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Hey, Mom and Dad!

This post for parents stretches back three weeks ago when I started this Tips and Advice series about what you can do to alleviate your concern for your child’s upcoming summer camp stay— ‘childsickness’, as summer camp experts Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski coin the term in their book, ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’.
parents should enjoy summer camp almost as much their kids!
Thurber and Malinowski mention a number of things you can do to ease your thoughts about missing your kid. So far, I’ve given you five pieces of advice; I revealed three tips in the first post of this series and the other two in the second post. Today, I offer the last two pointers mentioned in Thurber and Malinowski’s camp book about easing the separation for parents and kids during summer camp.

#1. Stay Busy
It’s important to have plans when your kid is at camp. Even if your plan is to just have quiet time at home, it’s good to plan on doing it and then, when the time comes, do it. Otherwise, if you have other kids at home who aren’t attending camp this year, this gives you individual time to spend just on them.

While some parents like to do vacations during their kid’s camp stay, other people are a little more glued to their daily schedules. But even if you must stick to your typical routine throughout your kid’s camp session, it’s still important to find some things to do like see friends, go catch a movie at the theater, or finally get to a project you’ve been putting off. None of this will keep your mind OFF of your kid, of course, but it will help you to stay busy and think positively.

#2 Take Care of Yourself
Also, it’s important to take some time that’s just to yourself. Do the things that you want to do and take this time to relax for cryin’ out loud! Quiet times like these aren’t a dime a dozen—they only come around every so often and you should make a note to appreciate them! Take this time to decompress, kick back, catch up on reading, take a bath, go for a walk.

Some parents feel guilty about having a good time while their kid’s away. But thEnjoy the moment you see your kid again.is isn’t logical. It’s not as though your kid out doing something dangerous or unsupervised. Your kid is having a great time at summer camp. They’re out enjoying themselves; there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy yourself as well. Enjoy the time you have with your kid being away and enjoy the time even more when they come back!

This concludes my Tips and Advice Blog series about easing the separation during your kid’s camp stay. Hope you got a lot out of it. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Say, “Cheeese!”

Hey, Camp Aficionados!

Memories are great, but photos make a great accessory to help visualize your memory of a time that was obviously fun enough that someone took a picture to, more-or-less, immortalize the moment. Photos help us hold on to memories and keep loved ones close by even when they’re far away. Today is National Camera Day! Read on to learn how cameras were invented.

These captured images have come quite a long way from their early days of playing with light exposure to the current digital age where people’s cell phones typically have a high-quality, built-in camera. This technology was tinkered with for a long time. This first semi-successful photo camera.

Inverted images that shown upside-down (commonly referred to as a Camera Obscura) had been a point of interest for many years—potentially since the ancient Greeks. It was in 1816 that the first somewhat successful photograph was produced by a French inventor named Nicéphore Niépce.

He made his own camera and coated a piece of paper with sliver chloride to use for the photograph. In the chemistry world, silver chloride is known for its crafty conversion to silver when illuminated or exposed to heat. It darkens when exposed to light. Absolutely intriguing stuff!

An older style of cameras...This technology was played with and eventually made for the market. By the 1840s, cameras bStill an old model, but with advancements for handheldability.ecame a commercial item, available to the public. Transforming from a wooden box to a more ‘handheld’ design, cameras have continued to evolve in our present day.

From disposable to digital, cameras have really evolved throughout the years. You can find great cameras for your summer adventures right here at Everything Summer Camp like the Fujifilm Quicksnap Waterproof Camera This waterproof Fujifilm camera is perfect at camp.and the Kodak Fun Saver Camera. Treasure your camp memories forever in our fantastic Three Cheers Photo Book or the appropriate Summer Camp Photo Frame. Get the Kodak Fun Saver for your camp fun this summer!Check it all out right here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

What KIND of Outdoor Products’ products?

Hey, Camp Fans!

As usual, Everything Summer Camp is gearing up for the fast-approaching summer camp season (some of you may already be there). We really got into this season—we’ve been bringing in new products left and right! So many, actually, that it’s been a little hard to keep up with on the Blog. But for those of you who are still awaiting their weeks of summer camp, I’ll continue to inform you of our latest products.

Outdoor Prouducts has some of the best pruoducts around.We just brought in a slew of new products from an excellent supplier—Outdoor Products! In fact, there are so many new products from them that I don’t even have enough room to talk about it all on this Blog post. But, what I can do is give you the lowdown on several.

