Rockbrook Camp for Girls

Hey, Camp Fans!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we’re proud to say that we’re the recommended camp outfitter for roughly 250 camps. And we love singing the praises of the many camps with whom we’ve developed a working relationship. Today I’m shining our spotlight on the wonderful camp, Rockbrook Camp for girls in North Carolina.
Have fun with horses during your Rockbrook stay.
To borrow a line from one of the traditional Rockbrook song, the camp sits in the ‘heart of a wooded mountain’. You’re sure to find absolute beauty in the Appalachian Mountains where waterfalls and scenic overlooks abound within the 215 acres of wooded campgrounds. Rockbrook Camp has been showing young girls—ages 6-16—a life outside of home for nearly 100 years!

Of course, there’s much more to Rockbrook than beautiful campgrounds. Rockbrook rocks with the best camps when it comes to the facilities they provide and the activities they offer. Rockbrook boasts two pottery studios, the ‘Curosty’ cabin (named for the mountain word—‘crafts’), climbing tower and real rock for climbing. They offer zip-lining, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, archery, riflery, gymnastics, tennis, swim, theater, dance, and a lot more.
Improve archery accuracy at Rockbrook.
Campers live together in simple, open air cabins. Two female cabin leaders stay in each cabin. After dividing into three age groups (or ‘lines’ as Rockbrook calls them). Each line fills up anywhere from 5 to 9 cabins and a bathhouse is located in the center for each line.

With abundant activities and endless fun, Rockbrook Camp is able to work magic to show girls the time of their lives. This place gives young women the chance to realize a deeper understanding of themselves, the community around them, and how the two work together.

Rockbrook Camp is a shining example of what a great summer camp experience can do for a young woman. If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, just click right here to visit their website and familiarize yourself with this excellent summer camp. And, as always, thanks for reading!

- JohnFun times await your arrival at Rockbrook!

Mapping out Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we observe the federal holiday of the United States in which we remember and honor the many soldiers who have died serving their country and protecting our freedom. Because of the observed day off from school or work along with the day’s proximity to the beginning of summer, it’s often celebrated as an unofficial first summer day.
Heroic American lives are remembered today.Lots of folks pass the day away leisurely with the people they love enjoying the beautiful weather (so long as Mother Nature permits). Others with a closer connection to those who have served their country might visit cemeteries or memorials. There are volunteers across the whole country that offer to go around in national cemeteries to place small, United States flags on each grave.

Here’s a look at what some of us around the office at Everything Summer Camp are up to today:

Matt—Sales DirectorA great day for gardening, get to it on Memorial Day like Matt DeMuth.
Matt’s spending all day outside this year. He’s planting his garden all morning. In the afternoon, he’s off to watch his kids in a few sports events—he’s got a soccer game, softball game, and a T-ball game that his youngest is playing in. After all the sports, it’s back home with his family where they’re grilling out for the evening.

Stay cool like Keisha on Memorial Day by installing your AC.Keisha—Receptionist
Keisha, on the other hand, has a day indoors all planned out. With just a couple months to go until the arrival of her second kid, she plans on spending the vast majority of the day relaxing with her family, watching TV, and basking in the joys of air conditioning.

A veteran himself, Art has a closer connection to Memorial Day than anyone else at Everything Summer Camp. He’s making visits to memorials around the area like The Highground in Neillsville, WI as well as the Cadott Veteran’s Tribute in Cadott, WI. Between these two sites, he’ll observe reenactments, ceremonies, museum exhibits, and more.
Veteran memorials are all around the state.A happy Memorial Day to all. Remember those who fought to protect your freedom and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Protected fun in the sun!

Hey, Summer Lovers!

What’s not to love about summer? Going to the beach, family get-togethers, family vacations, SUMMER CAMP!!!—the fun never ends…until you wake up with a sunburn, that is. These horrible by-product of too much sun exposure can ruin a day, a week, and a lot more than that if harmful UV rays settle in to pose a certain threat to your skin.

