Keep your Cabin Bunk COMFY!

Hey there, Sleep Aficionados!

Did you sleep well? Here at Everything Summer Camp, we know how important a good night’s rest is—especially when you’re at summer camp! There’s nothing like slipping into your comfy camp sheets after seizing a long day of fun camp activities. That’s why we’re sure to carry only the comfiest, coziest camp sheets that we can find!Solid colors of Cabin Comfort Bed Sheets.

For absolute bliss when it comes to your camp bunk, go with the Cabin Comfort Twin Bed sheet Set, new here at Everything Summer Camp. You’ll get excellent sleep when you’re wrapped up in these sheets! The Cabin Comfort Twin Bed Sheet Set includes a single flat sheet (66” x 96”), a single fitted sheet (39” x 79”), and a single standard pillowcase (20” x 30”). This Sheet Set will fit a mattress as deep as 14”.

These bed sheets cGet Cabin Comfort Bed Sheets in awesome designsome in solid colors as well as cool patterns that zig and zag and look good. Brighten your bunk with your favorite pick of our colorful Cabin Comfort Bed Sheet Sets. Then, at camp, lay these sheets down on any twin-size bunk mattress and enjoy the 100% polyester, soft microfiber that makes it extra soft for your sleeping satisfaction.

The soft microfiber is what makes this Bed Sheet Set extremely easy to care for which is certainly a blessing at summer camp. For longest-lasting quality and durability, these sheets should be machine washed in cold water with similar colors, tumble dried on low heat, and never bleached, dry-cleaned, or ironed.

There’s nothing like sleeping on new bed sheets, so go with this comfy treat during your camp stay and get the Cabin Comfort Twin Bed Sheet Set for your camp bunk. It’s sure to deliver a great night of sleep for your camper. Sleep well and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

LIVE! from Camp Tamakwa, it’s…Chevy?

Hey, Summer Campers!

Millions of kids have been attending summer camps for a very long time. Nowadays, it seems like everywhere you turn, there’s SOMEbody who went to camp when they were a kid—even celebrities—wait no, ESPECIALLY celebrites! Did you know that Hollywood Chevy Chase is probably best known for his role as Clark Griswold from the National Lampoon movieslegend Chevy Chase was a summer camper just like yourself when he was closer to your age?

Yep. Clark Griswold himself (Chevy’s serial character from the National Lampoon movies) was once a summer camper at Camp Tamakwa. There, in the beautiful environment of Algonquin Park in Canada, Chevy had a blast with fun activities, making friends, and getting know himself.

Speaking of learning more about Chevy, first things first, his real name isn’t Chevy. It’s Cornelius. Cornelius Crane Chase. Nicknamed by his grandmother, the name comes from a folk song from the 14 Century called ‘The Ballad of Chevy Chase’.

Despite how well-off Chevy’s family was, Chevy still understood a solid work ethic as he worked hard in order to support himself while pursuing a career in writing. With lots of experience to put on his resumé, Chevy waited tables, sold wine, managed a supermarket department, drove a cab, drove a truck, and worked in construction.

Chevy's latest work has been on the TV show CommunityHe caught his first big break around 1975 when he landed a writing gig on NBC’s hit show, ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Hired on only as a writer, it was during the show’s auditions that Chevy’s talents as a performer were just as valuable as his writing skills. SNL’s premiere sketch featured Chevy Chase who was then the first person to shout out, “Live from New York! It’s Saturday Night!”

Whether on an old SNL sketch, through the invention of Clark Griswold, or his latest character, Pierce Hawthorne, from the show ‘Community,’ over the years, Chevy has made us all laugh (sometimes until we cry). Summer camp did Chevy good. What will it do for you? As always, thanks for reading.

- John

Game. Set. Match.

Hey, Camp Fans!

On behalf of Everything Summer Camp for Valentine’s Day, I expressed our love for our customers. And since we love our customers so much, I told you to stay tuned in the next following weeks to hear some of our great new enhancements we’re making to our customer service.

Here’s the second enhancement: Our…

Think you can find the same thing for a better buy? Submit a Price Match request at ESC.Summer camp, while worth every penny, can get expensive. Here at Everything Summer Camp we respect and salute the smart shoppers of the world, the coupon clippers, and penny pinchers. With lots of retailers and outfitters marking up their prices exorbitantly, it takes a lot of effort in this day and age to save a buck.

