Thank You To Everyone In The Armed Forces On This Special Day

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Standing alongside other national days to salute the defenders of our nation like Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day, today is Armed Forces Day—widely celebrated by honoring the people who serve our nation’s Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

Celebrated annually on the third Saturday in May, Armed Forces Day brings big parades and local gatherings, military displays in open public areas, airshows, as well as educational activities that teach children all about the armed forces.Armed Forces Day

Before Armed Forces Day existed, each ‘Armed Force’ had its own separate day. There was Army Day and Air Force Day, Navy Day and so on. It wasn’t until August 31, 1949 (the day my father turned two) when the United States’ Secretary of Defense joined all the separate military days to create Armed Forces Day.

The next year on May 20 of 1950, people nationwide celebrated the first Armed Forces. The idea behind Armed Forces Day is to celebrate the unification among all forces of the American military as they all act under one department of the government, the Department of Defense. “Teamed for Defense” was the theme for the first Armed Forces celebration which became quite a success.

Since its first celebration, Armed Forces Day has always heavily relied on public involvement; it was initially intended as a day to increase public awareness and understanding of the different types of positions that are held in the military forces as well as the part that the military plays in regular, everyday, noncombatant life.

From displaying cutting-edge equipment to hosting open houses, civilian life has always been the most important aspect about Armed Forces Day.

And so, on behalf of every civilian that works here at Everything Summer Camp, I’d like to say thank you to every single one of our nation’s Armed Forces for their service and protection to our country.


- John

Maybe You Will Attend Camp With A Future Celebrity

Hey, Campers!

Any fan of summer camp already knows that they aren’t the only one who enjoys the summer camp experience. After all, the summer camp experience wouldn’t be what it is if you were the only one enjoying it! ‘A lot’ barely begins to describe the multitude of summer camp lovers. There’s an entire army of summer camp advocates which includes most famous people.

Why are they such big supporters of summer camp? Because the impact it had on THIER life was so influential, they want the same for every kid these days. Patrick Dempsey, for example, became a part of the Camp Wekeela family.

Located on Little Bear Pond in Hartford, Maine, Camp Wekeela is about much more than Patrick Dempseyjust a fun camp stay—it actually provides its campers with an education of life and self-discovery. Patrick (or should I say, McDreamy) will certainly attest to the wonders that summer camp works on the younger generation—look at what it did for him!

You may know him best as Dr. Derek Shepherd from the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy but he’s been in much more than that! Aside from some other television appearances, Patrick has been in great movies like ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ ‘Made of Honor,’ ‘Enchanted,’ ‘Freedom Writers,’ the ‘Transformers’ movie ‘Dark of the Moon,’ and much more.

Not just interested in acting, Pat exercises his passion for race car driving. He’s got more than a pristine collection of exclusive sports cars; he’s actually experienced in public competitions like pro-am events as well as the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 off-road race, Patrick actually seems to love auto racing even more than acting. He once made the comment that if he only could he would “walk away” from his acting career to focus all his time on motorsports.

Camp showed Patrick Dempsey what he was capable of and he sought out the things he was passionate about to incorporate them into his career. What will camp show you?


- John

Don’t Show Your Child You Are Worried About Sending Them To Camp

Hey Camp Fans!

For today’s Throwback Thursday Blog post, we’re linking back to last year’s post Dr. Thurberfrom May 15, written by Dr. Thurber about how a relaxed parent begets a relaxed camper.

This post offers great advice about shaping a positive outlook for your kid in anticipation for his or her camp stay. Kids look to their parents for everything so it’s important that you don’t show any potential worries or fears you might have concerning your kid’s camp stay. Check out the May 15 post and make sure to RELAX!


