Don’t Just Put Your Trunk In The Corner-Decorate It!

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For today’s blog post I’m talking about redesigning your camp trunk! After all, once summer’s over and your locker trunk has become an elegant piece of bedroom furniture, you may want to think about giving it a different look. Everything Summer Camp has you covered! We’ve got an impressive amount of decals that range from all different shapes, materials, and prints.

First, we have Chalkboard & Dry Erase Decals. Have tons of fun trunk decorating with dots or leave messages and wacky pictures for all to see. The polka dots pack comes with chalkboard and dry erase dots as well as a couple chalk pieces and a dry erase marker. The dry erase sheet can be used as is or you can cut out your own shapes to be anything you want!cutsie blooms decal

We also have classic Fun Shapes vinyl decals like peace signs, hearts, and more. Pick whichever shape/design strikes a chord with you and then trim your trunk however you like. Don’t worry about making a mistake in the application because these stickers are reusable! Just stick, unstick, and stick again—it’s that painless!

Along with these fun products, we have NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA Teammates team logo decals from Fathead, we have Glow-In-The-Dark star decals, Mirrors, beloved characters from TV, movies, toys, and comics. We have Collegiate Sports decals, we have Quotes, and we have Other Fun Stuff (a more generic sheet of decals).

All of our decals are non-toxic and easy to apply. They can be repositioned as you desire without leaving any unwanted sticky residue on your camp trunk! They stick best to smooth, dry, and clean surfaces and won’t leave any sticky remains when peeled. So stay crafty and creative even after camp is over!

That’s all for today, Campers. Until next time.




We Have A Free Lifetime Trunk Warranty

Hey, Summer Lovers!

You know what’s awesome about being a customer at Everything Summer Camp?—Everything, of course! But one notable aspect is the Lifetime Free Warranty we have on all of our C&N Footlockers. That means we’ll repair any one of your damaged footlockers for you, for free—guaranteed for life.

That’s right! Should your trunks for camp from Everything Summer Camp—despite their unquestionably solid construction—somehow meet with some unfortunate accident, we’ll repair any damaged footlocker for you for free, for life.C&N Footlockers Happy Camper

This way, your camper will always have a well-constructed, good lookin’ footlocker to bring along for summer camp in the following year. But why wait a whole year before making the repair?

If you take care of your damaged footlocker now, then that’s one less thing you have to worry about next camp prep season when you’re putting together next year’s packing list. You can help your future self to avoid the added stress of getting ready for camp by not leaving your trunk repair for your last minute prepping.

Make it easy on yourself next season and take care of it now in this less stressful time of year! You make it easy on yourself and we’ll make it easy too. 90% of the time there won’t be any shipping involved in the first place! No repackaging, mailing, or any hassle will be involved because almost all of the parts on our trunks can be repaired by you, in your home using nothing but a Phillips screwdriver!

If you can’t fix it on your own because a certain part is broken beyond repair, then we’ll simply send you any replacement part for free! And we’re more than happy to walk you through the process of repairing a trunk over the phone!

You can read more about our trunk repairs here on our customer service page.




Travel Games for Those LONG Car Rides

Hey, Summer Lovers!

The end of summer camp rarely marks the end of summer fun! In fact, it typically kicks off the rest of your summer plans. It’s the perfect time for family vacations, long car rides, and bored little kids. And, as adults, let’s face it—we too can get pretty bored when a road trip lasts a couple hours too long, right.

If only you could play a game in the car more entertaining than “I Spy” or “Twenty Questions.” Oh wait—you can! Our Travel Games at Everything Summer Camp are a great cure for the boredom you endure on the long ride to your vacation spot. We’ve got fun classics like Chess, Checkers, Memory, Battleship, and plenty more.

There are literal hours upon hours of entertainment in these mini-game sets and enough fun to last a thousand road trips!hangman go game

The cloth-covered metal cases called Go Games are compact games specifically made for playing during long car rides. The case zips open to reveal the game board. The pieces are magnetic and stay firmly in place. You can even zip it closed mid-game and continue the game after hitting a rest stop!

Everything Summer Camp also offers an assortment of shrunken, portable-sized games that play like the original versions! The built-in Carabiner on these games lets you clip it to just about anything. Have your pick from Connect 4, Scrabble, Boggle, Twister, Operation, and Battleship.

