Happy Columbus Day

Hey there, History Buffs!

Happy Columbus Day, Everybody! If you’re reading this Blog post you must be pretty smart, so I’ll just go ahead and assume that you already know all the basic stuff about Christopher Columbus—you know, “Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492” with the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria–not to mention, he most-likely took a footlocker or two with him on his travels.

But here are three things that I bet you didn’t know about Chris…columbus day

If That is his Real Name…

First of all, Christopher Columbus’ name is not actually Christopher Columbus. Actually no one knows what his real name really was. We call him Christopher Columbus after what we believe his original, Genoan name to be: Cristoforo Colombo. In Spain, his name is Cristóbal Colón. But the fact is, no one really knows what it was; one thing is for sure, though: his name was not Christopher Columbus.

The Earth is Round—Duh!

Contrary to popular belief, Christopher Columbus was not trying to prove that the earth was round. In fact, by 1492, most educated people knew that the world was a round spinning ball and not a flat disc, so there was no misnomer to correct. What Columbus was doing was looking for a shortcut to India. He thought that heading West might get you there quicker which is why he dubbed the Natives of the New World “Indians” when he first saw them.

And lastly,

Columbus Crashed

Well, he didn’t do it himself exactly, but he put the cabin boy in charge of the flagship who crashed it. It was Christmas Eve of 1492 when the Santa Maria was beached on a coral reef around the northern coast of present-day Haiti. The wreck cost Columbus the ship itself along with 40 crewmembers who Columbus was forced to leave behind.

So, History Buffs, you can wish people a Happy Cristoforo Colombo Day today and spread these little known facts about the “discoverer of the Americas.”




Think You Know Everything About Courteney Cox?

Hey, Friends!

You know who’s a great friend? Courteney Cox! At least, she was on the TV show. And while she seemed pretty friendly on the show, I guess I don’t really know from personal experience what kind of friend she is. But I’ll bet she’s nice.

Like yours truly, Courteney was born the “baby” in the family with two older sisters, Virginia and Dottie, and one older brother, Richard, Jr. Her family lived in a suburb called Mountain Brook, Alabama. She went to Camp Mac in Munford, Alabama—a summer camp that really delivers the camping experience.courteney cox

After she graduated from Mountain Brook High School she left home for Washington D.C. where she attended Mount Vernon College to study architecture.

D.C. is also where Courteney decided to pursue her career in modeling and acting. When she was 20 she appeared in the music video “Dancing in the Dark” by “The Boss” himself, Bruce Springsteen. In the video, Courteney plays a fan in the crowd who gets pulled up on stage to dance with Bruce.

For two years in the late 80’s, Courteney landed a recurring role in the popular television series, Family Ties. She played Lauren Miller, the girlfriend of Michael J. Fox’s character. She played in a few movies here and there for a while, but things didn’t really get big for her until she landed her role on the hit sitcom, Friends.

Though auditioning for the part of Rachel Green (Jennifer Anniston’s character) Courteney was cast as Monica Geller. In the same year she also played as Melissa Robinson in the first Ace Ventura movie alongside Jim Carrey and as Jerry’s girlfriend in an episode of Seinfeld. 1994 was a big year for Courteney that marked the beginnings of her path to super stardom.

Courteney has gone onto to star in two other television series, and has reprised the character of Gale Weathers three times since the first Scream movie.

Summer camp taught Courteney Cox the way to success. Where will it take you?




Shirley’s Favorite Product Pick

Hey, Camp Fans!

Remember Shirley, our Production Supervisor? She looks at our queue that shows us how many orders for camp trunks have come in from customers like you. Then, based off what she sees from the queue, she coordinates the scheduling with her crew in production and sets daily goals for them.

When she’s on the clock, no sight is prettier to Shirley than a C&N Footlocker made to perfection and looking as good as it can. It makes sense that Shirley’s favorite product found at Everything Summer Camp is the one and only full color vinyl decal to top your footlocker. We call them Lid Skinz.lidskinz

“You can design them so they look just the way you want them to,” says Shirley. We like the idea of kids creatively expressing themselves as much as they can, so we’ve recently improved our Lid Skinz designer tool so that when you personalize your own Lid Skinz cover exclusive to your own camp trunk, the possibilities are pretty much limitless.