Yes, Great sun protection for your little gator.unfortunately the most beautiful days bring with them harmful UV sun rays that come pelting down on your skin in brilliant sun showers. Fun in the sun can certainly turn into a painful experience if you’re not careful about protecting yourself against those gorgeous rays. And that’s why I’m talking about sunscreen today—National Sunscreen Day.

A day intended to remind us to practice proper protection against the powerful sun, Sunscreen Day spreads awareness of the damages sun exposure will do and the necessity to apply and reapply sunscreen products when spending time in the hot sun. Sunscreen works by creating a barrier between your skin and the rest of the world. Supergoop! is super formula for excellent sun protection.

With proper use, sunscreen will help to prevent skin cancer. ‘Proper’ use, however, is much more frequent than most people are probably aware. For true protection, people ought to apply sunscreen many times throughout the day (especially if you’re spending the whole day outside which you essentially will throughout the summer).

TruKid sunscreen is an excellent sunscreen source!That’s why our Sunscreen selection is full of fun misting sprays, gels, and wipes to help encourage campers to apply and reapply as needed. These are kid-safe and natural formulas from trusted brand names like Aloe Gator, Supergoop!, and Burt’s Bees.

Our Sunscreen Department goes beyond sunscreen for camp with products like lip balm and poison ivy protection. Get the protection you need right here when it’s time to head off to summer camp! And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Geniuses go to summer camp too!

Hey, Summer Campers!

This Blog has featured many a famous celebrity who was once a summer camper like yourself. We’ve talked about famous actors, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and all other walks of fame. Today, spotlights someone who isn’t really any of those things, yet he’s still a household name the world over—Noam Chomsky. Considered to be the most important intellectual alive, is it any surprise that he attended summer camp?The most important intellectual alive.

That’s right, he went to Camp Massad, a Jewish summer camp in the Pennsylvanian Poconos. In operation for 40 years, Camp Massad closed its doors in 1981. It was around his time at camp that Noam’s superior intelligence started to show.

Noam attended Oak Lane Country Day School when he was younger. This progressive school allowed its students to study their own interests in an environment that ignored competition. When Noam was only 10 years old, he wrote his first article which concentrated on the spread of fascism after the first World War.

Just two years later, he moved on to high school. He was only 16 when he started his college education at the University of Pennsylvania. There, he studied philosophy, logic, and languages—primarily Arabic.

It wasn’t difficult for him to land a teaching career at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Throughout the years, he’s written over 100 books that focus on language, war, politics, and mass media. While his writings got his name out there, it didn’t bring him to the level of popularity that he now has. Noam attributes his success to “a series of accidents”.

His name became famous for his anti-Vietnam War activism which made President Nixon put Noam down on his list of enemies. While his anti-war position brought him some trouble and did damage to his career, Noam is still considered the world’s most important living intellectual.

A voracious reader, he reads through five newspapers on a daily basis with subscriptions to publications like The Boston Globe and The New York Times.

Noam was eager to learn about everything he could get his hands on. A great quote of his is, “I was never aware of any other option but to question everything.” Fighting indoctrination and encouraging independent thought, Noam and summer camp get along great. How will you get along at camp? Learn more about Noam right here and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Discount Patriotic Products!

Happy Memorial Day!

This weekend is a great time to finalize your summer camp preparations and make the last of your purchases. Why? Because Everything Summer Camp’s traditional Memorial Day Weekend Sale is slashing prices on hundreds of our camping gear products, camp clothing, and much, much more. Save on select gear with this excellent weekend sale. Check it out:Memorial Day Weekend Sale

First and foremost, we’re offering $15 off of all our Steel Camp Trunks—including the ever-popular Happy Camper. And the trunk fun doesn’t stop there! We ship it to you with a $10 gift certificate for Everything Summer Camp waiting inside! Maybe you’re not in the Get trunks for cheap on memorial day!market for a hard camp trunk? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that the same deal applies to our Pop-Up-Soft-Trunk—an exceptional duffel bag that performs about as well as a steel trunk!

