Which Beatle was once a Boy Scout?

Hey, Camp Kids!

Here comes the sun and you all know what that means! The time to twist and shout at summer camp is right around the corner. Whether your kid is roughin’ it overnight or if they’re a day tripper—the approaching summer camp season sure is something to sing about. Would you believe that Paul McCartney of The Beatles thought so too when he was No one would have guessed this young man's music would change the world..closer to your age?

The Corf campsite has been delivering magical summers for young boys since 1937 on the Isle of Wight. The island is situated in the English Channel, four miles off the coast of Hampshire—separated from mainland. 23 acres on the west side of the island is like an infinite, rustic playground for lucky Corf Scouts like Paul was back in his early adolescence.

The first summer, Paul and his younger brother attended a week of Scouts together. Everything went fine until Paul prompted Mike to see how long he could hang from a cliff. The experiment ended in a broken arm and a visit to the infirmary, but despite the unfortunate conclusion to Paul’s bad idea his Scout leader, Arthur Evans was impressed with Paul’s overall character.

Peter Ames Carlin, a biographer, wrote in his book, ‘Paul McCartney: A Life’, about a Scout Leader of McCartney’s recalled “Paul’s enthusiastic showmanship while leading the Scouts’ nightly campfires. He’d brought his guitar, of course, so once the Scouts gathered and the flames rose, the evenings would become full-blown McCartney concerts, complete with jokes and a set list split between rock n’ roll favorites and what Evans recalled as a few McCartney originals.”

It wasn’t long after summer camp that Paul became a part of this band that was slowly forming called ‘The Beetles’. It took a little time for the ‘Fab Four’—Paul, John, George, and Ringo—to finally unite (or for the word ‘beetle’ to finally be spelled with an ‘A’), but once they did, there was no stopping them. They went on to create unique, upbeat music that the world loved and still does today.
Paul McCartney still loves making music after The Beatles.
Outlasting any pop band of the time and surpassing just about every band in popularity, The Beatles delivered hit after hit. Summer camp was a great experience where Paul discovered his love for playing his music in front of a crowd. What will you discover? As always, thanks for reading and be sure to check out Paul’s performance of a song he wrote back in his summer camp days called ‘I Lost My Little Girl’ below.

- John

Whose Shoes? Merrell’s Shoes!

Hey, Camp Fans!

We don’t call ourselves Everything Summer Camp for nothing—we literally have everything you could need under the summer camp sun. And we’re adding new products to our selection all the time! We’ve gone to the best of the best for our excellent footwear selection—Merrell! Producing high-performance footwear for the outdoors since 1981, you can trust that these shoes are of quality construction.

Hydro Sandal
Branded ‘built for water’ by Merrell, their Hydro Sandal is just the thing for any wet day at camp or around the poolside on a sunny day. This Boys Sandal is waterproof and super convenient.It’s given a rubber toe guard and provides great traction on rocky terrain for perfect protection of your camper’s feet. Sure to dry fast and last long, this Hydro Sandal is a great choice for any camp adventure! Made in boys designs as well as girls designs—check them out for your camper right here!

Hydro Run Sneaker
The perfect summer sneaker, the Merrell Hydro Run Sneaker is lightweight and constructed with breathable mesh upper to create conditions for running. Great for adventuring too, this Run Shoe Check out this cute girls shoe for summer runnin'.possesses a durable outsole which is designed for high traction. Versatile for good grip in dry, rocky areas as well as watery conditions, these easy-on and easy-off Run Sneakers are great for camp life. Check it out for boys and girls  right here!

Capra Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot
Keep the camp adventures coming! Merrell’s Capra Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot can take it! Constructed with M-Select Grip technology that provides the wearer with traction their feet can depend on, the Capra feels amazing as every step is cushioned wHere are the boys and girls versions of the Merrell Capra Boot.ith the removable EVA footbed. Rise to the task of any trail go with Merrell’s Capra Mid for your Waterproof Hiking Boot. Merrell Hiking Boots are available in both boys’ designs and girls’ designs. Check them both out right here.

