proper flag-flying rules right here (

Spend Quality Time with a Vet
Simply showing an interest in spending some time with a Veteran will certainly mean a lot to any Veteran. Ask them about their service. Volunteer at a local VA Hospital. Or you can just spend some good outdoor time together fishing or doing something they enjoy.

You can do any of these things, the previously mentioned ideas from our post last year, or come up with your own way of honoring our veterans. Happy Veterans Day to everyone whether you’re a hero or an onlooker and, as always, thanks for reading.

Enjoy honoring the veterans you know today!
- John

Lisa K. on her Camp Stay

Hey, Camp Fans!

Elated to have received such a great response of about 30 entries for our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest that we held here at Everything Summer Camp, we’re eager to share each entry right here on the Blog now! After seven lucky winners of bigger Enjoy what Lisa enjoyed about it all those years ago and then again just this last year!prizes, all other submissions got a $15 gift certificate to our online store! And today’s post is from Lisa K., who wrote in to tell us about her return to Camp Nokomis—30-some years in the making! Check it out:

I was a camper and staff at Camp Nokomis on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire for 12 years. I left camp after my Freshman year in College to pursue other things. Not a summer went by when I did not think about Camp and how much I wanted to go back. Fast forward almost 30 years and I have a daughter who is in her 6th summer at Nokomis and I was lucky enough to get to go back! I was able to fulfill a life-long dream on being the camp nurse for a session of camp. It was amazing—everything I had hoped it would be. Camp Nokomis is on beautiful Bear Island on Lake Winnipesaukee. It is incredibly beautiful with million dollar views and clear water. I knew how lucky I was to go to bed listening to waves on the shore and to wake up to the bugle blowing reveille. Most importantly the values that Camp Nokomis has always stood for remain in place. It is a place that has taught generations of young women to be kind and strong and have confidence to try new things in a supportive atmosphere. It was such a joy to see these campers having fun and developing skills that they will be able to take with them throughout their lives. I know that I am the person I am today because of camp.

This is such a fantastic story! Thanks for sharing it with us, Lisa. Camp Nokomis sounds beautiful. I’m so glad that your daughter is getting to experience for the first time what you got to relive this summer! How cool for you! Check out Camp Nokomis to see what Lisa’s talking about and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John