- John

Appreciate Your Receptionist Today (And Every Day)

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When you walk into our Main Building here at Everything Summer Camp, who’s the first face you see? Of course, it’s our Receptionist, Missy. With a warm personality and infectious smile, Missy is always there to help. And while everyone at Everything Summer Camp is taking today to be extra appreciative toward Missy, today isn’t JUST about her…

It’s about all Receptionists the world over! May 14 is Receptionist Day! The days of a receptionist are typically filled with paperwork, phone calls, helping customers, filing, and—in general—keeping daily operations running smoothly. That’s quite a variety of work for one person’s responsibilities, but somehow receptionists like Missy, my Aunt Barb, missy(and Pam Beesly) manage the workload every day.

Actually, Missy says that her favorite part about her job is the variety of duties it entails. From handling camp clothing to checking personalized items that we make in our own facility through to shipping, Missy truly plays a vital role in making sure that your orders containing customized items are sent out to you just the way that you wanted it!

Aside from handling orders, Missy also handles important spreadsheets as well as all of our sales reports and receiving all applications that we get for Everything Summer Camp. Missy’s job requires so much variety, it’s amazing to me that she can keep up with it. It’s a good thing I’m not the receptionist of Everything Summer Camp. I’d be swimming in paperwork on the first day!

Receptionists certainly are remarkably skilled people that they can handle such a wide assortment of unrelated tasks; and while they might make it LOOK easy, it only appears that way because of the grace they employ in their daily work. If your workplace has a receptionist, be sure to let them know how great they are!

Thanks, Readers.




Prepare YOU And Your Child To Be Away From Home

Hey, Camp Fans!

For most kids, summer camp is the experience of their lifetime. I know I can still remember my summer camp stay even though it happened forever ago. And the reason it’s so fresh in my memory is because of the impact it had on my life. One of my first experiences being away from home, it was more than just loads of fun, it was a growing experience.

However, the same reason that makes summer camp so much fun can also present challenges like homesickness. Pretty much every camper (especially every first-time camper) is going to experience some degree of homesickness. Cases of extreme homesickness are rather rare, but even so, there are things you can do to help reduce the potential of how homesick your kid feels during his or her camp stay.beat homesickness

Last week I talked about lessening your child’s homesickness by picking the right length of camp stay for them. But another way to ease any potential homesick feelings at camp is to set up times for your kid to spend away from home before their camp stay to help them get used to the feeling of not having mom and dad around.

This can be done easily by arranging a weekend for your kid to stay with Grandma and Grandpa or at a friend’s house. Even just a single-night sleepover or slumber party is valuable in helping acclimate your kid to being away from home. The more acclimated your kid is, the less homesick they should feel at camp.

You should use these sleepovers and weekend trips as practice runs not just for your kid, but for yourself as well. You won’t be able to call your kid on a whim when they’re at camp so don’t call them when they’re off on these short visits. If your kid is away long enough you might even want to write them a letter since this is how you’ll keep in touch come time for their camp stay.

When your kid gets back from their arranged time away be sure to talk to them about how their trip went.

Ask them about things that they would have done differently if they could have. Ask them about things that they wish had gone differently that they wouldn’t have been able to change anyway (such as the weather). Though there’s nothing you can do directly about such a situation, simply making your kid aware of the fact that unfavorable weather is a possibility can help them to cope with the idea of the things outside of their control.

Talk to them directly about homesickness as well. Make sure they understand that it’s normal to miss being home, but that they should try and focus on having a good time instead of missing home. It’s this act alone that diffuses most cases of homesickness.

As always, thanks for reading!

- John

Check Out Our New Shoes From Merrell Footwear Company

Hey, Camp Fans!

We don’t call ourselves Everything Summer Camp for nothing—we have everything under the summer camp sun and we’re adding new products to our selection all year long! Most recently, we’ve added not just a couple new pieces of footwear but a new brand for us entirely! We proudly present to you Merrell Footwear Company.Mix master jam zrap

Founded by Clark Matis, Randy Merrell, and John Schweitzer, the company has been producing quality, high-performance footwear for the great outdoors since 1981. In 1997, the company was sold to the giant of the shoe industry, Wolverine World Wide. We’re very excited to now offer two pairs of Merrell products ourselves: the Aquaterra Sprite and the Mix Master Jam Z-Rap.