Enjoy the top-notch selection of reliable Merrell footwear that we offer right here at Everything Summer Camp and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Swimmers—start your exercises!

Hey, Swimmers!

You’re bound to get your fill of time in the water during your stay at summer camp. But as fun as swimming is, it’s also physically taxing—especially if you’re trying to develop your skills as a swimmer. Throughout April, I’ve been posting fitness tips and advice on Mondays to help you prepare your body for the rigors of summer camp. Get in the water!Today is the last Monday in April. I’ve held off posting about dry land exercises for swimmers until now because swimming is the most popular camp activity and I wanted to grab as much attention as I could!

I have a number of easy and free exercises to improve your swimming capabilities:

There’s no better exercise than Squats to help build the calf, thigh, and core musclesGreat means of buiilding leg muscles—exactly the muscles used in that kicking motion to propel yourself forward under water. Squats are easy; just stand with your feet at shoulder-width apart and, with your back straight and head up, bend at the knees until your thighs are nearly parallel to the ground. Then push yourself back up.

Shoulder Touches
Work your uThese are a great way to build muscles in your arms.pper body strength with Shoulder Touches. Get into the position for push-ups, but instead of lowering and raising your body, shift your weight so you can hold yourself up with one arm and touch the shoulder of the supporting arm with your other hand. Ten of these should have you feeling pretty wiped.

Elbow Plank
Another great exercise for building upper body strength is to hold the position of an Elbow Plank holds are a serious workout!Plank. The Plank position is the same as the position to do a push-up only you support yourself with your elbows and forearms instead of your hands. It may not sound like much, but simply holding this position is exercise enough!

No joke, these are a serious workout!Leg Raises
You build up muscles in your legs and core with Leg Raises. Easy to perform, simply lie on your back and lift your legs to a 90 angle with the rest of your body. Then lower your legs within inches of the floor before going back up.

Windshield WipersEven harder than leg raises are the windshield wipers!
Similar to Leg Raises, Windshield Wipers help strengthen the same areas, but work different angles. Windshield Wipers are Leg Raises that move from side to side and never really touch the ground.

Diver Push-ups
The last exercise I have to share is the Diver Push-up. I can tell you how to do this one, but it’ll be a lot easier to just show you with this video. As you can see, it’s like a traditional push-up with a backwards element in which you pump your four outstretched limbs upward while lying on your belly.
Nothing preps your body better for swimming than dive-push-ups!To help give you a clearer idea of what these exercises look like, I’ve included this video link of a dry land workout routine that incorporates the majority of these exercises. The video is targeted at swimmers of an intermediate level, so keep in mind that his towel suggestion is certainly optional. Make a splash at summer camp and enjoy your time in the water.

- John

What ho! From Speedo!

Hey, Swimmers!!

Everything Summer Camp has you covered this summer for your fun in the water. Splash it up with Speedo’s great water apparel and accessories. We’ve recently added products from this leading swimwear brand! Check it out:
Check out this one piece beauty!
We’ve added three one-piece swimsuits—the Illusion Cubes Side Splice, the Tie Dye Splash Keyhole, and the Mesh Splice Thin Strap. These colorful swimsuits are chlorine resistant, made of 80% nylon and 20% special spandex which is made to be 10 times stronger than typical spandex and it provides long term protection against sagging and bagging.

Illusion Cubes Side Splice One Piece
Make your splashes wearing Speedo’s Illusion Cubes Side Splice One Piece swimsuit. Boasting weightlessness and excellent durability, this swimsuit flaunts a fiery fashion. It features maximum movability as well which makes it Catch everyone's eye in Tie Dye!perfect for summer camp.

Tie Dye Splash Keyhole One Piece
Get the cool coverage for your soon-to-be-summer-camper when she jumps in the water! It wears comfortable 100% polyester lining on the inside too. Comfy and quick to dry, get the Tie Dye Splash Keyhole One Piece for her camp days!