We also have Electronic Carabiner Games for single players. Play classic arcade games like Frogger and Tetris or other types of classics like Battleship and Yahtzee!

flip to win memoryLastly, you can ride around with a cool deck of cards or Melissa & Doug’s Flip-To-Win Memory Game board. We also have Melissa & Doug Flip-to-Win Hangman which includes an erasable whiteboard and self-storing, dry-erase marker and eraser. There aren’t any loose pieces so it’s sure to come home in one piece!


That’s how you have hours of fun in the car before your vacation ever even starts!




Don’t Let the Criminals Of The World Know You Are On Vacation

Hey, Summer Enthusiasts!

It’s great to be enthusiastic about the fun of summer—in fact, it’s kind of hard not to be. Summer means fun in the sun. Whether your fun will happen at camp, during family visits, or on family vacations your summer is sure to be a good time! Today’s blog post concentrates on how to make sure that your summer stays good once you get back home.

Coming back home to find that your house has been robbed or damaged certainly has a way of killing the mood when you get back from a long vacation. You come home ready to relax and instead you get a big mess that you need to deal with.

What could you have done? It was inevitable! Bad things happen to good people.

 Getting robbed can happen to anybody, it’s true. But there are some measures that can be taken to try and help prevent break-ins and burglaries while you’re away. One of the best ways to help prevent someone in your house while you’re away is to not announce your vacationing to the cyber media picture

 We all love to let our family and friends know about what we’re doing and where we’re going for our vacations, but it’s not the wisest decision to post information about vacationing on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. You may be talking to your friends and family, but they’re not the only ones reading it.

Unfortunately, there are people in the world who go to such great lengths as checking social media sites to gather information on when people are not occupying their houses. Then they strike.

That’s why, during your time away from your house, it’s a good idea to keep your social media posts focused on what mood you’re in rather than talking about where you are or where you’re planning to go.

That’s all for today, Summer Lovers!




Find out which summer camp Julia Roberts attended.

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For today’s blog post I’m going to tell you about a very “pretty woman” that we all know so well as Julia (Fiona) Roberts. As did so many other very, very famous people—not just in Hollywood, but from all sorts of different scenes—so too did Julia Roberts go to summer camp when she was around your age.

 She attended her uncle’s summer camp, actually—not to mention, a summer camp with whom we here at Everything Summer Camp are proud to be doing business—Camp Birchwood in Minnesota. In time, she came to volunteer at Camp Birchwood to raise money for Hole in the Wall Camps. But it wasn’t long before she reached for stardom at the young age of 23 and caught it!julia roberts

 Now, having been an obviously caring and charismatic character in Hollywood for the last 23 years, Julia has stolen the hearts of millions in America alone.

Known for such great movies as My Best Friend’s Wedding, Runaway Bride, Notting Hill, and, one of her more recent roles as the Evil Queen in the classic retelling of Snow White Mirror Mirror, Julia Roberts has also voiced for such great roles in classic animated films like Charlotte’s Web as the voice of Charlotte the Spider as well as the voice of Hova in the Ant Bully.

Presently, Julia is married to a Mr. Daniel Moder since July 4, 2002. Daniel is a cameraman whom she met on the set of one of her films. Together, they are now a family of five with three children. They have twins, Hazel Patricia Moder and Phinnaeus (or “Finn” for short) Walter Moder and also Henry Daniel Moder.

Julia Roberts went to summer camp and found success, love, and happiness, what will you find?




Be prepared…your child is coming home!!

Hey, Summer Enthusiasts!

It’s always a burst of excitement and wide smiles when your campers return home. You’ll want to brace yourself for the next few days for the flood of camp stories your kid has. Whether you want to or not, you’re going to hear all about their new camp friends and crazy adventures that may or may not be exaggerated.

For today’s blog post, I want to give you some tips to help you and your kid upon their homecoming after summer camp ends. The best advice I have for you is that the best time to plan for the next year’s summer camp season is right now.

A great way to start getting ready for summer camp next year is to go over your kid’s packing list. First of all, did your kid bring everything home that was brought to camp? If anything is missing, it’s smart to contact your kid’s summer camp to see if they might have any of the missing items.

Next, you can go through the camp clothing your kid has. Often times, you can keep the clothes for next year’s summer camp stay. If your kid will soon outgrow their clothes for camp or you no longer want the clothes for whatever reason, you can donate them, use them as a hand-me-down to a younger sibling, or throw them away (if they’re These waterproof labels work amazingly well!ruined).

After the clothing, you’ll want to see if any gear is broken whether it’s a flashlight, fan, or any other breakable product.

In doing so, you’ve discovered all the items that will need to be replaced for next year. Why wait for next spring to go through stressful shopping? Buy your summer camp gear now and get great season-ending sales on quality products!