As the name of the Aquaterra Sprite may tip you off, it’s a waterproof shoe, ready to stand up to rain, puddles, and even streams. No matter how wet the conditions, your feet will stay perfectly dry. As if the material wasn’t good enough, the shoe’s lock lacing system is sure to keep all water out!

Despite its protective, water-friendly upper and quick-to-dry materials, the shoe makes use of its breathable mesh so as to allow for the easy escape of perspiration!

Also added to our shelves is the Mix Master Jam Z-Rap. This Dark Denim dream plays with some lime to offer some funkiness to your fun when you wear these comfortable outdoor shoes. With a sporty style, these shoes are given a breathable mesh, a removable EVA Footbed, and most of all a Z-Rap closure system to give you a snug fit with just one, easy pull.

It’s also got outsoles that leave no scuffs or marks so you’ll know that your floors are protected.

To begin, we’ll offer a couple color options for each shoe and if our customers really like them, we’ll add to it in the coming year.

Till next time, Readers.


- John

Celebrate Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Maybe I’m just a Mama’s Boy, but I think you’re all with me when I say that Mom’s pretty much the best person on the planet! Right? I mean, Dads are great too, but I think the bond and connection between mother and child is first and foremost—after all, Mom is the person who lugged you around for nine months before she even knew if you were cute or not (and she did most of it with a smile on her face)!happy mothers day

The whole concept of Mother’s Day seems so indispensable that one might assume the day has been celebrated since the dawn of time—But, as understandable as this notion is, this is not the case.

No, Mother’s Day finally saw its official beginning in 1914 despite the day’s history which goes way back before the Civil War! It’s thought to have started as a Christian celebration called “Mothering Sunday”. Although this celebration referred to the “Mother Church” that parishioners would attend on Mothering Sunday, it somehow evolved into a celebration for ACTUAL mothers!

Ann Reeves Jarvis played a key role in the day’s development as she started the “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” which taught local mothers proper childcare. She also started “Mother’s Friendship Day” in which mothers met peacefully with former soldiers of the Civil War after it had passed.

Other key roles in the evolution of Mother’s Day include Julia Howe. She wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation” and also petitioned to make June 2 “Mother’s Peace Day”. And a woman named Juliet Blakely started a local Mother’s Day in the 1870s.

It took all the way until 1908 when the daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis, Anna Marie Jarvis set up her own Mother’s Day in tribute to her mother’s efforts with the Mother’s Day Work Clubs. When her holiday was a success after its first year, Jarvis spent the next six years lobbying to make Mother’s Day a national holiday.

It was President Woodrow Wilson who finally did something about it and announced the second Sunday in May National Mother’s Day, a thoughtful and considerate day to show our mothers our appreciation for them.

Make sure to let your mother know just what she means to you today.



Give Your Kids A NEW Reason To Clean Their Room

Hey, Messy Kids!

It’s no secret; kids are notorious for keeping a messy room. Maybe not all of them, but lots and lots! HECK! Some adults still keep messy bedrooms because (as we all know) they were once kids as well. For some kids, they grow up and realize the benefits of maintaining a neat and orderly room. Others may NEVER realize it on their own!

That’s why I’m broadcasting that today, May 10, is Clean Up Your Room Day. If keeping a clean room is NOT your regular practice, it could (and almost certainly will) do you some good to clean it up. You’ll find it easier to breathe in your room, easier to enjoy your room—you’ll even see the FLOOR in your room!clean room day

How can cleaning up your room do so much good for you? What’s the difference if your clothes are hung in your closet or strewn on the floor? Who (besides your parents) cares that your bed isn’t made? What’s the big deal if your toys are left out?

