Grab A Book To Celebrate Library Week

Hey, Readers!

If you’re reading this Blog post, it’s probably because you enjoy reading—that or it’s just written so well you simply can’t resist…but chances are you just like to read. Well, you’re not alone! People everywhere find great escape, great information, and great inspiration in the written word. It’s probably why libraries have technically been around since about 1200 B.C.books

So what better time to celebrate your love for reading than all week long this week? After all, it IS National Library Week! Did you know that? Did you know that National Library Week even existed?—it’s okay if you didn’t, I didn’t and I LOVE to read!

But, believe it or not, it isn’t everybody that loves to read; research that was done in the 50’s showed that people were becoming interested in radio and television over reading. The American Library Association (ALA) grew concerned that with all their new media in entertainment, the American people were losing interest in reading.

That’s why, in 1958, the ALA sponsored not just a day but an entire week of national observance for National Library Week. The library is a really great place to go. You can find books on pretty much every thinkable topic so no matter what your interests, the library has got something for you.

Interested in summer camp? Look up a book about that and you can learn ways of optimizing your child’s summer camp experience! If you’re at the library then your kid should be too. Libraries excel in their youth section and kids tend to love their libraries. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your public library and brush up on your reading skills this National Library Week!

Reading is incredibly good for our brains and is often times a great way to spend your leisure time. So check out some interesting books this week at your library and have fun reading!




A Little More About Matt-Our Sales Director

Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

It was very nearly one year ago to the date that I virtually introduced you all to Mr. Matthew DeMuth, the Sales Director of Everything Summer Camp. I told you all about his crazy sense of humor, solid determination, and wild eccentricities. But today, we’re going to scratch a little deeper past his surface—prepare yourself to get up-close and personal with Matt.Our sales person Matt

While he grew up in Dodgeville (not too far away from Madison), Matt currently lives in Chippewa Falls with his wife, Chris, and his three kids, Quinn, Reagan, and Reece. So how did he get there? Well, he moved to Eau Claire where he attended college at the University of Eau Claire.

Fast-forward to his senior year in college and that’s when Matt met Chris who got him to stick around the area. He found a job right away and decided Eau Claire was the place for him for the time. After Chris finished school, the two of them got married and decided to move to Chippewa Falls (a good middle ground between his family and hers).

They’ve become the proud parents of their twin children, Quinn and Reagan. This brother and sister duo are an adorable handful who bring so much joy to their tired, loving parents. And as of this last December, Matt and Chris welcomed their third child, Reece, into the world.

Matt and Chris also have Ally and Baylor—two gentle, canine beasts. The both of them (and Baylor especially) are the biggest dogs I’ve ever met. They’re also incredibly mild-mannered!

Together, Matt’s family enjoys hosting campfires in their backyard or game nights in the house. They enjoy sporting events and spending time outside. “We don’t go on too many vacations, but we visit family pretty often and just enjoy quality time together,” says Matt. He always has a bright outlook on his family’s future and looks forward to watching his kids grow up.

That’s all for today, Campers. Till next time.




Camp Southern Ground

Hey, Summer Campers!

You know who else had a great time at summer camp? Everybody’s favorite Country Music star, Mr. Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band. While never a camper himself, he’s played quite a role in the summer camp community. Starting out as a camp counselor at Camp Mikell and Camp Glisson in Georgia, Zac began to see why summer cZac Brownamp was so good for kids.

“To me, there is nothing more worthwhile than helping kids,” says Zac. “I grew up working with kids while on staff at summer camps and remember how they were impacted during their visits.” This insight is what led Zac to founding his own summer camp, Camp Southern Ground.

Zac was born and raised in Cumming, Georgia. When hearing how big of a family he has, you get the sense that he didn’t ever REALLY miss out on the whole summer camp experience when he was little. After all, with 11 siblings, his entire childhood must have felt like a year round “summer” camp!

He’s been into music his entire life. When he was only seven-years-old, he’d already learned to play classical guitar! This led to his solo gigs around town when he was a teenager. He’d cover pop music and country songs. It was also somewhere between his high school and college years that he volunteered as a counselor for summer camps.

After his college years at the University of West Georgia, Zac got the band going. With five studio albums and ten hit singles that saw Number One on the Country Music Billboard charts, Zac Brown Band has toured all around the country and played a slot on the Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2009 and 2010.

Zac Brown saw the importance of summer camp! What will you see in it?




Tips To Handle A Bully

Hey, Campers!

A couple weeks ago in March, I talked about things you can do to handle a bully if one is targeting you. But even so, sometimes the victims of a bully can use a helping hand. Today I have some helpful ideas of what you can do if you see someone who’s being bullying stop signbullied.