We’re taking $5 off of our latest means of trunk decorating—Name Plax! These are contour-cut vinyl decals featuring your name in all its glory with your choice in color for font, background, and border! Removable, but not reusable, Name Plax are intended for the top of your camp trunk, but may also lookName Plax are awesome decals! good on your bedroom door, windows, and walls. Aside from fabric exterior trunks, they work on most any camp trunk you have—not just C&N brand!

The first and last rules of summer camp packing are to label everyThese waterproof labels work amazingly well!thing! This weekend you can find all of our labeling products available for 20% of their regular prices! Also marked 20% off are our new ‘camp. Tees’ collection—an instant hit. We tapped one last department with our 20% off wand: our Color War selection of excellent Color War T-shirts and other fun accessories to celebrate your team spirit!
Get this excellent Sleeping Bag for your traveling endeavors!


We’re cutting a bunch of prices on our camping gear by 10%. All products in our Sleeping Bags, Rain Gear, Laundry Bags, Toiletry Bags, Bedding, and Swimwear Departments can be found for 10% off!

As much as all that is, it still isn’t quite everything! In fact, this sale is stretching out to so many different departments and products that I couldn’t come close to completing the list on this Blog post. Suffice it to say there are another 150 discounted products on top of the all the others I already mentioned! Deals anywhere from 5-20% off are lurking all over our site, so don’t be afraid to browse around!
And the rocket's red glare; the bombs bursting in air..
Have fun getting ready for your Memorial Day fun and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

What’s in a trunk?

Hey, Camp Packers!

Today marks our last installment in our four-part May series that shares packing techniques to make for a successful summer. Using the wealth of information from ‘The Summer Camp Handbook,’ I’ve covered the right type of container to use, the proper gear for campers, and different methods of labeling. Now that you have the right packing container and you have your gear all labeled, today’s post focuses on tips for the literal packing part of the process.

It's important to pack extra socks and underwear.Bring Extras
As I mentioned in the second post of this series, it’s always smart to bring extras of the basics. Seven pairs of socks and underwear for seven days at camp might seem like enough, but campers can go through more than just one pair in a day if they go swimming with their underwear on. Or there may be a couple-day lag in laundry service. A good idea is to pack 1.5 times the number of days between your camp’s laundry days.

Roll it All UpRolling clothing is a great method of packing your footlocker trunk.
An excellent method for packing your camp clothing is to roll everything up and then stack them in your container like pencils in a can. This makes it easier for your camper to see everything that’s been packed without having to unfold and go through the contents of their container.

Pack Your Packing ListPack your packing list to be sure everything comes home.
It’s also a smart idea to attach your packing list to the inside lid (if you have a camp trunk) or some visible spot in your container. Keeping your packing list around will make it easier to ensure that everything that went to camp is coming back.

Kids are a Part of It
It’s a big deal for kids to feel as though they have a certain amount of control in the decision-making processes of summer camp. Be sure to involve them with packing so they know how to operate all the camp gear they’re bringing and know where everything is.

Everything Summer Camp has great travel accessories to make the most efficient use of your packing space. Eliminate stress and hassle with our great Packing Cubes, the LidMate Organizer, as well as a Glide n’ Go Tray for absolute convenience at camp. Make the most of your packing space and help send your kid off to get the most out of their summer camp experience. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Let’s have Three Cheers for these products!

Hey, Camp Fans!

We’re always finding the coolest products for you to bring to camp and we love expanding our selection of the already-popular brand names we offer like Columbia, JanSport, Lockers 101, and many more. Sometimes when we see fun camp supplies and other cool gadgets, we just gotta have it so we can offer such fun products to our customers! We can’t help ourselves!
Put your hair back with this No-Slip Headband!
I’m delighted to introduce you to the newest products in our cherished Three Cheers for Girls selection! We’ve added four new pieces recently—check ‘em out:

No-Slip Headband
Girls never know what to do with their hair at summer camp. But with these stylish No-Slip Headbands, it’s not a problem! They’re made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex for your comfort and convenience when it comes to eliminating Take this along for a fun day at the beach!sweat dripping down your face! It’s the perfect sports accessory!

