Do you feel like a champion?

Hey, Camp Fans!

We’re always getting the itch at Everything Summer Camp to spread the word about great camps. And we have a lot of them to talk about—we work with roughly 250! If you’re looking for the right summer camp for your budding camper, check out the rest of our The torch is burning for your camp season.Summer Camp Spotlight posts on the Blog! Today, I’m shining my spotlight on Camp Champions.

In Marble Falls, Texas, Camp Champions is located on Lake LBJ, renamed in 1965 to honor President Lyndon B. Johnson. Camp Champions, which was founded soon after in 1967 has been providing kids with the perfect environment to have a fun and growing experience for nearly 50 years!

Founders Steve and Susie Baskin make the Camp Champions experience so great by spending lots of their time in the off-season looking for the best cabin leaders who show particular experience in their activity specialties so campers learn from skilled instruction.

Offering a wide range of activities, campers always have a blast on the waterfront and pool! At Camp Champions you get the chance to go swimming, paddleboarding, waterskiing, kayaking, sailing, and more. As for land activities, campers learn teamwork and skill with fun adventures like team adventures, horseback riding, Riflery, ropes course, archery, rock climbing, and more.

Campers also enjoy activities that sloCampers have lots of fun with crazy activities at Camp Champions where they learn to be champions.w the day down like arts and crafts, cooking, painting, dance, music, and more!

A beautiful campground, Camp Champions set their campers up in their 32 rustic cabins that sit along the lakefront. Campers make their homes among these cabins and the other meeting halls for activities and, of l                                                                                         course, the dining hall!

Excellent summer experiences are happening every year at Camp Champions with the philosophy of the Four R’s: Responsibility, Respect, taking Reasonable Risks, and Reaching out to others. Check it out for yourself right here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- JohnThe beautiful campgrounds at Camp Champions.

Ask the right questions…

Hey, Camp Seekers!

Are you searching for the right summer camp to send your little darling/s? You want it to be just right for them, of course. Well, if you’ve come across this Blog post, then yRead up on Everything Summer Camp's first published book, the second editon of 'The Summer Camp Handbook'ou’re in luck because it’s chock-full of great advice. Borrowing the excellent information available in ‘The Summer Camp Handbook,’—written by camp experts, Dr. Chris Thurber and Dr. Jon Malinowski—today’s post is the first in a four-part series called ‘Choose the Right Camp’ every Monday in March.

Each installment of this series will pose a question that will help you to narrow your search among the multitudes of camps that are an option for you. Today’s question:


Geographically speaking, that is, do you want a camp that’s close to home, far from home, far from home but close to family…? Each choice has its own advantages. You might think that attending a camp closer to home would decrease any chances of your kid feeling homesick. But the distance really has nothing to do with feelings of homesickness. Feeling homesick is really just how kids feel when they’re away from mom and dad.

Close to Home
•    It’s an easier time visiting the camp for evaluation, drop-off, pick-up, and visiting days
•    There’s a better chance of finding parents you know who’ve already sent their kids to that camp
•    Makes for less expensive travel
•    There’s potential for an in-state tuition discountWhere are you going to summer camp?
•    There’s also potential for cabin mates to be friends from school or hometown
•    Letters only take a couple days of travel

Far from Home
•    You have more choices from which to choose
•    Kids (teenagers especially) like making long trips to go stay on their own
•    A camp that’s a ways away from home is likely to provide a new environment. This opportunity could expose your kid to worldly wonders that may not be a part of their everyday life (depending on where you live) like mountains, lakes, snow, warm weather, the ocean, or even a non-English-speaking country!
•    Excuse for family vacation when camp is over.

Far from Home but Close to Family
Far from home but close to family is another option for you and your kid. It can be a comfort to both camper and parent to send their kid to a faraway camp that’s close to grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other close relatives.

You should also consider the unique advantages of certain geographical locations such as climate, landscape, and bodies of water that your child will need in order to do the activities that he or she is interested in.

I hope you’ve found these tips useful when you embark upon your search! Tune in for more great tips and advice next Monday and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Following in her AUNT’s footsteps!

Hey, Camp Folks!

We all know ‘pretty woman’ Julia Roberts extremely well. I posted about her back in the fall of 2013. But did you know that her niece, Emma Roberts went to summer camp as well? Following in her aunt’s footsteps, Emma’s embarked on her own acting career and making a good name for herself. Emma Roberts is on her way to be just as big of a star as her aunt.

With an uncle in the family who owns his own summer camp, it only made sense as it did for Julia, that Emma would attend Camp Birchwood in Minnesota. She loved it so much that she spent six whole summers playing tennis, practicing archery, and going sailing. Big advocates of the summer camp experience, the Roberts obviously enjoyed their time at Birchwood.

Julia says, “All the coolest things I know how to do, I learned to do at camp.”

But even before her time at summer camp, the seed of acting had already been planted for Emma. An outstanding example of how somebody with a difficult childhood can land successfully, Emma’s parents separated when she was a baby and didn’t see eye to eye about how to raise their child—her mom wanted her to have a ‘normal’ upbringing.

Emma, however, found a reliable role model in her aunt Julia and spent a lot of time on the film sets where her aunt was working. She broke into acting when she was just 10 years old and by 13, she landed the lead role of Addie Singer in ‘Unfabulous’, a Nickelodeon series. This got Emma a nomination for a Teen Choice Award as well as several nominations for the Young Artist Award.

Also known for her title role in the ‘Nancy Drew’ movie from 2006, Emma continues to pave a successful career path for herself today. And just like her aunt, she learned all the coolest things she knows at summer camp! See what cool things you can learn at summer camp and, as always, thanks for reading!

- JohnEmma Roberts doesn't really have a moustache.

We live in your phone now too

Hey there, Camp Shoppers!

Fairly often, I post about new products and new deals on the Blog. And have I got news for you today! Overdue news as it may be, we’re very excited about itShop our site on your phone now!, nevertheless. Our Customer Service has recently launched the Everything Summer Camp mobile site so you can shop our site on your phone now.

We know, we know—better late than never, though. Right?

Now that’s not to say you couldn’t visit our online shop on your phone previously—many did, in fact. But our site wasn’t designed for phones which led to a ridiculous amount of frustrations when trying to navigate the site. You never knew if you were accurately tapping the right button and the setup was sloppy.

Now check out our mobile site! Pages load faster. Tapping is much more accurate. Our menu buttons are much easier to access. All around, it’s a much more pleasant handheld shopping experience!Check out our Mobile Site on your phone!

As happy as we are with our mobile site, it’s not perfect. There are some things to bring to your attention—things that are not available when shopping on your phone.

1.    The mobile site is not setup for wishlists
2.    There are no product reviews on our mobile site

That’s it. We plan on adding these features to the mobile site in the near future.

Our website is sure to LOOK different on your phone, but practically everything aside from our lack of wishlists and product reviews is the same. You can still search the site on your phone, you can view your camper’s packing list, and you can enter camp codes.

We hope that you enjoy the new, smooth, and improved shopping experience on your phone. Check it out for yourself right here and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John