Lid Skinz from Everything Summer Camp are by far one of the coolest ways to get your camp trunk all dressed up. We print the full color vinyl decal here in our graphics shop and then roll protective laminate over the Lid Skinz. By the time we’re done with it the top of your camp trunk is more durable than paint!

“It’s almost impossible to scratch!” says Shirley.

After it’s been printed and laminated it goes to our Shipping Department. There, they undo the top hardware of your camp trunk and peel the non-stick backing of our Lid Skinz material to carefully apply it to the top lid of your camp trunk. Once the hardware gets screwed back into place, the LidSkinz look like they’re pretty much part of the trunk!

Slap some skin on your trunk to see why Shirley thinks they’re so cool.




Check Out Our Unique Snap On Duffel Bag

Hey, Sleepover Fans!

The Snap On Duffel is really a great item to be found here at Everything Summer Camp. This Duffel Bag is specifically designed so it snaps onto your C&N Footlocker. The Snap On Duffel allows you even more space to work with aside from the ample room that you find inside your camp trunk.

The Snap On Duffel Bag works great. At Everything Summer Camp, we recommend SODputting your bulky bedding items like pillows, blankets, and towels in the bag. Bedding items typically take up so much space so save items like your bedding essentials for the Snap On Duffel and fill your footlocker with the fun stuff.

These bags are designed to snap exclusively onto C&N Footlockers in seconds so you can move both pieces as one. Great for summer camp, Snap On Duffel Bags also work great when detached from your footlocker. It snaps off as easily as it snaps on and carries comfortably with its padded shoulder strap.

And that’s exactly why The Snap On Duffel works great for sleepovers and slumber parties at your friend’s house, Boys and Girls. Bring along your Snap On Duffel Bag with your sleeping bag, blankets, pillows, and other nighttime necessities that you’ll need when you sleepover at your friend’s house.

With school in full swing and all the friends you’re making, now’s the time to do sleepovers! So you can stop trying to force your book bag zipper impossibly around your expanding bedding and easily fit it inside your Snap On Duffel. Remove the work from the fun of a friendly slumber party and enjoy yourself.

If you don’t already have a Snap On Duffel Bag, you can shop Everything Summer Camp today and pick up your own. Make sleepover’s a snap!

That’s all for today, Everyone. Till next time.




Welcome To Customer Service Week

Hey, Faithful Customers!

Today begins the celebratory event that gets recognized the world over—welcome to Customer Service Week. Since we have the utmost respect and appreciation for our customers, everyone here at Everything Summer Camp is happy to acknowledge the importance behind customer service and to salute everyone who consistently displays diligent service and effective support for their customers.customer service week

So how did such an event come to be? Customer Service Week is a rather new event to be celebrated. It started in the early 90’s. Since 1991, an organization called the Customer Service Group has continued to sponsor an official program dubbed the Customer Service Week.

From providing instructional information on customer service to getting materials ready for celebration, the Customer Service Group has done so much to inspire the hundreds of professionals who help create the Customer Service Week celebration with their celebration ideas and plans.

One year later, the United States Congress declared the first full week in October to be Customer Service Week, making it a nationally recognized, annual event. This year’s Customer Service Week starts today and ends on Friday the 11th.

So what’s the point in celebrating Customer Service Week? Well, because we’re people—because our hard work continues when we see that people appreciate it. We want to know that we’re making a difference.

Without customers who appreciated the way they were served and taken care of, Everything Summer Camp couldn’t exist (nor could any other organization that relies on its customers). It’s a pretty important thing.

Customer Service Week is based off five essential goals:

1.) Motivate, encourage teamwork and boost morale in general

2.) Reward representatives for the important work they do all throughout the year

3.) Raise company-wide understanding of the importance behind customer service

4.) Thank other departments for their support

5.) Remind customers of your commitment to customer satisfaction




Our Employees Talk About Their Favorite Products

Hey there, Fans of Everything Summer Camp!

Remember our Blog posts where I introduced you to the hard workers who help keep this online outfitter running smoothly? Well, today, I have something to help you get to know us even better here at Everything Summer Camp. I’ll be talking about specific employees and their favorite particular products that we offer right here at Everything Summer Camp.

