Maybe The Tooth Fairy Will Visit You On HER Special Day

Hey, Loose-Toothers!

Do you have some pesky molar, canine, or incisor that just won’t fall out already? Sick of your tooth wiggling around in your mouth and hangin’ on by just a thread? Well, today would be a great day to lose that unchained chomper as it’s National Tooth Fairy Day! She’s a fairly generous fairy—especially on a day like today that’s made to honor her…it’s sort of like her birthday.

The Tooth Fairy has a rather short line of genealogy. Daughter of Father Time and Mother Nature, she has only one other sibling, (her baby brother, Cupid) and she’s second cousin to the Easter Bunny, once removed on her mother’s side.

Anyway, as I was saying, the decision to finally lose that annoying baby tooth, believe it or not, is up to tooth fairy 2you. There’s a number of ways to finally get those loose baby teeth out of your mouth by force if they won’t leave on their own!

One way is eating apple after apple after apple. Taking big crispy bites of this firm fruit might just be enough to push that stubborn tooth right out of place. Taffy can work well for this purpose as well. In fact, eating food in general is always a nice, easy way to give a loose tooth the push out the door that it may need.

I, myself, nearly ate my own tooth once after losing it as I ate a buttered roll. The tooth was well camouflaged against the butter, but thankfully I spotted it before my next bite. My brother was less fortunate when he swallowed his whole along with a burger he was eating.

Another great method for losing a loose tooth is to wrap floss around the tooth and make a criss-cross motion (almost like a scissors) to cut that dangler. If that doesn’t do it, there’s always the string tied to the doorknob trick, but that method can be a little…intimidating (not to mention nerve-racking).

Good luck with your loose teeth! Make sure to put them under your pillow tonight so the Tooth Fairy will compensate you handsomely. If you didn’t just loose your tooth, but actually LOST your tooth, don’t fret. The Tooth Fairy knows. She always knows. After all, my brother still got his payment after consuming is tooth burger!




Don’t You Just Love A Polar Bear!

Hey, Bear Buffs!

It’s National Polar Bear Day! These incredible creatures never cease to amaze. But just what is it that’s so FASCINATING about these albino bears? Well, that’s one thing right there—polar bears aren’t really albino—their fur’s actually colorless! But I’m getting ahead of myself. Just let me explain how cool polar bears are and you’ll see that there’s SO MUCH more to them than just soda advertisements.polar bear

First of all, polar bears are believed to have evolved from grizzlies around 150,000 years ago. Polar bears have since well adapted to their Arctic environment. Their white appearance gives them great camouflage. Their paws grow wider than a grizzly’s so to distribute their weight as they cross ice and snow. And they grow fur on the bottom of their paw to give better grip on ice and extra warmth.

Returning to the first point made, polar bears do not have white fur. Their fur is actually transparent, clear, see-through. It has no color at all. It only appears white because of the way that it reflects sunlight. And underneath all that fur, it turns out a polar bear’s skin is actually black. Black skin helps keep this giant mammal warm as it absorbs the sun’s heat.

Also unlike grizzly bears—or any other bear, for that matter—polar bears do not hibernate for the winter. They don’t hibernate at all unless they are pregnant in which case they go into a mild hibernation where their heart rate slows down and their body temperature is strictly regulated. Pregnant polar bear’s hibernation is easily interrupted.

Lastly, I think everybody knows that polar bears can swim, but do you realize how good they are at it? In fact, polar bears are able to swim for longer than an entire week without stopping at all!

So, as I said to begin with, polar bears are fascinating creatures, aren’t they? Happy Polar Bear Day!




Did You Ever Wonder Where The Sleeping Bag Idea Started?

Hey, Sleepyheads!

Sleeping outside is always an amazing experience at summer camp. Of course, you won’t enjoy a night under the stars very much if there isn’t anything underneath you. You need the right camping gear with you! Sleeping bags are a fairly important item to a camper who finds him or herself roughin’ it!kelty sleeping bag

But people certainly had to sleep on the ground before sleeping bags were invented, right? Well, sure. It’s just nobody said that they had to be comfortable when they did it.

That’s not to say that they didn’t find ways to provide warmth and even comfort—quite the contrary! What people used to do is roll up wool blankets with themselves inside. I’m sure it was extremely comfortable, it just wasn’t very convenient. Not as much as a sleeping bag.

There was no zipper to allow an easy in and out. There wasn’t any insulation fill. And there certainly weren’t any temperature ratings! A more modern concept for the sleeping bag didn’t come around until the 1850’s when patrolling officers of France would keep watch in the mountains.

