Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day, Everyone!

While this day seems like the obvious counterpart to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day was not as welcome when the idea of the day was first presented. While Mother’s Day was graciously accepted by all mothers, many fathers rejected a day for them, displeased with its celebration of a domesticated male figure being gifted with flowers and other frilly things.

 As I had stated in my post last month on Mother’s Day, “Dads are great too, but I think the bond and connection between mother and child is first and foremost.” I stand by this statement and I think most fathers would too which is what’s so cool about Dear ol’ Dad—he knows his place.Happy fathers day

 The beginnings of Father’s Day were started by Ms. Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane in an attempt to create an equivalent to Mother’s Day for male parents. One of six kids, Sonora and her siblings lost their mother early on and were raised by their father, so this day was very important to her. In 1910, she had received enough support that a statewide celebration of Father’s Day was recognized.

The day’s celebration spread after that and in six years, the day was even honored by President Wilson, as he unfurled a flag in Spokane with the push of a button in Washington D.C. But it wasn’t until nearly 15 years later that each state government was urged by President Calvin Coolidge to observe Father’s Day despite many men’s irritation.

The holiday still had one more challenge to hurdle before it reached its current recognition. Father’s Day had pretty much plateaued in popularity on a national level with many dads responding unfavorably. A movement that lasted from the 20’s to the 30’s tried to get rid of Mother’s Day AND Father’s Day entirely in order to just make one, unified, Parents’ Day.

Parents’ Day was fought for with the rationale that both parents should be respected and admired equally. The Great Depression, however, stepped in around the same time and put an end to hopes for a Parents’ Day. Retailers did everything they could to promote “manly” gifts like greeting cards, neckties, hats, socks, golf clubs, and other sports gear.

With practical gifts like these, fathers across the country eventually came around with a day made to honor them. And so, in 1972 (nearly 60 years after Mother’s Day was made official), President Richard Nixon finally made Father’s Day a federal holiday.

So may I say to all fathers and to those who love him, happy Father’s Day! And thanks for reading.


- John

Enjoy National Juggling Day

Hey, Jugglers!

Today is World Juggling Day! If you’re reading this and you’re asking yourself why there’s a World Juggling Day, then you’re asking the wrong question! Your questiojugglern instead should be: Why WOULDN’T there be World Juggling Day? See, much like the Yo-Yo which was recently discussed on this Blog, the art of juggling was developed back in ancient times! Anything that’s survived that long deserves its own day!

Even older than the Yo-Yo, juggling is documented in Ancient Egyptian paintings on tomb walls that date back as far as 4,000 years! Juggling is a skill that’s been passed down from generation to generation! So far, it’s made it four millennia! Who knows how long it will last?!

It seems to go through popularity booms like it did in the early 1900s. At this time juggling was performed in the circus and here and there on the street corners. But that all changed when the days of Vaudeville came along. Vaudeville performers would juggle on stage for an audience with impressive acts along with other types of entertainment like bicycle rim rolling and complex balancing tricks.

The days of Vaudeville, however, did not last forever. They didn’t even make it to the ‘20’s! At this time, juggling’s popularity plummeted. It wasn’t until 1947 that it was mildly resurrected, but even then it took another 20 years before a man named Hovey Burgess started teaching people to juggle. He taught everyone he met!

I for one know how to juggle as my brother taught me and I know that there’s at least a couple other skilled individuals that work here at Everything Summer Camp. So for World Juggling Day, we’re going to hold our own little juggling competition to show off our skills of this ancient art.


Thanks for reading, juggling fans and don’t forget to check out our mad skills!


- John

Joey Lawrence Went To Summer Camp

Hey, Campers!

If you had been born 30 years ago, you would have grown up watching Joey Lawrence on TV—despite the fact that he was only born 37 years ago. So actually, you would have grown up watching Joey Lawrence grow up on TV. Joey’s been starring and making television appearances since he was five years old!joey lawrence

He was born Joseph Lawrence Mignogna, Jr. to Donna, a personnel manager, and Joseph Sr., an insurance broker. When Joey was a kid, his family’s last name was changed simply to Lawrence. Joey grew up with two younger brothers, Matthew and Andrew—both of whom became actors as well.

Just like you, Joey went to summer camp when he was your age. He attended Southampton Summer Day Camp in Pennsylvania which was founded only three years before Joey was born. What’s impressive is that even before his days at summer camp, Joey had already appeared a television multiple times!