Get comfy next summer if you didn't this year.It’s smart to talk to your kids about summer camp promptly after their return home when the memories of camp are still fresh on their minds. Ask them about what gear worked and what didn’t. Was the sleeping bag This backpack is perfect for camp stays!warm enough or maybe too warm? Maybe the backpack wasn’t big enough.

Unpacking gear can also be split into two groups—one to store away until next year, and the other to use up now. You’ll want to use Great sun protection for your little gator.up any liquid toiletries like sunblock and bug repellent this summer. Those products will lose their effectiveness by next year.

It’s wise to go over the second group of products that’s to be stored away to remove the batteries of any battery-operated items. You’Feelin' bubbly?ll want to watch where you store your camp trunk or duffel for the remainder of the year as well. If you’re storing your footlocker in a garage or basement, you’ll want to make sure it’s off the ground. Cold concrete floors can slMoso gets the stank out!owly deteriorate the metal of a trunk over time.

You may want to store it with a Moso Air Purifying Bag to secure it from funky smells due to moisture or mildew.

Lastly, I just have a friendly reminder not to forget about developing the pictures from your disposable camera if your kid brought one to camp (though I doubt your child will let you forget)! As always thanks for reading!

- John

Enjoy reading from the series Camp Confidential this summer

Hey, Bookworms!

For as much time as you’ll spend at summer camp running around, participating in vicious games of Capture-the-Flag, daylong hikes, and general fun, you’ll also have some downtime—time to yourself if you like. Maybe you like to draw. Maybe you like to write. But no matter what you like, I’ll bet you love to read.

How do I know that? Well, for starters, you’re reading this blog post.

Anyway, if you love reading and you love summer camp, then allow me the complete pleasure of introducing you to Melissa J. Morgan’s Camp Confidential book series for preteens. These books (which are also sold in the UK under the name Summer Camp camp confidential #1Secrets) are certain to get you into the summer camp spirit and keep you entertained for days!

Ms. Morgan’s Camp Confidential series currently consists of 26 books but still has potential to expand if the author so wishes to continue telling of the misadventures and secrets that the girls have at Camp Walla Walla.

The series gets started with a group of girls at Camp Lakeview. Despite their secrets, dislikes, disagreements, and fights the group grows together. You’ll fall in love with great fictional friends like the compassionate and caring Natalie or Alyssa who’s more of the cool and quiet type. Meet the ever-pranking Jenna, the charming Grace Matthews, and all the snootier girls that the Lakeview group must abide at their new camp, Walla Walla.

You’ll struggle to put these books down as you learn more about these lovable characters and turn page after page of plot twists, misadventures, and hilarious moments. Discover who your favorite character is, which camp you’d rather go to, and if Natalie can make things work with Simon.

You can find every single installment of Melissa J. Morgan’s Camp Confidential series right here at Everything Summer Camp. So delve into these great cool summer camp paperbacks and enjoy your camp stay!




What Dr. Thurber Says to Expect on Closing Day

Closing Day = Opening Hearts and Minds

Children’s reactions to being reunited with their parents are tough to predict. Rather Dr. Chris Thurberthan predict your family’s exact experience, let me share with you some typical reactions that I’ve seen over the years. These descriptions are a bit abstract. No child will behave exactly like these stereotypes, but it’s helpful to know how widely kids’ reunion behavior varies. Your child may show a combination of these responses.

The Fountain of Youth: Fountain of Youth kids will be very excited about their camp experience and will immediately want to describe everything about camp in two minutes. Parents will be drenched with a steady stream of stories and explanations that they may not completely understand. Not to worry. Fountain of Youth kids know that their parents are the most important people in their lives, so they want to share with them all the great things that happened. Whirlwind tours of important places and people are a common part of this sharing. Parents should just smile and go along for the ride (with a camera, of course!).

The Poker Face. Poker Face kids probably had a great time at camp, but are oddly quiet on closing day. They don’t want to tell their parents much right away, but parents should not assume this is because they disliked camp. It’s just that Poker Face kids have an especially hard time leaving. They may be a little depressed about leaving new friends and wonderful places. However, the stories and experiences, good or bad, will come out in time. Parents who want the scoop right away can spend a few extra minutes talking to the child’s cabin leader.

The Tearful Camper. Tearful Campers are visibly moved by the close of camp. Tears are a real testament to the power of the camp experience. Indeed, a priceless moment for a cabin leader or a parent is witnessing a camper who cried when he arrived (because the separation was so hard) suddenly cry from sadness that he is leaving. Tearful Campers may want to leave quickly to avoid the awkwardness of the moment, or they may wish to linger. Parents should ask their child’s preference or play the day by ear.

