A Stern Look at Camp

Hey, Summer Campers!

Did you know that the world is chock-full of former summer campers? They’re all over the place. Some are even famous celebrities now. They’re in the movies we see, in professional sports leagues, and on the radio. And speaking of radio, did you know that Howard Stern of ‘The Howard Stern Show’ was once a summer camper like yourselves? The legendary radio show host himself gives you thumbs up.It’s true. Growing up in New York City, he spent many a summer at Camp Wel-Met.

Though it’s no longer in operation, Camp Wel-Met was the place where summer memories were born! The campgrounds were situated in wooded areas of Narrowsburg, New York. Despite the camp’s lack of funds, facilities, and equipment—they were rich with the prerogative to create fun, no matter what materials were at their disposal.

It was so much fun, in fact, that Howard kept going back not just as a camper, but as a worker in the kitchen as well as taking on cabin leader responsibilities. He’s said of his time at Camp Wel-Met that it was “The greatest experience”. From a very young age—before his days at Wel-Met even—Howard was always drawn to the performing arts.

He was enrolled in piano lessons for five years and he had developed a love for putting on amusing shows for his friends using marionettes. He was only five years old by the time he discovered his desire to be on the radio. When the desire hadn’t faded five years down the road, his dad gave him a tape recorder when he turned 10.

After graduating from Washington-Rose Elementary School, followed by Roosevelt High School, Howard went on to study for four years at Boston University. It didn’t take long for him to start work at WTBU—Boston U’s campus radio station. As radio host, he would play music, read news, and hold interviews for campus entertainment and education.

After his college graduation, Howard quickly found work, but declined an offer from WRNW, a progressive rock station in New York. “I freaked out,” Howard has since explained. “I got real nervous that I wasn’t good enough.” But it didn’t take him long to snap out of it. “All of a sudden…I realized I had turned down a job in radio,” he said. His mother and girlfriend gave him helpful encouragement to contact the station again and work things out.

That’s just what he did. Howard went on to establish his career and made a name for himself as a radio show personality and eventually created ‘The Howard Stern Show’—his long-running show on the air which gained great popularity from the mid-80’s to the early 2000’s.

Howard took what he found fun and formed it into his career. You’re sure to find fun at summer camp. What will you do with it? As always, thanks for reading!

- JohnHoward Stern from his youthful days at summer camp.

2016 Laundry Bag Line-Up

Hey there, Camp Fans!

Veteran campers know how essential it is to have their laundry bag for a convenient and clean summer camp stay. Whether it’s just a single week stay or you’re gone for a whole month, we’ve got a wonderful variety of bags that are sure to meet your needs for your camp stay. As well as adding new laundry bags, we’ve also added new, fold-up hampers to our Laundry Bag lineup since last year.

Our Laundry Bag selection for this camp season provides a plethora of fabricsStylish and concealatory!, styles, and brand names like Mint, Trendy Collections, Buckhead Betties, Three Cheers, and more! A bag’s unique design and color can help identify your bag, making things easy and convenient on you along with the laundry service at your kid’s camp.

Super handy at camp, hampers work great too!Whether the Laundry Bag that you keep your dirty camp clothes in has a cute style or it’s highly practical—or if it isn’t a laundry bag at all but one of our incredibly handy, catch-all hampers—it’s sure, not only to please your camper, but your camp as well. A quality laundry bag is a winning situation for everybody.

The 2016 Laundry Bag line-up at Everything Summer Camp boasts bags that feature mesh fabric for a speedier dry time, bags that are embroidered with your camper’s name, bags that display cute designs or funny notes like ‘Dirty Stuff’ or ‘I think I’ll just be happy today’…The biggest baddest bag of them all.. The list goes on. With so many options, it’s easy to find the top choice for you.

Constructed of stitched nylon as well as some cotton varieties, these Laundry Bags of our department in 2016 are durable, reliable, and spacious. Pick out your favorite for absolute laundry convenience at summer camp. We hope you enjoy browsing the selection we’ve compiled and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

One last question for you…

Hey, Camp Seekers!

Throughout March, I’ve been posting a series on Mondays about how to ‘Choose the Right Camp’ for your soon-to-be-camper. Today is the last post in the series. I’ve been spilling constructive tips and advice from Dr. Chris Thurber and Dr. Jon Malinowski’s awesome guidebook, ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’ all week and today I’m giving you one last juicy morsel of great advice on the subject of finding the right camp. We’ve talked about ‘Where do you want to go to camp?’, ‘How long do you want to stay at camp?’, and, last week, we asked ‘Do you want a single-sex or coed camp?’ Today’s question:

WHAT KIND OF ORGANIZATION DO YOU WANT?Structured and unstructured time are great for your kid at summer camp.

