Maybe Your Child Would Love An After School Activity

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Do you know how important it is to have some kind of organized activity or a place for your kids to go after school? After school activities are proven to help keep kids safe and provide academic support. They inspire kids to learn, socialize, and work on team building skills.

In today’s world, there are a lot of parents who work too much to be home by the time their kids are which just about makes after school activities a necessity.

We should encourage children to see what after school options are available that might interest them whether the activity’s focus applies more to the physical and social aspects of life or something more informational and educational. This is where your child has the choice of pursuing something that they find interesting to them.

Children love this freedom of choice and become much more eager to learn from an after school activity since they chose their specific activity for themselves (unlike school where children often perceive the learning as being more-or-less forced).

Your kids are much more likely to make friends during after school activities as opposed to the actual school day because they are around peers who all share the same interest. This leads to the likelihood of sharing other interests and making friends—peers who actually want to socialize with one another.

Along with friendship, children are much more apt to learn team building skills in after school activities rather than the group projects that kids are assigned in school. It becomes easier for them to trust each other and focus on their own specific role as just one cog in a machine.

Help get your kid interested in staying busy and keeping their brains on after school lets out! Till next time, Readers!




That Backpack You Bought For Summer Camp May Also Work For School

Hey, School Preppers!

As I’m sure that your kids, department stores, and now online camp outfitter blogs refuse to let you forget that the new school year is right around the corner, I’m sure you don’t need an entire blog post to remind you to do your back to school shopping.

Today’s blog post, on the other hand, is about saving your money from camping gear you’ve already bought. Before you run off on a shopping spree to make that your kids are fully prepared for the fast-approaching school year, look through the backpacks, duffel bags, and other items you purchased for camp. Maybe you can use it again for school.

An easy one is a backpack. It certainly depends on the type of backpack that you went with for summer camp, but you might be able to get further use out of your camp backpack. You probably don’t want to use an external frame (or a backpack with any frame for that matter) for school—at least, we don’t recommend it.

On the other hand, if you purchased a frameless, normal bookbag style backpack for your camper this summer, it’ll be handy for the rest of the year too! Everything Summer Camp has a good number of quality bookbag backpacks.jansport backpack

We offer the High Sierra Curve as well as their Fat Boy. We have the JanSport Superbreaker. And after that we have the Kelty Redtail, the Kelty Redstart 1600, and the Kelty Shrive 2000. Anyone of these stylishly cool backpacks will certainly make your kid stand out of the crowd.

So put your wallets away for a minute and make sure that you actually need a new backpack for your kid’s upcoming school year. Maybe the backpack you bought for summer camp can be used for school too.

Well, that’s all for today, Camp Fans. Till next time.




Meet Juliann Our Graphic Artist

Hello there, Blog Readers!

For today I have another one of our great employee spotlight blog posts in which you can read up on and learn about the friendly faces that can be found at Everything Summer Camp. Read on to find out about Juliann, our Graphic Artist at Everything Summer Camp.

Juliann has been aboard our business for roughly the last five months and boy, have we kept her busy! Her position demands a great deal of know-how, creativity, speed, and determination; luckily for Everything Summer Camp, Juliann is teeming with such skills. In fact, she excels at pretty much everything we throw her way.Juliann

Staying hard at work with an assortment of responsibilities, Juliann has impressed us here at Everything Summer Camp with her work and her ability to keep up with this year’s busy season which has been hectic. “There’s a lot of variety that keeps me on my toes,” she says about her workdays.

She often puts her photography skills to good use so we have detailed images of all our great products to show you. She’s in charge of the graphics on our Web site like the homepage slides and a lot more. She works on designs for our camp apparel. And lastly, she does up the images, layout, and even comes up with some fun captions for our email marketing.

Juliann went to summer camp a couple of times when she was a kid—one with a focus on basketball and another with a focus on volleyball. She recalls one summer when she was about ten years old and got to meet Nina Smith who played for the Badgers Women’s Basketball team. It was a pretty big deal to her and the rest of her camp friends Juliann told me with a smile.

That’s all for today, Camp Fans!




Bet You Didn’t Know How Many Choices You Would Have For A Laundry Bag!

Hello, Summer Lovers!

Yesterday, I talked about how a C&N Footlocker from Everything Summer Camp isn’t just a trunk for summer camp. Our trunks are a treasure for the rest of your life! It becomes a very practical piece of bedroom furniture as well as one extremely valuable box to be the owner of when college-time rolls around.

Today I want to tell you about another product found at Everything Summer Camp that will prove to be extremely handy in your time at college: laundry bags! Laundry bags are essential to a clean dorm room and clean college student! When your bag is empty it doesn’t take up any space in the close quarters of college.

You can find a bunch of cool laundry bags at Everything Summer Camp; we carry a variety of fabrics, styles, and brand names. First there’s the classy laundry bag for camp clothes—Mint, then the fun Bliss brand laundry bag, we carry Nylon laundry bags of different colors and patterns, we have cool Thread Art Fashion laundry bags, and a basic Mesh laundry bag.bliss laundry bag

Mint and Bliss brand laundry bags are very stylish and very cool with fun colors and complimentary patterns. One thing to keep in mind when using these bags is that your clothes won’t dry as quickly inside these nylon and polyester bags as they would in one of our Mesh bags.

