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Hello, Muddah. Hello, Faddah!

A good partner can certainly be difficult to come by which is why sometimes the people who work best together are mom and dad. It’s no surprise that parents often times make a good team together. In turn, it should come as no surprise to find that small businesses like mom and pop shops are responsible for creating 70% of all new jobs in America.

Achieving a day of recognition, mom and pop shops all across the country are saluted and supported today; it’s National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. As revealed by a man named Rick Segal, the day was created to honor his parent’s business, a hat shop in the Nobo (North of Boston) region. Ruth’s—the hat shop—would later become a store for women’s specialty clothing, operating from 1939 to 1997!

We, here at Everything Summer Camp are reminded today of our business’ humble beginning back in 1987 when it wasn’t called Everything Summer Camp just yet. It was called C&N Footlockers, named after its owners Craig and Nancy Cornell, the owners of the business.Craig & Nancy

C&N Footlockers started out with just Craig and Nancy making their classic trunks right out of their home-garage in Boyd, Wisconsin. In their first year, they made 380 black footlockers—all the same size—with unmatched, rugged construction. Along with excellent customer service, C&N Footlockers was sure to be a success.

As business picked up, they started offering more colors and different sizes. They relocated in need of more space for the manufacturing and storage of their trunks.

Eventually, as business kept on increasing, they relocated once again to a bigger building which is the same building that we still reside in today! In the building’s factory is where every single C&N Footlocker is manufactured. It’s great to work for a business that was started out as a simple mom and pop shop!

Happy National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!




Get To Know Kristy A Little Better

Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

As a few faithful readers may recall, a little over a year ago, Everything Summer Camp posted its first Employee Spotlight post about our Lead Buyer, Kristy. As Lead Buyer, Kristy goes to tradeshows and finds other ways to stay hip to the current trends. Once we have our new products in stock, she puts them on the Web site so you can browse around and shop online.


She lives in Thorp with her better half, Ryan and her adorable daughter, Kaelyn. They found Thorp was a great middle ground between their two hometowns and offered great schools and a great community. “It’s a very small town, but we love it!” Kristy says.

Their daughter, Kaelyn Mae just turned three which brings a wave of both excitement and sadness for Kristy. “They grow up WAY too fast,” she comments.

But for now, Kaelyn remains a very funny, smart, and spunky little girl. “She’s what makes our world go round,” says Kristy. And Lucky is the six-year-old, chow and yellow lab mix around which Kaelyn’s world revolves. Always fascinated by the family dog, Kaelyn loves having her around. “She’s absolutely sweet as pie and Kaelyn’s best bud.” Kristy smiles.

“Family is the most important thing in my life and I’m very blessed to have so many people in mine,” says Kristy. Aside from her small family with Ryan, Kristy is the youngest of four. She’s got two nieces and two nephews. She’s got quite a lot of family on her dad’s side and everyone is very close. They all go on an annual camping trip to see each other and catch up.

The annual camping trip has been a tradition since before Kristy’s time even! Her favorite part about the camp trips is watching Kaelyn who’s experiencing so many things for the first time. It reminds Kristy of what the world was like back then! “I love watching her grandparents teach her the same things that their parents taught me,” Kristy says. She loves the outdoors so they do lots of fishing. And, of course, Kaelyn always catches the most.

Come back again to hear more about us at Everything Summer Camp.




Camp Towanda Was Summer Camp Home to Hank Azaria

Hey, Campers!

Did you know that well over a hundred of your favorite celebrities have gone to summer camp? Today I’m talking about Hank Azaria. Hank, when he was your age, was one of those kids where you could tell he was born to be an actor. In his youth he loved memorizing and reciting film scripts, TV shows, and bits from stand-up comedy.

When he was your age he spent some time away at Camp Towanda, located in the Northeast Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. The camp is intended for shaping fun, friendship, and good memories. At this point, despite Hank’s interest in movie lines and laugh-out-loud stand-up material, he still hadn’t really thought much about acting.Hank Azaria

It wasn’t until he played a part in a school play at the Kew-Forest School in Forest Hills. He was 16 when he began to realize that he was obsessed with acting even when he allowed it to interfere with his studies at school. His parents were huge fans of all kinds of show business which only encouraged him even further.

