Be Honest-Especially Today

Hey, Truth-Tellers!

National Honesty Day is tomorrow and that’s the truth. It’s a day in which everybody is expected to be truthful in everything they say and do. Everyone is expected to answer any question that they are asked with complete honesty. It’s one day out of the year when everyone is supposed to make honesty their highest policy.

This day hasn’t been around for a very long time (relatively speaking). It’s been around for a little over twenty years. It was a day invented by a man known as M. Hirsh Goldberg. His purpose behind the day was to give a little more balance to the month of April.

Since the first of the month, April Fools, encourages pranking and falsehoods, he thought maybe the last day of the month can be about honesty—something a little less immoral.honesty day photo

Telling the truth is important (especially on National Honesty Day, but really just all the time). The things you say and do reflect who you are as a person and how everybody else sees you. That’s why honesty means so much to people. When you tell the truth, you reflect the things that have actually happened and people see that in you.

Remaining an honest person feels good too because there isn’t any added weight of something else constantly on your mind—the fact that you need to keep up with what you have people believing happened even though it didn’t happen. Lying just crowds and clouds your life up. Lying is WORK!

Spread the word about National Honesty Day to all your friends and family so they all know to celebrate the truth along with you tomorrow. While I certainly enjoy the antics of April Fool’s Day, I also like the idea of bookmarking the month with the flip-side.

That’s all for today, Folks. Till next time.




Send Us Your Scary Story

Hey, Scary Story Lovers!

You probably recall near the beginning of the month when I told you about how today is Tell a Story Day. Telling stories has been a treasured pastime ever since we developed the sufficient communication skills to perform such a feat. Just about everybody enjoys hearing a good story which is why there’s a whole day dedicated to the art of oral story telling.

Tell a Story Day is typically celebrated by libraries and grade schools. Every culture has their own traditions of oral storytelling for educational purposes as well as entertainment, cultural preservation, and for teaching morals.

And since telling stories around a campfire is such an essential part of summer camp, it seemed like it was only right that we here at Everything Summer Camp create a contest shaped after this national day.

camp fire storiesRequesting not just any kind of story, but for spooky summer camp stories that you’d likely share with everyone around a campfire. We asked for the kind that send shivers down spines and put goose bumps on skin. We asked that they were invented inside our contestants’ own warped imaginations, video recorded, and then uploaded to YouTube.

Today was the final day for submissions. Entries needed to be submitted and videos uploaded by 1:00p.m. CST. Unfortunately we not have much interest in this contest.  Maybe we were just asking for a little too much work in order to participate.  We only received two entries for the contest.  Since we planned to award two winners there really is no need to go through the process of voting.  Both of our contestants have been awarded with One-Hundred Dollar Gift Certificates for Everything Summer Camp.  You can check out their videos below:

The above video was submitted by Jesus C.

The above video was submitted by Hayden W.


Now for the conclusion of the scary story that started tell you back on April 4th. To read the beginning of the story visit the old blog post here.  To finish the story read on:

The crisp crackling of the burning logs inside the brick fire pit filled the silence for a moment until Craig broke it saying, “Well, OKAY, then. If you insist…” He drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. He closed his eyes, slowly opened them back up, and then he began.

“Did you guys know that Camp O-Phaz-Ma is one of the earliest summer camps to ever be founded? Its history dates back all the way to 1887.  You probably didn’t know that this camp’s first year of operation kicked things off with a pretty dark start.

Unfortunately, there was an accident that happened here that year. One of the campers shot an arrow from her bow without intending to let it go. The arrow went flying and hit another camper who was sitting on this very ledge of this very fire pit. He was sitting here, reading when the arrow got him directly in his heart and killed him instantaneously.”

“That’s where we read,” Angie said quietly to Sid, but mostly to herself.

“Apparently the blow of the arrow sent the boy’s body falling back into the fire pit where his blood stained the floor inside there,” Craig said pointing into the pit. “The boy’s blood permanently stained the floor of the pit.

Some say that on the nights that this pit gets used, the soul of that boy rises from the fire and walks the earth again in search of the girl that shot the arrow. They say he wants to forgive her. They call him Sid.”

“Hey,” Angie laughed. “Like you,” she said, craning her head to look at her friend Sid, but he was no longer there. He didn’t show up for the rest of the night either. In fact, she never saw Sid again.





A Little About Missy’s Life Outside Of Work

Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

Last year I introduced you, our fellow Blog readers, to Missy, our Receptionist at Everything Summer Camp. I told you about how she’s the first face you’ll see when you walk into our Main Building and how she’s a very warm and friendly presence in our office. Missy is always there to help.