If you see someone being bullied, put yourself in their shoes. Wouldn’t you want someone else to come along and put an end to it? It may seem like a difficult position to be in (and it certainly does take courage), but stopping a bully can be as simple as putting your arm around the victim and walking away with him or her; there’s no need to get physically forceful with the bully.

Standing up for a bully’s victim can sometimes be enough in itself to get a bully to back off. Seeing that their target has friends that care about him or her can be an embarrassing moment for a bully and may prevent them from causing another occurrence.

If the bullying does, however, continue you can help your new friend by brainstorming possible solutions for the problem. If the two of you can think of nothing, go to an adult. Some kids may not want to tell an adult because they don’t want to tattle. It’s helpful to support your friend in letting an adult know about the issue.

If you can’t get your friend to go along with it, you can always go to an adult yourself and explain the issue. They’ll know what to do.

You should let your friend know that they can always count on you for help should they meet any other problems with a bully. But move on after that. If the bullying is over, there’s no need to talk about it anymore. Be sure to let them come to you if they need your help again.

It may not be the easiest path, but it definitely feels good to help a fellow camper in need, as everyone should have the opportunity to have a GREAT summer! Till next time, Campers.

Here is a video that we loved and thought you would too.



Be Ready For Those April Showers

Hey, Spring-Timers!

As we make our way around the sun, our part of the planet starts meeting that blinding bright ball a little more head-on each day resulting in longer days and warmer weather. In turn, the leftover snow from winter starts to disappear—well, almost disappear…Okay, so it’s not like it’s magic or anything. We all know what happens to snow after it gets a little warmer outside—it turns into water!

So here’s the point. Spring weather may inspire a good cleaning indoors, but really, there’s nothing CLEAN about this season at all. What a wet, sloppy, muddy mess! Now that we’ve ventured a good two weeks into our 2014 spring season we are witnessing the slow retreat of this past winter unfolding before our eyes, and—BOY—is it wet!

On top of all this melting snow, typical April will bring lots of showers as well. Be prepared with all the rain gear you need at Everything Summer Camp. We have jackets, pants, suits, and boots all back in stock!

Columbia wet reflect jacket Currently, there are eight rain jackets in our Columbia collection, the Chromatech Youth Jacket, the Girl’s Wet Reflect, the Wind Racer II for girls, the Women’s Arcadia Rain Jacket, the Men’s Watertight, the Splash Maker in youth sizes, the Girl’s TechniKolor jacket, and Boy’s Trail Patroller Hybrid. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t be out and about!

If all you need is a good pair of rain pants, we have the Regen Rain Pant for Men from Columbia.

You can also find the Thrunderlight and Jakuta rain jackets from Red Ledge as well as the Red Ledge Rainstopper Rainsuit. Hood included, this youth-sized rainsuit will cover you completely aside from your hands, your feet, and your face; or stay dry with the classic vinyl poncho (available in youth sizes).

When keeping your feet dry, you can’t go wrong with Washington Shoe’s ‘fire chief style’ boots. They’re made from 100% waterproof, natural rubber. Or you can do your splashin’ in cool and sturdy Kamik rainboots. Both are great choices!

So make sure you keep dry this spring so that April showers bring May flowers for you and not a common cold. Happy Spring, everyone!




Supergoop! Is More Than Sunscreen

Hey, Camp Fans!

We here at Everything Summer Camp work with the best of the best and we want everyone to know it. So here’s some praise we have to give to the awesome lady, Holly Thaggard, who founded the truly amazing sunscreen known as Supergoop!!

When a close friend of hers was diagnosed with melanoma, it really got to Holly. She couldn’t believe that someone as youthful and healthful as her friend (only in her late 20’s) would be able to get skin cancer! While unfortunate for her friend, it both frightened and motivated Holly to look into the matter.

She discovered that skin cancer is the number one type of cancer in the United States as well as the fact that the vast majority of aging signs are all consequences of the sun. “After learning that skin cancer is… primarily preventable, I found my calling,” says Holly. “I was determined to create superior sun protection products while promoting a healthier, UV-protected lifestyle through education.”supergoop!

Holly set out with the goal to raise awareness of sun damage to skin and developed Supergoop! along the way. With an incredibly broad spectrum, Supergoop! sunscreens protect against not only UVA but also UVB rays. It delivers a backup of antioxidants as well which neutralize the effects of the harsh sun.

Unlike any other sunscreen (and despite the product name), Supergoop! never gets goopy. Lightweight, the formula always applies with ease. Supergoop! ACTUALLY feels good to wear and is free of all controversial and potentially harmful ingredients.