He went on to study drama in college at Tufts University. Hank knew that he’d regret not be a professional actor if he never tried which was continuous incentive for him to continue studying and pursuing acting. Hank went straight for television despite his ideas of being a movie star because he saw more options there.

He got his start (in 1989) as a voice actor on The Simpsons. He provides the voices for such characters as Moe Szyslak, Apu, Chief Wiggum, Comic Book Guy, and Carl Carlson. He’s still doing their voices today. Hank kept to voice acting for a while but began branching out to live-action movies in the later 90’s. Hank was in Godzilla, Mystery Men, Along Came Polly, and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. He was also in The Smurfs.

Hank was obsessed with acting ever since his summer camp days. Are you obsessed with anything?




Stop Bullying Before It Starts

Hey, Camp Fans!

Just about everybody loves summer camp! That’s why summer camps are filled with diversity. Despite the similarities we may see in each other, we also know that everyone is different. We all come from our own, separate worlds—even brothers and sisters who grew up under the same roof are different.

Sometimes our differences with other people can collide undesirably. Bullying is more often a problem encountered in school, but it can certainly happen at camp too.stop bullying

Well, if there’s a chance of bullying at camp then why bother going, right? No, no, no. Don’t think that way. Camp is full of memories that will last a lifetime. I still remember my summer camp experiences like they happened yesterday! You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity because there’s a chance you could encounter a bully.

Instead, just learn how to handle one. There are just a few things to keep in mind:

1.) First of all, knowing when and where a bully may try to strike is important because being ready for it is half the battle. Bullies will typically strike when a counselor isn’t around like in the showers or in the bunks after lights out.

Being ready for an encounter with a bully means remaining calm.

2.) The best response you can give a bully is the lack of one. Ignore them. Walk away. Or just tell them that you don’t care about what they have to say. Bullies want to control your emotions. If you show them they can’t, they tend to lose interest in you.

If your bullying problem involves physical force, it’s very important that you find some way to protect yourself and be sure to tell a counselor or some other adult about any threats or assaults. Adults have a way of solving the problem and can usually do so without the bully even knowing that it was you who said something.

3.) Lastly, it always helps to flip the script. Instead of seeing bullies as villains, try seeing them for what they really are: a miserably frustrated kid who wants to make others feel just as miserable as they do. Don’t allow it to happen.

It’s true, these three pointers are all easier said than done—but if you can stay calm and stay in control of your emotions, bullies WILL overlook you as a potential victim. Don’t stand for bullying and enjoy your time at camp! And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Introducing The New Three Cheers for Girls Shower Caddy

Hey, Summer Camp Girls!

Before reading on, be sure that you’re sitting—I’ve got big news about a new product we’re now carrying. Put your hands together and let’s hear three cheers for the arrival of the cool, new Shower & Storage Caddy from Three Cheers for Girls at Everything Summer Camp.shower caddy

Always helping younger girls embrace their creativity and self-expression, Three Cheers for Girls is dedicated to developing convenient, quality products for their customers. Leave it to a former costume designer for Broadway Plays like Cats to know what’s cool to today’s young girls!

Founder of Three Cheers for Girls, Cinthia Russiyan along with her husband, a former Broadway stage manager and founder of General Awards—parent company to Three Cheers—are incredibly successful.

That’s one reason (aside from her raw talent) that Cinthia is able to develop awesome, new products like the Shower & Storage Caddy.

This convenient, bucket-shaped bag allows you to have everything you need for your bathroom trips conveniently tucked away in the same little spot! It’s deep enough to hold the tallest of hair products or body wash bottles. With seven outer pockets and a large, center storage area, you’ll fit everything you need for the bathroom in one little caddy.

