A Flashlight That Is Also A Water Bottle?

Hey, Curious Campers!

We carry some pretty amazing flashlights here at Everything Summer Camp. We’ve got various, hands-free headlamps. The Hybrid Solar Flashlight is able to keep its charge for years. And the Odyssey 6 in 1 is a flashlight that’s also a WATER BOTTLE!

So why don’t all flashlights come with some cool kind of gimmick? Well, all of our cool, gimmicky flashlights are the newest flashlights on the market. The technology is just coming along that we can actually make things from such weird, wild ideas as your water bottle being your flashlight!

In fact, when the flashlight was first invented in 1898, you were lucky if it worked at all. They required two D cell batteries which had become commercially available only two years prior. This early on, batteries were very weak. The light that they created was so draining on the batteries so quickly that the light would only come on in quick flashes before dying out.

That’s why people started calling them flashlights. It was a much catchier name than the lazerbriteoriginal “Electrical Hand Torch” that the American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company gave it. (Although Americans and Canadians are alone on that thought as the rest of the world refers to them simply as “torches”).

Flashlights may not have worked very well when they first came out, but it was still plenty safer than walking with a candle or a lantern—no risk of causing a fire. It was, believe it or not, more reliable too as the wind could not blow it out.

Technology never stops improving. This was true back then the same as it is today and batteries got a little better over some time. Soon they were able to stay on for whole minutes. Then after some more time and improvements in battery life, they could shine for hours. But their nickname, flashlight, stuck with them.

Have fun checking out all of our cool flashlights at Everything Summer Camp!




Enjoy National Kazoo Day

Hey, You Crazy Kazoos!

I’m sure everybody reading this is well-versed with the art of the Kazoo. After all, it isn’t the hardest instrument to master. If you can hum Mary Had a Little Lamb, you can surely play it on the Kazoo too! If, on the off chance that you never before learned to play the Kazoo, what better day is there to learn than today—National Kazoo Day!

It’s real easy. Just put the wide end of the Kazoo to your lips and hum—don’t blow—into it. kazoo dayThe vibrations you cause from humming travel through the Kazoo and through the resonator, the circular piece that juts out the top of the Kazoo. This is what amplifies your hum and makes that buzz.

And now that you know how to play it, there’s still a lot you can learn about this peculiar instrument. For instance, how old is the Kazoo and where did it come from?

The history of the Kazoo goes all the way back to the 1840’s in Macon, Georgia. Invented by an American man named Alabama Vest, he had his idea made up by a German clock maker, Thaddeus Von Clegg. In 1912, when the strange instrument was discovered by a traveling salesman named Emil Sorg, he brought the idea of manufacturing these instruments to New York.

Emil Sorg created a partnership with a die maker named Michael McIntyre as well as the owner of a metal forming plant named Harry Richardson.

And so, in 1914 on Main Street in Eden, New York, Harry Richardson’s metal forming plant became the Original American Kazoo Company. It still stands today as North America’s exclusive metal kazoo factory. And they’re still manufacturing kazoos today in the exact same way that they were manufactured back then! This factory is one of the last working museums in the world!

Like the Pet Rock, the Slinky, and Beanie Babies, the Kazoo caught on immediately and has become a classic piece of American history.

Click here to listen to our version of Camp Granada played on kazoos, you’ll have a good laugh!

Happy Kazoo Day, Kids!




P.S. Don’t drive your parents too crazy!

Enjoy Your Chocolate Cake Today

Hey, Readers!

Are you crazy about chocolate cake? Go crazy! It’s Chocolate Cake Day. You’re certainly far from the only one.

Actually, people have been enjoying chocolate cake for thousands of years. Believe it or not, the ancient Egyptians were pretty good bakers. I imagine you may feel some astonishment to read that cake baking is an ancient practice—but it’s true.

You may also have a false picture in your head which is making it hard for you to see it. If chocolate cakeyou’re thinking of a round, two-layer cake cloaked in a beautiful coat of chocolaty frosting, then you’ve got the wrong idea. See cakes back then weren’t nearly the same as cakes that we know today.

When chocolate was first discovered by people, it caught on immediately. It quickly exceeded gold in value and different variations of chocolate beverages (hot chocolate, chocolate milk) became the popular drink. All that chocolate cake used to mean was simply a spice cake that you ate while enjoying a chocolate drink.