But today, we’ll delve a little deeper to get a picture of what Missy’s life is like outside of work. We won’t have to look too far outside of work, however, since Missy lives just past missyBoyd, the home of Everything Summer Camp.

She’s quite familiar with the town as it’s the place where she was born and raised. “Yep, I grew up in the bar down the road and I married my high school sweetheart,” says Missy. They spent some time living around the state in Rice Lake as well as Wausau. It wasn’t until the two got married that they moved back to Boyd and into the family farm where Mike grew up.

They have three children—Chelsea, who is now attending UW Oshkosh; Morgan, a junior in high school; and Luke who’s in the eighth grade. Between Morgan, who plays basketball and softball and Luke, who’s interested in football, baseball, basketball, and trying out for track this year, they spend a lot of time at sporting events.

Altogether, they have 78 pets: that’s two dogs, six cats, and 70 cows. Fortunately for the family it’s only the dogs, Zoe (a black lab) and Braun (a Great Pyrenees, named after the Brewer) that are ever inside.

While they don’t travel very often, they usually find some time at least once out of the year to go find a hotel somewhere and just get away for a weekend or so. Her kids are big fans of waterparks. “I just think that any time you can get out of winter in Wisconsin and see some sun, it’s a good time.”

That’s all for today, Folks! Hope you enjoyed getting to know Missy a little better.




Throwback Thursday Post From Dr. Thurber

Hey, Camp Fans!

Today I have another Throwback Thursday for you in which we link back to an old Blog post that we think is SO helpful we want to put it in front of you again. ‘Throwback’ to March 20 of last year to review great tips from Dr. Thurber about attending summeDr. Thurberr camp along with a friend. What may sound like an incredibly helpful idea may not be as wise as it seems.

Look back with us today to glean great points about why summer camping with a friend may not be the best approach.


- John

Celebrate Earth Day By Cleaning It Up

Hey, Earthlings!

Unless some intelligent alien civilization has developed interest for the Everything Summer Camp Blog posts, by “earthlings” I mean EVERYBODY! We’re all earthlings, aren’t we? Yes, this beautiful third planet from the sun certainly is our home, and boy has our home gotten dirty!

This happens to homes from time to time, that’s why we have spring cleaning! But it’s a good idea to give the earth a good day of spring cleaning too. Once all the snow melts Earth dayeverything that has been buried underneath all winter is finally exposed again. Catch it before it blows away!

Today is a great day to go pick up litter around your neighborhood, walk or bike ride instead of driving, and use less energy around the house because it’s Earth Day! And since EVERYBODY reading this Blog post and everyone that all you readers know are more-than-likely earthlings, that means that we should all do our part on earth day.

Even if your cleanup is as simple as picking up any litter that’s blown into your yard, it’s doing your part. And if everyone did the same, that would be enough! Can you imagine the impact it would make if everyone took care of the trash in their yards and the streets outside their houses?

With all of our technological advancements that we’ve made on this planet, people can talk a big game about being able to colonize another planet like Mars after what’s called “terraforming” it (or making it appropriate for earthling life). This theoretical process isn’t possible today, so for now, we must clean and preserve our home planet as much as we can.

It truly is the only one we’ve got (at least for now). So get out there and celebrate earth day by pitching in and helping to clean up the home you share with EVERYBODY else.




Egg Counting Contest

Hey Egg Counters!

There’s lots of fun things you can do with colorful, plastic eggs. Fill them with treats, hide them for others to find. Just last week, everyone here at Everything Summer Camp held a rather intense Egg Hunt.

So much fun was had that we just couldn’t stop there so we thought we’d play another game with eggs, but this time we wanted to involve all of you!

And so the Everything Summer Camp ‘Egg Count Contest’ was born. Reminiscent of the trunk with eggs‘Candy Corn Contest’ we held nearly six months ago in which we asked our readers to guess how many pieces of Candy Corn were in our glass jar, this year we want you to guess at how many eggs are filling one of our camp trunks.

The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate for Everything Summer Camp. You definitely want to take your time in answering—give a good, educated guess; but don’t take too long, the contest will close at noon on April 22. The winner of our Egg Count Contest will be announced on the following day. Click here to enter.

As any proud owner of a C&N Footlocker will tell you, there’s a lot that can fit inside one of our camp trunks! I wonder just how many eggs one of our trunks will hold! I can’t wait to find out! Till next time, Camp Fans!