You want to know what kind of setup a camp has. The two major components to focus on with this question would be the camp’s living quarters as well as the activities they offer. All camps have different types of organizational structure. Some take in 90 campers for their summer sessions while others might take in 400. Some camps have a full day prepared for their campers while other camps give kids complete freedom.

                                                     lOrganization of living quarters
Will your camper attend a coed or single sex camp?Campers typically share a cabin with other campers of the same age or school grade. This is the probably preferable to a camp that will stick the older kids with the younger kids which can make it awkward or intimidating for a younger camper to change clothes in front of cabin mates. Grouping without consideration toward age will also disrupt cabin leaders’ abilities to pick age-appropriate activities for the whole cabin or for the l                                                      cabin to develop its own identity.

Organization of activities
All camps do things differently, but many will let their campers pick from a variety of available activities to create their own schedule for each day. Some camps have activities scheduled for nearly every hour while others offer more free, leisurely, and personal time for their campers. Most camps will try to balance the two of these organizational schedules with downtime and time for mandatory activities.Get everything there is out of The Summer Camp Handbok to send your kid off to camp the rigt way.

If you found this information or any from my previous posts in this series to be helpful, there’s a lot more where that came from in ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’ available right here at Everything Summer Camp. Check it out for yourself right here! And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Why waffles?

Hey Waffleheads!

Whether you top ‘em with butter, chocolate, syrup, berries, ice cream, all of the above, or something even better…waffles are an absolute favorite the world over! Often enjoyed as a breakfast food as well as an afternoon snack or even a dessert dish for after-dinner hours, waffles are transcendent of mealtimes. It’s no wonder we have a holiday to celebrate them!Waffles are amazing!

Today is National Waffle Day.

Nowadays, waffle irons are household appliances. They’re the perfect contraption for creating the iconic pattern of square pocketed surfaces you’ll find on waffles. See, the old French word for waffle—wafla—means ‘a piece of honeybee hive’. It’s these ‘pockets’—the grid shape—that actually makes a waffle a waffle and not…well, a pancake!

Believe it or not, that is the only real purpose to the design of the waffle. It’s actually just a happy accident that the grid design doesn’t just look cool, but actually helps make the surface get evenly crispy and does a great job at holding your syrup, butter, or what have you.
Metal was first being craftfully forged in the Dark Ages.
The waffle iron wasn’t patented until 1869. But, the waffle itself had already been around for about 600 years! As advancements of forging metal came along in the 1200s, so came along the ability to craft cooking plates by impressing designs into the metal.

In fact, early waffle plates typically used more than the honeycomb design. Instead landscapes, crests, symbols, and other designs were imprinted on waffles. It wasn’t long before two waffle plates were attached by a hinge to make a sort of ‘iron’. Waffles spread An early waffle 'iron'like wildfire across the world and became almost as popular then as they are now!

A favorite among royalty, many kings thoroughly enjoyed waffles. King Francis of France had such a love for waffles that he requested that a waffle maker be specially made of silver just for his royal highness! Whether you’re a king or not, enjoy your waffles today of all days and, as always, thanks for reading!

- JohnWe LOVE waffles!

Northwoods Camps of Wisconsin

Hey, Camp Fans!

Looking for the right summer camp for your budding camper? Read today’s (as well as the rest of our Summer Camp Spotlight posts on the Blog) for a great resource of wonderful camps—we work with roughly 250! I’m shining my spotlighThis logo unites the brother sister camp.t on brother and sister camps, today—Towering Pines Boys Camp and Camp Woodland for Girls in Wisconsin’s American Legion State Forest.

Nearby Eagle River, these two camps sit on their own campgrounds that stretch a combined total of more than 530 acres. Providing boys and girls a beautiful, remote environment among Wisconsin pines and birch for over 65 years, these camps are perfect summer stays for your soon-to-be-camper!

Towering Pines and Woodland offer a plethora of varied activities from which their campers choose. Encouraging fun and friends, these camps have encouraged confidence, happiness, and a healthyBoys will be boys at Towering Pines. living throughout generations!

Choose from fun activities at camp like arts and crafts, horseback riding, archery, multi-day hike outing, performing arts, team sports, sailing, water sports, swimming, and more! The options are completely comparable between Towering Pines’ activities and Woodland’s except for Woodland offers gymnastics for girls.
Free to be you and me at Woodland Camp for Girls.
The well-maintained facilities at both brother and sister camp have been established to provide unrivaled recreation and camping opportunities for 100 boys and 70 girls each summer. Boasting their dining hall meals, the campers dig in on the great-tasting food they serve up at camp. All the Towering Pines and Woodland campers and staffers say the meals are to die for!

