Michael Dell: father, business mogul, summer camper…

Hey, Camp Fans!

You know who else is a fan of summer camp? Michael Dell of Dell computers. That’s right. The founder and chief executive of Dell computers was a summer camper just like you when he was your age. He may be an accomplished, incredibly successful business mogul NOW, but back in the day, he was just like you: a kid at summer camp.Michael Dell is more than just the 41st richest person in the world, he's a former summer camper as well.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Michael went to Camp Champions, a co-ed summer camp located along the shores of Lake LBJ which is nearby Marble Falls.

Michael sold ‘Houston Post’ subscriptions as a 15-year-old high schooler. And, by simply reassessing and retargeting his prime clientele, Michael made about $18,000 that year (which was more than some of his teachers made).

A businessman before he grew up, Michael showed promising skills in taking apart computers and putting them back together. He attended college at the University of Texas studying pre-med. And while there, he started up an informal business that put together and sold upgrade kits for personal computers.

As insignificant as it was at the time, this was actually the very early beginning of Dell Inc. By the time he was 27, Michael had become the youngest CEO of the top 500 corporations. Dell is now the world’s third-largest computer hardware manufacturer.

Ranked in 2012 as the 41st richest person in the world, Michael puts his mountains of money to great use having founded the educational program called Breakthrough Austin. Helping underprivileged students to be all they can be, Breakthrough students receive personal, thorough, complete, and continuous support.

Unfortunately, it’s a fact that, in comparison to families that are better off, students who come from low-income families are less likely to attend college by a factor of seven! A family man himself, Michael understands how important it is that every child (independent of their family’s financial status) has an equal opportunity to receive an education. Everything Summer Camp couldn’t agree more.

Summer camp was an excellent experience for Michael Dell. What does it have in store for you? As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

Will you be ready for camp?

Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

We’re publishing our first book! These are exciting times for us here at Everything Summer Camp. Originally published 15 years ago, the authors of ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’ thought their helpful guidebook could use a solid updating. Read up on Everything Summer Camp's first published book, the second editon of 'The Summer Camp Handbook'

Rather than a catalog of camps, this book offers excellent advice about choosing camps, packing essential camp gear, and emotionally preparing your child (as well as yourself) for the approaching summer camp season.

Written and updated by summer camp experts Christopher Thurber and Jon Malinowski, these two have been great friends since they met all those summers ago at camp. Take it from them. They know everything you need to know about sending your kid off to summer camp. They wrote the book on it, in fact. And then they rewrote it!

Having thoroughly revised this book three times, Chris and Jon have thoroughly updated it to include day camps, reflect modern approaches to co-ed camps, and share helpful material on technology, homesickness, and camp outcomes.

I myself rolled up my sleeves for this project as well and completely re-illustrated the 70-some illustrations throughout the book including the new cover. After that, I also redesigned the layout.One of the many new illustrations displayed in this beautiful guidebook for summer campers.

“Summer camp families who have shopped our website know that we are more than just a supplier of camping gear,” says Vice President of Everything Summer Camp, Mark. “Everything Summer Camp has always wanted to help families get ready for camp and get the most out of the camp experience. When Chris and Jon approached us to publish the new edition of their book it made perfect sense for us to get involved.”

What an honor it is for Everything Summer Camp to have our name on such a helpful, quality guidebook as ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’. Check out a copy for yourself and make the first step in making your kid’s next summer camp experience be the best. Thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

Introducing our two new trunk colors!

Hey, Campers!

We sell a lot of camping gear and other camp supplies. With a name like Everything Summer Camp what else would you expect, right? We’re always bringing in new products Craig and Nancy are the people who started it all!as well, but no matter how many different items of camping gear we start to carry, our pride and joy is securely stored away in our C&N Footlockers.

Originally named C&N Footlockers (after the owners Craig and Nancy), Everything Summer Camp got its start manufacturing these quality footlocker trunks. In the last 28 years, we’ve made a lot of changes including our name, our target, as well as the amount of products we sell. But, despite all these changes, we still manufacture our camp trunks with C&N quality and construction.

And, in the same way that Everything Summer Camp is constantly growing and evolving, so are our camp trunks. That’s why we’ve added two new colors to our camp trunk collection: Mint and Coral. Select to view the Happy Camper in whichever color you like best. After that, just feast your eyes and fall in love.
Open your C&N Footlocker to minty freshness with this camp trunk.
Like a breath of minty-fresh air, the C&N Happy Camper in Mint is complimentary and absolutely breathtaking. Breathe in deep and take it in. Just as cool and refreshing as a piece of bedroom furniture as it is at summer camp, you can’t go wrong with a cool Mint trunk.
Get this Coral camp trunk for a fun, yet calming color
If you’re looking for a soothing shade like that of the marine life under the sea, check out the Happy Camper in our new Coral color. A neutral balance of pink and orange, Coral is a compromise that leaves everyone happy and content. Relax like these otherworldly creatures and get Coral for your camp trunk.

Whichever color you decide is right for your trunk, either one is sure to bring a fresh, new look to your Happy Camper. As always, thanks for reading.

- John

Out with the old, in with the new!

