National Police Officer Memorial Day

Protected Citizens,

Today, we remember the heroes who lost their lives while on duty as officials of law enforcement. Today is National Police Officer Day, the official day of observation within National Police Week—is also sometimes referred to as National Peace Officer Week to be inclusive of all law enforcement officials. Remember those who have fallen in the line of duty.

Sworn to protect and to serve us, police officers put their lives on the line in order to maintain public order and put a stop to crimes. They hold authority to arrest and detain deviant individuals in order to uphold public safety. Unfortunately, just in performing the duties of their jobs, some policemen and policewomen end up paying the ultimate price.

Whether you knew them or not, today is a day to remember those who were killed. There are many ways that communities and individuals can demonstrate their remembrance. Here are a few ideas on how you can play a role in memorializing those who have fallen in the line of duty.

Observe a Moment of Silence.
Setting a little time aside during the school day or even just alone in your room can be very helpful to all participants. With silence comes peace.
The Flag is flown at half-staff today in remembrance.
Fly the Flag at Half-Staff.
Flags are flown at half-staff to commemorate the deaths of ranking officers.



See the Names of the Victims.
You can see a list of the names of the officers who lost their lives in the last year right here. This is a difficult list on which to focus, but it’s important that these names are remembered.

Honoring the Heroes.
The bravery of the men and women who risk their lives to uphold the peace and safety that we enjoy everyday will never be forgotten as our heroes are honored and loved ones remembered on this day of observance.

National Police Week sees a number of events in Washington D.C. every year like the annual Blue Mass Candlelight Vigil, a Wreath-Laying Ceremony, the National Police Survivors Conference, the Honor Guard Competition, as well as the Emerald Society & Pipe Band March/Service. There are 25,000 to 40,000 law enforcement officers and their families take part in these events every year.

Honor the fallen officers in whatever way you can today and, as always, thank you for reading.Police Officers who have fallen are remembered today.

- John

He writes the songs that make the whole world sing…

Hey, Summer Campers!

Former summer campers are everywhere you look. So many folks have gone for summer camp adventures that a bunch of them went on to become famous celebrities. They’re in the movies we see, in professional sports leagues, and they’re singing the songs that make the young girls cry—Barry Manilow is, anyway. And, yes, he was a summer camper back in the day as well.He writes the songs about love and special things.

Attending Camp Billings, Barry was fortunate for the opportunities and great camp experience he had for two weeks on the shore of Lake Fairlee among the lush hills in eastern Vermont—nearly an hour-and-a-half-long drive from New Hampshire. Learning a wealth about himself and where he fits into the world around him, Barry had no idea camp lessons would steer his life in the direction of super-stardom!

Having grown up in Brooklyn, Barry has always brought the energy of a New Yorker to his music despite his surroundings in “laid-back L.A.” as he calls it. He went to the Eastern District High School and, after graduating, attended the City College of New York. He didn’t stay there long, however, as his musical interests were developing exponentially. He soon entered the New York College of Music instead. Eventually, he went on to study at Juilliard School of Performing Arts.

Barry worked at CBS for some time while he was going to school. Not long into his employment there, the network director approached him to request that he arrange a few songs for a musical adaptation of an old, traditional play. Barry accepted the task, but went above and beyond by creating an entire original score for it. The CBS director used Barry’s score which saw great popularity throughout an 8-year run at New York’s 13th Street Theatre.

This launched Barry’s career as a pianist, producer, and arranger. He found great work writing and performing jingles for commercials. He’s responsible for classic commercial jingles such as Band-Aid’s ‘I am stuck on Band-Aid brand ‘cause Band-Aid’s stuck on me’ as well as the ever-popular ‘Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,’ for State Farm Insurance.

Of course, his true talent was only discovered after the release of some of his greatest masterpieces like ‘Mandy,’ ‘Can’t Smile Without You,’ ‘Ready to Take a Chance Again,’ and so many more. After summer camp, Barry Manilow achieved worldwide fame and made his dreams come true. What’s in store for you after summer camp? As always, thanks for reading, campers!