As the three daughters of Supergoop!’s product representative are all summer campers, they wouldn’t dream of leaving their Supergoop! at home. It was this realization that sparked a relationship between Supergoop! and us here at Everything Summer Camp.

Our hat’s off to Holly and her magnificent, cancer-preventing, anti-aging formula, Supergoop!! Thank you for making the sun our safe friend again!




We’ve Added New Speedo Items

Hey, Water Lovers!

Everything Summer Camp has you covered this summer for your fun in the water. Splash it up with Speedo’s great water apparel and accessories. Everything Summer Camp has recently added products from this leading swimwear brand! Check it out!speedo graphic

We’ve added three one-piece swimsuits—the Sport Splice, the Summer Love Keyhole, and the Graphic Graffiti Keyhole. These colorful swimsuits are made of 80% nylon and the rest is Xtra Life LYCRA fiber. This stuff is made to be up to 10 times stronger than your typical spandex. Xtra Life LYCRA also provides long term protection against sagging and bagging.

These suits offer great movability and prevent wedgies so you can swim in comfort. Along with the three swimsuits, we’ve also added the Speedo Girl’s Short. Made of 100% Micro Poly, it offers comparable comfort and movability to the swimsuits. Swim in style this summer with any one of these great selections from Speedo.

Aside from swimsuits and shorts, we’ve also added new water shoes to our Speedo swimwear collection. Introducing the Surfwalker Pro—available in Women’s 2.0 as well as kids sizes. It’s been called the ultimate water shoe and so lightweight that it redefines the aqua sock!

This water shoe is made of durable, four-way stretch upper. It’s fully-breathable, keeps debris out, and keeps the inside cool as long as you need it to. The Surfwalker’s exoskeleton keeps your foot in place without collecting heat, unlike most other aqua socks.

These water shoes manage water like a Pro! They’ve got characteristics of flow dispersion to offer full traction in wet conditions without skipping a beat. Surfwalker Pro from Speedo is clearly the water shoe for you!

Last to our collection of swimwear and accessories but not least is the Kid’s Aqua Quest. If you’re passionate about exploring the water, this cool set from Speedo lets you go deeper than ever! Made for young swimmers, this three-piece set includes a lens mask with adjustable strap, a silicone mouth piece, as well as flippers. Whether you’re snorkeling or just going for a relaxing swim, the Kid’s Aqua Quest set is a blast!

Have fun in the water this summer, Swimmers!




Get Your Scary Camp Stories Ready

Hey, Story Lovers!

People have been telling stories ever since we developed sufficient communication skills. Who doesn’t love to hear a well-spun yarn? Just about everybody enjoys hearing a good story which is why there’s a whole day dedicated to the art of oral story telling. April 27 is Tell a Story Day.

So—how come we’re telling you about this twenty-three days in advance? Well, because telling stories around a campfire is such an essential part of summer camp, it only seems natural that we here at Everything Summer Camp create a contest shaped after this camp storiesnational day.

But we don’t want just any kind of story—we want scary summer camp stories—spooky stories that you share while everyone’s sitting around a campfire. The kind that send shivers down spines and put goose bumps on skin. These should be tales that you’ve come up with from your own warped imagination.

After you’ve crafted your story, we want you to make a video recording of yourself telling your chilling tale. Your video may be as simple as holding a flashlight underneath your chin or as grandiose as involving a small cast and props to make your own mini-movie! Then upload your spooky video to YouTube.

Video entries should be no longer than 10 minutes long and, of course, the content of this video should be appropriate for all ages. Make sure to keep your stories clean! If you couldn’t tell it at summer camp, then we don’t want you telling it here.

Submit your video and contest entry information on our customer sign up page by April 27 and enter for your chance to be a winner. Two winners will be chosen—each will win a $100 gift certificate to Everything Summer Camp.

One winner will be chosen by public votes. How many people can you get to vote for your video? The more people you know, the better your odds are of winning. The other winner will be chosen by us—our esteemed judges within Everything Summer Camp.

Here’s the beginning of a little story I’m working on along with you guys–enjoy!


Fire Pit

Sid was the first kid that Angie met at summer camp. When he first approached her he confessed that he was a rather shy boy. But being on the shy side herself, this sat well with Angie and the two became quick friends. They sat with each other throughout mealtimes and during conversation times with the counselors. On hikes they would walk together. They’d even sit and read together on the ledge of the camp’s fire pit. It seemed they were side-by-side the entire time and before either one of them realized it, their camp stay was coming to a close.

