It’s International Volunteer Day

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Being active in helping out your community is a great thing to do. Not only does volunteer work do wonders for a community but it makes you feel good too. That’s why Everything Summer Camp is more than happy to carry the message out to all of our Blog readers that today is International Volunteer Day.

In 1985, the United Nations declared December 5 as International Volunteer Day. International Volunteer DayInternational days of observance are intended to increase the awareness and understanding of the day’s focal point. Today provides a chance for volunteers—whether they’re working on an individual level or in a group organization capacity—to bring their volunteering contributions to light.

Marked by many non-government run organizations like Red Cross and scouts, International Volunteer Day is supported by all sorts of individuals and groups as well as volunteers of the United Nations.

Volunteerism plays a significant role in any community, culture, and religion. It helps to improve the world, the people who live in it, and you! What does volunteer work do for the volunteers? It brings them closer to their community and gives them a great sense of belonging. Playing a role in your community brings you and the community you live in together.

So what can you do to play a part in volunteer work that helps your community? Find out what other people are doing. December 5 almost always has some sort of rally, parade, or volunteer fair where you can find something to do for your community. There’s always something to do. From group clean ups to fundraising to workshops and giving blood, volunteer work is plentiful in everyone’s community.

To put a slight spin of JFK’s old—yet well-remembered words—ask not what your community can do for you, but what you can do for your community.




Kristy Goes Mad Over Her Favorite Product

Hello once again, Readers!

If you remember a specific Blog post that was posted all the way back on March 1 about Everything Summer Camp’s Lead Buyer, Kristy, then congratulations—you’ve got one heck of a memory! Assuming that you don’t remember that one, let me tell you, Kristy is one amazing employee.

It’s Kristy’s job to attend tradeshows and find other ways to stay hip to the cumad libsrrent trends. Once we have our new products in stock, she puts them on the Web site so that you can browse around and shop online. Kristy’s got an incredibly solid record of every item that we offer right inside her head! So when I tell you that Kristy’s favorite product at Everything Summer Camp is the Letters from Camp Mad Libs, I hope you get my full meaning.

“I used to do these all the time as a kid!” says Kristy. “I love the camp-themed letters that we offer for those rainy days in the cabin.” Kristy’s certainly right—Mad Libs are great for a rainy day. They’re great for campfires, travel time, and just before bed too!

They’re a summer camp classic alright! And with Christmas right around the corner, they make a great stocking stuffer as well. Go a little easy though; Mad Libs just may actually make you laugh so hard that you go mad! These ridiculously interactive stories are a party for everyone!

“We’ll even bust out a Mad Lib right here in the office from time to time!” Kristy says. She’s right about that too. In fact, sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are still at work.

Make sure you grab a Mad Lib or two for next year at summer or right now for the upcoming holiday season! Until next time, Readers!




Baby News In Our ESC Family

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It’s been one of our goals with this Blog that our readers get to know everyone who works here at Everything Summer Camp—at least, as well as you can get to know us by following a Blog post. That’s why we try to tell you a little bit about ourselves, our jobs, and our lives. To avid followers of this Blog, you may recall about eight months ago, when you virtually met our Sales Director, Matt DeMuth.Our sales person Matt

Matt’s a family man, never failing to cherish his wife and twins on a daily basis. Matt and his wonderful wife, Chris, are the proud parents of their twin children, Quinn and Reagan. This brother and sister duo are an adorable handful who bring so much joy to their tired, loving parents. With the two of them now four-and-a-half-years-old, Matt and Chris have prepared themselves for the third addition to their family.

Matt and Chris will soon be welcoming their new baby girl, into the world. With Chris now 37 weeks pregnant, she’s ready to drop any day! The due date is only ten days away now, set for December 13. This also happens to be a Friday (Friday the 13) which Matt pointed out to me and then quickly added, “Luckily I’m not a superstitious man.”

What he is, is a great father. His beautiful boy and girl have constant smiles on their faces and wonderment in their eyes. “It helps having a wife as amazing as Chris,” Matt said. “She’s just such a great mom.” It’s wonderful to think that this loving couple will soon be bringing a third child into their wonderful family, into their great home, and into this world!

On behalf of everyone at Everything Summer Camp, congratulations to Matt and Chris.