- John

How does that make you feel?

Hey, Emoji Devotees!

No matter what you’re feeling—happy, love struck, nervous, crazy—you can communicate your emotions with Emoticon or Emoji faces. In fact, they can often convey thoughts, moods, and attitudes with much more ease than it is trying to articulate our wide array of feelings with words!

They may owe their existence to social media and texting communications, but we’ve invited these communicative buddies of ours to come over, hang out, and adorn some of our most emotive products like the Emoticon Activity Book from iScream! Read on to check ‘em all out!
This pillow looks like poop.
We have a handful of Emoji Pillows on which to rest your head. Have your pick or collect them all! We’ve got a two-faced Emoji Pillow that changes moods with a simple flip. We have a Smiley Tie-Dye guy for a fun camp companion as This Tie-Dye guy is Dye-ing of laughter!well as a plushy piece of poo for you and your friends bathroom humor. You can else get a groovy grumpy with our Tie-Dye Poo Pillow.

Three CheersThree Cheers loves emojis!
When it comes to Emojis, we just can’t help ourselves. The Three Cheers for Girls Folding Storage Cube saves you valuable space and the cute Emojis put a smile on your face. It folds up as easily as it pops out Shower with shum give you ample storage space. We also offer their smiley Spa Wrap and Emoji Shower Caddy. Three Cheers even has Emoji Stationery!


Emoji Designer Trunk
I saved the best for last on purpose. Our Emoji Designer Trunk is five panels of happy, love struck, nervous, crazy, zany, and a variety of other Emoji faces. Often able to convey with ease what may be difficult to articulate in words, Emojis are more than just easy ways to express ourselves—these guys are our buddies, reflecting ourselves in their What mood is your camp trunk in?communicative faces. We threw an Emoji party with this Designer Trunk! Embrace your Emojis and check out this expressive camp trunk!

Wearing their hearts on their sleeves, these products wouldn’t have it any other way. Go ahead and share your feelings when you shop our Emoji products and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Gear light. Gear right. Packing is such sweet preparation.

Hey, Camp Packers!

As May brings the full swing of spring, it also elevates our anticipation for the fast-approaching summer camp season! Last Monday began our four-part series to share packing techniques for a successful summer camp experience! Get words of the wise, borrowed from ‘The Summer Camp Handbook,’ the comprehensive guidebook written by camp experts, Dr. Chris Thurber and Dr. Jon Malinowski.

Last week, I went over trunks and trunk alternatives such as suitcases, duffels, and backpacks. Now that you have an idea of what type of container your camper will be bringing to camp, it’s time to go over selecting the right gear for your summer camp stay. Thurber and Malinowski break camping gear down into major, manageable groups. Let’s take a look:

ClotWe've got all your camp clothes here at Everything Summer Camp.hing
I’m sure I don’t have to tell you to pack clothes (it’d be kind of weird if I did), so I’ll skip over all the shirts, the shorts, the pants, cozy hoodies, aMake sure to bring extras of these articles for sure!s well as extra socks and underwear that we have available on our site. As for our less obvious articles, you’ll certainly want a quality, 100% waterproof raincoat or a hooded poncho when things get wet at camp. If you’re spending timeVery important for rainy days at camp. in the water, be sure to get quick-drying swim suits or trunks. And lastly, bathrobes, while optiSwimwear is pretty much a necessity at camp.onal, may provide more comfort than a wrapped towel after a shower.

Footwear is extremely important at camp. You’ll need boots for hikes, boots for horseback riding, and boots for rainy days when the campgrounds are rendered messy and muddy. The same as boots,Boots and camp go together for sure! make sure you have the right kind of sneakers for the activities that you plan to do at camp. It’s typically a good idea to bring two pairs—a newer pair for sports (specific to tennis or basketball requirements) and an older pair for everyday wear.