At that time nobody really knew how to bake with chocolate. It wasn’t until some time around the 1830s that people got the idea to use chocolate in the icing of a white or yellow cake. And so ‘chocolate cake’ came to suggest any kind of a white or yellow cake that had chocolate icing on it.

It was another 20 years before bakers finally discovered how to use chocolate as an actually baked ingredient in the cake. This practice still took some time before chocolate cakes started to look the way they do nowadays. After the turn of the century , the very beginning of the 1900s is when chocolate cake really started to look like the chocolate cake that we know today.

Happy Chocolate Cake Day, Everybody!




Hope You Are Having a Terrible Day

Goodbye, Readers!

It’s horrible to have to write to you again. If you’re all as dumb as I expect you are, then you probably don’t know that it’s Opposite Day…and by that I mean, it’s not Opposite Day because on Opposite Day you would say that something ISN’T in order to say that it WAS, right?

Er—I mean—wrong?opposite day

Okay, okay. Fingers crossed. Time out. This is getting too confusing. Let’s just talk with a little break from the rules of Opposite Day in order to say with absolute clarity that today is Opposite Day. This unofficial holiday is exactly what it sounds like: a day when up means down, yes means no, cold is hot, and summer camp is lame!

Of course, we don’t mean any of that! Summer camp is awesome! It’s just what we say because on Opposite Day, we say the opposite of what we mean.

Reminiscent of the ol’ fingers-crossed-behind-the-back trick that kids use when they mean the reverse of what they’re saying, Opposite Day is essentially an entire, hands-free day of having your fingers crossed. But don’t cross your fingers on Opposite Day—unless, of course, you actually want to mean what you say (like me for the last three paragraphs—I’m typing one-handed, by the way).

Some people ask, “How did Opposite Day ever get started?” And to that I respond, “Why is the sky blue?” And then they usually say, “Yeah…what’s your point?”

Well, the point is Opposite Day is a fact of life. It’s a part of nature. The flip-side of identical. Every positive charge has a negative and every day has a night. And, as the Yin and the Yang teaches us, you really can’t have one without the other. I think Opposite Day (while it may be a tad confusing at times) is a great reminder of the crazy world in which we live where the nonsensical and sensible stand alongside each other and laugh at logic.

On that closing note, I’ll uncross my fingers and sign this post,




Compliment Someone Today

Hey, all of you shining Blog Readers!

What’s the best way to spread your natural sunshine? By telling everybody else how much they shine! And, while any day is good for giving out unexpected compliments, today is an especially great day for sharing pleasant remarks with one another because it’s National Compliment Day.

National Compliment Day was founded by Kathy Chamberlin as well as Debby Hoffman in 1998. Their reasoning behind Compliment Day was to give people a reminder that compliments are an easy, pleasant, and positive way to make a quick connection with somebody else. After all, who doesn’t love receiving compliments?

We may not all be as practiced at giving people compliments as we could be. It’s not something that people always remember to do for each other. That’s why we have a holiday to remind ourselves to do it. But fear not! I’m here to give you some tips on complimenting.

First of all, you have to mean what you’re saying. So, as to keep from cheapening the holiday, you don’t want come off as being insincere. How do you come off being sincere? compliment dayBE SINCERE! Don’t just run around telling everyone how much you like their shirt or shoes or hair. It doesn’t matter how many people you compliment if none of them actually meant anything to you.

If you really are thinking about how great someone’s shirt is, then by all means, compliment that person on the shirt—because you mean it. The point is that you want to say something that’s going to make somebody smile. If you can’t think of something, don’t worry about it. No compliment is better than a cheap, forced one.

It’s also good to keep in mind today (and any day) that you may be complimented. Some people are even less practiced at receiving compliments than they are at giving them. You certainly don’t want to disagree with a compliment and make the other person feel bad about having said something nice! Accept compliments graciously with a simple, “thank you.”

You should also avoid volleying a compliment right back as it depreciates the original remark.

So go put some smiles on some faces and give people the gift of positivity! It’s sure to make their day as well as yours. Till next time, Readers!




Check Out Some Of The New Products We Have This Year

Hey, Blog Buddies!

