Rainy Day Lovers

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Get yourself prepared for stormy weather with the help of Everything Summer Camp and our great selection of rain jackets, rain pants, rain suits, and rain boots! We’re always looking to pull the best products for our summer camp shoppers. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new raingear from the best of the best in outdoor performance wear—Columbia.

Girls Explore More Rain JacketGet into the spirit of discovery with the Girls Explore More Rain Jacket from Columbia!
Sealing out the wet world is important when your camper’s out on an explorative expedition. Get her the Girls Explore More Rain Jacket. As cute as it is practical, this breathable Rain Jacket features elastic cuffs and an elastic waist to provide a hugging, snug fit as well as a cozy feel in unfavorable weather. Columbia knows that girls explore more, so get this classic Rain Jacket from the Columbia brand and help your daughter stay dry on the rainy days at camp.

Boys Evapouration Rain Jacket
Stay dry in a downpour with the EvaPOURation Rain Jacket from Columbia!You’re sure to stay dry when it POURS when you’re prepared with this Columbia Rain Jacket. Determined to provide you with the protection you need against unfortunate precipitation, this Jacket is quite lightweight and breathable too. It boasts advanced evaporating and reflective detailing as well. This thing is so lightweight that it’s packable into its own hand pocket. Perfect at camp, check it out right here!

And while these jackets are perfect at camp, they also work great after camp. Keep dry when you need to make your way to school on a rainy morning and all throughout the wet spring season! These are high quality Columbia jackets, so you certainly want more use out of them than the summer camp stay!

These jackets don’t eat up much packing space, yet they provide you with a world of comfort when the weather isn’t so welcoming. When the world turns wet, simply don your raingear! Check it all out for yourself right here and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

These camps are siblings!

Hey, Camp Fans!

Where are you off to this fast-approaching summer camp season? Maybe you’re attending one of the many camps that has been featured on this Blog. Or maybe—it’d be a stretch, but—maybe you’re planning to attend one of the camps that Everything Summer Camp is spotlighting today: Camp Airy for boys and Camp Louise for girls.Loads of fun await you on the Airy and Louise campgrounds.

The only brother-sister Jewish overnight camps across the nation, Camps Airy and Louise have been giving kids the summers of their lives since it was first established in 1924. Located just a few miles away from each other in the Catoctin Mountains of western Maryland, Airy and Louise both offer a refreshing setting, each of them stretching out about 400 acres of natural beauty along with their prided rustic facilities.

With lots of fun activities and skillAlways wearing a smile at Camp Airy!-building experiences, both the boys camp and the girls camp offer great opportunities like archery, basketball, soccer, tennis, beach volleyball, zip-lining, kayaking, white water rafting, caving, climbing, ropes course, campfire building, overnight camping, as well as a plethora of other activities exclusive to each camp.

Whether you’re looking for a single week stay or if you’re begging to bring on a seven-week adventure, Camp Airy and Louise offer the camp experience to a variety of ages and interests. But they’re so much more than just a fun time! ThFind out about yourself and your community at Camp Louise!ese brother-sister camps work summer magic to show your campers the full potential of who they are!

Airy as well as Louise are excellent camps where each and every camper is made to feel welcome as part of the camp community and is also given the opportunity to discover some things out about themselves that are only revealed throughout the summer camp experience.

For an excellent summer camp stay for your soon-to-be-camper, check out Camps Airy or Louise for your summer of fun! And, as always, thanks for reading.

- JohnFind your inner awesomeness at Camp Airy or Louise!

Write—don’t Type!

Hey, Camp Parents!

Last Monday began our four-part series to share tips and advice on correspondence with your camper during their camp stay. To review, I broke down the four different options of communication, the first—and best—of the options being a handwritten letter, followed by email, phone calls, and care packages.

Borrowing great tips from Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski’s ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, today’s post focuses in on the first option: a handwritten letter.
Writing to your kid should have a personal touch to it!
Keep your letters newsy, upbeat, and encouraging. Try to save mildly bad news until you can talk to your child in person (we’ll cover how to break major bad news to your child in a couple weeks for our post on phone calls). Of course, you can tell your kid that you miss them, but don’t make it sound like life at home is so depressing without them around—that would be mildly bad news.

Bringing up mildly bad news is just introducing things that your kid can’t do anything about. No matter how big or how small, bad news makes campers feel helpless. And helplessness is a road that leads to darker places like homesickness, anxiety, and depression.

Write about positive news from home like the family dog having a fun trip to the dog park or how you’re catching up on your reading. Mention when you’ll write again and include lots of questions to invite a response—though you’re likely not to get one because too much fun is being had.

It’s always nice to include other bits of interest to your kid. I remember my parents sending me the comics page from the newspaper my first time at camp. You could also send photos, drawings, or anything else you can fit in an envelope that your camper will appreciate.