DuffelsThese virtually rainrproof duffels are awesome!
I’ll start with the duffels since there are so many of them. First of all, we have their Deluxe Duffels which cover a vast array of different sizes. These are your classic, barrel-shaped duffel bags in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Mammoth-sized.

Then there are their Utility Duffels, another barrel-shape style with a bit more pocket room and other accessories than the Deluxe Duffels offer. These bags are available in Large, Giant, and Colossal Sizes and are perfect for camp.
These Mulipurpose Ponchos are the best at camp.
Available in children’s sizes as well as adult, these Mulitpurpose Ponchos prepare you for a rainy day. Lightweight, they fold up nice and tight for easy packability and you can lay it flat to use it as a ground tarp too for keeping your gear off of a freshly soaked ground. Provided with a full cut hood and drawstring closure, you can stay nice and dry in these awesome Ponchos.

Backpack Rain CoverKeep your gear safe with this raincover!
These Rain Covers keep your backpack—and all the gear inside of it—shielded when the rain falls. It sports urethane-coated nylon taffeta to make it 100% water-resistant. It’s guaranteed to keep your pack dry with its elastic take-up as well as side snaps to provide FULL coverage. And it’s supplied with a nylon drawcord and cord lock.

Pick up any one of these great ‘Outdoor Products’ and check out their full collection right here at Everything Summer Camp! As always, thanks for reading!

- John

KIT—secrets to coping with the childsick blues

Hey, Folks!

Unlike so many of the posts on this Blog, this one is just for the parents. Last week I posted three ways that you can do to alleviate your concern for your child’s upcoming summer camp stay—or ‘childsickness’, as summer camp experts Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski call it in their preparatory guidebook, ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’.

In their book, they mention a number of things that you can do to help reduce the pain of missing your child during their camp stay. Last week I talked about learning as much as possible about the camp, talking with other parents whose kids are or have been to camp, and also, to prepCommunication with camps is a great way to reduce worry.are your kid as best you can for group living. Today I’m offering two more pieces of advice from their summer camp book:

#1. Get News from Your Kid’s Cabin Leader.
It can be very comforting for parents to keep in touch with cabin leaders and get word about how their kid is doing. Leave some stamped postcards addressed to yourself with your kid’s cabin leader and aske them to send an update here and there so you know how things are going.

It’s cool for a kid when parents find fun, creative ways to connect with their kid while they’re apart during summer camp. A popular thing to do is to leave a letter for your kid with a cabin leader on opening day. When your kid gets this letter it should help ease your kid into this separation.

#2. Write Often
Writing to your kid feels great and it feels even better (thought it may not happen that often) to get a letter back from camp. Whether your kid’s camp is near home or not, it’s guaranteed to feel extremely far away from home to your kid. Camp, though fun and awesome for a kid, is a strange, new place that feels very far away. A letter from you makes things seem a little closer.Campers treaure the letters they receive from home. They may even get a response!

Letters to your kid should be positive and upbeat. Kids aren’t good at communicating, at least not by mail during their summer camp stay. They have so much to do that’s right there in front of them and ten times more fun than writing a letter home. But they’ll greatly appreciate a letter from you!

Next week will conclude this month’s series on what do to help take care of your ‘childsickness’. Tune in next Tuesday and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

What’s going on at Camp Emerson?

Hey, Camp Fans!

We love talking about ourselves here at Everything Summer Camp. But it’s good to give somebody else a turn every once in a while too. That’s why we started posting Summer Camp Spotlight posts. These Blog posts take the spotlight off of us and put it on a deserving camp. Today I’m talking about Camp Emerson.Camp Emerson is a great place to go for camp.

Located around the magical Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts, Camp Emerson boasts some beautiful campgrounds, sandwiched between Lake Emerson and Lake Plunkett. With awesome surroundings and great facilities, campers at Camp Emerson are free to play, make friends, and grow!

Into sports? You’ll have a blast at Camp Emerson. They have everything from their Basketball court to the Baseball diamonds, Volleyball nets, and Soccer fields. They offer Archery, Fencing, Golf, Gymnastics, Tennis, Fitness. And don’t forget the water sports! They’ve got Canoeing, Kayaking, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding…. They definitely have it all at Camp Emerson!

They also have awesome programs for performing arts like acting, dance, improve, and a lot more as well as excellent programs in visual arts like cartooning, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Stained Glass, and so much more.