As for sandals, they’re both useful and popular, though some camps required that all Sport sandals make for great footwear if your camp allows them.footwear have closed toes, to prevent injuries.  Remember, sandals are not meant for hiking or sports, despite the advertisements. Besides shoes, remember to pack a lot of socks and make sure that they are appropriate for the shoes you’ll be wearing. Pack thick wool socks for your hiking boots and crew-length, cotton-blend socks for sports.

As it is for Rest your head on something comfy.everything, a sound night of sleep is very important at camp. Your camp’s information packet should give you a good idea of what kind of bedding you need to bring whether it’s nothing at all (if the camp is supplying all tYour camper will appreciate clean bedsheets!he sheets, blankets, and pillows) or everything (if the camp supplies only a cot, bed, platform, or bare earth). We have a great selection of sheets, blankets, mattress pads, mattress covers, as well as pillows and pillowcases from which to choose. We also Sleeping Bags are another essential item for camp.have a slew of sleeping bags for all different outdoor conditions. Check them out right here!

ToiletriesToiletries = Necessities
As for toiletries, you can check out our towels for washing and drying off after showering, or laying down in the sand! You can find great items like sunblock, insect repellent, lip balm, hairbrushes, and toothbrushes with travel holders all right here! And you can keep all these smaller items in the same spot with one of our many toiletry bags!

Of course, headwear is great for a number of reasons. Bandanas and headbands are Hats are where its at!helpful to keep hair and sweat out of your face. The summer sun is Sunglasses help protect your eyes and your image.blindingly beautiful—make sure to shield your eyes appropriately with hats or even better, sunglasses! Unlike sunglasses, however, hats offer the advantage of keeping ticks off your head. You’ll want to grab swim goggles too if you’re planning on spending time in the water! Keep the chlorine out of your eyes with these great goggles.Other Gear
There’s a bunch of miscellaneous gear that’s mandatory at any camp: a laundry bag, Brighten up the night with your camping flashlight!flashlight, and water bottle. But we have a lot of other fun items that you might consider taking along as well—depending on your interests. We have books Read a book throughout your summer camp stay!for quiet time, cameras (which may or may not be allowed at your camp), classic Jacks, playing cards, and so much more is here for your entertainment. Lastly, if you’re hoping to get letters back from your camper, it’s only smart to send them with stationery including pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes.

It’s a lot, but it helps to see all this gear broken up to provide organization and clarity. For a look that goes further in-depth of this phase and all other phases of packing and sending your kid to camp entirely, order ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’ for yourself. And be sure to come back next Monday for our tips and advice on labeling your gear and camp clothing! As always, thanks for reading.

- John

Everybody and their mothers too!

Happy Mother’s Day!

There’s nobody else in the whole world who lugged you around for nine months before you really entered into the world and that bond is unbreakable! What better day than today to show your mom how much you appreciate that bond?Happy Mother's Day to all of them out there today!Just the same as you and everybody else, we all love our mothers here at Everything Summer Camp. So, I went around the office asking folks what fun plans they had in store for their mothers today.Happy Mother's Day, Scrabble Lovers!

Graphic Artist, Gunnar
Gunnar and his older brother are planning a fun game night for their Mother’s Day celebration tonight. Her favorite games, Scrabble and Cribbage, are on the docket for this evening. My advice to Gunnar and his brother: let Mom win tonight!

Lead Buyer, Tim
Tim’s Mother’s Day plans break away from the traditional celebrations. He’s not taking his mom out for a nice dining experience or geClassical Mother's Day Music!tting together for a game night. Instead, he’ll be accompanying his mother for the recital she has that night for the guitar lessons she’s taking. But Tim isn’t just going to listen—he’s going up with her to play bass guitar while she picks her classical guitar and sings The Beatle’s ‘Come Together’. Break a l                                                                                          leg, you two!

Print Shop Supervisor, MellinaA great place to hang out for special occasions.
Mellina, a dedicated mother herself, will be spending this beautiful day in the Family Farms Market in Eleva, WI where her mother, her grandmother, and the rest of her family are rendezvousing for a wonderful atmosphere and gourmet lunch. Three generations of mothers is a wonderful way to celebrate the day! Happy Mother’s Day to all three of you!