That’s right! He first appeared when he was about five years old in an old Cracker Jack commercial from the 80’s. Right around the same time, he appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and performed “Give My Regards to Broadway”. This was just the tip of the iceberg!

Joey went on to guest star in TV shows here and there until he landed the role of Joey Donovan on NBC’s “Gimme a Break!” from 1983. “Gimme a Break!” lasted Joey until he was 11 years old. The following year after the show ended he provided the voice of Oliver from Disney’s “Oliver & Company”.

After another few years, Joey co-starred in the hit TV show Blossom. He played yet another Joey, Joey Russo—(whoa). He played Joey Russo for five years until the show came to an end when he was 19. After that, he played in a show called Brotherly Love which actually starred him along with his real life brothers!

Joey hasn’t stopped there either! He’s been in another show and guest starred in a number of others. In other words, the man stays busy! How busy can you be?




Great Packing Tips From Dr. Christopher Thurber

Hey Camp Fans!

Welcome again to another Throwback Thursday Blog post in which we link back to a past post that we feel is so valuable we want to get this information in front of you again. Today’s Throwback post goes back about a year ago to a post written by Dr. Thurber Dr. Thurberincluding pointers about odds and ends packing.

This post gives you great pointers on, not just what to pack, but how to pack for camp. And most of all not to pack FOR your kids, but rather ALONG with them. It’s all right here on Everything Summer Camp’s Blog post from May 28 of last year.


- John

It’s Easy To Make Friends At Camp

Hey, Campers!

Last week I talked about the importance of making friends at summer camp. As I briefly mentioned in that post, making friends at camp may sound daunting or even a little scary to some of us who may be on the shier side. That’s why I’d like to take some time today, to talk about how easy it is to make friends at camp. It’s so easy you might not even realize it when it’s happening!

Making friends at camp will truly be one of the most effortless parts of your summer camp summer camp friendsstay—even if you’re a little (or extremely) shy. One of the best things to keep in mind is that no one is going to push you away if you give them a friendly hello. Introducing yourself to the people around you is a great way to start making friends.

I know I was rather shy during my days at summer camp, but even so, it would have been pretty much impossible not to make any friends while I was there. You start talking to your cabin mates and before you know it, you know everyone’s name.

The topic may concern you now, but that’s just your anticipation getting in your head. The truth is that, once you’re there at camp, you won’t even think about it. You’ll naturally start talking to other kids and become fast friends with them.

Your cabin mates are the people with whom you’ll spend most of your time. Every morning, every night, every meal, and all throughout, these people will be there to talk to, laugh with, and share the summer camp experience. In fact, while you’re making all your friends at camp, you may even make the grand discovery that you’re not as shy as you think you are.

Next week, I’ll talk about other discoveries you might make about yourself at camp and why camp is able to fuel these discoveries.

Thanks for reading, Camp Fans.


- John

Have You Ever Wondered Who Thought Of Making Sunscreen?

Hey, Summer Lovers!

As delightful as it is to feel those glowing rays beaming down on your smiling face, it’s important to take the necessary precautions for hanging out in the sun. That’s why Everything Summer Camp offers a plethora of available products containing 100% natural oils and plant-based extracts that ensure your protection from harmful UV rays while being totally skin-healthy themselves.

Sunscreen—the magical concoction goes on the skin to absorb and/or reflect ultraviolet Lil Gator sprayrays from the sun that are otherwise harmful to exposed skin. But the sun has always been shining down on the earth, so when was sunscreen invented?

Well, there’s Franz Greiter, a chemist who’s credited as the inventor of sunscreen in 1938. It was an SPF of two. Another chemist named Eugene Schueller is typically seen as the inventor of modern sunscreen as he started up the brand name L’Oreal. Then there’s also Benjamin Green, a pharmacist from Florida who came out with the first user-friendly, popular sunscreen in ’44—Coppertone.

But what about in ancient times—did they use sunscreen back then?

Turns out the answer is—YES, they did use an ancient form of sun protection. In fact, in ancient Egypt, lighter skin was considered fashionable (opposed to today’s society that can’t seem to get tan enough). But they also simply wanted to avoid sunburn if they could.

In our modern day, we’re now discovering what the Egyptians already knew about gamma oryzanol’s UV-absorbing properties in rice bran as well as the DNA healing agent found within jasmine.

