Before Ben and Amy were born, their dad went to summer camp…

Hey, Summer Campers!

If you’re a fan of the Everything Summer Camp Blog, then you probably already realize that there’s no shortage of celebrities who attended summer camp when they were your age. It doesn’t really matter if they’re singer/songwriters, famous athletes, or big Hollywood stars. It seems like they all ended up going to summer camp when they were younger. Well-known for the very irritable Frank Costanza, Jerry Stiller has made quite a name for himself

Jerry Stiller is no exception to that notion. He went to Surprise Lake Camp in New York when he was a kid. The camp has been around since 1902, providing children with the beautiful landscape of the Cold Spring Mountains as a getaway from the rest of the world.

Firstborn of four to Bella and William Stiller in 1927, Jerry was born in the Unity Hospital in Brooklyn. Rather grounded in New York, he and his family lived in just a couple different neighborhoods. It was at some time around the early 40’s that Jerry had his fun at Surprise Lake Camp.

Soon after, the Stillers moved to the Lower East Side and Jerry graduated from grade school, moving on to Seward Park High. Developing his love for acting, once he was done with high school he went on to be a Drama Major at Syracuse University. Equipped with a Bachelor’s in Drama, Jerry first embarked on his acting career at the Phoenix Theater for their production of Coriolanus, a tragedy written by William Shakespeare.

After Jerry met his wife, Anne Meara, the two of them became their own comedy team. They were a successful duo for many years on the stage. They were invited to make appearances on variety programs like the Ed Sullivan Show. They also began a family of their own, raising two kids that followed in their parents’ footsteps, Ben and Amy Stiller.

Jerry had great success, playing roles in lots of movies and television shows. He’s probably best known for his role as Frank Costanza in the classic television series, Seinfeld. He’s also provided a good amount of voice acting for films like ‘The Lion King 1½’, ‘Fish Hooks’, ‘Foodfight!’, and, most recently, ‘Planes: Fire & Rescue’.

Summer camp must have done a lot for Mr. Stiller. What will it do for you? Thanks for reading, Campers!

- John

Hello, Pencils! Hello, Books! Hello, smiling faces of friendly teachers!

Hello, Students!

Now that you’re starting to get settled into this still-fresh school year, I’ll bet it’s nice and refreshing to see those familiar faces of your school friends. Sure, it’s great to see those guys, but (sometimes) it can be just as good to see your teachers too (sometimes). Everybody has their favorite teachers from grade school, high school, college, and beyond. And since our teachers can often times play such an important role in our lives, we show our appreciation for them today, on World Teachers’ Day. Show your appreciation for your teacher today on World Teachers' DayImparting knowledge, philosophy, and wisdom—as all good teachers do—is such a noble cause, they deserve nothing short of a day dedicated solely to them. What’s really great is that Teachers’ Day is recognized in over 100 countries as teaching requires a little more travel than the conventional U.S. schoolteacher.

I don’t mean commuting either; I’m talking about teachers who travel all the way around the world to reach students in certain countries that cannot provide their own teachers.

Since 1994, World Teachers’ Day has saluted teachers and teachers’ organizations the world over. Education International is the global union federation of all professionals in the field of education everywhere in the world. The extensive recognition of World Teachers’ Day is mostly due to the public awareness campaigns launched by Education International every year that point out the contributions made from the profession of teaching.

It doesn’t matter where you receive your education, if you go to public school, private World Teachers' Day is a great day to celebrate. Make your teacher feel really good. school, if you’re home schooled, none of it matters nearly so much as the person that’s actually teaching you. Make sure that person knows just how much you appreciate their teaching and their guidance. You better double-check that you have all your homework done too!

As always, thanks for reading, School kids! On behalf of Everything Summer Camp, happy World Teachers’ Day!

- John

Why do dogs love October?

Hey, Dog Lovers!

Are dogs dear to you? Do you care for canines? Most people—especially those of us who love dogs—would agree that, specially speaking, dog is man’s best friend. But what kind of a friend is man? We have the power to be the sunshine or rain in a dog’s life; what you do with that power is up to you. Any and every dog in a shelter would be thrilled to go home with you today.

And no matter what you decide to do with that power, two things are for certain: 1.) There will always be dogs in shelters and 2.) Any and every one of those dogs would love for you to take them home with you. There’s absolutely no shortage of dogs that could use a good home. That’s why October is National Adopt a Dog Month!

As was mentioned on this Blog at the end of last August (on National Dog Day), everyone here at Everything Summer Camp is a big fan of our own canine companions. That got us to thinking, aside from adopting more dogs, what can we do as a company to help our furry friends throughout the month of October?

We landed onHelp us to spread the word with these cool T-shirts in support of doggie adoption the idea of selling our ‘live love adopt’ T-shirt and donating the proceeds to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), a non-profit organization which is dedicated to preventing cruelty toward animals. The ASPCA is based in New York City and has been since it was founded in 1866.

So get your own T-shirt from Everything Summer Camp in celebration of National Adopt a Dog Month and help us spread the word to increase the awareness of this month. Give your hesitant friend or relative the push they need to make the right decision. Anyone can help get a good home for a dog!There are so many kinds and so many of them need a good home.

As always, thanks for reading, Blog fans.

- John

How will you celebrate National Custodial Worker Day?

Hey, Camp Kids!

Today is a day of thanks and recognition. Do you know what today is? It’s National Custodial Worker Day—a day dedicated to the respect and gratitude of those who take on the custodial and janitorial responsibilities of workplaces, schools buildings, and—yes—facilities at summer camps.

Custodial workers are the ones to thank for our clean office and school buildings.Custodians devote their efforts to maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment for us to live in. Keeping entire office buildings, school buildings, and other buildings in custodial care is no easy feat; it takes lots of time, energy, know-how, and patience. Thank goodness for the kind and constant services of our custodians.

To properly express your appreciation of your custodian’s cleaning and maintenances at the building you spend the day in, I compiled a short list of thoughtful ways to show your thanks.

•    The first, most obvious way to show your appreciation of your custodian’s services is to thank them face-to-face. Simply tell them how great of a job they do and how grateful you are of the role they play in keeping your environment clean and safe.

•    Secondly, try to keep the mess you make to a minimum. While you should do this every day, today especially, you should try and keep the areas you occupy as clean as you found them. Some people take on the attitude that it’s the job of the custodian to clean up the mess you make. This is not so. Buildings where people go to work, attend school, etc. constantly require custodial attention. They don’t need extra work from you.

•    Third, get them a card. Sure, a ‘thank you’ is nice in person, but a card really goes the extra mile. Cards are an easy way to incorporate everybody with signatures from everyone in your class.

Be sure to show your thanks to your custodian today and wish them a Happy Custodial Worker Day! Thanks for reading.

- John