Towel and Sling Bag Set
They may have cooties, but let’s give three cheers for BOYS too. These great Towel and Sling Bag Sets are the best on beach day. These Sets include a terry velour, 30”x60” beach towel made of 100% cotton. The towel is packed inside the sling bag which sports a mesh top, an outside zippered pocket, and a drawstring closure.

Folding Storage CubeSmile! And stay organized with this great catch-all!
The 3C4G Folding Storage Cube saves you valuable space at summer camp. This laminated polyester storage bin offers easy organization and cute Emoji smiles. It folds up just as easily as it pops out to give you ample storage space as well as ease and efficiency when packing or putting it away. Great for holding books, toys, towels, or random accessories!
It's a rainbow of love every time you put this garment on!
Rainbow Hearts Robe
Lastly, the Rainbow Hearts Robe is super soft, made of 100% polyester coral fleece, and it sports satin piping trim and heart prints all over. It covers you down to the calf with a warm, cozy texture. Wrap up with Rainbow Hearts and wear it for bed, on your way to the shower, or all throughout the occasional lazy morning at camp.

Enjoy these great new products from this undoubtedly great brand and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

A Different Way to Decorate

Hey, Footlocker Fans!

We’re always thinking of new ways to spruce up our camp trunks. After all, they’re so much more than just storage units. Footlocker trunks are also attractive pieces of bedroom furniture. Whether you go with the simplicity of a nameplate or the splendor of a Lid Skinz print, footlockers don’t just fit your gear—they’re fashionable!
Name Plax are great accessories to adorn your trunk.
Yes, you can dress up a camp trunk anyway you like so that it’s sure to be a wonderful extension of your personality! And there’s no better way to express yourself than displaying your beautiful name. We’ve been making nameplates for a very long time, but now we’ve created a new means of showing off your moniker:

Name Plax!

Name Plax are contour-cut vinyl material that feature your name in all its glory! Intended for the top of your camp trunk, these things will also stick to your bedroom door, walls, windows, and anywhere else your parents will allow you to put it. Name Plax work on any camp trunk you can find except for ones with a fabric surface such as Rhino Armor trunks.

Lid Skinz are our completely customizable decal tops—they’re cool, for sure. They also cost $100. Paint jobs are also a popular route, but those can cost anywhere from $100-$300. In tName Plax are great on your camp trunk or anywhere!alking to our customers, we’ve realized that people who order Lid Skinz or get paint jobs done generally just want their name on their trunk.

With a dozen colors to choose from, you can customize your border, background, and font color for a plethora of possibilities. Our rectangular Plax measure 8” high by 18” long and our circular Plax are 9” in diameter. These decals are removable but are not reusable.

Order your Name Plax print and enjoy your name spelled out just the way you want it! Sure to be a hit this summer, Name Plax can be found right here! As always, thanks for reading.

- John

Take a peek-a at Camp Oneka

Hey, Camp Fans!

Are you looking for a wonderful place for girls to spend their summer days? If you like fun, art, sports, great food, and making friends, then the camp that I’m spotlighting today will certainly be of interest to you! One of the many camps with whom we’re pleased to have developed a relationship, Everything Summer Camp is more-than-happy to present Camp Oneka for girls!
Camp Oneka is the place to be for fun in the sun!Tried and true, Camp Oneka is one of the oldest and finest residential summer camps for girls, around for nearly 110 years—since 1908. The gorgeous campgrounds rest on the shores of Fairview Lake, a natural and pristine body of water in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania.
Girls have fun on the waterfront!
You’re certain to spend your time at Oneka honing the skills for an abundance of activities. Get ready for an awesome camp experience chockfull of day hikes and overnight camping trips, survival skills like starting a fire with wet wood, arts and crafts, drama, music, archery, mountain biking, volleyball, tennis, soccer, a three-sided climbing tower, horseback riding, great waterfront activities like canoeing, kayaking, the ‘Wasp’ water trampoline, and so much more!
Oneka cabins are rustic and accomodating.
Camp Oneka welcomes girls from as young as 7 to as old as 16 to live in cabins and tents in the junior row, For the older kids, living quarters are a little airier.intermediate row, or the senior row. These living quarters maintain a rustic look and quality despite their constant maintenance and durability.

