Welcome to the Print Shop…

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Here at Everything Summer Camp, we offer a great deal of customizable products. We call them graphics. From our Name Labels to Call Me Cards, Nameplates and LidSkinz, we offer so many personalized products that we have a shop, separate from ouThe secondary location of C&N Manufacturing and Everything Summer Camp, The Print Shopr main building, entirely dedicated to our graphic production.

Welcome to the print shop.

It’s an impressive place with a carousel for screen printing along with an industrial dryer, two embroidery machines, a Direct to Garment (DTG) printer, two heat presses, three wide-format printers and a whole lot more.

The summer graphics crew beginsThe beginning stages of a Stick On Order in the process of being designed. with design work on the computer to create your personalized order.  Working with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, products like Nameplates, Stick-On Labels, and Duffel Bag Patches, each order is specifically designed and printed out on sublimation paper.

Sublimation paper is special paper that is used for the process of sublimation. What is sublimation? It’s the transference of ink from one medium to another (like a piece of paper to a nameplate), by means of heating the materials so much and so fast that the ink skips a liquid phase and turns straight to a gas. This causes the print to dye onto the initially blank nameplate so that it now bears YOUR design!Our CNL printer drums out these clothing labels all day long.

This time of year, we dedicate one of our three wide-format printers entirely to Clothing Name Labels. We get hundreds of these orders every week! It’s so many that it basically becomes one person’s job throughout the camp season!

We also create our own Clothing Stamps by means of light exposure to gel packs. We cover the gel pack with a negative that has everyone’s name printed on it. The exposure unit hardens the gel where the names designate, leaving the rest of the gel unexposed and unhardened. We simply clean off the excess gel and cut out our rubbery stamp names from the gel sheet we made.

Don’t forget about Lid Skinz! These awesome full color vinyl decals are designed completely by YOU and then printed from one of our other wide-format printers. We then send the prints through our laminating machine to apply a protective laminate that provides protection more durable than paint! The Lid Skinz are then applied to the tops of our trunks beneath the hardware. They look really cool!the screen printing carousel for

As if that’s not enough, we also personalize Laundry Bags at the shop with one of our two embroidery machines.  All of our camp clothes are printed here as well by means of sublimation, embroidery, or screen-printing. Needless to say, it’s always a hoppin’ place in the summertime! Give us an order of your own to personalize and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Camp friends STAY friends!

Hey, Camp Fans!

I’ve made Tuesdays Tips and Advice Day throughout the month of May, specifically about the Five Goals of Summer Camp. Being the fourth Tuesday, today will disclose and discuss Goal #4 and next week Tuesday, we’ll extend this May series into June to reveal the fifth goal.

In the first week I went into Goal #1—Have Fun. The second week talked about Goal #2, Improve athleticism, intellectualism, and artistry. Last week covered Goal #3 which is to Gain Independence. And today, we’ll discuss Goal #4.

Goal #4: Make Friends and Develop Social SkillsYou're sure to make friends with everyone at summer camp!At a setting like summer camp, this goal is inevitably reached—typically without the awareness of it even happening. For shy kids who maybe don’t have an abundance of friends back home and are afraid that they won’t have an easy time making friends at summer camp—there is no need for concern! Kids make friends with other kids easy as pie at camp. It just HAPPENS!

The experience of a kid’s summer camp stay and being away from home at this setting, is typically superior to any other previous experience in terms of personal growth and development of social skills. Something kids can rarely achieve in other settings, they do in beautiful, rural settings like summer camp.

At camp, kids learn to get along with one another; camp gives them a boost in confidence of their putting themselves out there in response to their personality and, so doing, helps them to make friends with ease. These sort of skills are essential to successfulness in life throughout adolescence and adulthood. You can’t accomplish much without getting along with others.

Rest assured, your summer camp stay is sure to bring lots of friends and a strong feeling of community. Many camps provide the proper environment that brings these skills out in all their campers. Read up on Everything Summer Camp's first published book, the second editon of 'The Summer Camp Handbook'

You can learn more information about the Goals of Summer Camp and MUCH more in Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski’s helpful guidebook, ‘The Summer Camp Handbook.’

