Wear Your Favorite Hat To Celebrate National Hat Day

Hey, Hat Wearers!

Whether it’s a practical Winter Hat, Baseball Cap, a Party Hat, Cowboy Hat, Coonskin Cap, Beanie, Top Hat or Hard Hat, there’s almost no doubt that you’ve worn a hat in your life! Well, if you’re not already wearing one right now, I suggest you go pick one out for the day since today is none other than National Hat Day!

I myself am wearing a Chullo right now. That’s a hat with earflaps in case you were wondering.

 I think one of the most interesting things about hats is that there are so many different kinds. I’ve mentioned nine different types of hats already in this post and that barely scratches the surface!hat day

 So how did hats get to be so popular and diverse. Well, we see hats being worn over five thousand years ago! The first sighting we have is from a tomb painting in Thebes which shows a man wearing a simple, straw hat. Other hats of the time were also simple skull caps until the Petasos came along and introduced the first brimmed hat. Hats at this time were articles mainly worn for special occasions.

It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that hats really became a marker of one’s social status, similar to the way that military officials wear certain types of hats dependent on the rank of their position. The Middle Ages also brought along a hat intended for women in the late 1500s.

As hats became just as much a thing for women as they were for men, the look of hats evolved and became more and more developed—elaborate even!—in the early 1800s, bonnets were born. They got fancier and fancier as their time went on with bigger brims, more ribbons, more flowers, more feathers, and trim!

It’s the middle of January. Chances are you already planned on wearing a hat if you haven’t already today (NOTE: more body heat escapes through your head than any other part of the body); but in any case, maybe you should put on something special to celebrate National Hat Day. Till next time, Hatters!




Today You Have A National Reason To Dress Up Your Pet

Hey, Animal Lovers!

Do you end up with an extra load of laundry every week? Do you have another closet that neither you nor your kids use? Who fits in a hoodie this small?! It must be those furry little critters that run around your house.

No—not mice! Your pets!

If you love to dress up your pets, then today is right up your alley! It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day— founded by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist, Colleen pet photoPaige in 2009. National Dress Up Your Pet Day is a great way to celebrate your pets and how much you love them.

You might think that dressing pets up in clothes is a relatively new “fad” (for lack of a better word). But on the contrary, people have been creating clothing for their animals for thousands of years! It wasn’t quite in the same way that we do it nowadays, but they did it nonetheless.

In order to protect their horses’ feet, the armies of ancient Greece would put leather boots over their hooves. In medieval times, the knights would often dress their horses during jousting matches or for battle. And even in the modern day, the police dress their horses in fluorescent covers. And the same goes for their canine unit too—WOOF!

The clothing that the police use for their animals along with the knights and the ancient Greek armies, is a little more practical than dressing up our lazily lounging, domesticated beasts. But dressing up your pet can actually serve a purpose yet. Some people’s pets have bad allergies, causing them to scratch incessantly. Clothing can help prevent them from causing further irritation while scratching. It can also provide some extra warmth on chilly winter days (which is why Dress Up Your Pet Day is in January).

One last note, Pet Dressers: All animals are different from one to the next. They may not enjoy wearing clothes. Make sure your pet wants to be wearing the clothes you put on them. Our pets shouldn’t have to be miserable just because we think it’s funny.




Today Is National Make Your Dream Come True Day…Start Today

Hey, Dreamers!

Everyone has a dream that they’d like to pursue in life. Some people want to be firefighters, some want to be policemen. Other people want to be musicians or actors. Today is a day to recognize that dream and take steps towards realizing it. Today is National Make Your Dream Come True Day.balloons

Anyone who’s already done it will tell you—following your dreams takes hard work, determination, patience, and more hard work. But that’s why our dreams are so important. Our dreams are never easy to fulfill as nothing important is. Take National Make Your Dream Come True Day as a gentle reminder and a golden opportunity to make some forward progress in realizing your dream.

Dreams will never come true unless you take the proper steps to turn them into a reality! Now that doesn’t mean you should be discouraged if your dreams have not yet come true—not in the least. It should give you the satisfaction of knowing that someday you will achieve your dreams.