They carried large bags with them that had been made of sheepskin lined with wool. They would roll the wool up inside the bags and keep the wool buckled in place. Then, a decade later, another man, an explorer named Francis Fox Tuckett designed a “sleeping bag” out of a blanket that had a waterproof, rubber bottom.

Not much more than oversized bags of warm material, neither of these bags offered the convenience of modern day sleeping bags. Sleeping bags would have to wait until 1913 for the zipper to be invented, but before that, in 1876, a man named Pryce-Jones introduced what is considered the first sleeping bag, called the Euklisia Rug.

It still didn’t really look like a sleeping bag. And it didn’t roll up. It was really just a folded up blanket. It had a pocket at the top for an inflatable rubber pillow that was sewn in. When you laid down on the Euklisia Rug, you would fold the rest of the blanket over, wrapping yourself and fasten it shut with clasps.

So the next time you wrap up nice and warm in your sleeping bag from Everything Summer Camp, give a little thanks to Pryce-Jones …or maybe those French officers in the mountains…




Enjoy A Tortilla Chip Today

Hey, Snack Fans!

Grabbing an after school snack or something to nosh on while you watch a good movie is sometimes the most enjoyable part of a day! As simple as a snack can be, they’re also just as satisfying. But there’s one snack that trumps them all. It’s crunchy, triangular, and goes great with salsa!

I’m talking about Tortilla Chips! Why? Um…because it’s National Tortilla Chip Day. tortilla chipsDuh-doy! ‘So?’ you might be thinking as you read this post. ‘What’s so great about tortilla chips?’ to which I would respond, ‘WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT TORTILLA CHIPS??!!!!’

To a tortilla chip maniac like myself, the answer should be obvious, but if you need me to, I’ll try and break it down for you just why it is that tortilla chips are so great. Let’s see…where to begin, where to begin?

First of all, I’ll tell you how tortilla chips are made. You take a corn tortilla like you’d use to wrap a burrito and you cut it into wedges. Then you fry it (some tortilla chips are circles which are simply circle cutouts of a tortilla and then fried).

Now for a little history: Tortilla chips were first made sometime in the 1950’s, invented by a woman named Rebecca Webb Carranza. Along with her husband, Rebecca owned a tortilla factory in Los Angeles. They were one of the first people to automate tortilla production.

The Carranza’s automated production would turn out the occasional imperfect tortillas which they would throw away. But one day Rebecca got the idea to cut the “bad” tortillas up and fry them. She’d sell a bag of these “chips” for a dime (which was the equivalent to today’s dollar—maybe more).

It wasn’t long before tortilla chips caught on by the entire nation. Since they go great with so many different appetizers and dips they’ve become quite a popular chip. Celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day and enjoy a bag yourself. Maybe you can even make your own!




Check Out Our Great New Selection Of Rain Boots From Washington Shoe

Hey, Footwear Fanatics!

As the end of February approaches and the nearing sun makes puddles out of snowbanks, it’s always refreshing to realize that the winter isn’t going to last forever. In fact, it’s on its way out. The future is certain to be brighter with spring around the corner; the sun continues to melt away the ice and snow and leave in its place…water.

So it goes without saying that along with a bright future, rain boots usually make handy footwear for traversing the watery world in its lingering remains of a bygone winter. What better way to keep your feet comfortably dry (not to mention saving a good pair of tennies from certain destruction).

The future is always brighter here at Everything Summer Camp too. And sometimes it’s more colorful—like when more colors are made available for the rain boots that we offer from Washington Shoe.

Melting snow and unexpected rain showers don’t stand a chance against these rain boots! red rain bootsClassic ‘fire chief style’ boots are made from 100% waterproof, molded, natural rubber. The pull handles make them easy to get on and off. And with full net lining and deluxe non-slip soles, these rain boots are hard-wearing and convenient!

Everything Summer Camp is delighted to reintroduce our collection of Washington Shoe rain boots in all their colorful glory! Nothing says spring quite like a pair wet, glossy rain boots. Get yourself some shiny solid color boots in red, yellow, blue, green, you name it.

While they may not be as iconic, Washington Shoe’s pattern boots, available at Everything Summer Camp in youth and women’s, look amazing. Come across cute designs like Stud of Horses, Camo, Frenchy French, Raindrop Dot, Ditsy Dot, Wendy Plaid, and more.