Tune in to the last post in this series next week to read about the last Goal of Summer Camp, Experience a New Natural Environment. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Check out Chippewa Ranch Camp

Hey, Camp Enthusiasts!

Not that we don’t like talking about ourselves here at Everything Summer Camp—our products, our customer service, or our awesome team—but today I’d like to shine the spotlight on a wonderful, all girls camp, Chippewa Ranch Camp. Check out all the fun activities and excellent facilities they have waiting for you this summer!Welcome to Chippewa Ranch Camp

Surrounded by pines in the northern region of Wisconsin, Chippewa Ranch Camp sits on the border of Eagle River, just 40 minutes away from Lake Superior and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The Chippewa grounds are filled with exciting activities and an abundance of character!

If you like water sports, Chippewa provides areas for swimming, sailing, kayaking, skiing, windsurfing, stand-up-paddle boarding and fishing. Fun land activities include the ropes course, the climbing wall, archery, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a scenic jogging trail. If you like horses chippewa ranch rope coursetoo, you’ll definitely have to check out the stables and go for a ride or two.

Chippewa also offers a variety of art activities such as pottery, cooking, arts and crafts, theater, and dance. Campers at Chippewa sign up for activities every two weeks. There are five activity periods each day that are revisited every other day.

This way, campers have the same schedule Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then a different schedule on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays. And Sunday is reserved for Cabin Day which focuses on being part of the community and togetherness of the Chippewa family.

At night, campers retire to the cozy cabins that overlook the lake. Most cabins offer bunk beds and every girl is provided with her own shelving unit. Whether you’re in Lakeview, C-C, Horseshoe, or Bowed Legs, you’ll stay cool in the summer heat with nice, commercial fans that do the job right. As Chippewa puts it, their campers are “roughin’ it…comfortably.”

Be sure to stop by the “Mother Tree”— estimated to be 233 years old, she’s the biggest and oldest tree on the Chippewa grounds! And you’re sure to play a few rounds of trampball—an exclusive marriage of volleyball and four-square with added bounciness!

Girls from all across the country and all across the world learn new skills, build friendships, and realize a clearer vision of the self through community living. Join this close-knit community of Chippewa sisters and check out Chippewa Ranch Camp for yourself! As always, thanks for reading.
chippewa ranch girls- John

P.S. Their map is AWESOME!!! Click it to check it out

Chippewa Ranch Camp map


So many ways to save this Memorial Day weekend!

Hey, Smart Camp Shoppers!

As summer is always considered to be bookended by Memorial Day and Labor Day, the unofficial announcement of the summer season—Memorial Day—is right around the corner. Memorial Day has always been a big day for us at Everything Summer Camp, so this year we wanted to make sure we started things off right. That’s why we’re having our Memorial Day Weekend Sale.
Memorial day weekend saleWe’re going all out for this sale hitting all our major categories of camping gear and other popular camping supplies like Camp Trunks, Duffel Bags, Name Labels, Get trunks for cheap on memorial day!Trunk Accessories, and so much more. Check it all out:

Get $15 off of our Camp Trunks. The best container to use for summer camp is typically going to be a sturdy camp trunk. Pick up your camp trunk this weekend for a nicely discounted price.

Similarly, you can find specific Duffel Bags for $10 off! A popular alternative to Camp Trunks or, depending on the size of your Duffel and how big your load is, a great addition to storage.
Clothing stamps work great for lableing. Get it for a great price this weekend!
We went Get excellent deals on summer camp musts like name label productscrazy with items marked 10% off. Get a great deal on Name Labels for your camp clothing and other camp gear. That goes for our Iron-Clothing Name Labels, Stick-On Name Labels, Artline Clothing Markers, and Clothing Stamps—everything here.

