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Hey, Camp Preppers!

I’m posting tips and advice on Mondays throughout April concerning great ways to involve your child in the planning processes of summer camp such as packing and shopping. Last week I introduced the topic and explained the importance of including your kids in the planning stages of summer camp.

Making it something they’re a part of certainly reduces some of the mystery of summer camp for them. They know a little more of what they can expect when they’re a part of the planning. Today I’ll be talking about a vital part of helping your children to prepare for their summer camp experience: solidify the length of your kid’s camp stay in their mind.

There are three ways described by authors Dr. Chris Thurber and Dr. Jon Malinowski in their preparatory guidebook, ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, available here at Everything Summer Camp.
Make sure you mark your camp dates down.
1.) Use a family calendar to mark the dates of your child’s camp stay. Having this visual representation of when camp starts and ends will generally put a decent idea of just how long camp is in your kid’s head. Make sure the calendar is pinned up in communal areas of your home, like the kitchen refrigerator or a hallway wall.

2.) Referencing time is another way to solidify the length of your kid’s camp stay in his or her mind. Referencing time means to refer to another event of a similar amount of time. If you and your child are thinking of a two week camp stay, ask, “How long did winter break feel? That was two weeks.” What’s vastly more important than your kid’s answer is their focus on lengths of time.

3.) Lastly, you can reframe time. This means putting the length of your kid’s camp stay in perspective. If your kid’s concerned that his or her camp stay will feel too long, you can lessen how ‘LONG’ time will feel. One way to do this is to explain that summer VACATION is a whole ten weeks long. Summer camp will only be one or two weeks. That’s 10 to 20% of summer vacation. That’s NOT that long!

You can also spread out a deck of cards and say that if each card is a week, there are this many cards to one year. Flip two of the cards and say this is how many weeks out of the year you’ll be at summer camp. This visual works great for kids!try this card trick for camp prep.With these three tips, you should have no problem giving your children an accurate idea of how long their camp stay will be and how long it will feel. Tune in next Monday to learn about what you can avoid before (and during your kid’s camp stay). And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Brotherly and Sisterly Love

Hey, Brothers and Sisters!

Today is National Siblings Day. Like it or not, your siblings are some of the closest people to you. They’re right there with you as you BOTH grow up. There are often times lots of laughs, lots of fights, lots of tattling, and lots of secrets shared. May as well make the best of it. Super Siblings

Just as we have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, today we have Siblings Day and spending the day with your sibling/s is a great way to celebrate it. What’s the point in National Siblings Day? I mean, our siblings don’t necessarily take care of us (some might, but in that scenario, only one of the siblings is doing the care-giving). AND not everyone even HAS a sibling!

So why have a day dedicated entirely to them? Well, because, unlike your friends, you can’t pick your siblings—not that there isn’t a World Friendship Day. But you’re stuck with the family to which you’re born and nothing can ever really change that. Even if you secede from your family, your siblings will still have been your siblings. You just won’t be joining them for family get-togethers anymore.

Remember these goofball siblings from the Acme Tower?Almost all siblings are going to fight once in a while, unless you’re extremely like-minded twins who are always on the same page or something like that. I’m very close to all four of my siblings and, despite that, I can say, with absolute confidence, that at some point or another I’ve fought with them all.

But just because you might fight with your younger or older brother or sister, doesn’t mean that you don’t share a deep connection with each other. Celebrate National Siblings Day today by spending some quality time with your brothers or sisters. Go for a walk. Ride your bikes. Play a game. Watch a movie. Whatever you do, you’ll be happy to be doing it together.

Happy National Siblings Day and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John


What’s NEW, Happy Camper?

Hey there, all you Happy Campers!

Here at Everything Summer Camp—the home of C&N Footlockers—we’re modest people, but there’s no getting around the facts and, in point of fact, our footlocker trunks are simply the best the whole world over. When you purchase a C&N Camp Trunk, you know you’re getting the best quality trunk available.

What makes our trunks better than any other is all in our careful construction. We don’t take any shortcuts or cut any corners in our manufacturing processes. Built using 3/8” Aspen plywood, the exterior is covered with a steel sheet that’s lead-free, scratch-free, and given a baked-on enamel finish. The interiors are lined with DuraWrap, a water-resistant, odor-free, and virtually tear-proof paper.Check out the Happy Camper in studly black trim.The most popular of our camp trunks, the Happy Camper LOVES summer camp! Spacious, this camp trunk never gave anyone any concerns over comfortably storing their belongings with security. It’s available in 22 awesome C&N colors. But none of that’s changed.

What we DID change in this NEW version of the Happy Camper is the trim color. Featuring hardware coated in a lead-free, black enamel, baked-on finish. Like adding a bold outline to your camp trunk, the new Black Trim accentuates your trunk, making it REALLY stand out now! It also includes a new, larger handle which making itself easier to carry.

