All You Need Now Is….S’MORE

Hey, Kids!

I’m sure you all have your own favorite desserts. After all, there’s a lot of them to consider: cake, pie, pudding, ice cream, brownies, cookies…The list goes on. But there’s only one dessert to have when you’re sitting around a summer camp campfire and I’m sure you all know what it is!

That’s right, S’mores. It’s America’s traditional treat! A sandwich of roasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate between two Graham Crackers. Short for “Some more,” this delicious dessert got its name because of what it makes you say after you eat it: “Mmm! I want s’more?”

A man named Alec Barnum is said to be the one who invented the s’more, though the dessert’s true history is somewhat of a mystery as its recipe appears in a book that was written by the Girl Scouts in 1927 called Trampling and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.

In my opinion, it probably happened a little something like this:

Alec, an amateur explorer, one day got lost in the woods with nothing on his person but a bag of marshmallows, some Graham Crackers, and a Hershey’s Bar. Desperate for warmth, he made a fire and—using what he had with him—made his dinner.

Once he stumbled upon this delicious dessert sandwich he couldn’t help but to eat “some more” and he fell asleep before finishing the last one he made. The next morning Alec was discovered by Girl Scouts while they were out hiking. They also discovered Alec’s newly invented dessert!

You can make your own variations to s’mores recipes. Some people add peanut butter, others add fruit; as long as you have the initial three flavors, you have a s’more. In fact, all the desserts I listed at the beginning of this post can be made s’more flavored—s’more cake, s’more pie, s’more pudding, s’more brownies, s’more ice cream, s’more cookies (I’m starting to feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump). You got s’more dip, s’more bars, s’more donuts, s’more rolls…that’s—that’s about it.

Since it is National S’mores Day, we’ve cooked up some of our own S’mores & had a little contest to see who in the office could make the best S’more! Check them out here:





Crazy Creek Chairs Add Comfort And Warmth To Those Cold Bleachers

Hey, Football Enthusiasts!

The other day I talked about Pinterest—a cool, easy-to-use Web site that’s a lot of help for planning football parties. Everyone here at Everything Summer Camp is pretty into football so we know how much fun it is getting together with friends to watch the game and what you expect from your football party planning!

Of course, the televised games of the NFL may not be the most important football games in your family. For those of you who have high school or peewee games to watch from the bleachers—then this blog post is for you. I’m going to give you some of the best advice you can use for these games.

If you haven’t already met, allow me to introduce you to Crazy Creek Camp Chairs. These chairs haven’t just revolutionized the comfort of camping, they make any occasion comfortable—wherever you go. Incredibly portable and lightweight, these chairs let you have a seat no matter where you are!crazy creek chair

Let’s face it—football games are fun to watch, but people don’t want to sit on cold, uncomfortable bleachers for two or more hours at a time! You don’t want to miss out on a football game that means so much to your kid but you also don’t want to suffer through an eternity of cold seats and sore keisters.

There’s a handful of different types of Crazy Creek chairs you can use to bring a little comfort to camp or sporting events. You can find them at Everything Summer Camp—the Original Crazy Creek Chair, the Hex 2.0, the Everywhere Camp Chair, and Crazy Creek’s latest creation, the Air Chair Plus (a camp chair and also camp mattress).

So say goodbye to cold, uncomfortable bleachers and sore bottoms this football season and enjoy the games without sacrificing comfort!




Check Out The Fall Jackets From Columbia

Hey, Bloggers!

Along with the leaves starting to change color and the beginning of football season, we also have the temperatures beginning to drop to look forward to. Just around the corner are cool mornings, and brisk evenings. It’s important to dress appropriately for your optimal comfort throughout the day.

You’ll find an impressive assortment of solid toned and neatly patterned fleece jackets for kids at Everything Summer Camp. Keep warm when there’s a chill in the air. Around noon the day may begin to warm up so the jacket is easy to lose if need be. Keep it around if you’re still planning on hanging out in the great outdoors for the evening.

