Wear Your School Colors With Pride

Hey there, School Kids!

Are you ready to continue fighting the good fight in your battles of education! Keep it in mind while you’re in school, kids—education is everything. So why not celebrate the place where you learn? Sport your school colors and show your classmates, staff, everybody else your school spirit with our cool Color War Tees from Everything Summer Camp!

Our “I Bleed ____” and “Go Team ____” T-shirts don’t have to be just a summer camp thing, you know. Dress in your school colors to let everyone know what color you bleed. All NFL players know to don their team’s uniform when they step out onto the field; so if you want everyone to know where your loyalties lie, our Color War Tees are all you need. They’ll get the message across.

When you get your very own Color War Tee, you’re getting more than just a 100% cotton bleed team shirttee shirt in a specific color, you’re getting the spirit and lifeblood of your school! Take pride in the shades with which your school chose to represent itself and express your educational heritage!

All of our Color War Tee Shirts and Team Tees are printed right here in Everything Summer Camp’s own, local print shop. All of our Name Labels, Lid Skinz, nameplates, and the majority of our camp clothing gets printed at our shop.

The print shop is a very impressive place with a carousel for screen printing along with an industrial dryer, a flash dryer, exposure unit, spray booth, two embroidery machines, a Direct to Garment (DTG) printer, two heat presses, and three wide-format printers along with a whole lot more!

Why do we have so much equipment? Because, it’s important to Everything Summer Camp that you can wear the colors that best suit you!




Show Your Team Spirit With Decals

Hey, Sports Fans!

Does your footlocker say football? If you’re all as excited as we are here at Everything Summer Camp, then let that excitement shine! Your footlocker is your canvas and your NFL decals are your paintbrush! With an NFL Teammates decal from Fathead you can showcase the NFL team you favor most right on your trunk!Packers Fat Head

Fathead’s NFL Teammates logo decals are made for any football fan that just can’t help but to show which team is your team. Say it loud and say it proud! What if your logo looks good on your camp trunk, but now you start thinking it’d be better stuck on your bedroom door? You wish you could put your NFL Teammates logo somewhere else—no problem!

Simply peel the logo decal and stick it on your bedroom door, windows, walls—pretty much anywhere you want because Fathead materials are movable, reusable, and virtually indestructible! This stuff is no joke! Get crafty and creative with it!

Made of a vinyl material, these adhesive logos are really great for fun trunk decorating or any other place with a dry, clean surface. It’s a good idea to clean the location that you want the decal to occupy so the sticker doesn’t take all the dirt with it when you peel it off that spot.

If you’re like me, I knew who my favorite team was by the time I was seven years old! Latch on to that love and let the world know where your loyalties lie. Who do you root for? The decision is yours! Each Teammates package has one to three, square foot team logo decals that are safe on surfaces and make it even more fun to be a fan of football!

That’s all for today, Sports Fans! Till next time.




Where There Is Sun-There Are Harmful UV Rays

Hey, School Kids!

You know, we spend so much time on this blog talking about the importance of wearing the proper sunblock in the summertime when it’s obvious how necessary sunscreen is. But just because autumn is arriving and the sun no longer makes you break out in an immediate sweat upon stepping outside, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t protect yourself against it.

It may not have the tell-tale signs that the summer sun has—scorching temperatures and perspiration—but make no mistake about it, the autumn sun is just as powerful and just as harmful.

Unfortunately for us, as nice and inviting as the sunshine looks, it’s actually chock full of harmful UV rays that are important for people to avoid. Lack of protection against UV rays in sunshine is actually the leading cause of cancer in its most popular form—skin cancer.

Luckily, people have found that protecting yourself against these harmful rays in the sunshine is easy enough and we came up with sunscreen. Typically found in lotion form, sunscreen is easy to apply and keeps your skin safe from the damages that the sun could otherwise do to it.Tru Kid Sunscreen Stick

Everything Summer Camp is proud to offer a couple other forms of sunscreen to make an even easier application for further convenience. The lotion is simple enough, but can sometimes become a chore (and slightly messy if you accidentally use too much) to use before going out in the sun.

You can find SPF 30+ Sunscreen Spray from Lil Gator as well as SunX SPF 30 sunscreen wipes at Everything Summer Camp. The spray has an easy to use pump and dries quickly without leaving a heavy oil residue. We offer this gentle, PABA and oil free formula in a 3.5 oz. bottle. You can also get individually wrapped wipes that are easy to use on the go. We offer wipes in packs of 10 or 20.

Remember to stay safe and burn-free this fall!




History of the NFL

Hey, Sports Fans!

For today’s blog post I’m talking about football. Not about tips for throwing a great football party or going to your kid’s high school game. No, today I’m talking about the history of a league that we’re all pretty familiar with: the National Football League, or NFL.

The birth of this now super-famous organization has quite a long history to it; after all it got started nearly a hundred years ago! Back in 1920, representatives of four existing football teams got together to hold a meeting that resulted in forming the NFL, though it wouldn’t be called the NFL until two years later.football and helmet

In 1933 things started looking a little more like the NFL we know so well today. All the teams that existed at the time split up into two separate divisions in which the last two teams standing from each division would compete in a championship game—much like today’s Super Bowl (but without any playoffs). The NFL stayed this way for a very long time.