Mesh Splice Thin StrapThis modest, thin strap mesh one piece looks and feels great in the water!
Look the coolest in the water with this swimsuit This attractive, thin strap Mesh Splice One Piece is a great pick for splashin’ around in the water this summer. Comfortable with 100% polyester lining like the Tie Dye Splash Keyhole, this is a wonderful Swimsuit to take along to summer camp.

These products are excellent and there’s plenty more where THAT came from! Speedo never fails to marry fantastic fashion with practical functionality. If you want a quality swimsuit—go to the business that created them!

Check out our entire collection of quality Speedo swimwear and other excellent accessories to help you have your fun in the water this summer.  As always, thanks for reading.

- John
Have a blast in the water this summer!

Are you somebody’s twin?

Hey, all you Doppelgangers!

Has anyone ever told you that you look just like….If you’re somebody’s twin, then today was quite literally made for you! Today is National Lookalike Day. Lots of people pThis kid looks much like Milhouse from The Simpsons.ride themselves on their impressively close appearance to famous celebrities or even cartoon characters.

If you’re one of these people who seem to be a celebrity’s long-lost twin, today is a great day to really show people just how similar you look to your particular celebrity. Do up your hair like they wear it, dress in clothes that they wear, and get bonus points for attempting to talk and behave as they do too!

These guys certainly look alike.The world is full of people who look alike. Often times, doubles can have a lot in common because of their similar appearance. For less than four dollars, you can sign up with a website called Twin Strangers to gain membership with over a million other people who are searching for their doubles. You’re bound to have a match among a million-plus!

But the Twin Strangers website and posing as a celebrity with whom you share physical qualities are more-or-less meant for adults. An approach to today that’s a bit more fun for kids is to simply dress up as your own twin. Whether you’re biologically identical or just happen to be the spitting image of your best friend, brother, sister, or whomever else, today is always a fun day to celebrate.

Similarly-looking pairs can make today especially mirroring by dressing the same in order to accentuate their identical appearances. The day will typically ensue with confusion from friends and teachers at school about who is who; you may even cause some head-scratching at home. Have fun with the day as you sabotage one another’s identity and, as always, thanks for reading.

- JohnThey aren't twins, but...who is who?

Camp Pontiac is the place!

Hey, Camp Folks!

There’s nothing we love more here at Everything Summer Camp than seeing families through to a wonderful summer camp experience. That’s why we post about shining examples of great camps across the country such as this one—Camp Pontiac is sure to show you what summer fun is all about!Pontiac is a wonderful camp.

This camp is located in Capake, New York among the Berkshire Mountain foothills—the perfect landscape for an unforgettable summer getaway! Just 100 miles away from Manhattan, Camp Pontiac’s 150 acres have been showing kids glorious summer stays since 1922.

Don’t miss out on all the great opportunities that they have in store for you at Camp Pontiac. Offering all the traditional sports like Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, and plenty more, that’s just the tip of the activities iceberg. With a beautiful 65-acre spring fed lake, the lakefront provides campers with fun fishing, kayaking, swimming, sailing, and lots more.

They also have a well-rounded list of indoor activities like Arts & Crafts, Photography, and their Yoga/Aerobics class. And—best of alPontiac makes dreams happen!l—the adventuresome activities like Archery, Ropes Course, Hiking, Camping, Rock Climbing, Zip Lining, and a multitude more.

You won’t run out of things to do at Camp Pontiac—that’s for sure!

Pontiac cabin leaders are typically about 21 years old and undergo a careful background check before getting hired. The main goal for staff members at Camp Pontiac is to help their campers feel good about themselves on a daily basis.

Campers are sure to feel right at home in their comfortable, updated, and attractive cabins. The campsite also boasts a theater and set design, a studio for yoga and pilates, a 280-seat movie theater, six spacious dining rooms, and so much more!

