Black Friday Shopping

Hey, Shoppers!

It’s time, once again, to make stuffing and roast turkeys in our ovens! And you know what that means! Thanksgiving is here, of course. This year’s Thanksgiving holiday, however, is packing twice the punch that it has in the past because Black Friday is starting earlier and earlier every year. So early, it’s part of Thanksgiving. Tis the season to be shopping!

Black Friday got its start in Philadelphia during the early 60’s. It was called Black Friday because of the thick, disorderly traffic (of vehicles and pedestrians) that filled the streets. Black Friday started to catch on in other places and on a more national level by 1975. It’s shot up in the ranks of busiest shopping days throughout the years, but it’s really gotten crazy in the last few.

Five or six in the morning used to be pretty early for retailers to open their doors, but in 2011 this was taken to an extreme when a handful of stores opened at midnight for the first time. Black Friday has steadily been the busiest shopping day of the year. The crowded shopping day has only increased in popularity over the years. The shoppers are typically aggressive, ruthless, even violent!black friday sale sign

How can you reap the benefits of amazing sales on Black Friday while still steering clear of unbelievably massive crowds? Try finding some good sales online. Everything Summer Camp is slashing their prices in response to Black Friday. Online shopping is a great alternative to ridiculously overgrown and even dangerous crowds.

Camp trunks, trunk accessories, and an endless list of summer camp supplies and camping gear make for great Christmas gifts. Shop around on the Everything Summer Camp Web site this Black Friday to find great deals on quality products and avoid all those crazy crowds!




Give Thanks To Sara For This Wonderful Day

Happy Thanksgiving, Blog Readers!

Thanksgiving is a national holiday that I’m sure all of you avidly celebrate, but few probably know what it’s actually about. Giving thanks, right? Well, sure—of course it is—but thanks for what? Turkey and the Macy’s Parade, right? Well, no…not exactly. See, taking a day to give thanks way back when used to be a much broader tradition.

I’m sure you all know about the Pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock and learned the ways of the Native Americans to celebrate in the harvest feast with them. What you probably don’t know is that thanksgiving days were already a tradition celebrated by the Pilgrims before they landed in the New World.

Days of thanksgiving were once held rather frequently throughout the year, actually. What was a European custom became an American custom for years to make a day of thanks. What were they thankful for? Anything. It could have been a crop that came in really well that year, the end of a drought, or simply making it through a harsh winter.

When the Pilgrims first came to the New World, their harvest feast with the Natives just became one more reason for being thankful. Thanksgiving Day would not become an annually celebrated national holiday until Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it in 1863.

One name that we should all remember on Thanksgiving is Sarah Josepha Hale, an American writer and editor (as well as the writer of the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb”). For 20 years, Sarah campaigned for our national holiday that we all know and love. She was 75 by the time she finally convinced Lincoln by mail that this would be a good holiday to help unify the country after the Civil War.

Thanks to her, we celebrate with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie (all her idea). The “first” Thanksgiving Day celebrated by the Pilgrims and Natives served a fairly different menu consisting of deer, various types of fowl (like turkey and duck), fish (like cod and bass), and flint corn. Like I said—thanks, Sarah!happy thanksgiving

From all of us at Everything Summer Camp, Happy Thanksgiving!




Read About Nate’s Favorite Products

Hey, Blog Buddies!

I know that I’ve already told you about the Manager of our Graphics Department here at Everything Summer Camp, Nate. How he oversees production, keeps an eye out for quality control, gets his hands dirty with product development, and stays busy in a number of other ways. But I haven’t told you about his favorite product that you can find right here at Everything Summer Camp.

For the last three years, with a knack and strong passion for product development, Nate has enjoyed his employment with Everything Summer Camp, appreciating the variety that his work creates for him.

Due especially to his passion for product development, Nate can’t quite decide which he CNLslikes better: “It’s a toss-up between our new Iron-On Clothing Name Labels and, of course, the Lid Skinz,” Nate says.