A Happy Mother’s Day to Tim and Gunnar’s mothers as well—not to mention mine, if she’s reading this Blog post!—and Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere. Thank you all for the graceful selflessness and undying love and support you bring into the world! And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

National Nurse Day

Hey, Camp Fans!

Like all other junctures in life, summer camp stays are not immune to unfortunate illnesses or mild wounds. That’s why Nurses: the nicest people on the planet.summer camps are sure to have a nurse on hand throughout their summer sessions. Well-versed with tummy aches, bee stings, and all other inopportune ailments that may befall you, camp nurses are the nicest people on the planet.

Always sure to treat their patients with the utmost care and empathy no matter what’s wrong with them, camp nurses—and nurses in general—deserve a dedicatory day. Which is why they have one—TODAY! May 6th is National Nurse Day. A great day to show your appreciation toward the many nurses of the world, this day actually stretches outward a week and ends on May 12th, the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

Florence NightingaleEven if you don’t know who Florence Nightingale is, you’ve likely heard of her before (and who could forget a name like that?). Ms. Nightingale was born back in 1820. Considered the founder of modern nursing, Florence became recognized while tending to the injured soldiers of the Crimean War between France and Russia in the 1850s.

With increasing popularity, soldiers started referencing Florence as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ since she would regularly make her rounds at night. And now her birthday is honored every year as National Nurse Week comes to a close.

When you head off to summer camp, be sure to thank your camp nurse for her assurance of your well-being and her ever-kind manner. On behalf of Everything Summer Camp, we’d like to send out a giant thank you to camp nurses, school nurses, clinical nurses, emergency room nurses, and all other kinds. You truly help people on a daily basis!

Be sure to show your appreciation for the nurses in your life today and, as always, thanks for reading.

- there anything they can't do?

Can you handle these sandals?

Hey, Foot Fans!

Footwear comes first for a lot of people. It’s certainly a smart place to start. That’s why Everything Summer Camp is sure to expand our footwear selection with only the top brands. Chaco has been crafting premium footwear since 1989. Check out what they’ve been up to lately with these three new sandals that we just started offering.

Kids have a tendency to go rough on their footwear—especially at summer camp. That’s why we brought on board the Kids Z1 as well as the Kids ZX/1 Eco Tread Sandals from their Z collection. We also grabbed the Kids OutCross Sport Sandal. Give these three newcomers a nice warm welcome and check out the innovative features these sport sandals are sporting!

Chaco Kids Z1 Eco Tread SandalChaco makes a perfect sport sandal.
Thanks to Chaco’s LUVSEAT™ platform, your feet are provided with lasting support from the arch which reinforces healthy posture and good body alignment. For a protective sandal that goes on with ease and off with just as much. Pick yours up right here!

Get the ZX/1 Chaco Sport Sandal for summer camp.Chaco Kids ZX/1 Eco Tread Sandal
This Sandal is ready for anything it’s likely to encounter at camp. This Sandal boasts LUVSEAT™ platform support as well to make walking, running, skipping, jumping, and galloping all feel great. Check it out on our site right here.

Chaco Kids OutCross
Designed to be worn with or without socks, comfort is as a big a deal to the Kids OutCross as it is to…well, kids! Going with the amphibious design, thiThis amphibious design cannot be outdone.s airy shoe offers a durable cap for protection as well as open sides for efficient drainage and ventilation. Because of its semi-collapsible heel, the Kids OutCross allows for maximum on and off convenience. And Chaco gave this sandal the LUVSEAT™ platform too. Check it out further right here.

Go with footwear that’s sure to feel great! Go Chaco! Enjoy browsing our footwear selection and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Colorado camp spotlight

Hey, Camp Fans!This is a great camp to send your kid to.

Looking for a great place where you can send your camper? Well, it just so happens I have an amazing summer camp to brag about today! Everything Summer Camp is more-than-happy to present a camp with whom we have had the pleasure of doing business—Cheley Colorado Camps for boys and girls.