For kids whose interests are all over the map, Camp Emerson presents their ‘Step Beyond’ program, a fast-paced course in kids who are hungry to learn about a broad range of cool things. From Cooking to Rocketry, their appetites will be sated in the ‘Step Beyond’ program.the beautiful campgrounds of Camp Emerson

They also offer very cool wilderness and survival programs where campers can go exploring, go fishing, and learn survival skills.

Camp Emerson campers create their own schedule every two weeks by picking their favorite six activities for their well-rounded, full camp days. Why shouldn’t they get to choose. After all, it’s  their camp stay! And these full days make up their camp experience where they undergo a great level of personal growth and begin to understand the concept of their role in a community.

Camp Emerson is awesome. Check it out for yourself and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Happy Dads’ Day!

Hey, Everybody!

Happy Fathers’ Day! Fathers across the world are honored on this day for their dedication, unconditional love, and support. Last year I told you how the holiday of Fathers’ Day came to be, whereas today I’m going to give you gift ideas you can buy (at little or no cost) for dear ol’ dad. After all, often times, he’s the HARDEST to buy for!Happy Fathers' Day to fathers everywhere!

Dads are interested in more practical gifts, so ideas like wallets, watches, swiss army knives, keychains, grilling accessories, bottle openers, shaving razors, kitchen cutting boards—are all fairly low-cost great gift ideas that your fathers will be happy to receive because they’re gifts that they can USE!

Another great way to show your appreciation is with a card. Whether it’s store-bought or homemade, you can give him a little message of your love and appreciation that’s sure to touch his heart! Making your own card is easy! Just fold a normal 8.5” x 11” piece of paper and voila—you have a front, an inside, and a back!

Go the extra mile with your card too and include a coupon that offers your services for aFathers' Day is a day to give your dad something from the heart! night of dishes, taking the trash out, or some other random chore around the house. Your father’s sure to enjoy a gift that gets him out of daily chores.

Draw a picture for your dad. A picture says a thousand words and, often times, the thought of this gift alone is enough to put a twinkle in ol’ dad’s eyes. Whether it’s a family portrait, a picture of you, or one of dad himself, it’s sure to be treasured.

Lastly, nothing says ‘Happy Father’s Day’ like a creative arts and crafts project. Get inspired with a bunch of great ideas—click here for a dad-dedicated Pinterest page. Check it out and make something nice for your pop today! Happy Father’s Day and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

What camp did Jonathan Tucker attend?

Hey there, Campers!

It’s not surprising to find that a plethora of famous folks were once summer campers just Check out Mr. Jonathan Tucker on today's Blog post.like yourself. Among the long list of the many whom I’ve Blogged about, joining their ranks today is Mr. Jonathan Tucker who too is a former summer camper like all of you will be some day.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, when Jonathan was closer to your age, he and his parents loaded up the family car with all his gear and took him on a four-hour drive to Camp Chingachgook (say that five times fast!) in Kattskill Bay, New York. Located at the foot of Buck Mountain, on the eastern shore of Lake George, Camp Chingachgook presents gorgeous American land.

Thomas Jefferson has said the following about the same land that Camp Chingachgook is built on:

This quote from Jefferson describes the land of Camp ChingachgookIt was around this time that Jonathan started to show an increasing interest in acting. For five consecutive years, starting when he was eight years old, he acted in the Boston Ballet’s production of ‘The Nutcracker’, playing Fritz.

Also in regular attendance of the Boston Ballet, Jonathan has said about his classes, “Ballet is one of the more difficult rigors that I’ve ever done. The Ballet instructors are some of the most intimidating people I’ve met.”

Plugging away, Jonathan Tucker has been pursuing an acting career since his school days. He’s made a number of appearances on episodes of popular TV shows like ‘Law & Order’, ‘CSI’, and ‘Royal Pains’.

He has since found a niche in horror/thriller movies such as ‘The Next Three Days,’ ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’ and worked with Bruce Willis in ‘Hostage’ from 2005. With determination and focus, the same kind of success could find you, summer campers! Enjoy your summer camp experience and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Give ESC a call!

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When you can’t find something in a grocery store, you flag down an employee and ask for help. You can’t really do that when shopping an online store; instead, we urge ycall center live chatou to give us a call or use our site’s Live Chat when you need assistance. We love talking to our customers. That’s why, every year, we put a great effort into equipping ourselves with excellent representatives to answer your questions. Call us at 1-800-535-2057.