“Both are just a couple of cool products with cool design options,” he goes on to say. “You got a whole package of colors, backgrounds, and icons…they’re pretty impressive products, I think.”

On the one hand, the Iron-on Clothing Name Labels are a practical product and, for most camps, they’re a necessary product! Lots of summer camps insist that every single item that goes to camp should be labeled in some way, shape, or form. Everything Summer Camp’s Iron-on Labels make a required item fun.

lid skinzAnd on the other hand, with Lid Skinz, the possibilities are limitless! They may not be as practical as Iron-on Clothing Name Labels, but they’re a million times more decorative! These full color, vinyl decals are made to top a camp trunk. We print the giant sticker here in our facility and then cover our Lid Skinz with protective laminate making the Skinz more durable than paint!

“I guess it’s a tie,” Nate concedes. “Both are absolutely great products!”

Which do you think is better?




Happy Hanukkah

Shalom, Boys and Girls, and Happy Hanukkah!

Once again, it’s time to get out the dreidels and menorahs! Starting tomorrow night at sunset, the first night of Hanukkah begins! Eight days and nights follow to observe this traditional Hebrew holiday until nightfall on December 5. Because of the time of season it falls on, Hanukkah is sometimes considered a sort of Jewish Christmas, but what exactly is this celebration about? Let’s take a deeper look.hanakkah candles

First of all, as opposed to Christmas (which is a steady Dec. 25), Hanukkah goes off of a lunisolar calendar which is based on the sun and the moon while the traditional Gregorian calendar only considers the sun and the time it takes the earth to move around it. Hanukkah consistently begins on the 25 of Kislev, a month of the Hebrew calendar.

The history of Hanukkah goes back to 165 B.C. when a Jewish rebel army known as the Maccabees defeated the Syrians and rededicated their holy temple in Jerusalem. The eight days of Hanukkah are about a seven-day miracle in which the Maccabees only had enough oil to light the temple’s eternal flame for a single day, yet the lamp kept on burning for eight!

Onto Hanukkah’s main tradition, the lighting of a distinctive, nine-branched candleholder which is often times referred to as a menorah (like in the second sentence of this post). Not everyone knows that this name is actually incorrect for the traditional nine-branched candelabrum. It’s actually called a Hanukkiah. A menorah, on the other hand, has only seven candleholders—like the lamp that was used in the ancient holy temple in Jerusalem.

Hanukkiahs have nine candleholders so that there’s a candle for every night of Hanukkah and then one more to light the others. If you celebrate Hanukkah, you now can educate your friends and family on the holiday you’re about to celebrate! Happy Hanukkah.




Hello World

Bonjour, Blog Buddies!

(That’s French for “hello”). As you may have already known, World Hello Day is today. World Hello Day is a celebration that takes place all over the world in which everyone celebrates simply by greeting everyone they know with “Nyob Zoo” (if your Hmong), “Hei” (for Norwegians), “Hallo” (in Germany), and, of course, our American standard, “Hello.” If you spoke Japanese you would say, “こんにちは.”

How many different ways can someone say “hello”?

Well, that’s actually a pretty tricky question. It’s hard to know how many languages actually even exist in the world, there are so many. Sometimes it’s difficult just trying to distinguish between different dialects of the same language; however, people have estimated that there are somewhere close to 7000 languages in the world today!world hello day

That means that there are 7000 different ways to say “hello” to one another. It’s a bit of a difficult concept to wrap the brain around—just think—it’s pretty safe to say that there are more words that mean “hello” in all the languages of the world than there are words that you might speak today! Now that is absolutely crazy! It’s pretty much unfathomable.

So what do you do to celebrate World Hello Day? Well, it’s pretty simple. Say “hello” to everyone you see. Say it to your mom, your dad, your siblings, your dog, your friends, to strangers, say it to your camp trunk from Everything Summer Camp if you want! No “hello” is too eccentric on World Hello Day.

The idea behind World Hello Day is to get a message to world leaders. The message: to use communication over force when taking care of conflicts. The world has been celebrating Hello Day since 1973 and its popularity has only gone up over the years.

