Equestrian Fitness

Hey, Camp Fans!

With a fast-approaching camp season, Everything Summer Camp wants to help out. That’s why we’re giving tips on fitness for your camper every Monday in April. Camp is fun, but the activities can be strenuous—lots of camps will actually refuse a camper if they haven’t had a thorough physical examination to guarantee that their body is well enough in shape for the rough and tumble lifestyle at summer camp.
Summer Camp quenches your equestrian thirst.
Last week I talked about general stretches and exercises you can do to help get yourself into shape for traditional camp sports and activities that will involve a lot of stamina, flexibility, and strength. But today’s post is all about conditioning your body specifically for horseback riding.

Of course, riding is a work out in itself, but the best way to develop your equestrian ability is to work on your fitness outside of the saddle. Here are five effective exercises to help build your core strength and suitability for riding. Watch the video at the bottom of this post to get a great visualization on how to perform these exercises. Experienced riders recommend 8-12 repetitions of each workout:

Seated Ball SqueezeThis is a great exercise for riding.
Work your inner thigh muscles by sitting on a chair, placing a kickball/soccer ball between your thighs, and squeezing the ball firmly for 5 to 10 seconds. This exercise builds your adductors—critical muscles for horseback riding.

Bridge with Ball Squeeze
This exercise is meant to strengthen a rider’s inner thighs, gluteus, and core muscles. The idea is to The Bridge ball Squeeze Exercise.lie on your back and bend your knees with or without a ball between your thighs—then lift your buttocks off the floor and  squeeze the ball. You should hold this position for 8 to 15 seconds.

Forward LungeFeel the burn to better your riding performance!
Excellent conditioning for the proper seat, this exercise works on your quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus, abdominal muscles, and spinal erector muscles in your back. You can do practice this exercise with or without dumbbells in your hands. You should stand upright with your feet together and then take a large stride forward with your right foot until your left light is just about straight. Push yourself back to the starting position. And then repeat with your left foot.
You'll get into excellent shape with this exercise.
Skater Style Lateral Lunge
For further conditioning, this exercise will have you looking like a speed skater. Stand with your feet wide apart and bend your right knee while touching your right foot with your left hand. Your back should be flat and your head up.

Front Squatfront squats
Lastly, give everything a once-over with this all-encompassing exercise. Simply stand with your feet at shoulder-width apart and, with your back straight and head up, bend at the knees until your thighs are nearly parallel to the ground. Then push yourself back up.

Check out this video to get a clearer ‘picture’ of how to perform these exercises. Be sure to tune in next Monday when I’ll be talking about how to prepare yourself for Rockwall Climbing and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John


Camp out on Cape Cod

Hey, Camp Fans!

Looking for a great summer camp to send your camper to? Well, it just so happens I have an amazing summer camp to brag about today! Everything Summer Camp is more-than-happy to present Cape Cod Sea Camps for boys and girls with whom we have the pleasure of working.
Cape Cod Sea Camps Logo
Named for its location, the campgrounds sit comfortably on the beautiful shores of Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts for a wonderful peek into waters of the Atlantic Ocean! Surrounded by woods, water, and awe-inspiring beauty, Cape Cod Sea Camps is a perfectly picturesque camp for your campers’ immersion into the natural world.

With a ton of fun ways to keep their campers occupied, you can have all sorts of fun at Cape Cod Sea Camps. This camp boasts a reputation for exceptional activities including Archery, Riflery, Tennis, Arts, Land Sports, Drama, Woodworking, Guitar, an incredible assortment of Water Sports, and so much more.

Build your independent skills at Cape Cod Sea Camps.But there’s more to this summer camp than just the unique location and its rich history of family run operation since the mid-20’s. These campgrounds are a monument to self-reliance, independence, self-confidence, exploration, and respect. Campers discover a chance to express themselves to their full capacity at Cape Cod.

With beautiful cabins and cottages for convenient camp stays along 1000 feet of shoreline, Cape Cod Sea Camps has your magnificent summer camp stay covered. Here, campers get a feel for a sense of belonging to a community they’ve never known the likes of before. Look into a summer camp stay for your camper right here and show them the magic of Cape Cod Camps.

Cape Cod Sea Camps is a fantastic camp where each and every camper is made to feel welcome as part of the camp community and is also given the opportunity to discover some things out about themselves that may not have been revealed without the summer camp experience.

For an excellent summer camp stay for your soon-to-be-camper, check out Cape Cod Sea Camps for yourself and, as always, thanks for reading.

- JohnYou'll make the best of friends at Cape Cod Sea Camps.

How fit are you for summer camp?

Hey, Summer Campers!