Products in ten other major categories are being slashed by 10%: Laundry Bags, Sleeping Bags, Fans, Insect Repellent, Water Bottles, Rain Gear, Toiletry Bags, Stationery, Travel Accessories, and Color War Apparel!
Nameplates not only identify but help make your trunk pop
We’re not done just yet! We also offer 5% off of all Trunk Accessories—practical and cool products like Nameplates andGet great accessories like the Glide & Go Tray for your trunk at a discount Memorial Day Sale price. Glide & Go Trays. You can also find 5% off of our extremely popular Columbia Sportswear.

But that’s STILL not all because ‘The More You Spend, The More You Save’ We’re bringing this returning deal back for this weekend’s sale.  Here’s how it works: purchase over $100, you’ll receive a $10 Gift Certificate, shipped along with your order. If you purchase over $200, you’ll get a Gift Certificate for $20. $300 will get you $30, $400 will get you $40, and so on.

As usual, we ship $99+ orders for free. Have fun getting your discounted camp gear this weekend and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Seth found humor at Camp Miriam

Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

I started this Blog back in 2013 and, posting about celebrities who attended camp or have had a significant involvement in the summer camp community, I’ve covered almost 50 celebrities. Some celebrities boast more involvement with summer camps than others. Backtracking a bit, it seems a good idea to review some of the big names who have a stronger connection to summer camp than others.

A couple weeks ago, I posted a second post about Lisa Loeb—arguably the queen of summer camp celebs.

As previously stated a couple years ago on this Blog, funnyman Seth Rogen was also a fan of summer camp—especially when he was 13. In fact, if it wasn’t for summer camp and Seth’s stay at Camp Miriam, the world may funnyman Seth Rogen had his comedy debut at summer camphave never heard of this now incredibly famous superstar. Everybody say, “Thanks, Camp Miriam!”

Settled in the ubiquitous forests of Gabriola, Canada, Jewish camp, Camp Miriam features a fun atmosphere with a climbing wall, swimming pool, sport fields, a vegetable garden, and much more. What was so special about Camp Miriam for Seth? I think it’s safe to say it was the atmosphere of the community there.

Bringing the ‘funny’ to this fun setting, Seth quickly fell in love with his ability to make his peers laugh. At just 16, Rogen came in second place in the 1998 Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest. “As soon as I realized you could be funny as a job, that was the job I wanted,” Seth once said.

Pursuing a career in comedy—and nothing else—you might say Seth became rather successful, very quickly. A talented voice actor, you can hear Seth in such animated films as ‘Horton Hears a Who!’, ‘Kung Fu Panda’, and ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’. He’s even voiced for some episodes of ‘The Simpsons’!

Check him out in the video below for Camp Miriam and, as always, thanks reading!

- John


Strawberry: the story of an imposter

Hey, Strawberry Lovers!

If you’re a big fan of strawberries—and who isn’t?—then you’ll go absolutely crazy about today! After all, it’s National Pick Strawberries Day—a great pastime for friends and families to get together for going strawberry-picking! It’s much more relaxing than say, apple-picking and, while apple-picking brings the taste of autumn, strawberry-picking epitomizes the spring season.The beautiful strawberry as nature createdIn order to experience the full satisfaction a strawberry can deliver, you’ll have to have picked it yourself. Fruit farms all across the country open their gates this time of year for the general public to come and peruse these perennial plants to pick their prize strawberries. Picking your own strawberries is not only a fun adventure, it’s also a great way to meet and support your local farmers.

A favorite for lots of people, the strawberry certainly has a healthy following. How could it not? It has such a variety of possibilities like jam, pie, toppings for cereal or ice cream, salsa, the list goes on! But instead of telling you about all the ways you can prepare your picked strawberries, let me tell you some interesting, little-known facts about these curious, little wonders of nature:

1.) Strawberries—brace yourself—AREN’T berries! Berries carry seeds on the inside and there are no seeds inside strawberries. And, what most people assume the seeds are—on the outside—are not actually seeds at all, but tiny, whole fruits. Meanwhile, the red, fleshy part isn’t actually a fruit at all, but the receptacle of the strawberry plant!the rose, close cousin to the strawberry

2.) A Strawberry, by any other name, would taste just as sweet. Interestingly, strawberries have little to do with other berries, but are actually closely related to Roses! That’s right—that matching shade of crimson is no coincidence, it runs in the family.