Your kid might write you a bad letter, but try not to let it worry you too much, things are most likely already better by the time you're reading it.What if your kid DOES write you from camp and the letter is a concentrated mess of homesick words and pleas for you to go get them. Don’t overreact—things are most likely fine and the letter was simply written in a bad mindset. A lot is sure to happen at camp in between the letter being written and you reading it.

The right move is to call the camp and talk to a counselor who can update you on how your kid is doing. Chances are that the homesick feelings are gone.

In very extreme and rare cases, your camper might require more attention, one-on-one supervision, or potentially even an early pick-up. Keep in mind that it almost never gets to that point. Calling the camp is a good move, but you should certainly address your campers homesickness in another letter that you write back. Write back as soon as you can.

Make it from the heart, but, once again, be newsy, upbeat, and encouraging. Convey that you understand how they feel in your letter. Typically, the moment your child knows that you truly understand how upset they are is typically when they start to feel better. YouWith any luck you'll be able to get a response from your kid! can check out an old Blog post from Chris Thurber himself about writing to your kid during their summer camp stay!

Tune in next Monday to learn about communicating with your camper by email and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Former Camper; Former Mouse House CEO

Hey, Summer Campers!

Just as you all will be some day, lots of famous celebrities are former summer campers themselves. From movie stars to pop musicians, athletes and a slew of other folks who achieved fame in a number of different ways, today I’m talking about someone remains behind the scenes, but we all know him for his success as a billionaire in the entertainment industry, Michael Eisner. Michael Eisner attrbutes his success to summer camp!

Though he’s now retired from the Mouse House as Disney’s CEO, Michael expanded upon the company’s enormous success for 21 years. But before he ever graced the Disney castle, he went to summer camp! He didn’t just go once or twice either. He went off time and time again. And once he was too old to be a camper, he continued going as a counselor, he loved it so!

He attended Camp Keewaydin in Salisbury, Vermont—a dedicated camp, committed to helping the youth achieve personal growth and independence by placing them in a rustic, natural environment. Michael’s summers at Keewaydin had an obviously great affect on his character as well as success as he attributes his success to his camp days in his biographical novel, ‘camp’.

Concentrated around his own journey  of growing up, Michael shares his stories from Keewaydin as well as stories from his life that wonderfully connect the influence of summer camp and how it touches so much of his life. Learn about how camp helped shape his character and read his indubitable endorsement for the institution of summer camp.

Michael did well in school, attending the Allen-Stevenson grade school in his hometown of Manhattan and then The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. He completed his education at Denison University with a Bachelors in English.

After school, Michael got his foot in the door as an assistant at the television network NBC thanks to his father’s close friendship with the network CEO. He worked his way up the ladder at NBC and eventually moved to CBS and after, he was recruited to work at ABC. There, he climbed the ladder fast, ending his time there as the senior Vice President.

The same guy, Barry Diller, who brought Michael to ABC ended up taking him away too as he had left to become the chairman of Paramount Pictures and wanted Michael as president and CEO. When Barry left Paramount, Michael had every right to expect to take over Barry’s position as studio chief. The company passed on him, however, and he went off to look for work somewhere else.

That’s when he started lobbying for the position of The Walt Disney Company’s CEO. With all the experience he had under his belt, Disney was thrilled to bring him onboard. Bringing what they hailed as ‘The Disney Decade’, Michael oversaw such classic films as ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’. Check out his book right here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- JohnHouse of Mouse

Advice for Best Friends on Best Friends Day

Hey, Besties!

Happy Best Friend Day! Today is a day to hang out and have fun with the friend you treasure most. Best friends do everything together from hanging out to going on family vacations with one another. So how come summer camp has to separate the inseparable? It may not be easy to tell your friend about your summer plans to head off to overnight camp, but today’s post is here to help you break the news to your friend without breaking their heart. It's National Best Friends Day! Go have some FUN with your best friends!Friends are likely to feel a little dejected when you tell them that you’re leaving for a week, two weeks, a whole month, or even longer. The idea that they’ll be minus a friend for the summer can hit hard. They might make some attempt at trying to attend camp with you which may or may not be in your best interests. Take a look at an old Blog post written by camp expert, Dr. Chris Thurber about the pros and cons of attending camp along with a friend.

But even more than just being minus a friend throughout fun summer days, your friend may be concerned that you’re heading off to camp where you’re sure to make lots and lots of new camp friends. After all—a big part of summer camp fun is making newPersonal growth at summer camp. friends. It’s not, however, the only part—nor is it the part that kids love most about camp.

What kids love most about summer camp is the chance to be themselves.