It wasn’t until the beginning of the 19th century that scientists really began to understand how UV rays work and how they effect the human skin. Up until then, people thought sunburns were a consequence of damage done by heat.

Thanks to modern science, we’re developing a better understanding and better methods of sun protection all the time. Before too long, sun protection may come in the form of a pill! Scientists are looking into it now.

Remember to keep your skin safe this summer and all year long with convenient sun protection from Everything Summer Camp.

Thanks for reading.


- John

We Hope You Enjoy Matt’s Mad Lib

Hey, Camp Libbers!

For today’s Blog post I wrote another Camp Lib and had Mr. Matthew DeMuth fill in the blanks. As the Sales Director of Everything Summer Camp, Matt, perOur sales person Mattsonally, does a lot of business with the camps that work with us. Therefore, I thought it’d be appropriate to give him a Camp Lib about a kid’s camp.

If you want, you can write down your own words for the blanks too. Just use the following list of requested words and enjoy Matt’s Camp Lib below. And remember—a noun is a person, place, thing, or idea; a verb is an action word; and an adjective is a word that describes something.



1. Nonsense Word

2. A Number

3. An Adjective

4. A Geographical Location

5. An Adjective

6. A Landmark/Monument

7. An Adjective

8. Noun

9. ‘Ing’ Verb

10. A Number

11. An Adjective

12. Plural Noun

13. A Verb

14. Plural Noun

15. An Adjective

16. A Sport

17. Another Sport

18. Plural Noun

19. Same Nonsense Word from the Top

20. The Name of a Room in a House

21. A Body Part

22. ‘Ing’ Verb

23. Noun

24. Plural Noun

25. Noun


Ready? Here’s the Lib:


This summer I’m going to Camp Skibbidy-Bap. I can’t wait! It’s located on 21 slippery acres just outside of Yuma and offers a quick view of the Hoover Dam.

The cabins are lovely and completely wired, with garbage and working water. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t use a toilet or take a shower for seven weeks!

All the cabin leaders at my camp are really clear and the other staff ducks really care that their campers talk their camp stay.

Separate pickles at the camp are set up for darling activities like their curling diamond, the fencing courts, and the Volleyball elbows.

You could never go hungry at Camp Skibbidy-Bap! One whiff in the mancave will have your earlobe watering and stomach driving for delicious ear wax.

With all these great tacos and fun activities, my summer is sure to be a desk at camp!


Thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


Chocolate Ice Cream Even Has It’s Own Day

Hey, Camp Fans!

I scream…you scream…we ALL scream for—well, you know the rest. In fact, I think the entire WORLD knows the rest! Ice cream is more popular than television and it’s commonly coveted the world over. It’s pretty hard to find a soul that doesn’t melt right along with ice cream when enjoying a bite.

Everybody knows that we all scream for ice cream, but what KIND are we all screaming for? Well, we all have different tastes, but vanilla usually takes first place. Chocolate ice chocolate ice creamcream is an extremely close second, though. There’s even a day devoted to it—today is Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

It may take the backseat to vanilla with the popularity vote, but chocolate ice cream surely came around before vanilla became a flavor; it’s actually one of the first ice cream flavors to be created. So how was chocolate flavored ice cream discovered in the first place?

To answer this, we can actually go back to a previous Blog post I wrote about the history of Hot Cocoa in which I talked about the Mayan civilization who first discovered hot chocolate. They shared their drink with Aztec traders who were (many years later) conquered by Hernan Cortes and his Spanish army.

Cortes then took cocoa beans back to Spain with him and the drink of the Mayans exploded with popularity in Europe during the 17th century.

Hot chocolate quickly became a favorite, standing alongside other popular drinks like coffee and tea. Nearing the end of the 17th century, Italians started experimenting with frozen drinks as desserts. They first embarked with their favorite drinks—coffee, tea, and, yes, my friends, hot chocolate.

The day that this dark, delicious drink was frozen, chocolate flavored ice cream was born and became a fast favorite for everyone. It’s even thought to have a variety of medical uses thanks to its chocolate component. So enjoy some chocolate ice cream and think about how people started enjoying this dessert for the first time well over 300 years ago!

Thanks for reading, chocolate fans! Happy Chocolate Ice Cream Day.