Growing opportunities and great fun are happening each and every summer at Towering Pines and Camp Woodland for boys and girls just like yours. Look in to either of these camps right here to see if they’d be a good match for your son or daughter and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Another question for you…

Hey, Camp Seekers!

March Mondays are all about how to ‘Choose the Right Camp’. Naturally, you want camp Will your camper attend a coed or single sex camp?to be a wonderful experience for your soon-to-be-camper. Selecting the right camp has a lot to do with what they get out of the experience. Our March Blog series about how to choose the right camp is using valuable information that can be found in the indispensable guidebook ‘The Summer Camp Handbook,’—written by camp experts, Dr. Chris Thurber and Dr. Jon Malinowski.

In the previous two Mondays of March, we’ve covered the questions ‘Where do you want to go to camp?’ and, last week, ‘How long do you want to stay at camp?’ Today’s question:


Here are some benefits for both types of summer camp environments.

Single-Sex Camp:
•    leaves less room for romantic distractions. When campers leave their concerns about how they come off to the opposite sex allows for a more concentrated experience in personal growth and development of independence.

•    Single-sex environments allow campers of the same gender to bond differently than they would otherwise and help each other to reinforce the best things about their gender.

•    Staff at a single-sex caBoys, girls, or both? What's your camper's preference?mp make excellent role models and help to reinforce gender identity for campers.

•    Single-sex staff members are less distracted by other staff members of the opposite sex and therefore, naturally more committed to the job.

Coed Camp:
•    One of the goals of summer camp is to sharpen social skills with your community which is only fully l                                                           represented in a coed environment.

•    Coed camps are also extremely convenient for families with both boy and girl campers—they offer just one location for dropping off, picking up, and visiting.

•    Coed camps could be a great change and healthy exposure to an inclusive and healthy community living experience for kids who attend private, single-sex schools.Get everything there is out of The Summer Camp Handbok to send your kid off to camp the rigt way.

You can learn more about the differences between single-sex and coed camps and everything else you need to know for sending your kid off to camp the right way in ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’—check it out right here! Make sure you tune in next Monday for the final question you need to ask yourself when you’re choosing the right camp for your camper: ‘What kind of organization are you looking for?’ As always, thanks for reading.

- John

Former Laurel South Camper Halston Sage

Hey, Campers!

Did you know that every year more than 10 million kids go to summer camp? That’s A LOT of kids! And because everybody and their mothers went to summer camp at some point, it’s not surprising to discover the loads upon loads of famous folks who were Halston Sage is a new up and coming actress!summer campers just like you once upon a time. But it was only roughly a decade ago that Ms. Halston Sage went to summer camp.

Born in Los Angeles, Halston traveled courageously far for her summer camp stay. She spent her summer stay on Crescent Lake at Camp Laurel South, near Portland, Maine in the beautiful Sebago Lakes region which includes a great beach and clear waters, sports fields, and pristine woodlands. She discovered a passion for horseback riding and would eventually go on to win awards in horseshows.

The oldest of three, Halston sets a great example for her siblings, showing them how to forage your own career path. She may be new to the show business scene, but this girl is already making a name for herself and has been since she launched her acting career at 18 with the television series ‘How to Rock’ in 2011.

She continued to make appearances and guest star in other shows like ‘The First Time’ as well as Nickelodeon shows ‘Victorious’ and ‘Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures’. And in just a couple years after her breakthrough, she debuted in her first feature film alongside Emma Watson in ‘The Bling Ring’. She worked with Adam Sandler as well in ‘Grown Ups 2’—she likened the set and crew of this filmmaking experience to summer camp.

But that was just the beginning and Halston’s just getting started. Last year she co-starred in ‘Goosebumps’ with Jack Black and she also has a role in ‘Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse’ in which a group of Boy Scouts become heroes when their hometown is overrun with zombies.

With such a charismatic personality and a such a great start, Halston’s career has nowhere to go but up. She also loves to write too. Get the most out of your summer camp stay like Halston did and find out just how much good summer camp can do for you! As always, thanks for reading.

- John

Shopping made easier

Hey there, Camp Shoppers!

We’ve been hard at work over the winter season to make your shopping experience the best it can be. Among plenty of new products, including our innovative and awesome new Designer Trunks with hundreds of available options, our Customer Service crew has made some excellent changes to our website to give our customer a more convenient and considerate store. At the beginning of the month, I announced that we launched our Mobile Site.

Today, I introduce our new Shop-by-Brand feature.
This feature is found directly on our homepage.Find this handy feature directly below our ‘Most Popular Picks’ on the homepage of our website or under the main menu options in the top left corner of our mobile site. When you want to shop just a single brand, click the Shop-by-Brand feature for direct access to a page that lists our brands.View most of our available brand names with this tool.