Creating a fun and inviting environment, Camp Oneka sees a great number of returning campers who are a testament to the camp’s fun-filled and wonderfully unique experience that their summer sessions deliver. Each year, the camp’s traditions are carried out and each camper understands what it means to be a part of the Oneka community. It’s an incredible, transformative experience!

If Camp Oneka sounds like it might be right for your daughter, visit their website right here to develop your familiarity with this all-star camp! And, as always, thanks for reading.
Beautiful backdrop at Oneka.

- John

Labels! Labels! Wherefore art thou labels!?

Hey, Camp Folks!

For the third installment of our four-part series to share packing techniques for a successful summer camp experience, I’m sharing labeling tips! Get words of the wise, borrowed from ‘The Summer Camp Handbook,’ the comprehensive guidebook written by camp experts, Dr. Chris Thurber and Dr. Jon Malinowski.
Read up on Everything Summer Camp's first published book, the second editon of 'The Summer Camp Handbook'
I’m only going to say this once so I’ll shout it: LABEL EVERYTHING!!!

It’s easy to lose things at camp, but, if you want it back, it’s got to have your name on it! Campgrounds that get a lot of action such as the waterfront or athletic fields can be messes after campers have had their fun. Towels, shirts, socks, shoes, and gear will all be strewn across the landscape. And in this chaos, kids forget.

That towel left by the docks will get trampled and rained on before someone (maybe) puts it in the lost-and-found. There, it will begin to mildew and take on a foul odor. A labeled towel, however, may find its way back to its owner before meeting such a fate.

That’s why it’s smart to label everything. Did I already say that? Label your child’s water bottle, sunglasses, sports gear, hats, shoes—everything! Label it all! Label everything. And, though theft is typically a nonissue and summer camp, labeling reduces the chance of an item being stolen. Don’t just stop at clothes. Label EVERYTHING!

We offer a handful of options for labeling: Iron-On Clothing Name Labels, Stick-On Waterproof Name Labels, Clothing Stamps, and Laundry Markers. None of these methods are perfect, but some are easier to use than others. Most families combine methods to suit their needs.

Iron-On Clothing Name LabelsGet excellent deals on summer camp musts like name label products
These labels are strips of fabric with your child’s name printed on them. We recommend our Iron-On Name Labels for shirts, shorts, and pants, but not for socks. Use a Laundry Marker or stamp for socks. The average camper needs more than 60 different items of clothing for their camp stay, so ironing is typically a quicker route than labeling by hand. These waterproof labels work amazingly well!

Stick-On Waterproof Name Labels
These waterproof beauties are as simple as they sound. Just peel and stick. Perfect to tag onto your toothbrush, flashlight, sunscreen, battery-operated fan, and so much more, these are a great way to make sure your stuff makes its way back to you. Label everything!

Clothing Stamps
Our rubber staClothing stamps work great for lableing. Get it for a great price this weekend!mps print your child’s name nice and clearly. We recommend when you order with us to use both first and last names—or, at least, first initial and last name. Otherwise, two children with the same last name might get their stuff mixed up. These stamps are made to work well on clothing. Stamp shirts inside the collar, pants and underwear inside the waistband.
Markers can label like the best of them.
Laundry Markers
You can use these Markers to label anything from clothing to shoes (just pull down the tongue and mark the inside tag). Laundry Markers also work great on plastic, metal, wood—just about everything. Laundry Markers are quick and easy to use, but they can fade and distort with repeated washing or use. It’s smart to pack a second Laundry Marker for re-labeling at camp. Re-label everything.

You can get even more labeling tips when you order your own copy of ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’. Tune in next Monday to get great tips about the literal packing for camp and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

P.S. — (Label Everything!)