Enjoy a campfire on a chilly autumn night or cheer on your home team at a high school football game in the sharp Techmatic or the cute Explorer’s Delight—both fleeces from Columbia. Boys love staying warm in Steens Mountain Fleeces from Columbia as well. They really keep the chill off you. And girls have the Benton Springs Fleece, offered both in solid color as well as a stylish print.Technikolor jacket

For other tastes, check out the Fast Trek Full-Zip Fleece, the cool Trail Patroller Hybrid Jacket, the Bug Shield Mesh Jacket, our youth Insect Blocker Mesh Hoodie, and the TechniKolor autumn jacket for girls—all from Columbia. These jackets are sure to keep you in comfort as well as cool and stylish color.

After seventy years of continually satisfying their customers and beating their competition, Columbia likes to think that they know what it takes to make exceptional outdoor gear. Stay comfortable in the cooler months with these great pieces of outerwear that you can find right here at Everything Summer Camp.

Till next time, Camp Fans!




Along With Fall Comes FOOTBALL

Hey, Sports Fans!

Unfortunately, summer camp, as well as summer always has to come to an end. But as disappointing as that can be, look at the bright side—the end of summer marks the beginning of football season! When I was a kid I loved the weekly football parties we had at my house. There was excellent food with endless snacks, funny comments, and of course—football!

 It used to be a lot of work. We would call our guests to see what they were bringing so we could orchestrate some kind of theme. When I was a kid I also thought that my house was the only one that threw such fun football parties like party

 Turns out it’s a pretty popular thing for football fans to do. And since it’s such a popular thing to do, conveniences have been made in technology so that football party planning isn’t quite so much work. Nowadays a party like that is easy to collaborate. Just go online and find Pinterest.

Pinterest is a corkboard style Web site that lets you organize theme-based images. You can share photos, recipes, or anything else you might need to coordinate with your friends so your football parties are as fun as mine were when I was younger.

It’s a very easy, user-friendly Web site where you simply upload your images (as well as word documents or videos), save them, sort through them, and manage them. These images or other type of content that you upload becomes known as pins.

You then choose where you want to these pins to go. If it’s a recipe for a football party, then put it with the rest of your football party corkboard. If it’s instructions on how to juggle, pin it to your hobbies corkboard. It’s that easy to use!

We are taking a break from making footlockers (don’t worry we are still making them, just not quite as many this time of year) to jump on the Pinterest train here at Everything Summer Camp for this football season! Check out our Pinterest Board to see our favorite recipes and cool decoration ideas.

Till next time, Blog Fans!




Don’t Forget the Swimsuit for Gym Class

Hey, Swim Fans!

Swimming isn’t quite the first thing that you think of when you think about school starting back up in the fall, but swim class is a pretty popular physical education course. Also, for those who love to swim simply for the sport of it, Everything Summer Camp has a wide selection of swimwear for boys and girls—both of excellent quality.

Shop Everything Summer Camp online and be prepared for swim class when your kid goes back to school. The pieces of swimwear that can be found at Everything Summer Camp are made using modern advancements in technology. They’re made to be more durable, sun resistant, and more fitting to your form. Put on these pieces for ultimate comfort, protection, and flexibility.Speedo Velocity eBoard Boy swim trunks

For boys, we have the Marina in Men’s, the Velocity Splice, and the men’s Wave Splice Volley Swim Trunks—all of them from Speedo. We also carry a short sleeve Swim Tee for boys from Speedo.

For girls we have the Speedo Racer Logo Splice, a single-piece swimsuit, the Speedo Love Burst three-piece Rashguard Set, including a two-piece swimsuit and then a matching rashguard, giving you more body coverage for greater sun protection, and the Speedo Girl’s Speedry Short—it uses VaporPLUS® technology to repel H2O in no time flat!

Everything speedo zipwalkerSummer Camp also has a large selection of footwear for swimming that you can wear from the pool to the locker room. We have swim slippers from Speedo like the ZipWalker as well as the SurfWalker along with other water-resistant shoes from Teva and Northside Brille II.