Take myself for example. I knew when I was little that I wanted to be a writer. I wrote every day. I wrote every night. I went to school for writing both in high school and college, absorbing as much information as possible to be the best writer I could be. Now I get to talk to all you Everything Summer Camp Blog readers in the form of my written word!

When you take steps in the right direction, you’re bound to get where you’d like to be…eventually. Yes, following our dreams is no easy task. But no matter how difficult it is or how far away your dream seems from becoming a reality—stick with it! It’ll be worth it in the end because doing what makes you happy is ALWAYS going to make you happy!

Dream big and dream on, Dreamers!




The History of Prince Tennis Company

Hey, Tennis Devotees!

Do you know who the real titan of tennis is? When you’re talking about the top, there’s no question about it, Prince is the king! So how did a colossus of the courts ever get into the business of tennis equipment? What did the beginning look like for Prince?

Well, nearly 45 years ago, it looked pretty different than it does now. There weren’t any racquets, strings, footwear, apparel—HECK!—I’m not sure that they had tennis balls that Prince tennis racquetactually said “Prince” on them! So what did they sell?

The company was founded in 1970 by a man named Bob McClure. By reversing the motor of a vacuum cleaner in his garage, Mr. McClure had engineered the world’s first ball machine for home courts. The machine came to be known as The Little Prince and he’s what started it all for Prince Tennis.

Constant leaders in innovation and technological advancements, Prince knew how to set itself apart from the competition from the beginning. They developed their racquets beyond what anyone else had ever attempted. By 1979, Prince racquets had become the racquets that “top players” used.

By 1995, Prince introduced the Longbody Racquet which came to receive the title “World’s #1 Racquet.” Famous tennis champions such as Pat Cash, Monica Seles, Patrick Rafter, Jana Novotná, Jennifer Capriata, Juan Carlos, Maria Sharapova, and Josh Isner won their matches, playing with nothing other than their favorite of Prince racquets.

Everything Summer Camp is more than excited to be working alongside a company with such an obvious understanding of how business is done. You can find amazing racquets, tennis bags, and new tennis balls from Prince right here at your one stop shop where you can find all sorts of gear and supplies for all your summer camp needs—Everything Summer Camp.




Teresa Says Why She Loves The Exxel Outdoors Cub Youth Sleeping Bag.

Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

Allow me to virtually introduce you to one of our production workers here at Everything Summer Camp. Teresa works with Shirley, the Production Supervisor. These two are experts at manufacturing C&N Footlockers. I’ve already told you about how much Shirley loves Lid Skinz. Today I’m talking about Teresa’s favorite product.

Teresa’s favorite product is the Exxel Outdoors Cub Youth Sleeping Bag. Curling up in the exxel outdoors cub youth sleeping bagsCub is just the thing to keep the chill away on a cool night. It’s lightweight with two pounds of fill making it very easy to tote around. It’s comfortable on a 45° to 55° F night. With the Cub, you can camp out like you’re roughin’ it and sleep like you’re at home.

“My girl uses the Exxel Outdoors Cub Youth Sleeping Bag for all the sleepovers she goes to,” says Teresa. “Whether her and her friends just sprawl their sleeping bags out on the living room floor or decide to spend the night in the backyard, the Exxel Cub is able to provide the warmth she needs.”

Despite its resilience, The Exxel Outdoors Cub is also a very lightweight sleeping bag designed for young campers. With the Exxel Cub, campers can avoid getting too hot and carrying a bulky sleeping bag out on a trail. This sleeping bag also rolls up to squeeze into a compartment in your backpack for sleeping bags.

A simple sleeping bag, the Exxel Outdoors Cub is the perfect bag for any youthful camper. It’s made to stand up to lots of common camping abuse that it’s bound to see when taken out for a night under the stars. You don’t need to take Teresa’s word for it, though. Get it for your young camper and find out what she’s talking about!




Camp Sloane YMCA Has Had A Celebrity Counselor

Hey, Summer Campers!

Did you know that, like all of you, Denzel Washington too went to summer camp before he ever became the famous Denzel we all know and love? That’s right, Coach Herman Boone, himself (if you know him from the Disney film, Remember the Titans, that is) went to summer camp. He never was a camper, though.