3.) They’re a “berry” popular fruit (technically called an aggregate accessory fruit)—strawberries have a great number of health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, increasing good cholesterol, promoting heart health, containing a plethora of antioxidants, and more. It’s no wonder people are so crazy about them.

4.) California produces 83% of the strawberries grown in the U.S., weighing in at one billion pounds each year. If you were to line up—berry-to-berry—all the strawberries grown in California from a single year, they could wrap around the earth 15 times! That’s a lot of strawberries.

Find a nice, local farm where you and your family can spend some quality time together picking these interesting fruits off the many strawberry plants. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- JohnA bunch of tasty strawberries! Don't drool!

Responsibility at camp spawns Independence

Hey, Camp Fans!

I’m posting Tips and Advice about the Five Goals of Summer Camp on Tuesdays throughout May. Last week I gave parental pointers you can use to help make sure you’re kid improves in athleticism, intellectualism, and artistry—Goal #2—and the week before that I talked about Goal #1: Have Fun. Today we cover new territory with GoaGaining independence is easy at overnight campl #3.

Goal #3: Gain Independence.

Goal #3 is a different animal than the first two. You can tell, pretty much immediately, if your kid had fun at camp or if they sharpened their skills in things they’re passionate about. The results of the first two goals are more-or-less concrete outcomes, whereas the results from Goal #3 can be a little more subtle and slow to show.

Being away from home in itself gives your kid the confidence and interest in discovering new things on their own. Kids become more outgoing and take healthy risks that they otherwise wouldn’t take with parents around. In fact, being away from home is the most influential forces in gaining independence.

Sometimes, the results of your kid’s achieved independence will be more evident. Kids return from camp and suddenly stop interrupting when you’re talking with somebody else or clearing the dinner table without being asked. How does this happen?

It works like this: your kid is given a taste of something new at camp—responsibility. They’re responsible for tasks at camp and (with guidance) they’re responsible for themselves. This creates an awareness and understanding of what needs to be done within their community at camp and, without being told what to do, campers do it.

As noted in Read up on Everything Summer Camp's first published book, the second editon of 'The Summer Camp Handbook'Drs. Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski’s ‘The Summer Camp Handbook,’ “Independence slowly evolves alongside an increased sense of interdependence—the way in which we all count on one another.

Parents should also keep in mind that their kid’s increased responsibility and use of manners will likely fade throughout the year. After all, their kids! Camp isn’t going to turn them into adults! It just gives them a push in the right direction. Come back next week to read about Goal #4: Make Friends and Develop Social Skills. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

A Day at the Museum

Hey, Explorers!

If you’re an intrepid explorer, than you probably already know that one of the best places to do your exploring is in a museum! There are all different kinds of museums and they’re all rich with the discovery and exploration of modern, historic—and sometimes PREhistoric—times! From science, art, history, natural history, and other categories, roughly 17,000 museums can be found in the U.S.Visit a museum today in celebration of Museum Day.Lots of small towns have their own, small history museum. And, though widely considered the least popular type of museum to visit, you’d be surprised what you can find out about the history of your own town. Some towns are able to boast battlefields and other, interesting claims to history. Today’s a good day to visit your town’s museum if you have one—it’s National Museum Day!

Easily winning the numbers, small town museums ARE considered less of an occasion than any others. For a step up I would recommend planning a visit to your closest science or art museum. These places will hit the spot when hungry for an afternoon of educational and grabbing entertainment.

In my opinion, however, the natural history museums are best. Born and raised in Milwaukee, I was spoiled with frequent trips to the Milwaukee Public Museum throughout my childhood. I love that place! For a thorough and accurate look into One of my favorite places to go as a kid!the prehistoric past, ancient times, and modern history, this is a great place to visit.

As opposed to the 60 minute/afternoon-long trip you’ll likely find at most science, art, or small town museums, you could spend the better part of a day browsing the three floors of the Milwaukee Public Museum’s countless exhibits, dioramas, and information signs.