They found themselves eating the last dinner they would have at summer camp this season. Angie couldn’t help but to feel a little sad about the fast-approaching end. She’d had so much fun in the last few weeks! But Sid reminded Angie to cheer up—“We still have a whole night left at camp,” he told her.

The campers of O-Phaz-Ma would end their camp stay with the traditional campfire on the last night. And, of course, Sid and Angie sat next to each other.

Everybody joked around for a while, roasting marshmallows by the roaring fire and enjoying each other’s company one last time for the summer. But it didn’t take long for Craig, the primary counselor to flip on a flashlight and pass it off to Daniel, sitting next to him.

“Let’s get some stories, going, huh?” said Craig.

“Oh, um, okay,” said Daniel, unprepared. He went on with a humorous story about a monster with a hook, not for a hand, but for a foot. It got a lot of laughs, but Craig was unsatisfied.

“C’mon, Danny! SCARE US!” he said.

“Well, if you want a scary story so bad why don’t YOU tell one?” Daniel proposed giving the flashlight back to Craig.

“Oh, I don’t know if you guys could handle a scary story from ME!” Craig warned as he turned off the flashlight. But this was received with a band of sarcastic laughing and much jeering. The kids all continued with their discordant chatter in unison until Craig turned the flashlight back on and held it underneath his chin and everyone grew silent again.

The crisp crackling of the burning logs inside the brick fire pit filled the silence for a moment until Craig broke it saying, “Well, OKAY, then. If you insist…”


***Tune in for the second half of this story on April 27th, National Tell a Story Day.***

Employers Beware….Today Is Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day!

Hey, Hard Workers!

Today is Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day. The point of this day isn’t so much to get employees to play hooky from their jobs but more so to remind bosses that a fun atmosphere in the workplace is beneficial not just to employees but to their work performance and thus the company as well.Have fun at work day

As any computer software company will reveal, a loose, fun work environment produces happy employees yielding better results in efficient and creative work. Unlike a computer software company—our jobs may not provide a loose enough setting for, say, a foosball table in the break room. But despite that, any job can offer its employees a fun environment.

Maybe not everybody’s workplace can be fun, but everybody is here at Everything Summer Camp today because our company is a fun place to work.

Everything Summer Camp offers a good assortment of jobs: we have our production department where our camp trunks are manufactured, our graphics production, our screen printing shop for camp clothing, our call center, the offices, and the shipping department. The people in each department are typically in a good mood.

It’s never unlikely to find a harmless prank in action around the office or to see a group taking a quick break with some Mad Libs. Having characters around the office and people who are happy to be there is great for morale and good day of solid work!

We may play hard but we work hard as well. And playing hard actually helps us to work hard! It’s not just us at Everything Summer Camp either. It’s people in general. A happy brain makes for a hard worker. It’s as simple as that. So make sure that your employees are enjoying their jobs—especially today (or else they may not show up)!





*NOTE* Everything Summer Camp does not actually recommend that anyone skip work today in order to celebrate the “holiday”. Just try to make work fun for yourself if it isn’t already.

Check Out Our Smart Living Water Bottles

Hey, Camp Fans!

Everything Summer Camp offers a whole lot of different things to take along to summer camp (hence our name). Some of our products are more fun than they are practical and some offer the comfort and convenience of home right there at camp. But some of our products go the extra mile.

Look for products tagged with the Smart Living icon as you shop our Web site onlinesmart living icon. What is Smart Living? It’s the label we give a product that actually offers health benefits. Simply click the Smart Living icon on the product you’re looking at and you’ll pull up an information box that describes, in detail, the health benefits of that product!

Clearly, water bottles are quite the convenient product to have with you at summer camp—but it’s not just a convenient product, it’s a Smart Living product too. Why are water bottles a Smart Living product? Because staying hydrated is healthy—especially when you’re out in the great outdoors on a sweltering day (when staying hydrated means the most!).

Our bodies are like machines. When they’re well-oiled their performance is optimal. Of course, in our case, the oil is water. Each cell in our body, our tissue, and our organs all require water in order to work properly. Our bodies NEED water in order to maintain good health.

Your body is losing water—literally—with every breath you take. It goes through its water supply even quicker when you’re active and the weather is hot (a.k.a.—at summer camp). Make sure you replace the water your body uses when you need it.

Your body does a good job at letting you know that it needs more water. If you ignore your own initial thirst, it results in a dry mouth, then a headache, feeling fatigued or even confused; you’ll eventually start to feel lightheaded and weak and then you’ll pass out.

While any good summer camp is supervising to be sure that their campers are staying hydrated, it’s still a good idea to sit down with your kids and talk to them about the importance of avoiding dehydration at summer camp with a trusty water bottle at their side! Drink up!