Named after the tight-knit family that’s been keeping the camp in excellent operation since 1921, “Cheley is about doing things you never thought you’d do.” Cheley is located on three separate sites: Land O’ Peaks Ranch just south of Estes Park—then Boys’ Trail’s End as well as Girl’s Trail’s End on two ranch properties 12 miles east of Estes Park.
cheley climber
Here, among the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains and the majestic pine forests, Cheley campers are encountered with endless opportunities to climb billion-year-old slabs of rock, hike the scenic shaded forests, bike the mountainous terrain and tundra, and so much more!

Cheley is an adventure camp. It takes time for campers to allow themselves to settle in, wind down, get in shape, develop friendships, and do all the fun stuff that makes a summer session an unforgettable experience. That’s why Cheley’s camp sessions are four weeks long. In this enchanting environment, four fun weeks go by very quickly.
Cheley champions
Throughout those four weeks, campers take great advantage of Cheley’s five western horseback riding rings with 146 beautiful horses, climbing walls and giant rock slabs, a gymnasium, basketball courts, Riflery ranges, archery ranges, 50 awesome mountain bikes, a pottery studio, wood shop, lush amphitheater that boasts a lighted stage, the soccer field adjacent to the aspen grove, the weight room, fishing pond, arts and crafts studio, and more!

With so many opportunities, Cheley campers are sure to face new challenges. But just as important as WHAT’s there—camp is about WHO’s there! Cheley campers build their confidence throughout a summer stay and learn what it means to be a part of a community. Forming new relationships is a huge part of camp that teaches trust, support, and self-reliance. Check it out for yourself right here and, as always, thanks for reading!
cheley sillhouettes

- John

To trunk or not to trunk…

Hey, Camp Aficionados!

Today begins our four-part series throughout the month of May. I’ll be posting helpful advice and giving you the breakdown of the different phases that go into summer camp packing. This series will share words of the wise, straight from ‘The Summer Camp Handbook,’ the comprehensive guidebook written by camp experts, Dr. Chris Thurber and Dr. Jon Malinowski.What type of container does your camper need?

Of course, before you can focus on proper and perfected packing techniques, you need to know what type of container is best for your camper’s camp stay. The right container for your camper could be a footlocker trunk, it might be a suitcase, or a duffel bag, or it could be a large backpack. Check your camp’s information packet to see if a preferred type of container is listed.

If not, you should call the camp to ask. It’s a good idea to follow the recommendation of the camp director because they know how much space is available from closets, drawers, and lockers in the living quarters.

Footlocker trunks are a favorite for camps because they are tough, compact, and easy to organize. And they can double as card tables, chairs, and step-on ladders to top bunks too. However, if your child’s camp specifies another alternative, you can find great duffel bags as well as an assorted handful of backpacks. You can also find the one and only Pivotal Soft Case right here!

If your camp offers a choice of what to pack clothes and gear in, consider all your different options and the job you’ll expect a container to do for your kid’s camp experience:

Duffel Bag or Soft Case/SuitcaseThe Pop Up Soft Trunk is the best hard trunk alternative
If the trip to camp involves an airplane, keep in mind that it’s easier to bring a suitcase than a hard trunk. Our Pop-Up-Soft-Trunks serve flyers well also. Of course, if the living quarters are like a dorm room, with closets and drawers, then a duffel bag may be the best container. Once unpacked, duffel bags can be folded and stuffed under your camper’s bed or in a drawer.

If your camper plans on a lot of hiking, a large backpack is best. If you’re going to a store to pick one out, be sure to select a frame pack feels comfortable when fully loaded (almost any backpack feels comfy in the store when it’s empty).

Camp Trunk
If the living quarters don’t have drawers, trunks keep clothes and gear neater than suitcases, backpacks and duffel bags. If your child will be doing only day-long hikes, it’s best to pack everything in a trunk, but bring a separate day pack.

Enjoy checking out all the container options that we have available on our site and be sure to come back next Monday for tips on selecting the right gear to pack inside your container. As always, thanks for reading!

- JohnNothing like a good ol' camp trunk for your camper's summer camp stay!