The Great Egg Hunt

Hey, Egg Hunters!

Like you, we here at Everything Summer Camp can’t help ourselves this time of year. Whenever springtime rolls around bringing green grass, we always get antsy to go looking for some hidden eggs around the workplace.

We held a pretty intense Hunt here yesterday in anticipation of the coming holiday. With so much action happening all at once, hardly anyone can give me an accurate account of the day’s actual events. Good thing I was there, in the middle of all the action.

Most people put a couple jelly beans or some other fun treats inside the eggs they hide, but yesterday, we were given a little more incentive to find our eggs. We had a good handful of candy prizes, but we also had ticket prizes to movies and other events, certificates for hours of Paid Time Off, and cold, hard cash (ranging from two dollars to 50 bucks)!

If no one found the $50 egg, the prize was to be given to a random winner among all participants.

The eggs were placed in the hallways of the offices, the Call Center, the bathrooms, our large Production Workshop where our footlockers are made, and—of course—the break room. All the eggs were readily available and visually hidden—in other words, you didn’t need to “go through” anything to find an egg.

Also, each participant was limited to finding just two eggs so you really had to choose wisely. In some cases, it might have been smarter to pass on collecting a found egg if it doesn’t look like a really good one.

If I had just one word to describe yesterday’s Egg Hunt, I think my best choice would be ‘melee’! Everyone had been gathered into the break room where the rules and boundaries of the hunt were given. And after that it was simply—“GO!”

With that, the majority of the 20 participants made a mad dash exiting through the front and back doors in desperate search of the “Golden Egg” that held the grand prize of $50. But a few wise ones hung back in the break room. Their strategy was more composed. I was one of them.

I spotted a small purple egg sitting on a purple flyswatter on top of the refrigerator but it didn’t look all that special.

Bill, a seasonal hand in our shipping department, made the comment that probably no one would find the Golden Egg and the prize would end up going to some random winner. This seemed like smart reasoning to me so I took the purple egg and left the break room.

I then walked out into the production area. It was all abuzz of speedily moving, efficiently searching, rampantly rummaging egg hunters. While I was out there I saw Ryan, Manager of our Shipping Department, as he spotted his only find cleverly hidden underneath a spray sink.

The Production area began to clear out when I discovered my second egg—a bigger, more special-looking egg. Could this be the $50 prize? I thought. It was green (which wasn’t a good sign), but I thought I’d better take what I could get. With both my eggs, I thought I’d scope the pandemonium that had moved to the offices. I’d never seen the place look THAT busy before.

Our president, Ed, was quietly tucked away in his office.

“Did you already find both your eggs?” I asked. He had grabbed a small egg on a production palette and another bigger one that he said he found behind our receptionist, Missy’s desk.

“I just want to stay safe in here until it’s over out there,” he said with a smile.

As I continued my way down our office’s corridor, I saw Pam, our seasonal help in the Graphic Arts Department, spot her egg between a storage rack and a wall. That egg awarded her an hour of Paid Time Off!

It was right after that when I heard the announcement from Shirley, our Production Supervisor, that the Golden Egg had been discovered. I rushed passed everyone in the Call Center, back to the break room where Myron, one of our guy’s in Production, sat with the Golden Egg and a big grin.

“Where was it?” I asked him. He said it was placed in between hanging coats on a rack against the wall.

“I never even left the room,” he said.

Well, Myron may have taken home the grand prize, but everyone won SOMETHING and I’m pretty sure fun was had by all. I, for instance, had a great time and took home five dollars as well as a tasty bag of candy that I’m enjoying right now.

Happy Hunting, Everybody!

Who Doesn’t Remember Dave Coulier?

Hey, Campers!

I’m excited to talk about today’s Celebrity at Summer Camp as I, like most of America back in the day, watched him on Full House regularly. Put your hands together for Joey Gladstone himself, Mr. Dave Coulier! Always good for a laugh, the show often utilized Dave’s wild skills with impressions and impersonations—especially his signature Popeye—“Well, blow me down! Huk-uk-uk-uk-uk-uk!”

Dave Coulier discovered his gifts in impersonations early. He loved making his school Dave Coulierlaugh by doing impressions of the principal and other teachers and staff over the PA system. He, no doubt, got a lot of laughs out of his fellow campers at Camp Highlands back when he was a summer camper himself.

As his character on Full House also revealed another truth about himself, Joey was a huge hockey fan on the show while Dave played for his high school’s varsity team at Notre Dame High School in Michigan. There, Dave played alongside a kid named John Blum who would go on to play for the NHL.