Your feet are sure to stay dry in a Washington rain boot. With all these new options how could they not look good? Happy spring, Everybody!




Indulge In Chocolate Mint Day

Hey, Dessert Lovers!

What kind of a Dessert Lover are you? Do you love combining flavor favorites? Do you have one go-to ice cream flavor that never fails? Are you hopelessly addicted to Andes Chocolates? Yes?! Then get ready to celebrate ‘cause it’s Chocolate Mint Day! Break out the candies, cake, and ice cream!

Surprisingly, there are some weirdos out there whose taste buds actually dislike the way Chocolate Mint tastes, but for the most part, people generally love Chocolate Mint. They’ve been mixing the two since the late 18th Century.chocolate mint

After 1776, when the United States declared its independence and became its own country, British merchants had to find other things to tax and they made a lot of money off chocolate. While the rest of the world loved chocolate, the people of Britain didn’t enjoy straight chocolate very much. They wanted something less bitter. So they mixed it with spices like vanilla, cinnamon, honey, and…eventually…mint!

There’s just something amazing about that almost stinging coool taste of a Chocolate Mint treat. Mint is so cool, it even spawned its own slang to mean cool, as in: “Is that a Chocolate Mint Cake for dessert? MINT!”

Tragically, my recollections are too vivid and too many of my family’s Christmas tradition in which we would enjoy cookies and pie along with a side of ice cream at my grandfather’s house. We always got two flavors of ice cream—obligatory Vanilla and, of course, Mint Chocolate Chip.

To my repeated misfortune (being the slow-eater that I am), I was always the last to get my cookies and ice cream. And I was always stuck with boring ol’ Vanilla. My family had already devoured the Mint Chocolate Chip.

Don’t let what used to happen to me happen to you on a day like today. Get yourself some Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, get some Andes Mints, and get some York Peppermint Patties and have yourself a happy Chocolate Mint Day!




Read Why The Pop Up Soft Trunk Is Ed’s Favorite

Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

Question: If the president of Everything Summer Camp was GOING to summer camp, what would his favorite piece of camping gear or other camp supplies from Everything Summer Camp be?

If you knew what a softy Ed is, then you might have already guessed at the answer: The Pop-up Soft Trunk.

So what does Ed like so much about the Pop-up Soft Trunk? Well, while he’ll always have open PUSTan *ahem* SOFT spot for the C&N steel trunks that we manufacture here at Everything Summer Camp, the Pop-up Soft Trunk is “a great alternative for traveling campers.”

“Just because it’s a soft, collapsible trunk doesn’t make it any less suitable for a camp stay or any prolonged trip away from home. Campers can conveniently live out of the Pop-up Soft Trunk,” Ed says. And it’s incredibly true! You can easily live out of this soft trunk with nearly the same convenience of a typical steel trunk.

Built to last, the wire-framed Pop-up Soft Trunk keeps its traditional trunk shape even after it’s empty. When camp is over, the Pop-up Soft Trunk can collapse and lie flat, making for very easy storage. It’s got a plethora of pockets on the inside as well as the outside and it rolls on smooth inline skate wheels, handling any terrain your summer camp journeys will show you.

Along with his delight in the product’s practicality, Ed also feels a sense of pride in how far he’s seen this particular product come and how great it is now as he played a key role in its earlier stages of development.

But you don’t have to take Ed’s word for it. Check out the Pop-up Soft Trunk to see for yourself what a truly innovative and useful product this really is!




Michael Jordan Has His Own Summer Basketball Camp

Hey, Sports Fans!

The NBA has certainly seen its share of amazing athletes. Names like Shaquille O’Neal, Wilt Chamberlain, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar live on in infamy. But there’s another name—a basketball legend with whom we are ALL familiar. He’s said to be “the greatest basketball player of all time”—NBA all-star, His Airness, himself—Michael Jordan!

If you’re a fan of this former professional basketball player (and who isn’t?) then this Blog post is right up your alley! Did you know that he’s a big fan of summer camp? He actually plays quite a role in the summer camp department.

While Jordan never did actually ATTEND a camp when he was younger, he obviously michael jordan imageunderstands the influence that summer camps have on their campers. That’s why there’s the Michael Jordan Flight School. It’s one of the best youth basketball camps in the world.

If you’re passionate about basketball, then you definitely want to see what the Michael Jordan Flight School is all about! Join one of the two, five-day sessions within the first two weeks of August to learn the fundamentals of the game from Michael Jordan himself as well as his first-class coaching staff. They teach campers the skills involved in dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and playing defense.