Jessica, our Supervisor in the Call Center, is first up to tell us what her favorite Everything Summer Camp product is. “Besides the AWESOME trunks, which I own two of,” Jessica says her favorite product is the Bunkhouse Wool Plaid Blanket.

Probably one of the nicest features of The Bunkhouse Plaid Wool Blanket is that despite Bunkhouse Plaid Wool Blanketthe fact that it’s made up of 60% wool, it doesn’t have the typical feel that wool usually does. “You think it would be itchy and irritating, but it’s not!” says Jessica.

“I love the weight of it,” she says, “And the size is big enough to cover a twin size bed. Not only does this blanket serve the purpose of keeping you warm, it comes in some great colors. My favorite is the red and black color, but all the colors can match any décor or camper’s tastes!”

These Bunkhouse Plaid Wool Blankets are naturally flame-retardant. Jessica says that it’s “A great blanket for a cool night out at the campfire or just cuddling up on a cold winter night in front of the TV.”

It’s easy to care for too; just machine wash on gentle cycle, add fabric softener to the final rinse and tumble-dry on low heat.

So wrap yourself up with this smooth finished, wool blanket and find out firsthand for yourself why the Bunkhouse Plaid Wool Blanket is Jessica’s favorite product from Everything Summer Camp.




MLB Decals…Decals…Get Your Decals

Hey, Baseball Fans!

October is my favorite month! If you’re all baseball nuts like me, then you probably already know that October is the month of the World Series. That’s why the World Series is occasionally referred to as the Fall Classic. This time of year, you’re far from alone if you’ve got baseball on the brain!

Currently, in the American League, the Tampa Bay Rays are taking on the Cleveland Indians in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs. The winner of that series will move on to face the Boston Red Sox while the Oakland A’s will square off against the Detroit Tipittsburgh pirates logogers.

Over in the National League the the Central Division is well represented by the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds who are battling to determine which team will have a chance to dethrone the Central Division Champion, St. Louis Cardinals. The second round in the National League will also see the Atlanta Braves face off against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

If your favorite team made it to the playoffs, then why not support them all the way to the World Series with our MLB Teammates team logos from Fathead? You can stick these on your camp trunk or find a different home for them. You’re safe as long as it’s a smooth, clean, and dry surface (and so long as it’s okay with your parents).

Don’t worry, Parents—you can move these stickers around as much as you want and they won’t lose their stick. They’re as safe on surfaces as they are around children! Each MLB Teammates package comes with one to three team logo decals about one square foot in size.

So whether you’re rooting for this team or that team, check out our collection of MLB Teammates team logo decals from Fathead at Everything Summer Camp.

Play ball!




Get a Great Sleeping Bag For Your Fall Sleepovers

Hey, BFF’s!

You’re no doubt making new, lifelong friendships as this school year blooms. Or maybe you’ve even been able to keep in touch with a nearby friend you made from summer camp. In any case, best of friends normally want to spend as much time together as they can in order to squeeze the fun out of every second in the day.

What better way to spend every waking minute together (and every sleeping one too) than to have a sleepover? That way you’re having fun from the very second you fall asleep and immediately when you wake up in the morning. You couldn’t possibly squeeze in more opportunity for fun!exxel outdoors cub youth sleeping bags

While the weather still allows, you can even do some backyard camping and reminisce about the days of summer camp. All you need is a tent, a good friend, and a sleeping bag (maybe a flashlight too if you’re going to tell ghost stories). Rest assured that Everything Summer Camp has you covered on sleeping bags to keep the chill of a cool night out of your bones.

You probably don’t need anything too fancy in the line of sleeping bags for “roughin’ it” in the backyard since you can always just go inside for the night if the air is too chilly. Pay attention to the temperature ratings of individual sleeping bags so you know how cool of a night a particular bag is meant to handle.

You can find a great assortment of high quality and reliable, brand name sleeping bags at Everything Summer Camp like Wenzel, Exxel Outdoors, Columbia, and Kelty for your sleepover needs. Let us help you to make life as much fun as it can be!

Till next time, Sleepover Fans!