Summer camp gives kids the opportunity to shed their reputation from neighborhood friends, school, and even home life. When your reputation is nonexistent, kids get the clearest picture of who they are and discover their most “authentic personality” as Dr. Thurber puts it. What kids get most out of summer camp is a sense of self identity and personal growth.

The company of an established friend at camp could make for lots of fun, but it can also hinder personal growth. If you’re headed off to camp without your best friend, fill them in on your summer plans directly—don’t be worried about their reaction. For all you know, your friend is just as worried to break the news of their summer plans to you as you are about breaking your news to them.

Maybe not, though.

Maybe they’ll be sad to learn that you won’t be around to hang out with. Reassure them of the strength of your friendship and highlight all the fun opportunities that camp offers—like activities and personal growth as opposed to making new friends. You can promise to write them while you’re away. What will help the most, though, is helping your friend to move past the sadness by enjoying as much time together as you can. Have fun!

Celebrate Best Friend Day with your best friend and, as always, thanks for reading!Best friends are friends forever

- John

Check out these new shoes from Northside

Hey, Camp Fans!

With the summer camp season right around the corner, we’re expanding our footwear selection here at Everything Summer Camp. Standing alongside other top brand names like Merrell and Chaco, Northside footwear makes its way onto the summer camp scene on our website!

Kids have a tendency to go rough on their footwear—especially at summer camp. That’s why Everything Summer Camp has the foresight to offer only the best! Northside’s Copeland Trail Shoe, the Burke II Sport Sandal, and the Snohomish Hiking Boot are up to the trials and tribulations that they’re sure to face at camp! Let’s take a closer look each of them, shall we?

Northside Copeland Jr. Trail Shoe
Get the Copeland for comfort when you hit the camp traiils.Looking for a shoe that offers the comfort and breathability that feet need on a rigorous hike? The Copeland Jr. Trail Shoe from Northside delivers! Open mesh and suede fabric works together to make this shoe not just breathable but protective too. Above protection, the Copeland Trail Shoe supplies a PVC mudguard and a molded ankle piece for great support. Complete with a rugged outsole and speed lacing system for simple adjustability.

Northside Burke II Sport Sandal
Want freedom without sacrificing protection? Then Northside’s Burke II is the Sport Sandal for you. Its amphibious design gives this durable and protective, closed-toe athletic sandal an airiness that feels great and doesn’t skimp when it comes to safeguarding little feet. It provides contrast stitching as well as Get sporty with this Northside Sport Sandal masterpiece!a bungee lacing system to ensure a secure fit. Benefit from the sticky traction of its outsole for excellent grip in not-so-excellent outdoor conditions. With pull loops for easy slip-on action and a padded backstrap for additional comfort, this sport sandal is perfect for camp stays.

This bold boot is willing to go where other footwear dare not!Northside Snohomish Jr. Kids Waterproof Hiking Boot
Given combination suede and mesh upper, this boot is just as effective at keeping your feet dry as it is at keeping them cool. Comfortable, the Snohomish Boot gives you great stability and its solid sole with mudguard offers great protection on rocky terrain. Give your camper happy feet with Northside’s Snohomish Waterproof Hiking Boot for their camping comfort.

Get resilient footwear from this trusted brand and dress your feet in Northside! Enjoy browsing our footwear selection and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Communication Recommendation

Hey, Camp Folks!

Today begins our four-part series throughout June, focusing on how to best keep in touch during your child’s summer camp stay. Working with the wealth of excellent information about proper summer camp prep from a wonderful guidebook called ‘The Summer Camp Handbook,’ this series of posts delivers practical tips for positive correspondence with your soon-to-be-camper.

Receiving mail at camp means the world to your kids. Tearing open a letter from home makes them feel cared for and remembered. Camp experts Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski discuss in their book, “Personal letters and postcards—whether from parents, friends, and relatives—renew the connection with home. Even pets can ‘write’ letters, with the help of their owners.”

Thurber and Malinowski break camp correspondence into four basic methods of communication. We’ll take a quick look at them right now and then get a closer look throughout the series for a more in-depth understanding of these forms of communication.

LettersSnail mail is the preferred method of communication with your campers.
A handwritten letter is typically the best way for you to communicate with your camper. They’ll feel so great receiving mail, but when it comes to getting word back, you’ll be lucky to hear anything at all. Not to worry—silence on their end typically means that your camper is having a blast…such a blast that they don’t think to write back. The best you can do is pack pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelopes and paper, and write letters that encourage your child to write back.

Some camps allow email. Others work around it in some way or another.Electronic Messages
Many camps now have one-way e-mail services that allow faster written communication with your child. However, speed comes at the expense of a personal touch. Sending your child an e-mail may make her feel more like a business colleague than your own flesh and blood. There is no substitute for a handwritten letter. We’ll go much deeper into this topic next week.