These are the very skills that Jordan learned to harness when he played basketball as well as baseball (which he would go on to play professionally too after his retirement from the NBA) and football at Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington.

As Jordan puts it, “The Michael Jordan Flight School offers boys and girls the opportunity to learn the same principles that allowed me to become the player that I was…Come fly with me!”

If you want to “Be like Mike,” who better to teach you than Mike himself?




Check Out These Great Products You’ll Be Sure To Love

Hey, Lovebirds!

As today is the day before Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d tell you about some products of ours that you just might fall in love with. Check out these gorgeous products that are available at Everything Summer Camp from romantic companies like Three Cheers for Girls and Mint. We also carry some sweet stationery for writing your love interest to let them know how you really feel?

Three Cheers for Girls:

The Double Duty Sarong & Scarf from Three Cheers is fun and fashionable. These loose, lightweight garments pop with style and make for great wardrobe options when you want to tell somebody how you feel. You can also surprise your friends or just have fun as you change each other’s hair color with the Neon Hair Mascara Set. It includes four tubes of neon hair mascara that could create the buzz you’re looking to start!Spa wrap

You can also find great Spa Wraps and the Shining Star Robe at Everything Summer Camp. Start and end your days in luxury. Perfect for hoppin’ out of the shower, Three Cheers’ Wraps and Robes are feel cozy and look cute.

A couple more products from Three Cheers for Girls are on their way. Starting in March, Everything Summer Camp will carry the Shower & Storage Caddy—one cool little carrier, as well as the Stationery Station for blossoming writers or artists.


Pattern it up with cute designs and bright colors when you pick out a Laundry Bag, Pillowcase, or Bath Wrap. Make your Laundry Bag and Pillowcase stand out or stand out yourself in a Mint Minky Bath Wrap. Mint Bath Wraps sport fun colors and a ribbon trim for a cute look on you.

Mint also has some great Toiletry Pouches available at Everything Summer Camp. You’ll fit all your basic toiletry needs and more in the Mint Toiletry Pouch as well as the roll-up, Hanging Mint Toiletry Pouch.


Lastly, don’t forget to find your favorite designs when you shop Everything Summer Camp. We have great selections from Paper So Pretty’s Designer Stationery as well as smart and simple Seal N’ Send Stationery. With these stationery sets, you’ll be a secret admirer in no time!

Enjoy the fun and comfort of these products that you can find right here at Everything Summer Camp.




Appreciate and Enjoy The Water Bottle You Have

Hey, Hydrators!

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how important it is to stay hydrated—it’s ESSENTIAL really. That’s why it’s important to have your trusty water bottle at your side during outdoor excursions. Whether you’re hiking in the summer or snowshoeing in the winter, it’s smart to have some water with you while you’re out.

People knew this a long time ago just as we know it today. And despite the fact that no plastic, metal, or glass water bottles were able to be made thousands of years ago, people figured out ways to transport their clean, fresh water. Our ancient ancestors discovered that curing animal bladders made them stronger and able to carry water for an expedition.

These crude carriers were obviously not water bottles. They weren’t really even canteens (the water bottle’s ancestor), but they moved water. It took quite a while to get to the reusable plastic or stainless steel water bottles that we’re familiar with today.canteen

Hollowed-out gourds became trendy means of transportation for a while. But it wasn’t until the cowboys of the Wild West sewed together leather bags to use as canteens that a water carrier doubled as something from which a person can conveniently drink. Canteens made of metal and even wood became popular means of water transportation in the military.

Canteens are used as simple means of water holders on camping trips nowadays, but water bottles have really taken over in that department since the early 1970s.

It started a little over 20 years prior in 1949 with a type of plastic that was developed by a chemist named Emanuel Goldberg and his team. This plastic, Nalgene, was intended for laboratory use as bottles and storage tanks as the material is able to hold a variety of liquids (and solids) which have very low to very high temperatures.

These bottles were continuously missing from the lab as members of the team kept taking them out to use as water bottles during leisurely hikes or exercise sessions. It wasn’t long before the President of the Nalge Company, Marsh Hyman discovered that his son’s entire troop in Boy Scouts used bottles from the Nalgene lab for their outdoor activities.

So the bottles were given color and a cool style and marketed as reusable plastic water bottles—a much better alternative to buying disposable plastic water bottles. Nowadays water bottles have all sorts of features like measuring lines and built-in filters.

Enjoy your water, wherever you go.