Guess What Camp The Gyllenhaal Kids Went To

Hey, Everybody!

Guess who else of our favorite Hollywood figures went to summer camp when she was around your age. One of my personal favorites—Maggie Gyllenhaal! She went to the same summer camp as her equally famous brother, Jake Gyllenhaal, Camp Walt Whitman in New Hampshire.

Camp Walt Whitman is a warm, inviting summer camp community that strives year after year to give kids a wonderful summer experience that introduces them to close friends and a picture of his or her own self-worth. This camp was obviously nothing but a positive influence for the Gyllenhaal kids.

Born in New York City, Maggie was the daughter of Stephen Gyllenhaal—a film director—and Naomi Gyllenhaal—a film producer and screenwriter. At an early age her family moved to Los Angeles, California.

Maggie went to school at the Harvard-Westlake prep school and graduated in 1995. At that point, she moved back to New York to go to Columbia University. She graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts in 1999.maggie gyllenhaal

By the time she was 15 she already had her feature film debut in a film directed by her father called Waterland. The next year, she played a role in another one alongside her brother and then again in 1998. But her popularity in the world of films didn’t really boom until she played the role of her actual brother’s on-screen sister in the cult classic from 2001, Donnie Darko.

Other films she has been in are Mona Lisa Smile in which she worked alongside Julia Roberts, Nanny McPhee Returns in which she played the role of Mrs. Green, and the sequel to the movie Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, in which she plays Rachel Dawes.

Camp was a great influence on Maggie Gyllenhaal. What will it do for you?




Decals To Jazz Up Your Bedroom

Hey, Fall Friends!

As time keeps marching on, it drags the weather along with it. After our gorgeous summer season, it’s time for the other foot to fall. Temperatures drop and, slowly but surely, we start spending more time indoors. You fill your time with less sporting activities and more studying. In short, you’re bound to find yourself feeling a little cooped up.

But your room is your room! It’s your safe haven, your sanctuary from the rest of the world—don’t feel trapped in it! Make it your own! Your room can become so much more than just four walls, a closet, and a door. You just need to fill it with the right things. That’s where Everything Summer Camp comes in.

We have an awesome assortment of decals with which you can go crazy decorating your room and make it look just the way you want it to. Our Chalkboard & Dry Erase Decals are lots of fun for wall decorating and we have classic Fun Shapes too—vinyl decals like peace signs, hearts, and more.

If sports are what you really love, we also has NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA Teammates team logo decals from Fathead right here at Everything Summer Camp. Just pick out your favorite team’s logo decal and have the walls of your bedroom represent!glow in the dark butterflies

For other tastes, we have Glow-In-The-Dark star decals, Mirrors, beloved characters from TV, movies, toys, and comics. They have Collegiate Sports decals, Quotes, and Other Fun Stuff (a more generic sheet of decals).

Don’t worry about making a mistake in the application because these stickers are reusable! Just stick, unstick, and stick again—it’s that painless! All of our decals are non-toxic and easy to apply and reapply. Enjoy decorating and, most of all, have fun with it!




Don’t Hide Your Camp Trunk

Hey, Footlocker Fans!

The time of summer camp has come to an end and a new school year is now here. Now that summer’s over you have no need for your camp trunk. Pack up your camping gear inside and store it away in the garage until next year, right?


Your C&N Footlocker wasn’t made for summer camp alone! Once summer’s over your trunk becomes an elegant piece of bedroom furniture! It’s sure to compliment your room and add even more of your personality to the atmosphere.

See, at Everything Summer Camp—the home of C&N Footlockers—we manufacture camp trunks that are meant to withstand some pretty rough treatment; but that’s not all. These trunks are attractive as they are strong. Our trunks have a romance to them—a very classical look.