Phone CallsPhone calls are permitted at some camps but usually only in more-or-less extreme cases.
As with faxes and e-mail, different camps have different policies about phone calls. Be sure you and your child understand the camp’s phone policy before opening day. During camp, it’s important to respect that policy because it’s based on years of experience with what works and what doesn’t work at that particular camp.

Care PackagesWho doesn't love feeling special?!
Kids feel really special when they get a care package. It can even be something of a status symbol. Still, you shouldn’t feel obligated to send a package to your son or daughter. Overnight camp is a huge gift in itself.

Tune in next Monday to learn about sending electronic messages as well as an online service called CampMinder. As always, thanks for reading.

- John

Hit the ol’ Dusty Trail

Hey, Camp Fans!

Get into the camping spirit today. Lace up your boots and go hit a local trail. Whether you’re passionate about hiking, biking, bird watching, geo-caching, or even horsGet out and hike on National Trails Day!eback riding, there’s bound to be a nearby trail for you to enjoy today! No matter what kind of outing you have planned, it feels good simply immersing yourself in the scenic landscape of the natural world.

Park trails offer us a chance to escape the bustling city life for a while, experience the peaceful existence of the natural world, and enjoy the fresh air of the wilderness. In fact, park trails and summer camp have a lot in common!

Taking great advantage of the winding trails that snake through the wooded and rocky terrains of campgrounds, summer camp activities thrive on adventuresome hikes and breezy bike or horseback rides. They know how important habitual exercise is at summer camp and fit in lots of time outdoors doing outdoorsy things.

Delivering an aspect of physicaAlways inviting, hiking trails are great means of exercise and mental health!l exertion that treadmills and exercise bikes cannot, trails incorporate beautiful winding turns that feature new landscapes and provide a treat for your eyes. Trails provide an abundance of mental health benefits as well; the air you breathe in is much crisper and brings a fresh supply of oxygen to your brain, resulting in a happier you.

Most trails are maintained by means of volunteer labor, so if you have interest in helping out—don’t hesitate! Check out the American Hiking Society’s website right here  to look into volunteer opportunities for yourself. You can also look into events being held in celebration of National Trails Day or hosting an event yourself to take charge and bring your community together.We offer a sizable selection of appropriate footwear for long, outdoor excursions!

Most people live within driving distance of cool trails that are just waiting to be discovered and explored by you. Shop our site for an excellent pair of Trail Shoes and find a trail in your neck of the woods right here ! You can check out the video below to learn about the American Hiking Society and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Camp with Columbia Packs!

Hey, Camp Fans!

Every season we hunt down the best packing containers for availability on our online shop. Whether you’re looking for a rugged camp trunk to withstand the trials and tribulations of camp life or it’s a smaller soft pack that you’re in the market for, we make sure we have a first-rate selection for all you summer camp packers. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new backpacks and duffels from Columbia.

Ashland BackpackThe Ashland is the daypack to sport at camp!
Columbia’s Ashland summer daypack is eager to tag along to summer camp. You can fit a lot in its main compartment and the pack offers ample pocket space as well as an organizer compartment. Given contoured shoulder straps makes for comfortable carrying as well as its high-density foam padded handle. Complete with two vertical accessory pockets on the front as well as a soft-lined front pocket for secure transportation of eyewear or other breakable items, the Ashland is a great fit for summer camp.

Rocky Point BacThe Rocky Point Framed Pack is Columbia's masterpiece.kpack
An excellent example of a lightweight frame pack, Columbia’s Rocky Point Backpack is a made of a high-density foam back panel with an air channel so your back doesn’t get all sweaty when carrying your load. The Rocky Point is given shoulder straps with an ergonomic design for carrying comfort. With plenty of space, this pack features a top organizer pocket, stretchable front and side pockets, stow-away trekking pole holders, and a hydration reservoir. Ready for action, the Rocky Point Pack from Columbia is a smart choice for your hiking endeavors at summer camp. Get a closer look right here!

Summit Trail Duffel
Looking for a duffel to accompany you to summer camp? The Summit Trail Duffel from Columbia is available in Small, Medium, and Large on our website to be suGet the Summit Trail Duffel, available in three different sizes!re to offer the right bag for you! Featuring a removable padded shoulder strap for carrying convenience as well as haul handles on either side, this bag opens wide with a U-shaped main compartment, you can pack a whole lot into this duffel. Given a shoe tunnel pocket and an accessory pocket on the side as well as a separate travel pouch, you’ll be organized and nicely packed up in the Summit Trail Duffel from Columbia.

Everyone’s packing needs differ from everybody else’s, so get the right pack for your summer adventure and, as always, thanks for reading.
Columbia---is there anything they can't do?

- John