Over the years, we’ve gotten so many requests for black trim on our footlocker trunks. Well, it took us a little while to get it right, but the wait is over now, here it is: The Happy Camper sporting Black Trim. Just $20 more than the standard version (which is still available too), this trunk has never looked better.

See which trim and hardware style suits you best and order your own Happy Camper online with us today. As always, thanks for reading.

- John

Don’t just sleep tight—sleep right!

Hey, Campers!

When looking for the right sleeping bag, people typically make the mistake of asking, “What’s your warmest sleeping bag?” But this isn’t necessarily the best question because it won’t necessarily get you the best sleeping bag—just the warmest. Don't let this happen to you

So, if the warmest sleeping bag isn’t the best one, then what is? Good question, but one whose answer is far from universal. The answer to this question relies on a number of different variables concerning location and average temperature during specific months. What will be the best sleeping bag for you?

Once you’ve determined what the temperature will likely be in the area of your camp during the time that you’ll be there, you’ll want to keep it in mind while you’re shopping. And remember: temperature ratings can sometimes be exaggerated; if you expect there to be 40° nights at camp, maybe go with a sleeping bag that has a 30° temperature rating.

In preparation for the upcoming summer camp season, Everything Summer Camp has brought on new sleeping bags from Wenzel and Kelty.

The Wenzel Temperature Control Sleeping Bag is made with layers so you can opt to bundle up or go lighter with the covers! Fluctuating from 30-60° temperature ratings, this sleeping bag is You choose how warm this bag is!customizable. You’re in control of your sleeping bag’s layers. With a removable middle layer, you can either use it in your bag for a full administration of warmth, or you can use it as a blanket on its own.
Check out this sweet bag!
Or go with the Kelty Tuck 22° Sleeping Bag. One warm mummy bag, this thing is filled with a performance insulation that Kelty calls ThermaPro. Designed to easily compress—despite its excellent retention of warmth—this bag makes itself easy to pack up.

Make sure to get the right sleeping bag for you and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

The Wonderful World of Camp Timberlane…

Hey, Camp Fans!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we just can’t help ourselves but to give credit where credit is due. That’s why we like to talk up the people whose products we offer; we also like to talk up camps that excel at showing kids a great camp experience. Shining the spotlight all across the country, the camp we talk about next could be the one you’re attending this summer!Imagine yourself at this magical camp.Just like Everything Summer Camp, Camp Timberlane is also located in Wisconsin. Proud to operate in the same state, Timberlane’s all-boys camp is roughly a two-and-a-half-hour drive from us, located alongside Lake Towanda in Woodruff.

A beautiful campground, Timberlane is equipped with awesome facilities and features of great variety, so there’s sure to be SOMEthing for EVERYone! They’ve got a climbing tower, an archery area, basketball and tennis courts, a batting cage as well as a baseball diamond, a volleyball court, and an impressive setup for water activities like waterskiing, fishing, sailing, boating, or just, plain swimming!

For fun, indoor activities, the Timberlane Recreation Hall is a kid magnet! Featuring a Ping-Pong table, a Fusball table, and Shuffleboard, the Rec. Hall is definitely a pretty exciting place. This gorgeous log structure is also where the camp’s Guitar Classes are taught as well as the Comedy Sportz Improv Classes and the Gymnastics Program.

The campers all retire to their designated cabins at night, but no matter whether you’re staying in the Cheyenne Cabin, the Sioux, Cherokee, or any of the other dozenThere's much fun awaiting you at Camp Timberlane cabins at Timberlane, you’re cabin sits along the peaceful lakeshore. What more could a kid ask for in this lovely, wooded setting?

Camp Timberlane operates away from their campground as well. In fact, a major part of Camp Timberlane’s program is their amazing wilderness trips. They send river canoeing, lake canoeing, backpacking, rock climbing, and sea kayaking trips that travel all over Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Canada. Their trips last for as long as 12 days in spectacular wilderness settings. Highly skilled and qualified trip leaders accompany each trip and teach the kids outdoor living and environmental stewardship.

Because all in all, Camp Timberlane is much more than just a place—it’s a community where kids have been gathering for over 50 years, to gain skills and inner growth through the subtleties of playing, making friends, and having FUN! Find out what Camp Timberlane can do for your child! Check it out for yourself right here.

- John

Kids and camp decisions

Hey, Camp Preppers!

So you’ve got your camp picked out, you’re shopping for camping gear, you’re scheduling a physical; you’re on top of it when it comes to prepping for your child’s summer camp stay this season. But there’s one part of camp prepping that you won’t find on any packing list or complete with a visit to the doctor.

A major part of preparing for caKeeping kids involved in camp planning is the best way to handle camp preparations.mp is including your child in the preparations.