So, for the first time, I’ll end today’s post by saying, Hello!




Juliann Picks Her Favorite Product

Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

Do you remember back in August when you were introduced to Everything Summer Camp’s Graphic Artist, Juliann? Her position demands a great deal of know-how, creativity, speed, and determination; luckily for Everything Summer Camp, Juliann is teaming with such skills. In fact, she excels at pretty much everything we throw her way.

For today’s post, I’m talking about Juliann again and her favorite piece of camp gear from Everything Summer Camp. So, what does she like the most?—Her own work of course! But when you turn out work that’s as good as what she does, what option do you really have? Juliann picked the Life of Camp T-shirt Collection for her favorite sleep camp shirt

She wowed us with her designs so we hope you’re just as pleased with the new line as we are. While her work never fails to impress everyone here at Everything Summer Camp, she really outdid herself when she designed the Life of Camp Collection. Life of Camp, if you don’t already know, is Everything Summer Camp’s very own, original line of cotton, camp tees.

Each one of Juliann’s Life of Camp T-shirts sports cool, campy artwork or a message with a fun font design. “I like the Life of Camp Collection because they let every camper express their opinions about camp right on their shirt!” says Juliann. “In a variety of colors, styles and phrases, these shirts are all about excitement, adventure, and having fun.”

Whether you go with the popular “Keep Calm and Carry On,” the cool, “Happy Camper” T-shirt with glow-in-the-dark ink, or one of our “Ten for Two” tees, you’ll be more than satisfied with your choice. The next time you don your Life of Camp T-shirt, you’ll know who to thank.

Till next time, Readers!




Black Friday Fun

Hey, Shoppers!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means that Black Friday is waiting right around the corner too. I’m sure that lots of you will have already looked over the Black Friday ads for your favorite stores before you sit down to your Thanksgiving feasts. And I’m sure that as you’re stuffing your face with turkey and mashed potatoes, you’ll hardly be able to stand the wait of embarking on your strategized night of shopping.

But did you know that back when Black Friday was just in its youthful days, stores didn’t want their ads leaked? It made the competition fight back with some aggression. As the times changed, however, and stores began to realize just how excited people were about Black Friday sales, they began to want their ads “leaked” so that shoppers would have some time to map out their Black Friday shopping strategies.

Nowadays—let’s face it—no advertisements are actually being “leaked” anymore. Don’t doubt it for a second that major corporations (or even smaller retailers) know how to keep a secret! From Black Friday ads to company mergers, it’s nothing new for a company to have to keep a tight lid on certain events. They can keep something to themselves when they want.

I think that at this point, we all realize it’s no marketing scandal and that stores are purposefully “leaking” their ads to the public. Nowadays this more-than-obligatory move isn’t really something to be ashamed of so much as it’s necessary to keep up with all the other stores.

With no one being fooled anymore, why don’t stores just come right out and disclose their Robber Mattads for Black Friday sales without having to go through their typical “how-did-this-happen” attitude?

I know the marketing department at Everything Summer Camp would never involve itself in such monkey business, participating in such tomfoolery as leaking our own Black Friday ad.




It’s Pickle Day!

Hey, Pickle People!

There’s no question about it. Pickles are an all-American treat! It’s a favorite condiment for hamburger fixings—one of the most American foods in the country.

While pickles can be incredibly complementary, sometimes there’s just nothing else that will satisfy your taste buds save a big, salty pickle completely on its own, packed with explosive pickle juice. If I close my eyes and think about it, I can almost taste that bursting bite into a perfect picpickle day photokle right now. YUM!

So, I’m sure you’re all asking yourselves, why am I talking about pickles? But the question should really be why aren’t YOU talking about pickles? After all, today is National Pickle Day and pickles deserve all the praise that they receive. Not enough people are aware of today’s significance. However, for a holiday that was created only six years ago in 2007, its popularity has grown immensely. People care about pickles.