We like to keep our prices at Everything Summer Camp reasonable. However, while we like to keep our prices fair, we don’t put anything past our smart shoppers. You may very well be able to find particular camping gear for a cheaper price. But when that happens, you can still shop Everything Summer Camp AND pay that lower price that you found elsewhere!

ESC logoIt’s our Price Match Guarantee. Simply said, we will not be beaten. Find a lower price somewhere else? Tell us and we’ll match it! That’s right, any identical product (which means the same size, color, style, and season) you find on an authorized retailer’s website—we’ll match the price, assuming that the product is in stock and available to purchase on our website as well as the website whose prices we’ll be matching.

Our Price Match Guarantee is just one more reason to make Everything Summer Camp your one-stop shop for all your summer camp shopping. Check out our ‘Price Match Guarantee’ page for further guidelines and easy step-by-step instructions of how to submit a Price Match request.

Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

I Spy…

Hey, Camp Fans!

Ever wonder about the history of your camping gear, when it was invented, and why? We do here at Everything Summer Camp. That’s why this Blog takes a day here and there to investigate the origins of specific gear and other camp supplies. Today: binoculars. Galilean Binoculars are still used frequently today!

In order to discuss the history of binoculars, however, we first need to take a good look at telescopes. Binoculars, after all, are only mini-telescopes that have been aligned and mounted together. Using lenses that people grind in particular ways, telescopes allow you to magnify your vision of faraway objects to make them appear close-up.

Glass-making and lens-grinding was already a booming industry by the late 1500s. Interestingly, the first guy to discover what two lenses can do when pointed at each other was likely just some eye-glass maker, Joe Schmoe who just happened to be fiddling around at work onThe father of the telescope as well as binoculars, Hans Lippershey was truly a great inventor.e day.

It was another eye-glass maker, a man named Hans Lippershey, who actually took this intriguing discovery and used it to invent the telescope.  And, while Hans’ telescope was immediately praised by the masses, within a few years, people wanted something you could use with both eyes. It wasn’t long before Hans went to work tweaking the telescope, shrinking it, and mounting a pair of them together.

The binoculars were born (as well as its precursor, the telescope) all within a few years of the year 1610. ‘Spyglasses,’ as they came to be called, were a huge hit that often found themselves in high demand but low on supply because of how much more intricate the work was to build a pair of them as opposed to the involvement of building a single telescope.

Despite the intensive labor involved, binoculars did not deliver a crystal clear image. Because of their small scale, it was difficult for manufacturers to grind the lenses with accurate precision. Even so, people loved using them for birdwatching, going to the opera, and simple enjoyment. Everyone thought they were good enough back then. Get your own, excellent pair of binoculars from Everything Summer Camp.

Named after the great astronomer, these binoculars are called Galilean Binoculars. We’ve been improving on binocular construction since the 1800’s creating the Prism, Porro Prism, and—the latest—Prismatic Binoculars. Binoculars are still frequently used today for stargazing, police work, and even advanced military missions.

Get your own pair of binoculars today, and thanks for reading.

- John

New Year’s…in SPRING?!

Hey, Boys and Girls!

Do you know what today is? Yes, it’s February 19—but what else? Well, it happens to be the Chinese New Year. What?! Yes! It’s true. But how can China ring in the New Year today? you might be asking yourself—it isn’t January 1! Well, it may be a little hard to believe, but the New Year hasn’t always been celebrated on this date.  The celebration of the dancing dragon is one of the highlihgts of Chinese New Year

But how can the new year change days? Well, it isn’t that the new year changed days so much as it is, people started using different calendars (or making up their own if need be). The ancient Babylonians celebrated their New Year’s Day late in March around the vernal equinox.

The first Roman calendar had only 10 months and it contained just over 300 days. Then, in the year 46 B.C., Julius Caesar first presented his Julian calendar (which closely resembles the Gregorian calendar—the one that we know and love here in the U.S.), but had to add 90 extra days just to make it all work!

The Chinese New Year is observed throughout the second new moon after the winter solstice, which is why it is also referred to as the ‘Lunar New Year’ in most Asian countries. The Chinese New Year celebration starts on the first day of the first month and goes until the moon is brightest (approximately 15 days).

Since China adopted the Western calendar in 1912, the Chinese do join in on celebrating New Year’s Day on January 1, but they also continue to recognize a shorter version of the Chinese New Year that they now call the Spring Festival.