Our Nylon and Thread Art Fashion laundry bags too make for very cool, very fun designs for your laundry bag. The colors are cool and the patterns fun. Stitched with detail, these bags are top choices for laundry bags for your camp clothing. But again, keep in mind that with the fun pattern and styles, you are sacrificing dryability and breathability for your clothing.

If all you wmesh laundry bagant from a laundry bag is a simple means of transit for your laundry, our Mesh laundry bag is the one for you. It may not have any cool patterns or fun colors, but it’ll get your clothes dry quicker and do the job just the same.

Till next time, Camp Fans!




A Steel Trunk Is Great To Store Valuables At College

Hey, Summer Lovers!

We all know what a blast summer camp is. But to send your kids off with everything that they’ll need for camp can become a pretty expensive ordeal for any family—depending especially on how many kids you have! All those name labels, laundry bags, backpacks, and all the fun stuff quickly adds up after a short while.

One beautiful thing about your solid, sturdy, steel trunk for summer camp is that it’s made to last long after camp. All that money you spent for summer camp will eventually become money spent in going off to college ten years down the road! A good trunk for camp should be more than sturdy enough to last the likely decade between camp and college.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know about Everything Summer Camp when I went to summer camp. On the other hand, I did have my C&N Footlocker by the time I went to college. Let me tell you—having a trunk like this in my college dorm room was absolutely invaluable.

Expensive and important items like your laptops, cameras, textbooks, and any other important documents are always at risk of getting spilled on, creased, or worse. These items and plenty more will easily fit safe inside a C&N Footlocker from Everything Summer Camp that you used to use for camp back in the day.slim footlocker

If our other footlockers are too big for you then try out the Slim Footlocker from (or college site for C&N Footlockers). You can still pack plenty inside this thin case but it’s slender enough to fit in places our other trunks could never go.

So find yourself a rugged, quality-made trunk for summer camp or college at Everything Summer Camp, your one stop shop for all your summer camp needs—and college needs too!




We have great products from Mint and Three Cheers for Girls

Hey, Camp Fans!

Today, I’d like to tell you about some excellent camping supplies from two great companies—Three Cheers for Girls and Mint. An assortment of these companies’ camp products can be found right here at Everything Summer Camp, your one stop shop for all your summer camp needs.

Shop around our site for great summer camp accessories from Three Cheers for Girls as well as Mint. Their products will never cease to amaze as they are always hip, always cute, and—of course—always practical. Not just for summer camp, you can still use these products after the camp season is over!Three Cheers for Girls bathrobe

Bring the comfort and convenience back from camp with you with products like the Lap Desk, an Autograph Pillowcase, a Bathrobe, or a Pajama Set from Three Cheers for Girls. Check out the Laundry Bags, Toiletry Bags, Bath Wraps, and Pillowcases from Mint too.

Make anyplace into your very own personal spot with the innovative Lap Desk from Three Cheers for Girls. You can write stories, do homework, or anything else you’d do at a standard desk.

Look as cute and as comfortable as you did at camp at home! Sleep in the Pajama Set from Three Cheers. The set includes a tank top, cool shorts, and a pair of pants for a cool night. You can also look “fabulous” in Three Cheers’ Bathrobe. Or you could go with a stylish, Minky Bath Wrap from Mint.

Both Three Cthree cheers pillowcaseheers for Girls and Mint offer cool pillowcases. The one from Three Cheers will help you keep all your camp friends fresh in your mind. These pillow cases have fun designs with room for all your friends to sign. Or you can go with comfort over a keepsake and let the super-soft, standard-sized Mint Pillowcase brighten your bunk with its fun colors and a cute ribbon trim.

Mint also makes high-quality Toiletry Bags and Laundry Bags which are cute and convenient. At Everything Summer Camp we offer a traditional carrying Toiletry Bag as well as Mint’s Hanging Toiletry Bag for added convenience.

That’s all for today. Till next time, Camp Fans!




Say Hello to John

Hey there, Everything Summer Camp Aficionados!

Today’s blog post is a real treat—probably even more so for me than for you, devoted reader—because this post is all about me! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is John. I’m the guy whose words you’ve been reading on the Everything Summer Camp Blog.John

That’s right. I’m the Writer for Everything Summer Camp. The majority of the words you read on our Web site come from me.

All of our product descriptions, blog posts, and press releases are my responsibility. I help out during the busy season in our Graphics Department too, designing and working in production of our personalized products like One-of-a-Kind Nameplates, Lid Skinz for camp trunks, and camp clothing.

I’ve had a long history of seasonal work at Everything Summer Camp going back to my high school days. I would visit family I had in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for the summer and work in Boyd for Everything Summer Camp during my stay.

Having studied Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Screenwriting, and Journalism in college, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Writing. Now, I’m thrilled for this opportunity to represent Everything Summer Camp through my words.

I really enjoy trying to give all of our readers something good to read, whether that means my writing is fun or that it gives the reader an easy and accurate description of the product at hand and the benefits that product has to offer.

I went to writing camp when I was little and had a great time! Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of Everything Summer Camp back then. I’d love to do it all again with our products and camping gear. Sometimes I get a little jealous, writing about all these cool products that I’ve now outgrown.

Well, that’s all for today, Camp Fans! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking to you so directly on today’s post.