Welcome to the call center.   Welcome to the call center

A buzzing office with constant chatter throughout its open hours—which are extended in the busy season—you’ll find our seasonal crew at their stations in the call center taking calls and placing orders. Thanks to this helpful team, you can order over the phone with absolute convenience. The most work you’ll have to do is dialing 1-800-535-2057.

Along with taking orders over the pCall Center - Shelby on Phonehone, some of our representatives make calls to our customers, calling them back about their particular orders if a question happens to arise about a personalized product or any other reason that gives us hesitation toward fulfilling the order.

From keeping meticulous count in inventory to brimming with product knowledge, our call center representatives are quick on their feet and ready to answer your questions as soon as you ask. Call Center - Anna, Packaging 2And when they’re not busy on the phones or helping customers on Live Chat, they stay occupied with stocked product packaging (which, this time of year, is a lot coming in and going out)!

But despite how busy we get at Everything Summer Camp, we always strive to keep our work environment fun—something that I think is reflected in their work. When you call us (at 1-800-535-2057), you’re sure to get a pleasant and enthusiastic greeting. So go ahead and give us a call when you visit our site. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

And, oh yeah—did I mention our number is 1-800-535-2057?

Scared to say goodbye?

Hey, Parents!

With summer camp right around the corner, these are super-exciting times. Among all this excitement, you may find some feelings of concern. If you read my Tips and Advice posts in April, you know better than to show these mixed emotions around your kid. Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

But have no fear; you have lots you can do to help yourself feel better about your kid’s camp stay. Then you won’t have any mixed emotions to hide. Just positivity. Summer camp experts Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski discuss three ways to alleviate your concern (or ‘childsickness’ as they coin it) in their preparatory guidebook, ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’.

Learn More about Your Camp
Learning about a camp is vital to happily sending your kid off for their summer stay. The more information you can find about the camp the better fit it will be for your kid. That, AND, the more you know about a camp, the less apprehension YOU’LL have about the camp. As Thurber and Malinowski say in their ‘Handbook’,

Chris and Jon say it best, in fact, they wrote the book on summer camp childsickness.Talk With Other Camp Parents.
You’ll see that you’re not alone. Or, even better, if you can talk to a parent who has already gone through sending their kid off, they can tell what great benefits camp offers and might even be able to help you cope with you doubts and concerns. If you don’t know any other parents who have sent their kids to camp, you can always call the camp. Ask how your kid is doing and get coping advice from them.

Prepare Your Child for Group Living
Sometimes kids struggle to get along with their peers. Small disagreements between them can snowball into an avalanche and there are a lot of kids living together at camp. Be sure to talk to your kid about behavioral qualities like treating others fairly, being a good sport, cooperating, and so on.

Make summer camp something you AND your kid will enjoy and, as always, thanks for reading.

- JohnSummer camp is great for parents and kids alike.

Stay cool with this misting tool!

Hey, Camp Aficionados!

Summer camp is right around the corner and it’s starting to get HOT outside! It feels good, having that warmth on the spring air explode into a full blown scorcher. Sometimes those summer days can just get a little too hot! But you can keep yourself cool with the Deluxe Water Misting Fan from O2 Cool! There’s nothing that satisfies on a hot summer day quite like the instantly cooling mist from this fan.

Lately, we’ve been bringing in lots of fresh products for this coming camp season and we’re not stopping yet! The O2 Cool Deluxe Water Misting Fan is new at EverythingThe water misting fan is a summertime gift from O2 Cool! Summer Camp. This is one new guy who immediately stands out of the crowd.

Expanding our collection, the Water Misting Fan brings something completely new to the table. Unlike any other fan we carry—the Funky Flexi Fan, the Deluxe Fan/Light, and the 5” Desktop Fan—this one actually uses water to cool you off! No other fan will cool you off with this kind of efficiency! The Deluxe Water Misting Fan is by far your best summer camp companion.

You hardly know refreshing if you haven’t experienced the sweet sweeping mist of this O2 Cool, ergonomically designed creation. Just push the button and the Deluxe Misting Fan emits a chilled, cool breeze that reduces the temperature of the air by 30°. Releasing an ice-cold mist from its large mouth, you’ll be instantaneously cooled.

Filling this fan with ice is easy and it produces up to 1,000 mists per fill. Made with powerful, yet safe, and flexible fan blades, the O2 Cool Deluxe Water Misting Fan is a summer camp delight! It runs on 2 AA batteries—which are not included. Have fun at camp and stay cool! As always, thanks for reading.

- John