This fancy footwear for boys and girls is made to give you the extra traction necessary for walking on a typically slippery floor like the walk from the pool to the locker is sure to be.

Till next time, Readers!



You Either Love It Or Hate It, But School Is Fast Approaching AGAIN

Hey, Parents!

Remember how ecstatic your kids were to get three whole months off from school? “No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks…” Remember? Well, the time for the other foot to drop is approaching quickly. Today’s blog post talks about ways that you can try and soften the fall of that foot so it makes less of a thud when it comes time to go back to school.

Helping your kid transition back into the scheduled days of school routine—getting to bed early, waking up on time, and doing homework—starts with understanding why going back to school is such a big deal to them. I think it’s in the back of every parents’ head, “Quit whining and get back to school!”

Subconsciously, I’m sure we think, “Most of us have to deal with work year-round! You just got three months off! Stop complaining about it!” But we only think that because we have it wrong. Our kids aren’t actually as lazy as they seem. It’s not school that they’re really complaining about—it’s the return to a day with schedules and structure. It’s hard for anyone to transition back.

Here’s a few tips on how to ease the pain:vapur element water bottle

First, you can help encourage your kid to continue with the hobbies they got into over the summer. Make use of camping supplies and camp trunks.

Two to three weeks in advance of the first day back to school, you can start setting earlier bedtimes and earlier wake times for your kid. You can try to start serving meals around the times that your kid will be eating when school gets here.

Lastly, but possibly most important, you should instill a casually confident air about your kid when it comes to going back to school. Be excited about it for them, but not too excited. Too much excitement can make them suspicious. You’re response to the coming school year will have a major impact on your kid’s.

That’s all for today, folks.




Here Comes The Rainy Season

Hey there, Summer Lovers!

Remember—rainy days aren’t held to just May and beautiful afternoons in the late summer—rain pretty much comes year round. This time of year especially is notorious for frequent rainfall. The end of summer into September and October usually see quite a bit of rain.

Everything Summer Camp can help you out with our great selection of rain jackets, rain pants, rain suits, and rain boots!

We have a plethora of incredible rain jackets from Columbia like the Wet Reflect Jacket, the Flow Summit II, the Wind Racer II, the Watertight in Men’s, the Arcadia Rain Jacket in Women’s, and the kids’ Chromatech. All of these rain jackets are top of the line with fine detailing and quality construction.

We also have a couple rain jackets from Red Ledge: the youth Jakuta and youth Red Ledge Jakuta jacketThunderlight rain jackets. These quality jackets really seal out the rain to keep you dry and comfortable. We carry the Rainstopper youth rain suit from Red Ledge as well. It offers great full body protection. Or you could go with our youth-sized Vinyl Poncho—a great alternative for full body rain protection.

Find great rain pants at Everything Summer Camp to thoroughly seal out rain. We carry the Columbia Storm Surge Women’s Pant as well as the Regen Rain Men’s Pant—also from Columbia.

To keep your feet comfortable and water-free check out our rain boots. We have the youth Pattern Rain Boots, youth Fire Chief Boots, and the effective Kamik Stomp! These boots’ best friends are puddles! They’re made sturdy and smart to keep the rain out and your feet dry.

Schools don’t declare Rain Days where you get to stay home because it’s raining too much, so be prepared to wait for the bus on a rainy morning with our excellent selection of rain gear from Everything Summer Camp!




Imagine Knowing Iron Man From Summer Camp

Hey, Film Fans!

Well, Blog Buddies, in the time that we’ve been blogging—which hasn’t been incredibly long—we’ve talked about a good number of celebrities who have gone to summer camp. Today I have another great celebrity to tell you about who attended summer camp—two of them, actually—when he was about your age.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m talking about Iron Man, himself—Robert Downey Jr. Robert attended French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts located in Hancock, New York as well as Stage Door Manor in Massachusetts. From a young age, Robert expressed his passion for acting and while attending both camps he was very involved in the plays that they put on.Robert Downey Jr

Robert’s first appearance on the screen came at a young age—before he ever went to summer camp! He debuted in his father’s film, Pound at the very young age of five. Afterwards he played roles in the films Less Than Zero as well as the popular cult classic, Weird Science.