One of the most popular traditions of the Chinese New Year is the celebration of the Dragon Dance in which performers hold a craft-dragon by poles to raise and lower it. In Chinese legend, dragons are always considered helpful, friendly creatures. They are linked to good luck, long life, and wisdom. They also perform the equally popular lion dance as seen in the video below.

Happy New Year and thanks for reading!

- John


Introducing ESC online returns!

Hey, Camp Fans!

Gather ‘round! Last week, on behalf of Everything Summer Camp for Valentine’s Day, I expressed our love for our customers. And since we love our customers so much, I told you to stay tuned in the next following weeks to hear some of our great new enhancements we’re making to our customer service.

Here’s the first enhancement.In the world of Internet shopping, it always seems easier to put things in your cart rather than take them out.

We’re updating the Everything Summer Camp return policy. We like to think that we’ve always had a fairly fair return policy—after all, we understand that sometimes, when you’re shopping for camp in advance, you don’t always realize that you need to return something until a month or two after the fact—but we have news that makes it even better!

Our return policy will remain just as flexible to customers as it always has. In fact, we aren’t changing our policy at all. We’re just making it easier. See, in the past our return policy has been hassle-free as far as what the requirements are for returning a product; people DID, however, need to call us in order to go through the returning process.

Now you can do it all online.

We call it our No Sweat Returns for two reasons. First, we don’t want you to sweat being able to return something and, secondly, because it’s so incredibly easy to do. You don’t even have to call us!—not that we don’t want to talk to you! You can certainly still call us if you prefer, we love hearing from our customers; we just feel that it shouldn’t be your only option.

Now you can call if you want, live chat, email, or simply click here.

To our knowledge, we are the first summer camp outfitter to do online returns, which gives us the most flexible return policy of any summer camp outfitter! Isn’t the camp life great? As always, thanks for reading!

- John

Suizzz Sportzzz Zzzleeping Bagzzz

Hey, Camp Fans!

Depending on the intensity of your summer camp experience, a sleeping bag can be super-important and vital to your enjoyment of your camp stay. If you’re looking for the right sleeping bag for camp, then you’re in luck as we’ve recently started carrying the K-2 Sleeping Bag from Suisse Sport right here at Everything Summer Camp.This sleeping bag is sure to keep you warm enough on a  freezing night.

This sleeping bag is perfect for taking with you out on the camp trail! Keep the cold out of your bones at night with this warm, Mummy Style Bag. Roughin’ it or not, you should be able to get a good night’s sleep. Given three pounds of fill as well as a double layer offset quilt and contoured hood, the K-2 Sleeping Bag is made for camp.

We offer the K-2 in two different temperature ratings:  0° – 5° degrees as well as 5° – 10° degrees. With a two-piece compression sack, this sleeping bag makes for incredibly easy storage and transportation so you can enjoy even the coldest nights wherever you go in your K-2 Sleeping Bag.

How does Suisse Sport make the K-2 as lightweight as 3 lbs. and yet still equipped to handle a frigid night? They fill it with Micro Tekk Z1 performance insulation and wrap the exterior in durable polyester lining. Cool summer evenings mean nothing to the K-2. Bring it on!

The K-2 also features a convenient zippered utility pocket on the outside. It’s a reliable place to keep those small items that you would normally keep at your bedside like your eyeglasses, contacts case, or travel toothbrush.

This bag can fit somebody 6’ tall and delivers a blissful night of sleep under the stars. Enjoy camping the right way in the K-2 Mummy Style Sleeping Bag from Suisse Sport. Check it out for yourself today and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

The original Presidents’ Day

Hey, Patriotic People!

The country celebrates and honors all its past presidents on this day as today is Presidents’ Day. However, this wasn’t always a day meant for celebrating our nation’s previous presidents. No, it was originally meant to celebrate just one of our presidents—the very first one we had, President George Washington.
Printed on countlless dollar bills, President Washington is still a popular celebrity in today's worldThat’s right. Today’s holiday was actually intended to celebrate Washington’s Birthday. In fact, Presidents’ Day is sometimes still referred to as ‘Washington’s Birthday’, though George Washington’s real birthday is on February 22 (it was moved to the third Monday in February so it would always land on a Monday). Since its move, its meaning changed as well, incorporating other presidents.  But because this day started with ol’ George, I thought I’d tell you some stuff you probably didn’t know about our first president.