Dave Coulier isn’t just responsible for bringing Joey Gladstone to life, but also for the voice behind so many beloved cartoon characters. He’s done voice work for the whole whole Ghostbusters series, Baby Animal and Baby Bunsen and some other characters on Muppet Babies. He’s worked for episodes of The Jetsons, Rude Dog and the Dweebs, Detention, and Teen Titans.

All of this work came prior to his role as Joey Gladstone in 1987. He continued to find other work during his eight years on Full House and after, such as hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos for a time and making a cameo in the Even Stevens Movie.

Dave also does stand-up comedy which is very much based around his skills as an impressionist. He’s also quite an entertaining harmonica player. Always stressing youth-oriented comedy and delivering family-friendly material, Dave has a reputation as one of the Clean Guys of Comedy.

So let’s hear it for Dave Coulier, but come on, now—seriously…Cut. It. Out. Alright.




Smart Living Fans

Hey, Camp Fans!

When you shop the Everything Summer Camp Web site online Look for products tagged with the Smart Living icon. What is Smart Living? It’s the label we give a product that actually offers health benefits to the consumer. Simply click the Smart Living icon on the product you’re looking at and you’ll pull up an information box that describes, in detail, the health benefits of that product!

A couple weeks ago I told you about the health benefits of water bottles. Today I’m telling you about fans.

Staying cool in the blazing heat of summer is just as important to your health as staying hydrated and wearing sunscreen! Heat exhaustion, like dehydration and directly exposing your skin to the sun, is something that you want to prevent this summer.

Heat exhaustion can be a consequence of sweltering temperatures, physical activities, or both. You’ll know you’re hitting the point of heat exhaustion when you get a headache and you’re sweating profusely, feeling weak, confused, dizzy, nauseous, and unquenchably thirsty.

In the case of heat exhaustion, rest with some fans blowing on you.  Your body regulates temperature using a few different methods. Fans help to regulate body temperature through a process known as convection. Convection is when air or water moves across your skin. Convection also aids in another temperature regulation process known as evaporation. As your body sweats during the process of evaporation it creates a humid layer on your skin. A fan will speed up evaporation by removing the sweat and replacing it with a dryer, and cooler, layer.

You should also drink lots and lots of water and other fluids but no drinks with caffeine like soda or energy drinks as these beverages are known to make matters worse. When you have the energy to, take a cool shower.

Everything Summer Camp carries a small collection of cool fans that you can use to funky flexi fanprevent heat exhaustion from getting to you.

Our Funky Flexi-Fan is fun to bend, turn, snake, and loop to give yourself just the right angle you need for optimum comfort. With a convenient clip, you can attach the Funky Flexi-Fan to just about any of your surroundings: the car, your camp bunk, the beach!

Our Deluxe Fan/Light from Texsport is no ordinary fan. It doubles as a lantern so that you can give yourself some light in the same direction as the breeze!

And lastly, you can give our handheld, Water Misting Fan a squeeze for a refreshing blast of cool, cool H2O! Adding a splash to an enjoyable summer breeze will really keep you comfortable on those summer camp scorchers. Simply squeeze the fan to mist yourself or give your camp buddies a playful squirt.

The summer may get hot, but you don’t have to be. Check out our fun fans from Everything Summer Camp to help stay cool this summer.




A Sneak Peak At Our New Cinch Bags

Hey, Camp Preppers!

While you’re doing all this work in summer camp preparation, it should please you to know that the majority of the camp gear you’re getting isn’t restricted to use outside of summer camp. Enough of your child’s camp gear can be used year round for a large variety of activities.

Water bottles are great to have by your side pretty much everywhere you go. A standard backpack can be used for school after the camp season. And, of course, our C&N Footlockers at Everything Summer Camp make not just a great camp trunk, but a classy piece of bedroom furniture as well.

While these are great examples, the list certainly doesn’t end there and we’re adding to it all the time. Our latest addition is arriving soon—our cool, new cinch bags. Very popular with kids for gym as well as for after school sports and other extracurricular activities, use for your cinch bag extends well beyond summer camp.

Extremely easy to cinch shut, these bags are all you need to carry just the necessities. Given long, thin cinching straps, you can wear our cinch bags like you would a backpack. Or you can simply carry it by its straps like a duffel bag.

Ideal for your carrying convenience, they’ll be available in an array of bright, fun colors and you can get your choice of an icon on the bag. Very stylish, this nylon material is as shiny as it is sturdy.

That’s all for today, Campers! Till next time.