In 2000 he won a Golden Globe Award for his new role in the hit television drama, Ally McBeal. With growing popularity, Robert has been seen in a bunch of more recent movies, but none of them quite so popular as the three Iron Man movies in which he plays the role of Tony Stark. Iron Man started out as a Marvel Comic Book superhero but is now better associated with Robert Downey Jr.

Robert has become incredibly successful over the years making billion dollar movies like The Avengers (another Marvel Comic Book movie), and Iron Man 3. He is now one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors at $75 million in this last year!

And just remember kids, Robert Downey Jr. liked summer camp so much he went to two of them.




Use Your Clothing Name Labels For A Variety Of Things

Hey, Blog Buddies!

As we have now arrived at the halfway mark of August, I’m sure everybody’s nerves and excitement are reaching a new high for the season! It’s important to be prepared when you go into the next grade. The next one is always harder than the one before it!

Luckily, lots of the camp supplies and camp gear that you bought for summer camp can be used for school as well. Name labels, for instance, can come in extra handy for classroom items. If you have any leftover name labels from your summer camp stay—put them to good use and arrive at school labeled!

For labeling clothes, our Iron-On Clothing Name Labels at Everything Summer Camp are a very popular way to go. Labeling school clothing is a wise idea for instances of changing Iron-On Clothing Name Labelsinto another set of clothes for physical education. It’s also a good idea to have jackets somehow labeled as well as snow pants.

Our Iron On Clothing Name Labels and Stick On Name Labels now come in a plethora of vibrant colors and four, cool backgrounds. Whether you go with your favorite color, the Dots background, Camo, Hex, or Botanical Explosion, these labels will look great on your camp clothes and gear.

You’ll also want to make sure your other school items have your name on them. You can easily take care of this if you have any leftover Stick-On Name Labels from Everything Summer Camp. With these labels you can tag just about any flat-surface item like a stapler, a pencil case, or your notebooks. You can also label your more personal items that you take along to school daily such as a glasses case or water bottle.

Shop Everything Summer Camp for other labeling methods too like a customizable multi-purpose stamp. It works on any paper documents as well as clothing. Or you can also go the manual way with a set of laundry markers!

Later, Camp Fans!




Don’t Forget To Put That Waterbottle On Your School Supply List

Hey, School Kids!

On yesterday’s blog post I talked about afterschool activities and went into the importance of remaining active after school hours come to an end. Just because school is over for the day doesn’t mean it’s time to shut down your brain! Keep that muscle moving! It’s healthy to keep it active! One great way to keep your brain working like a well-oiled machine is to keep yourself properly hydrated.

When you’re in the classroom or other school area for your afterschool activity, it can easily become a chore to have to walk down long, school corridors and up the stairs for a simple sip of water from the fountain. But you really shouldn’t deny yourself water when your body is telling you that you want some.

Drink when you please with a handy water bottle at your side for your afterschool hours. I’m sure everyone’s aware of water’s importance in our lives and extremely important to our own survival. It makes up 60% of our own bodies.

Fortunately our bodies are great at letting us know when we need to refuel in order to stay hydrated; so you definitely want to listen when your body says it needs socamelbak all clearme.

Everything Summer Camp offers a great collection of varying types of water bottles. Check out the CamelBak All Clear UV Water Bottle that purifies your water before you drink it! CamelBak All Clear turns nearly any tap or clear natural water source into potable drinking water in just 60 seconds.

Or maybe a Vapur Water Bottle is more your style. Almost 90% lighter than any rigid water bottle, Vapur Bottles are actually the antithesis of a water bottle! The Vapur Anti-Bottle stands up just like any traditional water bottle when it’s holding water. Once empty, though, the Vapur Anit-Bottle flattens, folds, and fits just about anywhere.

Check out all the rest of our water bottle at Everything Summer Camp and keep one with you for your school day and afterschool hours. Till next time!