Ever wonder how we manage to offer such great products for summer camp? Well, we’re just that good at finding other cool places who also offer cool products like LC Industries. Allow me to introduce to you the 14 new products from LC Industries that you can now find right here at Everything Summer Camp.

We’ve recently added great camping gear and supplies like a Silicone Travel flashlight radioCup that collapses in on itself, a Folding Hairbrush that has a Mirror on its handle, a Digital Clock that doubles as a Flashlight, a Mood Neck Pillow which is designed to give you optimum sitting comfort, and the Odyssey 6 in 1 bottle that’s a filtered water bottle that also works as a flashlight, lantern, strobe light, and small storage unit.

Aside the great new camping gear and camping supplies from LC Industries that can now be found at Everything Summer Camp, we’re also adding items that make things not only easier to travel but also easier to live out of!

We now offer a clear, Quart-Size Carry-On Toiletry Pouch which meets TSA 311 guidelines. You can also find a Carry-On Bottle Set which includes three bottles and a half oz. screw-top jar, all in a quart-size zip-top bag to avoid extra purchases of travel-size shampoos and creams. We also offer convenient toothbrush holders.

We also now offer two Lewis N Clark Duffel Bags, the 14” by 30” bag as well as the 14” by 36”. You won’t run out of space using these attractive bags. Easily fit your new camp gear, supplies, and toiletries from LC Industries inside these sturdy bags.

luggage tags We are also offering Luggage tags and belts from LC Industries. Identify your luggage and wrap a belt around your duffel or bursting suitcase to make sure you’re transporting everything securely.

Enjoy browsing the new products this year at Everything Summer Camp.




Read Why Missy Loves The LidMate Organizer

Hey, Blog Buddies!

A while back I told you about the Receptionist at Everything Summer Camp, Missy. Missy is the first person you see when you walk into our Main Building. Warm, and incredibly friendly, Missy is always there to help. Aside from answering business calls, Missy also handles endless spreadsheets of important Web information as well as all of our sales reports, and much more.

I could go on and on about Missy’s hard work, but today, I’m telling you about Missy’s favorite product that you can find right here at Everything Summer Camp. Drumroll, please… It’s the LidMate Organizer! At Missy’s household, the LidMate Organizer is kid tested, mother approved. “All the pockets work very nicely to store stuff in all sorts of sizes—that’s what my kids say anyway!” Missy says with a big laugh.

The LidMate Organizer is one product that literally provides more storage space within a footlocker. See, it gets mounted securely on the inside of your trunk lid (hence the name) and lets you take advantage of every square inch that your camp truLidMate Organizernk has to offer! Without the LidMate Organizer, the inside surface of your footlocker lid is completely unusable.

The center of the LidMate holds a metal, carabiner style light to shine on the contents of your trunk—no flashlight necessary! Featuring five turn buckles, seven zippered pockets, a mirror, and a clear pocket to display pictures from home, the LidMate knows how to make the most of your footlocker trunk!

When Missy’s kids are happy, she’s happy too; so that makes the LidMate Organizer her favorite product here at Everything Summer Camp. Are you utilizing the maximum amount of storage space that your trunk has to offer like Missy’s kids are?

That’s all for today, Readers. Till next time!




The History Of Martin Luther King Jr

Hey, Readers!

I’m sure that everyone knows who Martin Luther King, Jr. is. After all, the man has an American federal holiday that marks his birthday each year. Though his birthday is January 15, we observe it on the third Monday of January. That day is today.

King was born in 1929 to a teacher and Baptist minister. Born and raised, King attended school from grade school to high school to college, all in his hometown of Atlanta. He was 19 when he received his Bachelors in sociology from Morehouse College.Martin Luther King Jr

After Morehouse College, he attended the Crozer Theological Seminary and then continued his studies, going on to earn his doctorate at Boston University. Around this time, he met a music student named Coretta Scott whom he came to marry. Eventually, the two of them ended up with four beautiful children.

At 25, King became the minister of a Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. It was around this time that King started making changes to things he saw that he didn’t like. His first focus became the segregated Montgomery buses. These buses said that blacks couldn’t sit with whites. So King boycotted these buses and got lots of others to boycott the buses along with him.

The message gained him a reputation on a national level! While his involvement did result in the desegregation of Montgomery buses, it also resulted in the bombing of King’s house. He responded by writing a book about the bus boycott. He also visited India where he studied such subjects as nonviolence as well as civil disobedience.