The Sensationalist. Sensationalists immediately tell their parents the single most dramatic thing that happened to them during their camp stay. “When we were camping out, the tent stakes broke and it started to rain, and my sleeping bag got muddy, and then we heard thunder, and I thought we were gonna die!” Don’t assume the worst. All campers have a mix of powerful positive and negative experiences at camp. Sensationalists may tell horror stories, but most of them had a great time at camp. Parents should listen carefully to get a balanced account of the session.

In the days, weeks, and months that follow closing day, you can expect three things: (1) increased self-reliance; (2) ongoing stories about camp; (3) emotional volatility. The best response to all of this is empathy. Notice what your son or daughter is doing independently and compliment them for their initiative and maturity. Listen carefully to their adventure narratives and ask open-ended questions about why such-and-such was meaningful. And tolerate the mood swings that are a natural byproduct of challenge and triumph.


Enjoy the summer!

Dr. Christopher Thurber

Look into grabbing 'The Summer Camp Handbook' for yourself right here!

Meet One of our Dedicated Shipping Team Members

Hey there, Everything Summer Camp Aficionados!

Today I want to tell you about another great employee whom Everything Summer Camp appreciates having onboard. He’s our guy in the shipping/receiving department, Derek. Working alongside Ryan—the manager in shipping as well as Derek’s brother-in-law—and the rest of Ryan’s crew.

Not only does Derek bear enough of the duties that everyone else has in shipping, like picking, packing, and printing orders, but he also handles the majority of Everything Summer Camp’s incoming freight whether the shipments be stock items, equipment for all of our personalized products, or Dereksimply overhead for our office building.

Derek, at 24, has been giving Everything Summer Camp 110% for the last five years. Not just a hard worker but a smart worker too, Derek excels at his job on a day-to-day basis.

When discussing his favorite part about the job, Derek says it’s simply the “work flow.” He loves the way the job makes everyone come together, give it their all, and see the job through to the end of the day. The tasks of the job aren’t always the most challenging, but making everything happen in the right synchronicity is another story.

“The job itself isn’t that hard,” says Derek. But still, he enjoys the work. “I keep on coming back, right?” he says with a smile. Derek is normally kept on with part-time hours during Everything Summer Camp’s slower time of the year.

He’s certainly one of our employees who knows what a good time summer camp can be. He fondly recalls his days at Bible Camp with a good laugh over “this kid Mark who snored so loud he sounded like a kid choking,” and kept everyone up for hours after lights out. “It was a good time,” he says.

So, remember, Camp Fans! The next time you get an order from Everything Summer Camp, it very well could have been Derek who packed it for you! Until next time!




We Have Awesome Stationery Products

Hey, Blog Buddies!

For our blog post today I’m going to be discussing excellent stationery accessories that we carry here at Everything Summer Camp. That’s right—not only do we have a couple, great sets of stationery from Paper So Pretty as well as Seal N’ Send Stationery—we carry excellent accessories for stationery too!postcards

Aside from actual stationery, you can also find cool Camp Grams, Postcards, an impressive Storage Clipboard, Call Me Cards, Lap Desks, and—of course—Forever Stamps.

First up, our Camp Grams are available in a kids as well as a grown-ups set that you can get for summer camp. The sets include helpful guides to writing a letter home, mini-letters, and two-way postcards. Staying in touch is very important during your summer camp stay. Camp Grams make it easy. Aside from Camp Grams we also have simple postcards with fun, campy illustrations and designs.

Our Storage Clipboard is great for organization! It’ll do everything but write your letters for you. Write on the surface, then tuck your letter away in the convenient storage bin underneath the hinged lid. It’ll hold your stationery, pens, stamps, envelopes, and whatever else you need for your letters home.

One of our own personalized products, Call Me Cards remind you to keep in touch with your new camp friends after camp is over. Make it easy by handing out these personalized business cards with your information to new friends. There are also blank cards for you friends to fill out and give to you.

Lastly, oulap deskr Lap Desks from All for Color as well as Three Cheers for Girls. Make anyplace at camp into your very own personal spot where you can write letters home, draw, play card games, etc. These Lap Desks come with different designs to choose from, a built-in cup holder, a detachable pillow, and a zippered pocket in the pillow for storage of pens, paper, and anything else you would normally keep in your desk at home!

That’s all for today, Camp Fans!