We also enjoy taking that classical look and turning it on its ear with our fun and always exciting ways for you to personalize the look of your trunk. After all, it’s your camp trunk. Express yourself with awesome trunk decorating!mirror flowers

From nameplates to decals to colors and LidSkinz, Everything Summer Camp has awesome accessories to help you make your camp trunk a true work of art and unlike anyone else’s. It’s fun personalizing your own nameplate or LidSkinz!

With LidSkinz, the possibilities are limitless to top your footlocker! You choose from our abundant collection of colors, fonts, icons, backgrounds and even personalized text. We print the full color vinyl decal here in our facility and then cover the trunk with your creation.

If that doesn’t trip your trigger, check out our Create-Your-Own Footlockers! Enjoy total control over the look of these footlockers! Apply any of our 19 colors to any of the 10 trunk panels, and get your footlocker exactly the way you want it!

And remember—enjoy your footlocker year-round. Not just at summer camp!




Try To Organize Those Crazy Schedules

Hey there, Frenzied Fathers and Mothers!

It’s more than understandable that this time of year can often times become a little overwhelming. Your kids go from lying around the house day in and day out for three months to suddenly having schedules as busy as yours! They have school, after school activities, homework, sporting events, sleepovers, and more. And you’re the one in charge of orchestrating all of it!

Well, here are some very helpful tips to managing everybody’s schedule without losing out on the fun of life!


First—and probably most important—is the purchase and use of a large family calendar. You’ll want this calendar to go in a place where everyone will see it: on the refrigerator or hanging on a wall in the hallway where everyone walks through. Write in everything that you know is happening that month like birthdays, sporting events, recitals, appointments, and so on. Don’t forget to write in new events as well.calender list

Planning Ahead

Next up is to plan ahead. Make sure that you don’t leave your planning for the future to the present. Handling things in the last minute increases stress and anxiety.

Share Responsibilities

Divvying up responsibilities is another great tactic to prevent busy schedules from bottlenecking through you. If they’re old enough, you can let your kids handle cutting grass or raking. Maybe your parents want to spend more time with your kids—work something out where your kids go to their grandparents a few times a month.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

Prioritizing is very important when it comes to your kid’s life. It’s up to you to know the difference between how much your kids think they can handle and how much they’ll want to handle. You don’t want their lives to become simply going from one appointment to the next!

Have Some Fun

Lastly, fill in a few empty nights with fun things your family can do together. Maybe a game night or watching a movie. Balancing work and fun feels more possible and is more possible if you can stick to these helpful tips.




Put On Your Walking Shoes

Hey, Autumn Aficionados!

Yesterday we talked about the beauty of the Fall season when the leaves change color and the temperature drops to a typically perfect degree. It makes for the best hiking weather. Not only is it a little brisk outside so you don’t get quite so hot, but it’s also visually appealing—everywhere you turn is a picture!

In the Fall you can make your way through a woodsy trail without sweating a gallon and enjoy the lovely view you have completely surrounding you. Look around at the lovely sight of multicolored leaves as they hang loose from tree limbs and blow about in the wind. Breathe in that crisp Autumn air as you go marching on.

Your pair of Trail Shoes that you used for summer camp will come in handy, protecting your feet as you hike the rough terrain of the trails around you. These shoes are just as effective this time of year as they are in the summer. And Everything Summer Camp has a wide variety of footwear from leading brand names like Teva, Columbia, Northside, northside cheyenne jrand Hi-Tec.

These rugged pieces of footwear are specifically designed for hiking, so you can walk with confidence and know for certain that your feet are well-protected. No need to keep your eyes glued to the ground, looking out for sticks, or rocks, or anything else you’d prefer not to step on; you’re free to look all around you at the beautiful colors put on display by the trees.

If you don’t already have a good pair of hiking shoes shop Everything Summer Camp to find a pair that best suits you. You’ll have your pick from over fifteen options that are all made to give your feet the support they need.

Till next time, Readers!




Sharing Our Fall Season With You

Hello, Fall Friends!

Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the Fall season (or Autumn if you prefer it’s more formal name) as the climate varies rather dramatically across our lovely country. Everything Summer Camp, the home of C&N Footlockers and all other camping gear, is located in Boyd, WI where the Fall season is very beautiful. As it happens every year, we grow accustomed to it, but never forget what a beautiful part of the cycle this season is!


We’re starting to see the first signs of fall!

Most people who live in northern Wisconsin revere the Fall season as their favorite of the four. It’s mine. The temperature’s typically in the Goldilock’s Zone of being just right and the trees start putting on their own fireworks shows! Fall means raking enormous leaf piles and jumping into them.

As the temperature continues to drop, the leaves on the trees are no longer getting the sunlight they need to perform processes essential to their life such as photosynthesis. Through this process, they obtain that lively green color. But when they stop getting the amount of sunlight they need, they lose their rich, green hue and fade into beautiful, vibrant shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown.

Unfortunately, these amazing colors indicate that the leaves are dying, as Mother Nature continues to show us the two sides of itself and the beauty that comes from them. They fall off the trees (which is where the Autumn season gets its alternative name) and carpet the ground.

Along with today’s Everything Summer Camp Blog post, we’ll be sharing your pictures and our own of the beautiful, changing environment that surrounds us here in northern Wisconsin. We hope they fill you with as much awe and inspiration as they do us. We truly do live in a beautiful world.

That’s all for today, Readers. Till next time.




Homework Tips From ESC

Hey, School Kids!

Last week I talked about safety after school. Here’s something you can do to keep yourself safe after school–your homework! While it’s not the only part of school, your homework is one of the more important elements of school.

That’s why I’ve chosen for today’s Everything Summer Camp Blog post to give you some helpful advice on how to go about your homework.

Assignment Notebooks

First of all, you’ll definitely want an assignment notebook. When you have homework from five different classes, it can get pretty cloudy in the old noggin. You have enough to concentrate on with your daily school routine—don’t try to remember what homework you’ve been assigned in each and every class.

Homework After Schoolhomework

My next point of advice—and probably the best that I can give you for your homework—is to get into the habit of doing it immediately after school. Get home and get to your homework! If you don’t Pull out your handy-dandy assignment notebook so you can go over the list of assignments you need to complete for the next day and—as my father always used to say—get crackin’!

Look It Over

Last, but not least, is to ask for a little bit of help. When your work is all done, ask your parents if they would look it over for you. Show them your Assignment Notebook too. If they don’t have time, maybe you have a smart older brother or older sister who would be willing to check over your homework. The point in doing this is to catch any mistakes you may have made before it goes the teacher.

If you stick to these three simple suggestions, you should be getting pretty good grades. You won’t forget about any homework assignments because you’ll have written them all down. You shouldn’t run short on time since you did your homework right after school. And you should get good grades since it’s all been checked over.

Hope this helps, Homeworkers! Now hit the books.

For helpful tips on after school activities check out our blog post



History Lessons That Continue Even Out Of School

Hey, Camp Fans!

You know your education doesn’t always have to happen within the walls of a school building, right? In fact, throughout you entire life, you’ll probably do most of your learning outside of school. Just think of how much you learn every year at summer camp!

Today I’m talking about the history of the Mexican Independence Day. Contrary to common belief, Mexican Independence Day is celebrated today and not on the fifth of May as so many people think it to be. Cinco de Mayo is actually Mexico’s regaining of their freedom in 1862 from the short-lived French invasion. Their freedom from Spain is much more important to the people of Mexico.mexican independence day

September 16, 1810 is the day that one Father Miguel Hidalgo, a Catholic priest, literally rounded people up from the markets and streets of Mexico to declare their independence from Spain. Hidalgo’s rallying is known as the Cry of Delores. Hidalgo gathered more than 600 men in a matter of minutes and by the end of his leadership had amassed an army of 80,000.

Spain had ruled Mexico for hundreds of years and, despite the revolt in 1810, the war for freedom lasted 11 years. In those eleven years guerilla warfare ensued in Mexico wherever Father Hidalgo led his growing, angry mob of rebels to take Mexico back from every Spaniard they could find.