Hey, Camp Fans!

The times they are a-changin’, but here, at Everything Summer Camp, we just roll right along with them. Summer campers ourselves at one point, we know what was cool back then and we know what’s cool now. When you stay as hip to the current trends as we do, it means continually bringing in new products.

And, when you’re always bringing in new products, things can sometimes get a little crowded in our warehouse. That’s when we know we need to create more space to make some room for everything. That’s why we’re having a monstrous clearance sale. Check out our ‘Closeouts’ category on our website to peruse over 50 products that are on clearance.Get fun camping gear on sale for up to 70% off right now at ESC

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these products, they’re just a year or two older than other products on our site. For that reason alone, you can find products at Everything Summer Camp on discount. Get your camping gear for great deals ranging from 20% – 70% off and save yourself lots of cash!

Better act fast too! There’s no telling when this sale will end. This clearance sale will continue until the discount products are all sold! Once our products marked for this clearance sale are gone, they’re gone for good. We will not be ordering more of these products, so get them while you still can!

From swimwear to water bottles to footwear and bedding, stock is limited (very limited on some items). So if you see something you like, grab it up quick—it might just be the last one on our shelves! Get great deals Get great products like duffel bags for cheap thanks to ESC's Clearance Saleon great products like the Overnight Duffel Bag and the Go Big Duffel Bag. Half of their regular price, this is one clearance sale of which you definitely want to take advantage.

Go NUTS and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Did someone say ‘vacuum’?

Hey, Science Students!

Today is Create a Vacuum Day. This task is extremely involved and challenging. And, despite the fact that I wouldn’t expect or even encourage anyone to try creating their own homemade vacuum chamber, I DO believe it’s a subject that, at least, warrants a Blog post’s worth of discussion. With the proper know-how and hook ups, you can turn any glass jar into a vacuum chamber.

However, before we move on to what a vacuum chamber is, I want to quickly define what ‘space’ is. I’m not talking about space as in the final frontier, but more so, space, like the stuff that you take up (which isn’t really any different than outer space). Space is something that stuff inhabits—or DOESN’T inhabit.

I inhabit space. You inhabit space. My sister’s Chihuahua inhabits a considerably smaller amount of space. And when you travel from point A to point B, you’re traveling THROUGH space.

Okay, now let’s ask, what is a vacuum chamber?

No, it’s not some accessory on your Hoover or Dirt Devil (though this is where ‘vacuum’ cleaners get their name). A vacuum chamber is typically a jar of some sort that has been sealed up with nothing inside of it. And when I say ‘nothing’ I mean NOT a THING!
An empty jar of pickles can quickly become a vacuum chamber.
If I ask you to imagine a jar of nothing, what do you think of? A jar that’s been emptied of all the pickles and pickle juice (or whatever else) that was previously stored inside the jar? Yeah, some people might consider this an empty jar. But a vacuum chamber takes it one step further and empties the jar of AIR! It may seems excessive, but air, while invisible and virtually weightless, certainly is SOMEthing.

A vacuum chamber holds truly EMPTY space. Now that I’ve explained what a vacuum chamber is, you might ask what’s the point in creating one? Well, the fact is things behave differently in a vacuum than they do in the atmospheric world that we know and love. Among other strange phenomena, sound doesn’t exist!

In the video below, Bill Nye doesn’t create a perfect vacuum, but demonstrates what happens when you play around with the atmospheric pressures inside a sealed chamber. Check it out! Happy Create a Vacuum Day and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John


Need some help stayin’ dry?

Hey, Rainy Day People!

As Spring weather approaches, it may inspire a good cleaning indoors; but really, there’s nothing CLEAN about this season at all. This time of year, the world is typically a wet, sloppy, muddy mess! Now that we’re beginning to venture further into 2015, we’ll soon be witnessing the slow retreat of this past winter unfold. BOY—is it going to be wet!

The old adage notes that it is APRIL showers that bring May flowers; but, really, it’s common enough for it to rain in February and March as well. Because FebruMade with lassic material, water droplets cannot pass thorugh the material's pores.ary has now begun, now is a smart time to get your raingear ready.

You’re in luck since Everything Summer Camp just added new raingear from Frogg Toggs!

Introducing the Youth Polly Wogg Rain Suits from Frogg Toggs. Those rainy days don’t have to be about dull days stuck indoors—not with this rain suit, anyway! Get out there and puddle it up in this rain suit made of lassic material from Frogg Toggs. Snug around the ankles, arms, and waist—and equipped with a full hood—the rain doesn’t stand a chance at getting you wet.

We’ve also recently added the Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit from Frogg Toggs. Constructed from Frogg Toggs’ specially designed, lightweight, breathable, waterproof, nonwoven, recyclable material, the Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit is just the thing to keep your adventurous camper dry in what can sometimes be a very wet world.

Despite lassic material’s excellent breathability, its pores are 20,000 times smaller than a droplet of water. That means it’s literally impossible for rain to get through. Easy to pack, these suits compress down to the size of a storage pocket!

Stay dry this season with the Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit or the Youth Polly Wogg and protect yourself against our wet planet! As always, thanks for reading.

- John