Posting on Mondays throughout the month of April, I will be sharing tips and advice on great ways to involve your child in the planning processes like shopping and packing. What this involvement will do for your kid is take away the mystery that surrounds summer camp

Just the same way that it’s a big deal for kids to play a part in choosing their classes for school, it’s also a big deal for kids to feel as though they have a certain amount of control in the decision-making processes of summer camp.

The fact is that kids who aren’t involved in the planning of their own camp experience end up feeling forced to go. They are much more likely to get homesick rather than kids who, with the help and guidance of their parents, make decisions about their camp stay.

A great way to urge kids to get more involved in the planning process is simply by asking them questions about what they would like to get out of their camp experience. Encourage your kid to ask friends who have already gone to camp questions about how they liked it and what the activities were like.

Tune in next week to learn about the importance helping your kid grasp JUST HOW LONG their stay at summer camp will be. You can get even better pointers from The Summer Camp Handbook, available at Everything Summer Camp. As always, thanks for reading!

- John

What’s Kirk Cameron done for camp?

Hey, Summer Campers!

Admirable involvement in the summer camp lifestyle is everywhere you look. Knowing what a great impact camp can have on a kid’s life, people can play a huge role in supporting, donating, or even launching a camp.  For never actually having ATTENDED summer camp when he was younger, Kirk Cameron certainly realizes the impact that camp has on kids.Kirk Cameron in a more-or-less current photo That’s why he launched Camp Firefly.

Best known for his role as Mike Seaver from the classic sitcom, ‘Growing Pains’ (which started when he was a child and stretched to his early adolescence), Kirk was certainly a teenage heartthrob in the 80’s and early 90’s.

‘Growing Pains’ revolves around the Seaver family, living in New York. The premise of the show starts with psychiatrist, Jason Seaver who starts working from home since his wife, Maggie, resumed her old occupation as a reporter. Dr. Seaver is left during the workdays to fulfill his job’s needs AND look after their four children: Mike (Kirk Cameron), Carol, Ben, and Chrissy. And heartwarming hilarity ensues.Sometimes a wierdo, Kirk has done great things for burdened families

Kirk’s gone on to do lots of recurring television appearances in shows like ‘Herbie the Love Bug’, ‘Touched by an Angel’, and ‘Full House’ as well as work in film such as ‘Beyond Witch Mountain’ and ‘Starflight: The Plane That Couldn’t Land’.

But beyond his work onscreen, Kirk has done awesome deeds of good will. In co-founding his summer camp, Camp Firefly, with his wife—actress, Chelsea Noble, these two have made a place where families with terminally and seriously ill children, can go to get a break from their exhaustive everyday that’s filled with medical treatments and financial concerns.

Camp Firefly is an all expenses-paid, one-week retreat not just for the sick child, but for the entire family so that, it becomes an experience that offers a burdened family to spend some quality time with each other and meet other families who share similar adversity.

Click here to check out more about Camp Firefly and scroll down to spot Kirk in this great opening sequence from ‘Growing Pains’.

- John



No Foolin’

Hey there, all you Pranksters!

As opposed to last year’s pranking post in which I relayed the “history” of April Fools’ Day (and then proceeded to flat-out LIE about every bit of it), today I would like to give you an actually ACCURATE account concerning the beginnings of this peculiLearn the REAL historical origin behind this world-celebrated 'holiday'.ar holiday. All joking aside, this is the honest origin of April Fools’ Day—for serious….

To be perfectly honest, nobody REALLY knows exactly how this day began, however, we have a couple good ideas.

IDEA #1: Some people feel that there is substantial, historical record of April Fools’ Day in Chaucer’s story, ‘The Nun’s Priest’s Tale’ within the classic ‘Canterbury Tales’. It’s postulated by some scholars and historians that this story Chaucer is sometimes credited with being the first to document April Fools' Day.about a fool who is tricked is noted by the narrator to have taken place on April 1.

If this ‘Canterbury Tales’ reference were confirmed, it would be the first-discovered record of an April Fools’ Day, dating back to 1392! However, enthusiastically debated, this theory has mostly been debunked, though some maintain that ‘The Canterbury Tales’ contains the earliest record of April Fools’.

IDEA #2: More likely, April Fools’ Day was born in the 16 Century when Pope Gregory XIII implemented the Gregorian calendar which brought about a radical change that moved the This is the guy who implemented the Gregorian calendar that we typically use today.first day of the year (which had always been April 1) to the first of JANUARY!

Without the lightning-fast media of our current day, news took a very long time to reach everybody. Those who were unaware continued to celebrate the new year on April 1 and were promptly ridiculed as ‘April Fools’ by others who were hip to the new calendar.

Spawning a celebratory craze the world over, April Fools’ Day has evolved into a lighthearted day of (hopefully harmless) and creative tricks. Check out the informative video below and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John