Our online store is laid out by departments—our selections of ‘Camping Gear’, ‘Name Labels’, ‘Travel Accessories’ and five others. But the Shop-by-Brand feature is for times that you only want to look through Columbia clothing or Kelty sleeping bags as opposed to perusing our entire selection of boys and girls apparel or our plethora of sleeping bags.

Please note that not all of the brands we carry at Everything Summer Camp are represented in our Shop-by-Brand feature. Criteria to meet for This is sure to be a useful shopping tool.Shop-by-Brand membership relies on A) how many products we carry of a particular brand B) how popular they are among our customers. We included a lot, featuring just shy of 70 brands in this new website feature.

In closing, I invite you to check out our Shop-by-Brand feature to shop exclusively the brand you’re interested in and read our brief summaries of our brand overviews and histories. Enjoy your shopping our website and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

How long will it be?

Hey, Camp Seekers!Center your sights and choose the right camp for your camper.

Last week I posted our first installment in our March series all about how to ‘Choose the Right Camp’. This helpful series covers information that we’ve learned from the incredibly informational and easy-reading guidebook, ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, written by summer camp experts Dr Chris Thurber and Dr. Jon Malinowski. Each installment of this series poses its own question that will help you to narrow your search for the right camp.

Today’s question:


It’s a good idea to focus on a range instead of trying to pinpoint a set amount of days or weeks. Start by asking your kid how long of a stay would be most comfortable. All kids are different—some will prefer to try a week or less, others want a solid two weeks, and some want a whole month or more!

When it comes to approaching your soon-to-be-camper on the topic of the length of their camp stay, you want to be aware of key phrasing when asking certain questions: It’s always helpful to children when you make comparisons when talking about lengths of time. Try to avoid such an open question like, “How long sounds good to you, Joe?” Instead, ask “What do you think about a two-week stay; that’s how long you stayed with Uncle Matt last summer. Does that seem like a good length to stay at camp?”

Of course you should respect your kid’s choice for a shorter camp stay if that is so desired, but if they’re okay with it—the longer the better! While a specialty camp could get boring, concentrating on the same activities routinely, but traditional camps that offer such long camp sessions are typically exceptional, advanced, and well-rounded programs with a variety of choices in activities and more than just one or two visiting days.Get everything there is out of The Summer Camp Handbok to send your kid off to camp the rigt way.

A major benefit to a longer stay a well-designed camp is that campers have the opportunity to grow and develop significant skill levels in the activities of their choosing. As Dr. Thurber and Dr. Malinowski put it in their book, “You simply cannot go through all the archery or riflery marksmanship rankings, or learn the finer points of English riding, or earn a SCUBA certification, or become and expert sailor, in one short week. Those sort of accomplishments require a longer session.”

Help your kid to consider a longer camp stay for a fully immersive experience to get the most out of camp. Be sure to tune in for more great tips and advice next Monday and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

New Soft Trunk Designs

Hey, Camp Folks!

Of course, at Everything Summer Camp, the home of C&N Footlockers, the first thing we recommend for transporting your camp gear will obviously be one of our stylishly cool and extremely durable steel or laminated camp trunks. But there are, inevitably, some people who feel a camp trunk is too big and clunky at summer camp. For all of you, I have just one word:These Pop Up Soft Trunks are not to be underestimated.


Okay, I guess it’s more like four words…but they’re all hyphenated. In any case, these soft trunks truly are the perfect alternative to our C&N trunks! Built to last, this wire-framed Soft Trunk keeps its traditional trunk shape even when empty. When camp is over, the Soft Trunk is capable of collapsing and lying flat for easy storage.

Currently offered in a plethora of options that span the color spectrum and sport fun patterns, the Pop-Up-Soft Trunk is expanding its appearance at Everything Summer Camp and taking on a multitude of new faces. Have your pick from a whole new line of soft trunks dressed in colors and patterns new to the summer camp scene.

Essentially identical constrThis Teal beast is a great color for the Pop Up Soft Trunk!uction, the new Soft Trunks are just like the old ones, with a plethora of pockets, wire-frame stability for structure, spacious beyond compare to any other duffel, and the convenience to live out of as though it were one of our traditional hard camp trunks.

                                                             More colors and patterns on our Soft Trunks increase the chances of you finding a Pop-Up-Soft-Trunk that best suits your personality and style. When it comes to summer camp gear, you can never have too many options, because every kid is unique to his or her own personality. Reflect your personality with your style of choice in our new Pop Up Soft Trunks and, as always, thanks for reading.These new faces look great for our Pop-Up Soft Cases

- John