Regarded as one of their most important holidays, September 16 is celebrated in Mexico with dances, parades, and festivals. And on the night of the 15th, there’s an annual reenactment put on by mayors and other local politicians of Father Hidalgo’s Cry of Delores speech in which they ring the very bell Father Hidalgo did over 200 years ago and give the same speech that rallied hundreds.

The crowd cheers and fireworks explode in the sky!

So the next time someone tries to tell you that Cinco De Mayo is the Mexican Independence Day, you’ll know better. Till next time, Readers.




Check Out Which Actor/Director Went To Camp And Where

Hey, Summer Camp Lovers!

You know who else went to summer camp when he was younger? Batman! Okay, I guess I really don’t know whether Bruce Wayne went to summer camp in his fictional youth or not, but Ben Affleck did. An alumnus of Crossroads For Kids which is located in Massachusetts, summer camp was a great influence on Ben when he was a kid.

Not just an actor, Ben Affleck has made his name as a screenwriter too and has won an Academy Award as well as a Golden Globe for his roles as a director and co-writer for the film Good Will Hunting. Lots of films that Ben’s been a part have been summer blockbusters and classics.Ben Affleck

With leading roles in films such as Armageddon, The Sum of All Fears, Pearl Harbor, Daredevil, The Town, and lots more, Ben Affleck has become an incredibly successful and recognized Hollywood figure.

Though born in Berkeley, California, Ben’s parents moved to Massachusetts when he was quite young. When he was eight, he met a neighborhood kid—a 10-year-old Matt Damon. Matt Damon (the other co-writer of Good Will Hunting) is actually Ben’s tenth cousin, once removed. They went to school together and became the best of friends even though they weren’t the same age or in the same grade.

Ben found himself pursuing his acting career in Hollywood before finishing college. Knowing his potential, he quit school to focus solely on acting. And now that he’s made his claim to fame already, it seems that he’s just getting going as he is now stepping into the role of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman.

The sequel to the 2013 film Man of Steel is currently being called Batman vs. Superman and is set to come out in 2015.

So the lesson to learn from Ben Affleck, kids, is that going to summer camp can land you a position as a superhero. Are you up to the task?




Stranger Danger

Hey, Parents!

I’m sure that most of you would say that you feel confident that their kids know not to get into a stranger’s vehicle—no matter what the circumstances. But no matter how many times you’ve talked to your kids about a topic as important as this, it can’t hurt to have it at least one more time.

Well, here are some tips from us at Everything Summer Camp to make talking to your kids solid and effective!

Be Specific

First of all, get specific with your kids about getting into a stranger’s vehicle. Think of scenarios that might play out and warn your kid about them. For instance, maybe your kid would get into a strangers car if the stranger said that they weren’t going to drive anywhere. Make your child aware that even a vehicle that isn’t going anywhere is off limits.

Resisting Temptations

Unfortunately there are a lot more temptations than just candy that kids have to say no to nowadays. Temptations are getting bigger and better. It’s easy to turn down bubble gum but can your child say no to a free iPad? What if they’re offered a chance to be on TV? Would they give out they’re address and information? Talk to your kids about the lengths that people may go to in order to get their information.

Keep a Short List

What you should tell your kid is that he or she is only to take rides from specific people. Make it a rule. And keep the list short. Only take rides from parents and grandparents—short and sweet. The point in keeping the list a short one is that you don’t want a bunch of names clouding up your kid’s head. The more people, the more complicated the message.

My very own niece, Ally—who I’ve babysat for, knows that she’s not allowed to get into my car unless my brother or sister-in-law have told her otherwise. It just makes things easier this way.

You’d be amazed at how your kids react in certain situations as they show in this video, “My Child Would Never Do That.” Let me say it just one more time—you can’t talk to your kids enough about the danger of strangers.