Plan a trip to your closest or favorite museum soon if you can’t make it today! It’s a day sure to be brimming with fun! As always, thanks for reading.

- John

The sweet shade of Candy Pink

Hey, Camp Lovers!

As it’s prime time for all of you to be gearing up for the fast-approaching summer camp season, it’s that time again for Everything Summer Camp as well. That’s why we’ve recently made outstanding additions to our stellar camp shop. While we’ve already added a LOT, we’re not done just yet! We put our heads together for our most recent addition and said, “Let’s think Pink…”
candy ;ink for the fashion minded tweenTake a peek at our latest bedtime apparel of Fleece Robes, Pants, and Shorts from Candy Pink!

These bedtime and lazy morning apparel pieces work great for getting sweet dreams and beauty sleep at summer camp or afterward, at home. The Robe, Pants, and Shorts are all made of 100% polyester. Pick your favorite design of these four, fun availaThis fleece robe is 100% polyesterble options—Bubblegum, Handbag, Make-Up, and Neon Animal—and be sure to catch your Zzz’s in these comfy fleece pajama bottoms.

Begin and end each day at camp living the life of luxury. You’ll know it every time you sink into a Candy Pink Robe. You’ll be the coolest at camp in your Fleece Robe that matches or compliments the Candy Pink design on your pajama bottoms. Wrap yourself in complete comfort and fall in love Wear these fleecy pants to bedwith a Fleece Robe of your own.

The epitome of soft, these Fleece Pants make excellent pajama bottoms at night or the enjoyable rainy morning. They fit nicely, giving you a snug hug around your waist. Go with these awesome pants for your camp stay.

Of course, if it’s too hot out, better go with a pair of make up design fleece shortsFleece Shorts as well. They’ll be super-comfy on a hot summer day or sitting around a roasting fire at night. Sure to keep you comfy and not-too-hot when you wear them to bed, these Shorts are perfect for a pleasant camp stay.

Shop all of our p.m. apparel right here and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Sharpen yourself at camp in mind, body, and soul

Hey, Camp Aficionados!

Last Tuesday I talked about a series I’m posting on this Blog throughout the month of May. The series is about the Five Goals of Summer Camp. Last week I disclosed the first goal, which is by far the easiest to accomplish at summer camp: Have Fun! The next goal isn’t too difficult either, and that goal is:

Goal #2: Improving athletic, intellectual, and artistic skills. Sharpen your mind, body, and soul at summer camp!

As Dr. Chris Thurber and Dr. Jon Malinowski point out in their excellent summer camp guide, ‘The Summer Camp Handbook,’ they explain the five goals of summer camp. And from their explanation, we can glean that for the same reason Goal #1 is so easy to achieve, Goal #2 is nearly as easy. And why is that?

Because camps are fun manufacturers—experts at it, in fact! They can make anything fun and they have countless fun things to do. That’s why you’re sure to have so MUCH fun at camp!

And that’s why you’re sure to mature in athleticism, intellectualism, and artistry (or, to put it another way, your body, mind, and soul).

Parent Pointers:

-    Most cabin staffers have a knack for teaching. But you’ll want to make sure of this yourself. Watch for specific qualities in cabin leaders—do they set a good example or do they start swearing when they lose their temper? Do they encourage the personal improvements of campers or do they use competition as a means of motivation?

-    Overnight camps offer something that day camps can’t: immersion. The improvements of Goal #2 take some time. Kids need every second of the day to work on these things. They get that at overnight camp. There, they eat, breathe, and sleep camp. However, at day camps, the camp day ends at a specific time every day. The learning process is interrupted and never given enough time to really bloom.

-    Lots of kids can have a tendency to stick with the things they know. If they have a preexisting passion for archery, it’s likely that their first instinct will be to head off to the archery targets. Before camp, it’s good to encourage your children to challenge themselves with something new during their camp stay.

Goal #2 will certainly be reached at any good summer camp! Tune in next week, Tuesday, to hear about Goal #3—Gain Independence. And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John