Upon his return, King was arrested and sent to jail for his participation in nonviolent, anti-segregation protests in Birmingham. But in the same year, King delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech during the March on Washington.

It wasn’t long after that that Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, putting an end to segregation in the workplace and places of education. King was given the Nobel Peace Prize. At 35, he became the youngest man to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. He turned his prize money of $54,123 over toward the continuance of the civil rights movement.

King’s influence continued to bring about great changes. Congress soon passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which suspended and eventually banned literacy tests as well as any other restrictions that disallowed blacks the right to vote.

While the man brought about great changes, unfortunately his leadership also brought about his untimely death. King was assassinated while standing on the balcony of his motel in Memphis where he was supposed to lead a protest to support black garbage collectors who were going on strike.

To learn more about Martin Luther King, Jr., click here.




MMMMM…Who Doesn’t Love Popcorn?

Hey, Popcorn People!

Who doesn’t love that sound of pop…pop pop-pop popcorn popping while you prepare it on your stove top or in your air popper or microwave? It’s a wonderful, magical sound that signifies a treat is on its way! Today is National Popcorn Day which is a perfect day to prepare this interesting treat for yourself.

So before kitchen appliances were invented, people had never even heard of popcorn, popcornright?

WAY WRONG! Actually, along with a man named Percy Spencer, popcorn played quite a role in the invention of the microwave! It was an easy food on which to experiment—and hardly new!

People have been enjoying popcorn for about 4000 years! How did they prepare it without the modern ease of electric appliances? Well, one ancient method was to throw sand into a fire and then to stir in popcorn kernels after the sand was fully heated. If you enjoy bits of sand all over your popcorn, this is the way to go.

Among all the other types of corn, popcorn is the only one that will actually pop! Why does it do this? Because, unlike any other kind of corn, the hull of popcorn has got the necessary amount of thickness that allows itself to burst open when under pounds and pounds of pressure.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening inside the kernel during the burst. First of all, there is a small drop of water that is stored at the center of each popcorn kernel. The drop of water is surrounded by the kernel’s soft starch. The starch is then covered with the kernel’s hard, outer shell.

As the kernel gets heated up, the water inside starts expanding. At about 215° the water inside the kernel has turned to steam which then turns the starch into a kind of hot, gooey substance. As the heat arrives at about 350° the pressure inside the kernel will hit its limit and the hull bursts open. The gooey starch puffs out as it cools immediately after growing 40 to 50 times the original size of the kernel!

Click here to see kernels popping in slow motion!

Now that you know how it pops, maybe you’ll appreciate popcorn even more. From everyone here at Everything Summer Camp, Happy Popcorn Day! Pop some tonight and get ready for April 7, Caramel Popcorn Day!




What’s The Story Behind A Duffel Bag?

Hey, Curious Campers!

Ever wonder about the history of your camping gear? How long have people been using duffel bags to transport and store their belongings and various camping supplies? It’s a question that takes a good amount of consideration. After all, what qualifies as a duffel bag?

Perhaps to some people, a duffel bag need only be a bag for carrying what you never High Sierra Water Bottle Duffelcould with just your arms. In this case, any ol’ rucksack could be considered a duffel bag. Predecessor of both the backpack and the duffel bag, rucksacks have been around for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years.

Early rucksacks were typically made using the skin of an animal or wool if it was around. These carrying bags were primarily used by hunters to carry back their prey. These bags were usually strong enough to carry a good load, however, they didn’t do anything to protect their contents in a rainstorm.

It wasn’t until the early 1600s that a new material was found to replace animal skins. It was sailors of the time from Spain and Portugal who stumbled upon this new material. They would sometimes need to make bags with what they had around. Using scraps of the fabric they used for their ship sails, they realized that this material provided perfect protection. Unlike animal skin, sail scraps were stiff and waterproof!

This sturdy material at the time was imported from its one supplier. This supplier was located in the town of Duffel, Belgium. So you can imagine where Duffel Bags get their name. So despite the fact that rucksacks are ancestors of Duffel Bags, you can’t really call Duffel Bags Duffel Bags until after the early 1600s when the bags got their name from their original supplier’s location.

We can assure you that the Duffel Bags that we offer here at Everything Summer Camp are authentic Duffel Bags, made without using any animal hide.