This catchall carrier is as useful as it is stylin’! Go with the cool paint splatter pattern, or the imaginative neon zebra stripe—whichever pattern suits your style best. The pattern print really shines on the waterproof blend of vinyl and nylon mesh material!

The material on this thing is strong too. And the mesh bottom prevents mildew and unwanted water buildup. This way you know it’s sure to last from one season to the next. Take it to camp year after year and use it at home too! You’re certain to give it two thumbs up and, of course, three cheers!




Read About A Great Company-Triple T

Hey, Blog Buddies!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we don’t like to brag which is why we talk up and praise the names whose products we offer instead. And today, we have QUITE the name to talk about—the number one leader in recreational outdoor footwear—Triple T, parent company of the Northside brand.northside cheyenne jr

Based in Marysville, Washington Triple T Trading was founded in 1985 (two years prior to the very beginnings of Everything Summer Camp). And in their near-30 years of operation, they’ve made quite an impact in the world of footwear.

The way Triple T sees it, people of all ages should be able to enjoy being out in nature, no matter what the time of year may be. I think most people see it that way too.

That’s why Northside was created, as their tagline indicates—‘just for fun.’ This footwear is made to stand up to all the elements nature has to offer. So no matter where you are or what season it is, you can have your fun in the outdoors.

Whether you’re interested in winter boots, hiking shoes, flip-flops, or sport sandals, all kinds of footwear from Northside are made with the same rugged and reliable construction.

Triple T Trading is a family-owned and family-operated business which is why they feel like their partners should consider themselves an addition to their “brand-family” of Triple T. On behalf of Everything Summer Camp, the feeling is mutual.

Find a great assortment of Northside footwear available at Everything Summer Camp. We’re delighted to carry such quality products from such a great name!





Hey, Camp Fans!

We don’t like to complain about the weather here at Everything Summer Camp. After all, we’re Wisconsinites! We’re used to the cold temperatures and blizzard conditions that come in the winter, but some years bring much worse seasons than others and one thing I think everyone in Wisconsin (or at least here at Everything Summer Camp) will agree on is that this year’s winter could NOT have gotten any worse!Happy Spring

What a brutal winter it’s been! This year’s season brought record-breaking low temperatures reaching wind chills of 40° below zero here in northern Wisconsin! The low temperatures lingered and would then warm up just enough to snow and then freeze again rendering roads very unsafe to travel.

This year we also received some of the wettest, heaviest snow I’ve ever seen! It fell in large flakes and clung to power lines causing them to droop unusually low. I threw snowballs at them to avoid downed power lines!

Things may have been pretty rough in Wisconsin, but this winter swept the whole country in places that don’t typically see much in the way of winter weather. Temperatures in Texas were as low as 9° C and the virtually the entire state was shut down because of the snow and poor travel conditions.

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this year, predicting six more weeks of winter weather and BOY, was he right on that one! But, no matter how brutal the winter, we always make it through to the end. And today, my friends…today is the first day of spring!

It’s time for fresh beginnings, spring cleaning, and why not getting ready for camp? Start shopping now and avoid last minute running around! This way, you can spend quality time with your kid in the few days before summer camp starts instead of racing to finish getting ready!

Happy Spring, Camp Fans!




Camp Logos Are Back

Hey, Camp Fans!

Half the fun of owning a trunk can be dressing it up. Your camp trunk can speak volumes about you when you decorate it in your style. Just by trimming your trunk, you can tell people what your favorite color is, what kind of music you listen to, or where you go to summer camp—if you have trunk decals of your summer camp’s logo.

Everything Summer Camp is happy to say that our camp logos are back! Unfortunately we had to get rid of them due to issues with our Web becket logo

See, we launched a new Web site nearly one year ago. We were well aware that it’s very normal to receive some issues with a new Web site—we had a lot! Hopefully, you didn’t encounter too many of them. Everything Summer Camp offers its most sincere apologies for any and all inconveniences that our Web site problems may have caused you.