Check it out for yourself right here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- JohnTables are patriotic and Camp Pontiac!

Good timin’ for climbin’!

Hey, Camp Fans!

Everything Summer Camp is here to help pump you up. Well, we can give you a few tips anyhow. Summer camp is certain to be chock full of strenuous activities that challenge your stamina, flexibility, and strength. That’s why I’ve been posting about fitness every Monday this month—to help you do what it takes to see that you’re fit for the rigorous lifestyle of summer camp.

The first post covered a number of exercises that are helpful for multiple, traditional sports and other athletic activities at summer camp. Last week I gave helpful exercises specific to horseback riding.Rock climbing requires excellent physical shape.

Now let’s talk about rock climbing. There’s no better practice than actually climbing—no argument here. But even before practicing, there are great exercises you can do off the wall. There are a number of different ways you’ll want to have conditioned your body to be the best climber you can be. After all, climbing makes good use of all different parts of your body in all different kinds of ways. It breaks down like this:

Upper Body Strength
Climbing, of course, takes a world of Upper Body Strength to hoist yourself into higher and higher positions. Any kind of muscle-building exercises will work—push-ups, pull-ups (if you have a bar available), or weightlifting (if you have the proper wThese may not look like much, but they'll develop your grip strength beyond what you knew possible. eights) are great ways to build strength in your arms and shoulders. Even more intricate of an exercise are Hand Grips. These will help develop the muscles in your fingers for difficult-to-hold-onto-rocks.

Lower Body Strength
SometimJogging is great exercise for getting your body in shape for rock climbing!es when climbing, you’ll need your legs to make impossible strides upward and to push the rest of your body to the next point of pausing. Jogging is always a great way to build up those leg muscles. You’ll also want to incorporate some of the exercises we recommended for horse riding like Front Squats and Forward Lunges. Exercises like these are sure to sculpt your leg muscles for the job.

Stretches alone are a great means of training your body to be able toTry this exercise for developing your flexibility as well as dexterity. make far reaches and gliding steps. Sitting with your legs outstretched and touching your toes is one great way to extend the span of your stretching. For those with a chin-up bar available, you can practice what is called a ‘Deadhang’ in which you hold yourself up by your fingers. If you have a Finger-Board, that would be most convenient.

Rock climbing is fun, but extremely strenuous work. Make sure you’re ready for it when you head off to summer camp. Make sure to tune in next Monday to get great exercises for swimming and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Rubber E R A S E R Day!

Hey there, all you mistake-makers!Erasers are magical little wonders of technology, explained here on today's Blog post.

Don’t worry—everyone makes mistakes. In fact, I’ve already hit the ‘Backspace’ button at least five times just typing to this point in the post. Mistakes are inevitable—bound to happen multiple times on a daily basis. They come in all shapes and sizes, transpiring on a small-scale or as a grand goof-up. Typically, the bigger they are, the harder they are to reverse, but, luckily, a lot of small mistakes can be undone.

Today is National Rubber Eraser Day—a day where mankind’s triumph over written mistakes are celebrated! Thanks to this rubber invention, we can make all of our spelling errors, math mistakes, and drawing slip-ups disappear with just as much ease as when they first showed up. Here’s how the mighty eraser works:

When you put marks down on a piece Here's a close look at what's happening when you leave penciil marks on a piece of paper.of paper, flakes of pencil lead are dragged across the paper’s fibers and cling to them along the way. Those flakes will stick around for decades so long as they’re left undisturbed, but erasers are able to pick those flakes up from off the paper fibers because the rubber of an eraser is stickier material than the paper fibers and the flakes of pencil lead find their new home on the eraser.

Boasting a near-magical capability, erasers may surprise you for how long they’ve been around. While rubber erasers have only been in production for the last 250 years (roughly) other means of erasing have been around since ancient times. Erasers were not originally made of rubber, but instead of a food that’s probably in your house right now—BREAD!

But unless you’re looking for a snack while you’re undoing some mistakes, rubber erasers are definitely the way to go.