Born in Mount Vernon, close to New York City, Denzel did not have the best upbringing due to location and troubles in his parent’s marriage. His parents broke up when he was 14. Consequently, his mother sent Denzel to a private preparatory school called Oakland Denzel WashingtonMilitary Academy.

Denzel has always since felt that attending that school caused a big change in his life and helped him to steer his life in the right direction. Denzel attended Texas College where he received a B.A. in Drama and Journalism. He also played in his college basketball team as a guard. Throughout his time in college, Denzel took up a job as a counselor for Camp Sloane YMCA.

Camp Sloane is a summer camp located in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. Their chief goal for campers is to enlighten them in the principles of honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring for one another. Camp Sloane has been working its magic since 1928.

It was there that people first put the idea in Denzel’s head to pursue a career in acting when he played a part in a staff talent show put on for the campers. When his next fall semester started, he adjusted his focus and enrolled himself at the Lincoln Center campus where he studied acting.

From Shakespearean characters to box office thrillers, Denzel is one of those actors who can breathe life into any character! Summer camp gave Denzel the idea to pursue an acting career. What will it give you?




Take A Break To Celebrate National Trivia Day

Hey, Trivia Buffs!

No one really knows where National Trivia Day came from. People have been using the word “trivial” since the 15th century to refer to something of little or no importance. Since most trivia questions are quick bits of dry facts about petty knowledge of popular culture, the name is a good fit.

But it wasn’t until February 5 of 1965 that anyone had ever heard of a ‘trivia question’. Made popular by two students of Columbia University, Mr. Ed Goodgold and Dan Carlinsky. It was these two guys who created the first trivia contests. The earliest contests were challenges between colleges called quiz bowls.

Since its early years, trivia contests caught on like wildfire and the fun of trivia was realized all over the country. It took less than 20 years for Hasbro to jump on the trivia wagon and put out their infamous game Trivial Pursuit which has now become a classic choice for game nights and trivia aficionados.trivia day

Trivia contests have also increased in popularity for many restaurants and bars where friends enjoy grabbing a bite to eat or a couple drinks while racking their brains and straining their memory over topics that ultimately don’t matter.

So what can you do to celebrate Trivia Day? Celebrate Trivia Day by playing a heated game of Trivial Pursuit with your family and friends! You could eat out at a restaurant that hosts trivia contests. Or simply by impressing your friends and family with the little nuggets of knowledge that you know.

Here’s one to get you guys started: Did you know that Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street was actually orange in the first season. His explanation in the second season for his green appearance was that he fell asleep in a swamp and turned this new color overnight.

Happy Trivia Day to one and all!




The History Of A Camp Trunk

Hey, Trunk Enthusiasts!

If you’re the proud owner of a C&N Footlocker from Everything Summer Camp, then your camp trunk isn’t any older than 27 years. In the big scheme of things that’s not very old at new botanical explosion trunkall, is it? But what about trunks in general—how long have people used trunks? The quick answer is around the medieval times.

But let’s delve into the subject a bit deeper than that, huh? Trunks weren’t made in America until the late 1600s. What was America like back then? Well, for starters, there were no phones, bathrooms, cars, supermarkets—HECK!—there wasn’t even running water or electricity! They were extremely different times than what we know today.

Back then, there was no Corelle company that sold fine dinnerware, nor was there an Everything Summer Camp where you could find quality-made camp trunks. The desire for such products, however, grew and grew during this time. Services like iron and coal mining, brick-making, glass-making, and, yes, even trunk-making became common means of trade and commerce.

Early trunks were made out of wood and covered with cowhide or some other animal skin. They were typically lined with old newspapers or some other printed paper.

But there certainly weren’t any summer camps around back then. So what did people use trunks for? Well, just as they’re used today, back then people used them for long periods away from home as well as decorative storage pieces. It didn’t take long for people to start experimenting with the way their trunks looked.

The late 1700s and early 1800s brought a richer and more ornamented style to trunks with iron locks and handles, leather trim, and brass tacks. A round top became a popular look around this time as well. But other styles came along too such as bevel-tops, barrel-tops, dome-tops, steamers, barrel-staves, wardrobes, dresser trunks, wall trunks, and more.

As trunk styles have changed all throughout history, Everything Summer Camp continues the tradition by keeping an experimental attitude toward the appearance of the trunks that we manufacture.