Well, I can assure you that a clean room is positively imperative for a clear mind and a happy start to your day. In fact, just the cleaning in itself will brighten your day. Cleaning, while a chore and sometimes physically taxing, is—in the long run—a therapeutic, rewarding deed that simply makes you feel good about what you accomplished.

When you leave all your earthly belongings sitting out on top of your floor, your desk, and your earthly belongings, it’s a crowded environment that spawns a crowded mindset. Without even realizing it, when you look upon your stye —er, bedroom your brain scans its surroundings taking in information from everything around it. When you leave everything sitting out, you’re not just cluttering your room, you’re cluttering your mind!

It’s also nicer to start your day in clean surroundings where you aren’t limited to tread a narrow path to your closet or forced to trip on your way to the door!

I, myself, DO allow my room to gather a small mess from time to time. But I take care of it at least once a week. And it never takes very long because I maintain its tidiness so frequently.

But I digress! There are many great reasons for you to clean your room up today, but if you haven’t found any of them sufficiently inspiring, you should at least make your room clean for Mother’s Day tomorrow! Mothers absolutely love a tidied bedroom!

Till next time, Camp Fans!




Do You Remember Nate?

Hey, Camp Fans!

While we here at Everything Summer Camp make all of our personalized products right here in our own, local facility, it does not happen at our Main Building. We have two facilities which are very close to each other. Just a few blocks away and over the railroad tracks is our second building—the print shop.

You may recall me introducing you to Nate, the manager of our print shop, in one of our posts past. About a year ago I talked a little bit about him and a lot of what he does around the workplace. Today, however, I want to scratch a little more off the surface to give you a better picture of what makes Nate tick.

Well, Nate was born and raised in Chippewa Falls where he continues to live currently. A NateChippewian(?) his entire life, Nate’s only recently come close to ‘living’ in another town as he stayed in Bloomer while undertaking the construction of his new house himself!

Nate’s wife Katie and their two boys Eli and Alex (two and six) as well as Ella, their chocolate Lab/Doberman, patiently resided in Bloomer for the time being while Nate would spend some nights with them in Bloomer and the rest of his nights in a camper that he purchased for sleeping at the construction site.

His family was extremely excited to enter their new castle this year around the end of January.

And now that Nate can actually sleep inside his house, he plans on putting the camper to good use for camping trips with his family. He has fond memories from when he was younger of his family’s annual fishing trips that they’d take at Whitefish Lake in Canada. He’d like to recreate a camping tradition with his family now.

Thanks for reading, Camp Fans!




New Information About An Old Favorite-The Deluxe Fan/Light

Hey, Camp Fans!

As opposed to the typical Throwback Thursdays we’ve been posting in which we link back to a past, and particularly informative, Blog post, we also want Throwback Thursdays to discuss old Everything Summer Camp products that our customers have been enjoying for years. Our first example in our list of incredibly popular, old products is the Deluxe Fan/Light from TexSport.

This quality two-in-one product is the result of 18 incredibly bright LED bulbs stuck on a Deluxe fan/lightfour-inch-diameter fan. With the Deluxe Fan/Light, campers can write a letter home or catch up on your reading before bed without having to fumble with a flashlight. It comes with a handy hanging hook so it’s your choice to use it on a flat surface or hang it from above.

With such a durable, multifunctional product like this it’s easy to see why this product has remained as popular as it has since we started offering it eight years ago.

Recently revamped, the Deluxe Fan/Light is about to become even more popular than it has ever before. TexSport has redesigned this product to shine a beam as far as 19 feet. The light, which used to be in the middle of the fan, it now has LED lights all around the bottom so it produces more light and the main bulb will last longer.

Even for its size, the fan produces a great amount of airflow on high or low speeds for ideal air circulation to keep you cool on all those hot summer nights at camp.

Also redesigned to be more durable, the Deluxe Fan/Light will certainly survive a standard camp stay. They made easier access to the battery compartment so changing the batteries is less of a chore. The Deluxe Fan/Light runs off two “D” cell batteries.


- John