Trust me, we weren’t unaware of the issues our site had, but allow me to reassure you that we’ve been very hard at work to remedy the problems. One of the problems occurred with our camp logo decals which was the reason for their hiatus.

But now they’re back in all their glory! Your chances have been revisited to have a Longhorn logo adorn the top of your camp trunk, to show your camp pride for Camp Prude Ranch, or decorate your trunk with a Camp Dudley logo.

We need permission from each summer camp to use their logo, thus they can’t all be available. What we recommend is you try to find your camp on our Web site: click ‘Select this Camp’ and visit ‘Trunk Decorating’ found under the main category. If your camp’s logo is available, you’ll see it there.

If you didn’t find your camp’s logo, contact your camp and ask them if they would send the artwork for their camp logo to our Sales Director at Everything Summer Camp using this address—

Till next time, Campers!




ANOTHER Great Water Bottle

Hey, Water Bottle Lovers!

We carry a lot of great water bottles here at Everything Summer Camp. Names like Bobble, Vapur, CamelBak, Klean Kanteen, and more can all be found right here on our Web site. While you can expect all of our water bottles to be convenient, safe to drink out of, and of a certain manufacturing standard.

In other words, any choice from our collection a great choice, but some water bottles just really go the extra mile. Also available at Everything Summer Camp is the Wells AUTOSPOUT Hydration Bottle from Avex. Introducing extreme innovation in the design and functionality, the Wells AUTOSPOUT Hydration Bottle goes the extra mile.

It’s important to keep your eyes on the task you have at hand. That’s why Avex came up Avex autospoutwith the Wells AUTOSPOUT Hydration Bottle. Perfect for hiking, the AUTOSPOUT pops open with the simple press of a conveniently-placed button. Drink up and release the button for the spout to close back down.

It’s as easy as that to stop any chance of leaks, spills, or contamination.

Quench your thirst without any hassle or the need of both hands! The Wells AUTOSPOUT makes it not just possible, but so incredibly convenient; it’s easy use and spill-proof design makes this water bottle a clear choice for summer camp.

The Avex Wells AUTOSPOUT is a 32 oz., BPA-free water bottle so that you’re sure to have enough water with you on a longer hike. The bottle is easy to handle and easy to move with a clip-on handle that will attach to a backpack or any other gear you have on your person.

Very durable and safe for dishwasher use on the top rack, the Avex Wells AUTOSPOUT Hydration Water Bottle is clearly a must at summer camp. Drink up!




Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

There’s a little Irish in everybody on St. Patty’s Day! While people in the United States (along with many other places like Canada, Britain, New Zealand, and more) prove year after year that you don’t HAVE TO be Irish in order to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it’s likely that much of the purpose behind today’s celebration is a complete mystery to most of the world (including the Irish).

Feast your eyes on these informational tidbits that you probably aren’t aware of concerning St. Patrick’s Day!

First, lest. patricks dayt’s start with the basic history behind today. A Christian holiday, St. Patty’s was created not only to celebrate Irish culture, but to memorialize St. Patrick who brought the teachings of Christianity to Ireland. St. Patrick died over 1500 years ago, sometime in the early 6th century. By the 7th century, he was recognized as the patron saint of Ireland!

Most people would probably say that green was Ireland’s color since…ALWAYS, right?

But that’s actually wrong! Ancient flags have shown us that a light shade of blue used to be the national Irish color. Good ol’ green didn’t come around for the Irish until the very end of the 18th century! So what was it that made Ireland see their own, true color?

Well, the shamrock was used by St. Patrick while he was spreading Christianity across the land. He used the three leaves of the clover to symbolize the Holy Trinity. During the Irish Rebellion in 1798, it was used again as a symbol of patriotism. They called it the “wearing of the green” and it slowly developed into a regular custom.

It didn’t take long for the green to catch on, covering whole uniforms in the color of the clover. Not to mention that the verdant, green fields of Ireland already brought the color to mind. It seemed like an obvious switch to be made.

So whether you make some corned beef and cabbage or dress up entirely in green, it’s good to feel a little Irish today—even if you’re not!