I’m sure that most of you already know pickles started out as nothing more than cucumbers. The cucumbers were then pickled. Pickling a vegetable is simply preserving it in brine or marinating it in vinegar. Pretty much any vegetable can be pickled—it doesn’t really even need to be a vegetable. Popular foods for pickling, besides cucumbers of course, are okra, onions, peppers, olives, cabbage, eggs, herring, sausage, pigs feet—the list goes on.

So how did this nationally delicious holiday get started? Pretty much because it didn’t exist even though it ought to. The date was picked arbitrarily (though it was set for the very near future when it was first pickled out—er, picked out, I mean—so that the wait for National Pickle Day wouldn’t be too long—who would want to wait to celebrate after having such a delicious idea).

If you love pickles and you love National Pickle Day (and why wouldn’t you?) then get out there and spread the word about it. After all, you need friends around to make it a celebration! As the slogan of National Pickle Day goes, “Eat a pickle, Hug a friend.”




Looking For An Awesome Flashlight?

Hello again, Readers!

I’ve already told you about our esteemed Operations Manager, Brian. I told you about how he overlooks just about every department at Everything Summer Camp from trunk production to the Graphics Department, the Call Center, our Shipping Department, and so much more. What I never went to mentioning is what Brian’s favorite product is: the Hybrid Solar Flashlight.

This little light of Bri’s, he’s gonna let it shine. And shine it will for a VERY long time. This Hybrid Flashlight can hold a full charge for years. Whether it’s from the sun or from a light bulb, The Hybrid Solar Flashlight uses revolutionary energy technology to recharge itself!

“Not only is it great to have for camping, but, since it can hold a charge for so long, it’s great for around the house too,” Brian says. “No need to worry about batteries. After using it, just make sure to leave it in the light the next day and you’ll be fully charged for the next time you need it – even if it’s not for a year or two!”

solar flashlight

As was also mentioned in a previous post about Brian, he’s pretty into technology and has a real knack for IT kind of work. It seems right then, that he would be so interested in one of our more technologically-involved products like the Hybrid Solar Flashlight.

For as technological as this flashlight is, it couldn’t be any less complicated! Click it once and the flashlight shines off its solar charge; the second click works off of the battery power; and the third click turns the flashlight off. Simply leave your Hybrid nearby any light source and it’ll start charging. It’s extremely durable, water proof, and floats! Camp with Brian’s favorite flashlight and the ghost stories will never end!




It’s Chili Season

Hey, Camp Fans.

As we move into the fall and winter seasons, the weather starts getting cooler, we bundle up under more layers of clothing, and we usually want something hot for dinner. What’s one meal that’s always sure to please no matter how you choose to prepare it? You got that right. On a cold night, we want chili!

Group Shot

This incredibly popular meal is something of a stew. Typically made with chili peppers, meat, beans, and tomatoes, it’s unlike any other stew or soup dish you’ve had before. On a cool autumn day, nothing else will warm you up the same way that a piping-hot, big bowl of chili does. My mouth is watering just writing about it.

Perhaps one major cause to this unique stew’s popularity is that it’s so versatile. The cook is free to leave ingredients in and take them out as they choose. Virtually every variation on the recipe has been tried, tested, and (most-likely) approved.

Everyone has different tastes. Some people put noodles in their chili. Others swear by beans. Yet some people feel that chili needs an exotic meat like—brace yourself—kangaroo. There’s no shortage of possibilities to bend the recipe a little (or a lot) more.

Some chili has no beans. Some has no meat. Some isn’t even red! It’s white. So, with all these possibilities, variations, and beliefs, people always swear that their chili recipe is the best. Everyone at Everything Summer Camp is ready to roll up their sleeves and put on their chef hats.

We’re going to get to the bottom of this spicy, burning question: whose chili is best? It’s Everything Summer Camp’s Chili Cook Off! We’ll be cooking for competition against each other’s chili concoctions to see who makes the best.

Who will it be?

To see our recipes click the links below:

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