It wasn’t until 1960 when the American Football League, or AFL, started to steal some popularity from the NFL. Six years later the two leagues began a merger that finally went into effect in 1970. In the four years it took to complete the merger, the leagues still held four “Super Bowls” as they came to be known after the first two.

As the Super Bowl continues to break viewing records for the last three years, over 111 million people watched the New York Giants defeat the New England Patriots last year in Super Bowl XLVI (46). Just to give you a little context of that viewing audience, 20.6 million viewers watched President Obama’s Second Inauguration.

So, enjoy America’s most popular sport, and join in the fandom that seems to grow a little more every year.




Remember To Add A Duffel Bag To Your School Supply List

Hey, Back to Schoolers!

You spend so much of your time preparing for the typical classes that kids have from grade school through to high school. You get folders, notebooks, binders, calculators, and all that sort of stuff for your academic education. But don’t go forgetting about the required, less academic physical education course your kid has.

Gym class is a vital part to our children’s education! And it generally doesn’t require any textbooks, notebooks, or folders. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t need any attention while you’re preparing for the coming school year. Your kid will need a change of clothes as well as a bag to carry them.

Lots of kids get duffel bags along with their footlockers for their summer camp stay, why not use the duffel bag for your change of clothes in gym class? Some of the duffel bags from Everything Summer Camp are probably too big to be reasonable options for a bag for gym class. The Go Big Duffel Bag, for instance, is probably a little overkill for what you actually need.High Sierra Water Bottle Duffel

Our duffel bags from JanSport as well as High Sierra, on the other hand are perfectly good candidates for your gym clothes carriers.

The Pack N’ Go Duffel from High Sierra can be carried like a duffel bag or like a backpack. And it’s got an easy-access pocket for essentials and frequently needed items as it’s never a bad idea to have your own stick of deodorant around after gym class or a bottle of water.

You can also go with a classic, plain black duffel bag from JanSport. Made with wrap handles and shoulder straps, this duffel bag can be carried like a backpack too. And the small one (20″ x 12″ x 10.5″) boasts seven, convenient pockets on the outside.

So don’t rack your brain on it or stick your dirty gym clothes in your backpack—bring your summer camp duffel bag and make life easier.




Happy Labor Day From ESC

Hey, Summer Lovers!

Happy Labor Day from all of us at Everything Summer Camp, your one stop shop for all your camping gear and camping supplies.

Back in May, I told you about the history of Memorial Day, how (though it’s actually meant to remember and honor not just the soldiers who died in the Civil War, but all soldiers who have fallen during their time in the service of the United States Military) nowadays, it’s usually thought of as a marker for beginning of the summer season—as opposed to Labor Day which marks its end.labor day

Now that you know about the history of Memorial Day, today I’ll fill you in on the history of Labor Day and tell you why it’s so much more to celebrate than just the end of summer.

See, life in America was pretty different back in the 1800’s when the holiday first came to be. Going to work wasn’t the same, typical nine to five with the weekends off that it is today. Instead, people worked twelve hour shifts, seven days a week without any real rest except to eat and sleep.

Why did they work so hard? This much work was necessary just to keep America running in the 1800’s. First celebrated on a Tuesday, September 5, 1882 in New York, it wasn’t until three years after the first celebration that it became a nationally celebrated holiday.

We still don’t know who should get credit for Labor Day. Some say it was a general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters named Peter J McGuire while others think it was a different man named Matthew Maguire, a machinist of the International Association of Machinists.

In either case, Labor Day is now celebrated on the first Monday of September to remember and appreciate the contributions of the American workforce from more than 100 years ago that have led to our country’s power, prosperity, and well-being that we still see today.

Happy Labor Day, Folks!




CYO Camp Rancho Framasa Has Had Famous Campers

Hey, Camp Kids!

You know who went to summer camp when he was about your age? Kenneth Brian Edmonds—or, despite his 55 years of age, more commonly known as Babyface. There’s bound to be hundreds, thousands, millions, maybe billions of fans of this ten-time Grammy-winning, American R&B singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer.kenneth "babyface" edmonds

The talented Mr. Edmonds, or Kenneth, went to CYO Camp Rancho Framasa in Brown County, Indiana for his summer camp days. CYO Camp Rancho Framasa boasts a beautiful bounty of land on the summer camp site. Kenneth spent his days at camp hiking the woods, appreciating nature, and having fun!

He had a pretty normal childhood. Brought up with five siblings (all of them brothers), he maintained a shyness in his youth for which his songwriting was a major source of emotional expression and quickly became a healthy outlet for him from an early age.

Tragically, when he was about fifteen, Kenneth and the rest of his brothers lost their father to lung cancer. With no one else to raise the six kids but their mother, Kenneth found the determination he needed to turn his simple means of self-expression into a musical career.

He played with other performers such as Bootsy Collins who was the one to give Kenneth his nickname, Babyface, for the “cute” boyish face that stayed with him through his teens. He also played guitar in the group Manchild and then became the keyboardist for a group that called themselves The Deele. Both groups were known rather well for the hits they had.

As Kenneth shaped his solo career, he has also produced and wrote lots of music for so many artists that I can’t actually list them all in this Blog post. To name just a few, there’s Carole King, Al Green, Beyoncé, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton, and Paula Abdul.

Most recently, Kenneth is working on a new album of duets with his longtime friend Toni Braxton. The album is supposed to come out some time this month.

Till next time, R&B buffs!


- John