1.) First of all, despite the fact that it WAS customary for a man of his stature to have graduated college (as all his contemporaries had), George did not continue his education after the age of 16. Instead his older brother taught him the trade of land surveying and mapmaking. This became George’s occupation before that whole president-thing came along.

2.) Lots of people think that George had wooden teeth, but his dentures were ACTUALLY Bust out the noisemakers and cake; it's somebody's birthday today!made out of lead, ivory, gold, and some animal teeth. George ended up losing a lot of his own teeth in his early 20’s due to poor dental hygiene. Take it from ol’ George, kids. If you don’t brush ‘em, you won’t get to keep ‘em.

3.) Did you know that George Washington did not want to be president? He was elected for presidency and, despite the fact that he had support for a THIRD term, it was he who made the decision to step down and let somebody else do the job. It was then set in order that presidents could only serve a maximum of two terms.

So, I hope I taught you at least a thing or two about our nation’s first president today. Happy Presidents’ Day and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

We heart our customers!

Hey, Romantics!

Nobody should be surprised—today, of all days—if you so happen to receive some kind of note, card, candy, or other small gift from someone along with a request that you be their Valentine. Sometimes it can be very clear as to just WHO this special someone is; other times, however, they might hide behind anonymity as a secret admirer, too shy to just come out and express their feelings.Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks to see what great things ESC has in store.

Well, we aren’t shy whatsoever here at Everything Summer Camp. We’ll say it loud and say it proud. We LIKE you. We like you A LOT! When it comes to our customers, we’re pretty much head-over-heels and ready to bend over backwards, forwards, sideways—whichever way it is that’s sure to make you happy. So, on behalf of Everything Summer Camp, I ask you: Will You Be Mine?

Our feelings toward our customers should come as no surprise to you since we’re always trying to demonstrate our love through our jaw-dropping discounts, excellent service, incredible construction, and lickety-split speed.

Some people like to write their Valentines a love poem. Others go for romantic walks together and some plan on dining out for a special dinner tonight. We have a different way of showing our love, but it should reassure you, nonetheless, that our feelings our true.

At Everything Summer Camp we want every sale to last forever and, while we can’t make that happen, we can just continue to run sale after sale after sale, which is essentially what we’ve been doing since before the holiday season in December. We had sales all throughout December, January, and we had one sale at the beginning of this month.

Stay tuned throughout the next couple of weeks to learn what we’re doing to enhance our customer service and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Do you know what today is?

“I’m not superstitious, but…I’m a little stitious.”
-Michael Scott

Hey, Scaredy-Cats!

It’s Friday. And, while I’d typically be a little more excited about that fact, I’m not so sure today is really the typical, TGIF-type of Friday. After all, not only is this Friday the 13th, but it’s the first one of 2015. Of course, a highly educated member of society—such as myself—doesn’t really believe in the superstition that Friday the 13th bFriday?!! 13?!!! BLACK CATS??!!!! Oh no!rings bad luck.

…But even so, I’ll definitely be avoiding black cats and broken mirrors today. Better safe than sorry, right?

But why? Why is everyone so afraid of this particular date landing on this particular day? Though the reason is mysterious and debatable, people have associated Friday with a day of bad luck for centuries. And, for about as long as Friday has been thought to bring bad luck, 13 has been a decidedly UNlucky number as well.

It was in the late 1800’s when it was first documented that putting this day together with this date formed a superpower of one, unrivaled day of BAD luck. Some will put off grocery shopping till the next day, others won’t go outside at all, and SOME people refuse to even get out of bed.

My rationale is that bad luck will track you down one way or another if today is fated to be unlucky. However, if you are the type to hang out in your bedroom, hiding from the day, you certainly aren’t alone in your concerns—an estimated 19 million people (in the U.S. alone) admittedly dread the date of Friday the 13th.

And it’s not just the U.S. either. Friday the 13th (more-or-less) exists all throughout the world. In Spanish-speaking countries, it’s actually Tuesday the 13th—not Friday. In Italy, however, it’s Friday the 17th. Superstition over these unlucky days is so widespread that there’s been a scientific name designated for the fear of Friday the 13th. It’s called ‘friggatriskaidekaphobia’. Betcha can’t say that five times fast!
Along with avoiding black cats and stepping on cracks, steer clear of walking under ladders too!
Anyway, today is just the first of three Friday the 13th’s we’ll have this year, so make sure to steer clear of walking underneath ladders or stepping on cracks in the sidewalk. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John