Certain trees excrete rubber to discourage insects from making a feast out of them. This excretion was discovered back in 1770 by a man named Joseph Priestley who noted that a specific type of ‘vegetable gum’ had a great ability to ‘rub out’ pencil marks.

This ‘rubbing gum’ eventually developed the name rubber, so erasers spawned our name for this material. The word ‘eraser’, however, is really only common in the US and Canada. Almost anywhere else you go, people call them ‘rubbers’. Make sure to appreciate the magical abilities of erasers today, and, as always, thanks for reading.

- JohnSorry, it was a mistake.

Guess what Kentucky Camp Gwen Tennyson attended…

Hey, Campers!

We find celebrities who were once summer campers like yourselves all the time here at Everything Summer Camp because there were so many of them who went to camp. Some of them went on to become famous people.This actress was a former summer camper herself.

There are musicians, athletes, actors and actresses, as well as all kinds of celebrities who were once summer campers! Did you know that Galadriel Stineman was once a summer camper too? Though you may know her better as Gwen Tennyson from the action movie, ‘Ben 10: Alien Swarm’.

Yes, Galadriel is an alum of the North Central 4-H Camp in Carlisle, Kentucky. She spent some of her best summer days a couple hours from her home in Cincinnati. Running across 350 acres of rolling hills and wooded campgrounds just off of Lake Carnico, there she learned great lessons about community life and independence.

She attended Newport Central High School in Kentucky back in 2002 where she developed her interests in cheerleading, dancing, and horseback riding. She was involved in the drama club back then, though she never played a starring role in the school plays. After completing high school, she went on to attend the Northern Kentucky University. She graduated in 2007.

Her debut role came in 2009 as a dancer in the remake of ‘Fame’. But her breakthrough didn’t come until later that same year when the Cartoon Network animated series ‘Ben 10’ announced its third film release. She landed the role of Gwen Tennyson.

Galadriel is only in the beginning stages of her career, but she’s already making a great name for herself and keeps on going! She’s appeared as a recurring character a dozen times on the family sitcom ‘The Middle’ playing Cassidy Finch.

Summer camp certainly helped Galadriel realize her dreams. Where will your dreams lead you? You can get an idea at summer camp. As, always, thanks for reading!

- John

Who’s on the $2?

Hey there, History Buffs!

If you really ARE history buffs, then you probably already know what today is—the birthday of our nation’s third president, Thomas Jefferson. An irregular president and rather intriguing man, I thought I’d share just a few facts with you about this infamous character who adorns the rare $2 bill as well as our American nickel. I’ve compiled a list of—what I think to be—this president’s most interesting qualities. Our nation's third president is also on the nickel.
It's Thomas Jefferson on the rare $2 bill


1)    To start things off, he was nicknamed the ‘Man of the People’ as our president because of his informal apparel when he greeted visitors of the White House. He would sit to meet with powerful men of the time in his robe and slippers without concerning about his reputation—after all, he was already the president!Our nation's third president.

2)    More admirable than his love for lounging, Jefferson loved books. He loved them so much that when British troops attacked the US Library of Congress and burned all the books in 1814, he restocked its shelves when it was rebuilt a year later with 6,587 books from his own personal library. He loved to read and loved to encourage literacy across the nation.

Strange for the third president of a newborn country not to bother its inclusion on his tombstone inscription...l

3)    Last, and most interesting, is the inscription of Jefferson’s headstone: “Here was buried Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom, and Father of the University of Virginia.”—nothing about being the third president of a new nation. Why didn’t he bother to include his presidency? Possibly because he wasn’t sure how he felt about politics in the first place.

Yes, Jefferson had more interest in science and reading than he did politics, but, nevertheless he led our nation for two full terms from 1801 to 1809. There are lots of other quirky things you can learn about this former president (like his obsession with Mastadons, for instance, which he confused for Mammoths). Enjoy learning about ol’ Jefferson and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John