- John

Read What Brian Does On His Time Away From The Office

Hey, Fans of Everything Summer Camp!

It’ll have been a year ago tomorrow since I posted the first part of our employee biography series on Brian, the Operations Manager here at Everything Summer Camp. In that post I told you all about his job.

I told you about how he oversees our Camp Trunk Production, our Graphics Department, the Call Center, and the Shipping Department, not to mention a daily stack of paperwork that involves payroll, paying bills, an assortment of other matters. What I didn’t tell you is Brianthat Brian works at the same place as his two brothers…or that I’m one of them.

That’s right, while Everything Summer Camp isn’t really a family-run business, Mark (our Vice President), Brian, and myself all work at the same place. Needless to say we see each other regularly.

An avid football fan (and fantasy football prodigy), Brian typically has Mark and me over to his place for our traditional viewing of the Sunday games.

He lives in Lake Hallie, Wisconsin—nearby Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls. Having journeyed from Milwaukee to Eau Claire, Brian embraced the quieter living style and settled in the very small Lake Hallie. “It’s a nice little town situated between two larger towns,” he says. “While I have all the benefits of living in a small town, I have very easy access to…say a movie theater.”

Besides his 8” Lego R2-D2, Brian doesn’t own any pets. He does however keep a vast collection of tech devices like incredibly optimized computers, tablets, e-readers, and impressive TVs. As I mentioned in last year’s post, Brian is our IT guy at Everything Summer Camp by default simply because he has such a great understanding of the electronic world.

As for vacationing, Brian doesn’t do a whole lot of travel. He’s made a number of trips to Vegas for business trips. “Then you always have to fit in the obligatory nonbusiness side of it.” He laughs.

He’s a big fan of the virtual trips he makes, however, using his virtual reality headset called the Oculus Rift. I’ve virtually walked across the Pantheon in Rome wearing his headset. He’s strolled through a fish market in Japan. He thinks technology like this will eventually replace schoolbooks.

As of late, Brian donated $25 toward LeVar Burton’s Kickstarter project to re-launch an online version of ‘Reading Rainbow’ for today’s youth. Brian absolutely LOVES to read and is happy to support something that will teach kids that same love for reading that he has.

That’s all for today, Camp Fans! Thanks for reading.


- John

Enjoy National Yo-Yo Day

Hey, you Yo-Yos!

If you’ve mastered the art of ‘walking the dog’ or ‘skinning the cat’ then there’s a good chance that you already know, tomorrow is National Yo-Yo Day! Anybody can perform the predictable rise and fall of a yo-yo, but (as Gretchen Grundler learned in an episode of the classic Saturday morning cartoon, ‘Recess’) it takes true skill to learn ‘the secret of yo’.

One of the oldest toys in existence, the Yo-Yo has been around for thousands of years. It dates back all the way to 500 B.C. and maybe even before THAT! The ancient Greeks started making their yo-yos out of clay from the earth.kid yoyoing

It seems like every kid of every generation has owned or at least held a yo-yo at some point in their life—it’s a pretty popular toy! In fact, the yo-yo has never been more popular than it is now. So how did a two-and-a-half-thousand-year-old toy maintain (as well as actually increase) its popularity over such a long span of time?

Well, it’s more recent history begins in 1915 by seeking out the origin of its name. See, the name yo-yo didn’t stem from the English language at all.

It’s actually the name it goes by in Tagalog, the language that they speak in the Philippines. When one Pedro Flores came to America from the Philippines, he was suddenly struck with the vision to mass-produce his favorite toy from back home and market it under its old familiar name. Before that, the western world called it a ‘bandalore’. No wonder it didn’t really catch on until after Mr. Flores.

Another big reason for the yo-yo’s success in more recent times is owed to an inventor and entrepreneur of the 1930s named Donald Duncan. This is the guy who, after buying out Pedro Flores, started the myth that yo-yos were once used as weapons. While yo-yos may be the furthest thing from a weapon, the people loved the idea of this tall tale and the yo-yo’s popularity skyrocketed.

We know better today than to think that this age-old toy was ever used as a weapon, but if you get really good you can amaze all your friends and family with the tricks you’ve learned. Yo-yo’s not about tricks, though. It’s about hard work and discipline—that’s how you come to find ‘the secret of yo’.

Enjoy National Yo-Yo- Day, yo-yoers! And as always, thanks for reading.


- John