The camp season approaches so fast and brings so much to do to get ready for! It’s smart to start preparing now. One thing you can take care of right now is to make the appointment for your camper’s physical. Camp activities are fun, but strenuous on the body which is why any soon-to-be-camper should have a thorough examination to ensure their physical fitness is adequate. In fact, many camps will refuse a camper who hasn’t had their physical.Summer fun is sure to be taxing on your body.Every Monday this month, we’ll be focusing on fitness and how to condition yourself for the rigors of summer camp. I’ll give you great tips about stretches and exercises you can do in preparation of particular summer camp activities. But before we get into any specifics, today I’ll be sharing general ways to make sure you have the energy to get through an average day of summer camp.

For most camps, traditional sports are a staple of the camp activities they offer. Campers might find themselves playing a sport they don’t otherwise play very often like basketball, soccer, tennis, and plenty others. These sports all require you to be quick on your feet with a good amount of running as well as upper and lower body strength.
This is always a great exercise.
Similar exercises will cover multiple athletic activities—pretty much all of the traditional sports. You can get yourself into better shape with simple Chinups are excellent means of building upper body strength!routines. Try pushups and chin-ups (if available) for building your upper body strength. Here’s a helpful video to show you a proper push-up and this video shows you a proper chin-up.
Great for overall condiitioning, this exercise works great.
Squats and lunges are great means of building your hip and leg muscles. And jump rope is especially great for conditioning your calves. Here’s a video that’s targeted toward tennis players, however it’s a helpful workout for all types of activities. On top of all this, running or jogging is a wonderful calisthenics workout and builds stamina for all the back and forth running you’ll do playing these sports.

Just as important as good exercises, stretching is key to your flexibility which is called upon a lot in sports that you’ll likely play at camp. Try stretching as shown in these drawings to get yourself limber.  Fitness Seated-Hamstring

fitness standing quad stretch          fitness simple shoulder stretchThese stretches will help prepare your body for the trials that summer camp will give it.                                    l   l  Don’t forget to tune in next Monday when I’ll cover more specific exercises and stretches you can do for horseback riding. Get fit and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Pranks a Lot…

Hey, Fools!

…APRIL Fools, that is. And who hasn’t been fooled good at some point or another? We all know WE have at Everything Summer Camp—and I mean, literally, HERE at Everything Summer Camp. With a number of pranksters in the office and an even greater number of those seeking revenge, April Firsts around here seem to escalate every year. Allow me to walk you down a few blocks of memory lane…The scene of the pranks.

For some people, pranks are just part of their personality. For them, it is a must-scratch itch—an unrelenting urge that courses through them like the blood through their veins.

Enter: Matthew Stephen DeMuth—Sales Manager and natural born-prankster.
Watch your back if you see this guy around your vicinity.
Looking to cause some fuss one spring, Matt downloaded a Prank Dialer app for his phone. Using this app, Matt was able to make it appear as though people from his phone’s list of Contacts were calling one another. He had Sara call Mark and Mark call Ed, then Ed call Ryan and Ryan call…well, you get the picture.

This prank spanned quite a bit longer than just April First. Matt even went through the trouble of including himself in the prank dials to elude suspicion.

But, despite his efforts, being the desperate pranker that he is, people started to suspect Matt anyway which forced him to take it even further. Having wisely excluded Brian from any of the prank calls, Matt was in a position to frame the mild-mannered Operations Manager. Unfortunately for Matt, nobody bought it.

And, double-unfortunately for Matt, people hadn’t forgotten about his tricks one year later. Taking a note from the office pranks between Jim and Dwight in the hit show, ‘The Office’, Mark and Sara worked together to obtain Matt’s phone and toss it above the ceiling tiles. Then, as Jim did in the show, Mark and Sara proceeded to call Matt’s phone…frequently, which surely drove the much-deserving DeMuth quite crazy. The king of April Fools Pranks and President of Everything Summer Camp, Ed Holand

In other years, Ed—the president of Everything Summer Camp—has dirtied his hands with the best of them in April Fools past. In fact, he’s become rather notorious around the office, actually, for his diabolical pranks and clever deceit. Several years before Matt pulled one over on everyone with his Prank Dialer app, Ed got everybody all at once as well.

Having installed fake security cameras in the break room, Ed created a cacophonous rise out of everybody at lunchtime when they saw the cameras and expressed their unfavorable opinions. The prank was pretty much forced to be revealed very quickly before a mob started.

Ed topped himself in a following year when he disclosed to everybody that the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) released a new law concerning proximity safety. He then explained that OSHA deems our trunk factory to operate too close to the adjoining offices and all office employees must now wear mandatory safety goggles.
Check out these mandatory saftey precautions! APRIL FOOLS!!!
You can imagine how stupid everybody with a desk job felt, wearing safety goggles at the computer and taking customer phone calls. Eventually, Ed couldn’t keep it together and put an end to his own prank.

So, as you can see, with our track record around THIS office, today is a day to watch our backs and tread lightly. I recommend the same approach for all of you living or working with prank-prone people. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John